The Married Woman


A fictional story.

At the age of 58, I found myself alone for the first time since college. My initial impulse was to throw caution to the wind, and bed as many women as I could. But after sleeping on it, I realized that route would be dangerous at best, and decided to give myself time. Several months passed, and I was able to get my finances in order along with my home. I felt the need for female companionship, and had given a lot of thought to what i wanted. A nice lady to date, and possibly to have sex with, was where I wanted to start. Also, I wasn’t interested in anyone local. For one, none of the singles near my age interested me, and for another I didn’t want my personal life spread around town. An Internet search turned up several websites claiming to be able to connect me to my perfect match. With a healthy dose of skepticism, I gave a few of them a trial run.

The results were mixed, at best. I chatted online with several women, and went on dates with a few. But, it became clear right away that most were looking for husbands, money, or both. Some were willing, even eager to have sex with me, but only if I was willing to commit to them. This soon became a headache, and I gave up. I wasn’t ready for that. One day online, I came across a reference to Craigslist Personals, and being bored clicked on the link. Sure enough, in with the cars, truck, motorcycles, job opening, etc, there a was a Personals button. Once in, I selected Women Seeking Men, and there was a long list of women in my area seeking men. Right away, I saw that most were bogus, but a few read like real people. Scanning through those few, I found this one:

Tall and curvy mid 40’s, dark hair and brown eyes. Would like to meet a nice guy for drinks and maybe more. Nothing long term, just casual fun with no strings. Work nights, so prefer weekdays before 5 PM. Weekends are possible, but rare. To prove I am real, it’s a beautiful day, but there is a chance of rain later in the day.

No pictures were attached, but the wording and location caught my eye. I decided to respond:

Hi, sounds like we are looking for the same things. I’m 58, single, and live 20 minutes from you. Would love to meet you for drinks. Yes, today is beautiful.

I added a few details about myself, like height and weight, and sent it on it’s way. An hour later, I was back online, and saw I had an email from Craigslist. Opening it, I saw it was from her. She was interested, but was cautious, and asked for some verification, simple things that I provided without hesitation. I sent a response back, and this time included a picture of myself, a “selfie” in the mirror. In a few minutes, I had another email. She thanked me for answering her questions, and said I could text her if I wanted to. Her number was included, and also a picture. She was an attractive lady, with a round expressive face, nicely styled hair, and big dark eyes.

We spent the next hour texting back and forth, asking questions and gradually becoming more comfortable. Her texts became more playful and suggestive, and I responded in kind. She asked what kind of body shape I liked. I responded that I liked all kinds, but I preferred women with curves. Then I asked if she had any pictures she’d be willing to share. A few minutes passed, and I began to think I had offended her, or that maybe she wasn’t real after all. Then my phone chimed with a new message. It was a picture of her in the mirror, of her back side. She was in pink bra and panties. She was tanned, with a broad round ass and thick waist. I decided to raise the stakes, and took my clothes off. I was already hard from excitement, and took a full frontal picture, my 7″ cock standing straight up. I sent it to her, thanking her for her picture, and saying I wanted to show her what her picture did to me.

A couple of minutes passed, and my phone sounded off. I eagerly opened up her text, and stared at the two pictures she’d sent. One was from the waist up, one arm cradling her nice boobs, a shy smile on her face. Under the picture, it said they were C cups. Her boobs were tan like the rest of her, with erect pinkish brown nipples. The other picture was two fingers spreading her outer pussy lips, showing an erect little clit over a moist pink interior. The caption under that picture said she was fingering herself and looking at my hard cock. I grinned at that, and stroked my cock until I blew a load, then took a picture of my cock with a string of cum hanging from the tip. I sent it off, wiped my cock, and dressed. It was several minutes until she sent back a text. She wanted to meet me in person, and named a bar in a college town a half hour away. I replied that I wanted to meet her as well, and we set up a time for the next day.

I arrived early, and was halfway through a beer when she walked in. I stood up and caught her eye, and she crossed the room to the booth I’d chosen. She was tall, almost the same height as I, and very curvy. She was wearing black tights with a loose top xnxx that came to her hips, and I like how her thighs were thick, but tapered to slim calves below her knees. She was a big boned lady, with a very pretty face, makeup put on just right, hair styled to soften her face, and a cute upturned nose. We embraced, her soft body pressing into me, and I held her for a moment, drinking in the scent of her cologne. She let go and stepped back, giving me a naughty grin.

“Hmm, guess yesterday wasn’t enough, huh?” as she looked down at the bulge in my jeans.

“Uh, yeah, I mean no. Oh hell, let’s back up a little and get acquainted. Hi, I’m Sam.” I stuck out my hand, and she giggled, and we shook hands.

“Hi, I’m Debra, but call me Deb, ‘cuz most everyone does.”

We sat down and I ordered a drink for her, and we spent the next hour chatting. She had a lively sense of humor, and I laughed out loud at several of her comments. The talk turned to family, and she became a bit evasive, finally saying she had a teenage son living with her. When i asked a couple of times about her marital status, she finally said she was separated. Something didn’t feel quite right about it, but she changed the subject and soon we were talking about sex, blowing away my misgiving as she talked about a threesome with a former boyfriend.

Time flew by, and she had to leave for her job at the hospital in town. I walked her to her car, and she hugged me again. I took the opportunity to kiss her, and it was definitely electric! Our tongues were darting and probing, and my cock jumped to attention. She broke the kiss and looked at me, laughing. “Doesn’t take much to get him going, does it?”

“Only with the right person.” I said. She slid her hand down between us, and gave me a squeeze.

“I’d like to see it, and the rest of you too.”

“I’m game. How about tomorrow?” She stepped away from me, and thought for a second.

“Sure, that works, how about the same time as today, at the hotel down the street?” That was odd. Why at a hotel? She saw the look on my face, and said, “That way I can have more time, before I have to go to work.” That made sense, so I agreed, and said I would take care of the hotel.

The next day, I arrived early, took care of the room, and sent her a text with the room number. I took a shower, pulled on a pair of shorts, and sat down with a beer. A few minutes early, there was a knock at the door, and Deb stepped into the room. She was in a t-shirt, sweat pants, and flip-flops, no make up, and her hair was wet. Setting her bag on the floor, she wasted no time, flopping down on the bed next to me, and giving me a long wet kiss. This time, there was no holding back. I pulled her lush body tight against me, and slid my hand under the waistband of her sweats and across her broad ass. No panties! Cupping her fleshy ass cheek, I held her in place while I ground my cock against her. For her part, Deb tongued and kissed me eagerly, and threw a leg up on my hip, letting my cock rub against her mound at a better angle.

We dry humped each other for a couple of minutes, sucking on the other one’s tongue and moaning. I moved my hand off her ass, and pushed it up under her shirt so I could fondle her boobs. They were nice, not the biggest, but nice with hard nipples under my hand. She liked having them played with, and showed her appreciation by grinding her mound against my cock even harder. Fun as it was, I wanted her out of her clothes, so I let her go, sat up, and took hold of the t-shirt. As I started to pull it up, she grabbed my hands.

“No, I don’t want you to see me.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not happy with my body, that’s why, especially my belly. Turn around.” I did as I was told, and could hear her rustling around, and felt the bed shake as she squirmed out of her clothes.

“Okay.” she said. I turned around, and she was under the sheet, and had it pulled up to her shoulders. My body isn’t model perfect, but I’m not ashamed of it, so I hopped out of bed, and pushed my shorts down to my feet so I could step out of them, then turned to her, my cock standing up so hard, it almost hurt. She smiled with a gleam in her eye, and held her arms out to me. Instead of laying down, I got on the bed on my knees, next to her, and waited for her to get the hint.

Again she smiled, and sat up on an elbow, taking my cock in the other hand and giving it a few slow strokes. Then she leaned closer, and gave the head a wet lick, swirling her tongue round and round.

“Aaaaah, that’s good.” I moaned, and pushed it closer to her. She knew what I wanted, and engulfed the head, sucking it into her warm wet mouth. She knew how to suck cock, and soon had me bubbling close to cumming. I had other plans for my load, so I pulled my cock away from her, and crawled under the sheet. Her lush body was warm and soft, and I let my hands roam. Her belly had some folds, a noticeable tire around her hips, but she wasn’t obese, and I told her so.

“Oh, thank brazzers you, that’s sweet, but I hate the way my stomach looks.” We continued to make out, caressing and fondling each other, rubbing against each other and working up a sweat.

I really wanted to lick her out, and decided to just do it, so I left her mouth, and starting kissing and licking down her body, but staying under the sheet. Down between her boobs, giving each nipple a long sucking kiss, then trailing down her middle. She tensed as I kissed her belly button, but I didn’t linger, and kept moving. I expected her pussy to be buried under fat folds like many women, but I was surprised as I pushed her legs apart, it was right there, just like she was 20 years old. For a big lady, it was small, nice and pink, smelling like body wash mingled with her musky woman’s odor. I didn’t wait, sticking my tongue out and swiping a her clit. She tensed, and grabbed a handful of sheet as I flicked my tongue up and down on the nub. I could her breathing hard, but she made no other sound as I licked up, down, and all around her clit, and the pink folds under it.

I’m pretty good at oral sex, and I get off on how women react to it. As I worked on Deb, her juices flowed, but she didn’t thrash around or make any noise, just lay there breathing hard. I was getting hot under the sheet, so as I kept on licking and sucking, I grabbed the sheet and whipped it off us. That made her gasp, and she started to pull away, but I wasn’t letting her go. I took hold of her legs, and pushed them back onto her chest, tilting her pelvis up and opening her pussy to me. I drove my tongue inside her, then pulled it out and sucked her clit between my lips. Now I was getting some flinches and twisting of her hips. As I sucked her clit, I slid my hands up her chest, and cupped a boob in each hand, squeezing them and mashing them together. This made her gasp again, and I felt like I was finally breaking her down, and pushing her to an orgasm.

I kept at it, licking and sucking her pussy and clit while fondling her boobs, trying to give her an orgasm, but it almost felt like she was working against me. It was strange. Then I remembered something, and released her boob with my right hand. bring it down between her legs, I curled my middle finger up, and slipped it inside her, feeling for a rough patch on the wall of her vagina. When I found it, it stroked it gently, and got an immediate reaction.

“Uuummmmm, Ooohhhh.” came from her lips, and her hips elevated off the bed. That was more like it. I kept up the motion with my finger, and ran my tongue around and over her swollen clit. Deb kept on moaning, and twisting her hips, and after a couple of minutes, I was able to get her off. She lifted her ass completely off the bed, and clamped my head between her legs, and I felt a powerful shudder run through her body. She flopped back on the mattress, limp as a rag, breathing hard like she’d run a race. I pushed myself up, and looked at her. Her eyes were shut tight, and her chest rose and fell with her heavy breathing, her nipples red and erect.

Her legs were still up on her chest, so I wriggled into a kneeling position between her legs, pointed my cock at her pussy, and pushed it in with one stroke. Her eyes shot open, and she looked at me with an expression that almost fearful. I pulled her legs up against my chest and over my shoulders, and began working my cock in and out of her.

“Can I please have a blanket?” she asked. Without stopping my hips, I felt behind me and located a blanket, and pulled it around to her. She snatched it, and pulled it across her midsection. I was confused, her belly skin was loose and relaxed, flattened out like it does when a woman is on her back. She looked like a mature woman looks, but it obviously bothered her a lot. Her boobs were still bare, and bobbed about enticingly as I pumped my cock into her. Once she was covered, she seemed to relax, and I fucked her until I felt my own orgasm building. I dropped her legs and let my upper body down on hers, wrapping my arms around her. In turn she crossed her long legs behind me, and in that position I gave her several fast strokes until I came.

“Uungh.” I groaned into her neck as the first gob spurted out of me. I thrust into her hard, and held it there while I spasmed a few more times. Then I was spent, and lay on her until my heart slowed down.

I rolled off onto my back, and we lay side by side for a minute. Deb rolled over and kissed me, then wrapping the blanket around her body, she got up and walked into the bathroom. After she’d cleaned hereslf up, she returned and lay down beside me.

“Mmmm, that was nice.” she purred, nuzzling into my ear.

“Glad you liked it.” I replied. “At first I wasn’t sure.”

“Oh, it just takes me a while to warm up.” she said.

I turned my head to look at her. “You know, your body is just fine. You don’t need to cover it up. I think you’re lovely.”

She looked down, and didn’t sikiş izle say anything. I let it go, and we talked about other things. We’d allowed plenty of time, and after some time had passed, my cock started to stir again. I put my hand on her side where the blanket was held under her arm, and gave it a firm but gentle pull. She raised and eyebrow, but allowed me to pull the blanket down, exposing her soft but full boobs. Letting go of the blanket, I cupped her boob and slid my thumb across the nipple. She continued to look me in the eye, but her mouth opened slightly, and her tongue licked across her upper lip.

“I want you to do something.” I said quietly.

Her eyebrow arched again. “Oh, what might that be?”

“I’m going to get up and stand by the bed. I want you to get up on your knees and face me, hands on your legs. No blanket, no hiding yourself.” I said this in a quiet voice, but I was also firm, no question or pleading in my voice.

“I see,” she replied, “then what happens?”

“Then, you watch my cock get hard. When it’s good and hard, you’re going to turn around, and I’m going to fuck you from behind.”

She licked her lips again, and her eyes were bright. I’d touched a nerve, as I hoped I would.

“I’d like you doing me doggy, but do I have to show myself to you? I don’t know if I can.”

“You can. Just sit up and pull the blanket away.” I got off the bed and stood up. My cock was mostly hard, pointing at her, and I stared at her, waiting for her. She looked down, and took a deep breath. Then, slowly, she got up on her knees, the blanket still around her waist. I didn’t move, just stood with my arms folded across my chest and my cock getting harder.

Finally, she sighed, and pulled the blanket away, letting it fall on the floor. She sat up and spread her knees apart, and let her hands rest on her thighs. Now her belly between her thighs, and her boobs lay on her chest, and she looked at me again with that expression of fear. I crossed the short span to the bed, and gently put my palm on her cheek.

“You’re a pretty lady, any man who doesn’t think so is a fool.” Then I leaned down and kissed her. Her arms went around my neck, and she held me tight, kissing m back as hard as she could.

“Thank you. I still don’t like my body, but what the hell.” Then she spun around on the bed, and offered her big soft ass to me. My cock was ready, and her pussy was already dripping, so I pushed it in, and proceeded to fuck her hard and fast. I usually don’t cum right away after the first time, but she was gripping my cock hard with her cunt muscles, and soon I could feel it building. I glanced to the side, and saw our reflection in the mirror on the wall. Her boobs were bouncing and flopping, and her belly was swinging in time with my strokes. It was in incredible sight, and t pushed me over the edge. Grabbing her hips, I slammed into her deep as I could reach, and shot string after string of hot cum in her pussy. When I was finished, I stumbled on shaky legs to the bathroom, and wiped the cum and pussy juice off my shaft.

I dressed as she took a shower and got herself ready for work. She was running late, so gave me a kiss and told me to call to text tomorrow. Then she was out the door. Later that evening, I thought about our encounter, and came to the conclusion that although she obviously had some hang ups, she was a lot of fun, and I wanted to see her again. The next day, my phone buzzed, it was a text from her. We messaged back and forth, and I asked if she was up for another go. She didn’t respond right away, and when she did, it was a rambling message about her son having an appointment and how her husband wasn’t helping as he had promised. Husband? She had said she was separated, so I guessed it was possible that he still had parental duties. Then, I wondered, where was her son yesterday, when she and I were fucking like rabbits in a motel? I thought about it some more, and sent a message asking if she was still separated. This time, there was no response. Over the following days, I sent a few more texts, and after getting no answers gave up and moved on.

A month later, I was in a department store in the city where we had met in the motel. While staring at the frozen foods, I heard a laugh, and looked in that direction. It was her, with a pudgy pre-teen boy, and a tall heavy set man. They were pushing a pair of carts up the aisle towards me. Before I turned away, we made eye contact, and her face froze for a moment with surprise and fear. I kept my attention on the frozen foods as they passed behind me, and after they were gone, I grabbed a couple of things and went to the checkout lane. Driving home, I couldn’t decide if she had lied to me, or if she actually had been separated and had reconciled. I realized it didn’t matter, because I had only been looking for some fun, as had she, and for one afternoon we gave each other a good time. Much as I would have liked to see her again, it was clear that wouldn’t happen. I told myself that in the future, I would ask more questions, and pay closer attention to my gut feelings. I didn’t want to be a home wrecker, and married women would have to look to someone besides me for fun.

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