The Married couple in the Pub.


The Married couple in the Pub.The other week I was out having a meal in a local Pub near where I live, the food was good and as I enjoyed my meal with a pint, I noticed this Woman opposite to me crossing and uncrossing her legs. I could not help from looking as I’m a Leg man and she had a very sexy pair of legs as she looked over at me, then I was sure I caught a glimps of her stocking tops, the bare flesh visable as I watched her crossing them again. She was sat with this man who had his back to me they where also having a meal and a drink, this Lady just didn’t take her eyes of me as she chatted with her companion. After a short time the man got up and left her on her own, this gave her the oppertunity to hitch up her skirt to show me her stockings more clearly, she was flirting with me accross the room as she licked her lips and stared at me giving a flirty wink, my eyes where drawn to the bare flesh that she had on show. Then she just parted her legs and I could see right up her skirt, I was sure that she had no panties on, this was a real turn on even thou she must be in her 60’s, she was still very good looking and had a very sexy body.The man returned and sat chatting with her, he was about the same age and she just sat there with her legs wide open and she was still looking over at me when her companion was not looking.After 20 minuets or so I had to go to the Gents, so as I walked out to the back of the Pub I was shocked when the man walked in behind me and stood next to me as I had my pee. He gasped and then appologised, he was looking at my cock as he stood next to me, then he spoke to me, “Well if my wife knew how big your cock is she would not just be flashing her pussy at you, she would be asking you to fuck her with it!” I could not help myself as I looked over at his cock, he was only about 3 inches long and he was erect.He then explained that his wife liked to flirt with strangers when they went out and this turned him on and then they could have a good fuck when they got home. He had been asking her to fuck another man for many years but she always said NO that she was happy with him and didn’t need another man. So as we chatted in the toilet he then asked me to join him and his wife for a chat. I could see no harm in it and so I agreed to sit with them.He walked back in and I washed my hands and then walked back to my table, as I approched the man called me over and so I joined them. I sat next to the Husband, who introduced him self as Ron and his wife Rose sat opposite to me. istanbul escort We started to chat then He explained that he had just told Rose how big my cock was and she smiled at me and said,”Is it really that big?” I just noded and she sighed then she looked at her Husband and said, “Go on Ron, ask him!” with a slight tremble in his voice Ron then said, “Well Rose and I where wondering if you would like to come back to our place for a couple of drinks and would you show Rose how big your cock is? She has never seen a really big one in the flesh before!”I had nothing planed so I agreed to join them, as we finished our drinks and made our way out into the car park we made our way to our cars when I got to mine Rose opened the passanger door and got in my car with out saying a word, Ron got in his car and then I followed him, as Rose started to talk to me asking me some things about myself as I drove behind her husband for a couple of miles, she was rubbing at my bulging crouch as I drove I could feel her fingers tracing the shape of my cock, then her husband pulled into this drive way and Rose told me to follow him and park up next to there car, then she was undoing her seat belt and leaned over at me and kissed me on my lips, her tounge probbing my mouth as she gropped my groin she gasped and then said, “I don’t belive it your really big!” Then she was opening the doorand she came around to mine and walked me up to the front door with her arm locked around mine. Ron had unlocked the door and had put the lights on around the house, Rose led me into the lounge and sat me down on the sofa where she sat next to me and continued to chat to me only she didn’t chat for long before she was kissing me again and rubbing the bulge in my pants, this time I slipped my hand up her skirt and as my fingers touched her bare flesh at the top of her stockings then I felt her pubic mound and worked my way into her slit, as I pushed in one then two fingers she moaned with pleasure, she was so wet that it squelched as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy. Then Ron was stood there with some bottles of drink as he said, “What would you like to drink?” I asked him for a Brandy and Rose asked for the same.As Ron poured the drinks his wife was pulling at my zip and said, ” I really want to see it! Please show me your cock!”I looked at Ron and he nodded his approvil. So with out another word I stood up infront of Rose and as Ron passed me my Brandy I dropped avcılar escort my trouses and pants and let my cock spring out infront of Rose! Her eyes light up as she saw my cock for the first time and she gasped as she said, ” Your so big! I wish I could fuck it?” as she looked up at me and then at her husband with a very naughty smile on her face. Ron then said, “Would you like to fuck my wife for me? While I watch you!” Rose said, “Please I really need your big cock to fuck me! Ron is so small and the only cock I have fucked! I looked down at her and she looked so horny, so I said, “OK if you really want me to.” With out another word she possitioned her self on the couch with one leg drapped over the back and the other trailing on the floor, as she pulled her skirt up and reviled her pussy, she looked like a real slut with legs spred so wide, she was still wareing her Brown stockings and her cream coloured skirt was fanned out as she laid back, her chocolat blouse was unbuttoned and her large tits where popped out over her bra, the big round brown nipples stuck out like two ripe cherries and they looked so suckable.I just dropped to me knees where I started to lick and suck her wet lips as I probbed my finger inside her wet pussy she moaned with pure pleasure as I saw Ron sit in the arm chair watching me and his wife!I gave her pussy a good long tonguing for a while, her greying pubbes had a wirey feel to them but they turned me on as I lapped away at her wet pussy for ages, then Rose pulled me around so she could suck my cock, as she pulled back my foreskin and licked around my knob, then she was swollowing the whole lenght down her throat while I rubbed at her clit with my fingers until she said, “Put it in me, I want you to fuck me now!” I moved over and possitioned my cock at her wet entrance, rubbing my knob up and down her slit as her juices coat my knob, then with a gentle push I was entering her while her hubby watched and wanked in the chair, as he saw my cock fuck his wife.She was so wet and very willing to take me that as I pushed in deeper she pushed up to meet me, as I thrust inside her and she felt my knob going very deep into her unfaithful cunt, she started to sob as I pounded long and hard inside her she was kissing me around my neck and her cunt walls where squeezing my shaft really hard as I fucked her, I looked over at her husband as he wanked his little cock hard, then he shot his cum over the floor. His wife wrapped her legs tight around şirinevler escort my back as she pionted her toes to the celling and I felt her shudder with her own orgasm as she contracted around my throbbing shaft as she held onto me as she came over my shaft. I raised up onto my hands and looked down at her as she gazed up at me, then she pleaded with me to cum inside her, as I start to thrust in and out of her gaining speed and drilling her deeper with every lunge my cock makes into her willing body, then as I pound her very hard my cock pumps my thick white cum deep inside her, she has a second orgasm hit her with out any warning and her whole body gose into spassam as my body thrust and jerks ontop of her and I jet more cum inside her. As we both lay still with her body still jumping from her pleasure as her orgasm subsided, she hugged me and was kissing my neck as she suddenly said, “I don’t belive it!” Ron asked her what the matter was! “He is still hard and throbbing inside me!” She announced with a sound of both shock and joy in her voice. Then as she looked at me she said, “Do you want to fuck me some more lover boy?” I could feel her inner cunt muscles gripping my shaft as she looked over at her hubby and said, “You can sleep in the spare room tonight, we are going to fuck in our bed!” As she pushed me over and pulled away from me letting my cock slap against me as her pussy dripped with our mixed juices, then she took my hand and lead me out of the lounge and up the stairs to the marital bed room and once inside she stripped nearly naked leaving just her stockings and lacy garter belt on! Then she pulled back the covers and laid down on the bed as I walked over to her she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me back to hardness, as soon as she had me hard again I got on the bed and mounted her, as I slipped between her legs and my knob parted her wet lips, I sank the whole of my shaft deep inside her well lubricated cunt and started to fuck her some more! I spent hours thrusting in and out of her and she sobbed some times as she felt my cock pounding her, while at other times she was like a Woman possessed as she pulled me in deeper and wrapped her arms and legs around me! I filled her unfaithful cunt with my thick cum several times that night and again the next morning after we had an hour or so sleeping she woke me up sucking on my cock so I fucked her until nearly midday when Ron came in with Two cups of coffee. He kissed his wife and shook my hand thanking me for fucking his wife and asking me if I would do it again some time? I told him it would be a pleasure, Rose kissed Ron and myself asking me when could I come around again? I’m going this week for our second meeting and I’m hoping to fuck Rose again all night, she has even said that she would like to try anal, I will let you know what happens.

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