The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 42


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 42

Lisa’s Tales — Part 4

Lisa Hayworth had the afternoon off, with the middle of July, mid-week being some of the slowest afternoons in the salon. Usually, she would walk along the boardwalk with the crowds, stopping occasionally at the seasonal stalls or in the more permanent shops that fronted the bay. At times, she would kill the hours before heading home to make dinner for her children lounging on the beach in one of the public chairs, beneath an umbrella, reading her latest paperback. This afternoon, she instead headed out to the mall.

Lisa had no real destination in mind. She just had the itch to do a little shopping, browsing through a few of her favorite shops if only to see if anything caught her eye. One of her regular stops was FYE, the popular entertainment outlet. Often, it was her first stop in Majestic Mall.

“Hello, Lisa!” called the manager from behind the counter as she walked through the wide store front. She responded with a wave.

“HI, Wanda. How have you been?” She walked on over to the counter, where a teenager stood looking across at the wide variety of piercing studs available, hung in small packages on the wall behind the counter.

Wanda Vaughn, a regular at Paisley Park Beauty Salon and one of Lisa’s usual clients, was a woman seemingly out of place running a modern pop-culture shop. Wanda was in her mid-forties and somewhat plump, though Lisa had noticed that her friend had been slimming down over the last few months.

“Busy!” she replied. “I’ve got two employees on vacation this week, and none of my usual part-timers from the university are back in town. So, I’ve had to pull full shifts the last couple of days. Nine to nine, open to close.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Lisa said. “It must be wearing you out. Don’t you have any help at all?”

“Oh, I’ve got two girls this week working,” Wanda said. “I’ve had to keep on them when their hours overlap. They want to hang out in the store room, chit-chatting or texting. And then, when they’re running the counter, I constantly have to remind them to pay attention to the customers and not their phones. I tell you, Lisa, I can’t get good help with this generation of kids.”

“Maybe I’ll have Alyssa pay you a visit,” Lisa smiled. “I know she’d like a summer job, other than the one she’s got now out at McDonald’s. She knows the stuff in here pretty good, since she pretty much hands you her paycheck every week,” Lisa laughed.

“That would be great,” Wanda smiled, and then she added, “and if your son is looking, I could use him in here as well.” Wanda knew Randy Hayworth in passing, but also knew that he and her son Luke used to run around some in high school.

Lisa hesitated in responding. She knew what her son had going during the summer, and although she didn’t actually approve, she knew that she wouldn’t change his mind. Working with Dr. Price, if that was what they were doing, was earning him additional credits leading into his sophomore year at RBU. Lisa doubted if her son would want to cut into that time with an actual job that paid real money.

“He’s pretty busy already this summer,” she finally replied. “But I’ll talk to Alyssa and have her come in. Will you be here tomorrow?”

“All day,” Wanda sighed. The teen seemed to be waiting to make a selection from the wall behind, so Lisa went on her way. She wandered on through until she came to the music CD sections and after about fifteen minutes of browsing, she had selected two new CD’s and a used one. All were modern blues, her favored music these days.

Wanda had slipped into the back for a moment by the time Lisa returned to the counter. As advertised, she had to interrupt the young lady behind the counter, who was paying more attention to a game on her phone that to her work. Lisa paid for the music with her card, and then headed on through the mall, stopping only on occasion to look in a shop here and there, yet spending no more money, other than for an Orange Julius as she headed for the front doors.

Lisa arrived at her home just before six. Her son’s yellow Chevy Monte Carlo wasn’t parked out front, so she knew he wasn’t home. Once inside, she found that her daughter wasn’t at home, either. And of course, neither had left a message as to what or where they were. Lisa typed in a quick text, simply “Where are you?” and sent in to both of her children’s phones. Maintaining three cell phones was costing her all her tips and cut into the checks her ex-husband had finally begun to send. Chad had been a bastard for so many years, but out of the blue, Lisa began to receive back child support from him. He must have gotten in trouble with the law, she imagined.

Accepting that she had the house to herself, Lisa put off fixing herself anything to eat, and instead decided on taking a soothing bubble bath. Her phone finally chimed, but she put off checking her messages until after she’d dried off, nearly half an hour later. Randy had been first to escort hikayeleri reply, letting her know that he’d gone out with friends that afternoon and was hanging out at one of their homes watching movies. Alyssa’s reply was very similar to her brother’s, in that she also was out for the evening with friends. Neither expected to be back for dinner, so Lisa had eaten a quiet meal, warmed up in the microwave, alone.

By eight o’clock, Lisa had settled into the living room to watch television. After ten minutes of channel surfing and finding nothing of interest on, she curled up in the glide rocker her father had bought for her when she was pregnant with Alyssa, and opened her latest book, a Kimberly Cates romance set in medieval Ireland. The only sound in the house was coming from the stereo, where Lisa had her newest Joe Bonamassa CD paying.

Lisa had lost track of time, lost in the arms of an Irish Rogue, when Randy banged through the front door, announcing his return.

“What’s for dinner, Mom?” he called out. He stuck his head in from the entryway. He looked drunk, and was probably stoned as well.

“I’ve already eaten,” she replied. “Besides, it’s after ten. You’ll have to find something to eat on your own.”

“Great,” Randy muttered as he turned to leave his mother. “Maybe I’ll just grab a shower first,” he added.

Lisa went back to reading, lost in the romance of the story. It might have been fifteen minutes, but the next thing she knew, Randy had padded his way back into the living room. She turned to look at him, and found him standing stark naked, his hands on his hips, and a wide grin on his face. She looked him up and down, noticing that his manhood was semi-rigid and arched her way. She shook her head and asked, “I thought you were hungry?”

“I am,” he grinned. Randy then walked over to stand in front of her, went slowly to his knees, and pushed her floral-patterned house dress up high onto her thighs. He then pushed her knees apart.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked, though it was obvious to her what her son had in mind.

“I’m hungry, but for your sweet pussy!” he grinned.

“Randy, you’re being naughty!” Lisa chided, but didn’t resist her son. She lost sight of his grinning face when Randy dipped down between her thighs and pulled the dress over his head. A moment later she felt his mouth press against the crotch of her panties. Had it not been for the romance she was reading, she might have resisted him.

“Ooohh,” she sighed as his mouth began to munch upon her pubic mound. She laid a hand upon the lump in her dress that his slowly rocking head made, and tried to ignore him, returning her attention to her novel. It wasn’t long however that her body began to tingle under her son’s gentle yet insistent oral assault.

Randy licked at his mother’s panties, making them wet with saliva from his side, and pussy juices from hers. Her scent filled his nose and he deeply breathed it in. His mouth chewed upon her slit, eventually making her hips rock upward to meet his attacks, and the glider to swing back and forth. He ran his hands up and down her slim legs and across her inner thighs, which he knew made his mother feel very good. He did enjoy making his mother feel good.

As her son worked his mouth against her crotch, it was becoming more and more difficult for Lisa to concentrate on the book. She wanted to play out the part, however, and even though she was beginning to huff and pant a little more, she still fought hard to ignore her talented son’s mouthing.

After a few more minutes, Randy was growing hungrier for his mother’s sweet sex pot, and he reached up to tug the front of her panties downward. Her tight blonde curls came into view and he began to plant kisses across and around her pubic triangle. He flicked his tongue out and tickled her clit, right at the very top of her slit, and made her gasp.

“No, Randy,” she gasped. “It’s time to stop.” She noticed that the front curtains were still partially open when a flash of car lights went past. She wanted to turn the lights off, but the switch was too far away, out of her reach.

“I don’t think you mean that,” he muttered into her pubic bush. “I think you want me to eat you as much as I want to eat you out.” Without waiting on her reply, Randy began to lap up and down his mother’s damp slit, until she was panting heavily and her labia grew thick and heavy with excitement.

“See, I told you,” he panted. “You like my tongue on your pussy, don’t you Mom?” He sucked first one lip of her pussy into his mouth, chewing on the flesh gently, and then moved to the other. His mother’s hand at the top of his head was still pushing, but it didn’t seem to him as if she was trying all that hard to get him away. Randy began to attack her slot with his tongue, and soon was lapping up her creamy juices as they flowed onto his tongue.

“Okay, young man, that’s enough!” Lisa insisted at last. gaziantep escort hikayeleri She sat forward in the chair and shoved her son out from between her thighs. She was panting and shaking from his tongue. She gave him a gentle push and stood up.

“You’d better go get yourself some dinner. It’s getting late and you’ve got work tomorrow morning.” She closed her book and turned to put it down on the nearby shelf. When she turned back, Randy had crawled right up to her and he took hold of her hips.

“I’m only hungry for my mother!” he growled. His hands shoved her house dress upward once again, and with his mother standing before him, he again pressed his mouth into her cunt.

“Randy! Stop!” she pleaded, but once his tongue again began to lash across her clit, which had grown hard and sensitive, she couldn’t resist. He hummed into her pussy as he resumed feasting upon her red-furred pussy. Still, she half-heartedly tried to resist him. Randy managed to push her backward, until her back and buttocks were against the book shelf. Her dress had again fallen across his head and down his back as he mouthed her pussy. His hands ran up the outside of her thighs and cupped her butt, pulling her hips forward and her vagina tight to his mouth.

Lisa was beginning to feel the first makings of an orgasm growing within her belly. She still fought her son’s assault, at times getting his face out of her crotch long enough for him to look up. She saw pure animal lust in his eyes in those moments, before he again pulled her cunt to his mouth, where his tongue would lance out and thrust up through her folds and into her vaginal chute. God, how she loved the way her son licked her, she thought.

Lisa managed to pull away long enough at one point to return to the chair where this had all begun. She had also turned off the overhead lights, leaving the room lit only by the reading lamp behind the glide rocker. She had barely returned to the rocker before Randy had fallen back between her thighs. He was hungry and insatiable, and she was beginning to recognize that he was indeed a little drunk. She realized that her resistance, what little she had, was futile. She allowed her son to push her ankles out wide and when he hooked her legs across the arms of the chair, she was effectively opened up for him to devour her. And it wasn’t as if she didn’t want it, after all.

With his mother’s resistance ebbing, Randy pressed onward and upward. He pulled his mouth from his mother’s cunt long enough to shove her house dress under her hips. He unbuttoned the front and found her breasts, their rosy pink nipples already hard and pointed atop the milky white globes. He reached up and took them in his hands. She had stopped wearing bras around the house, at his suggestion. Randy moved up to capture one nipple in between his lips and smeared the pussy cream from his lips into her tit.

Lisa moaned and stroked her son’s head as he sucked her tit flesh into his mouth. It almost hurt as his teeth dragged across and bore down on her breast. She pushed him away, but Randy quickly attacked her free breast, giving it the same treatment. Like her, he too was huffing with passion as he attacked his mother’s body with his mouth.

Randy released his mother’s nipple and dropped his face back into her lap to again feast upon her pussy. But Lisa was warmed up now and in need of more than just a tongue in her cunt. She pulled his face upward and said, “That’s enough of that. I want your cock, not your tongue.”

Randy grinned wide and replied, “I knew you would, you old slut!” He pushed up to stand before his mother, his rigid cock proudly aimed in her direction and throbbing with need. He took hold of his mother’s hands and pulled her to stand as well. “Turn around, I want to take you from behind, mother,” he hissed wickedly. Randy had learned quickly that his mother enjoyed being pushed into a submissive role by him, and Lisa had yet to understand why she did.

Lisa did as her son directed, and turned her back to him. He hooked his arms around her waist and told her, “Bend over,” even as he shoved her forward. Her hands went into the rocker’s cushion as Randy lifted her house dress up to reveal her backside. He pulled her hips back as he leaned his forward and she felt his hard manhood lay into the crack of her ass through the panties she still wore.

“These have got to go!” Randy grumbled. He took hold of her panties at the hips and shoved them downward, but only far enough to expose her naked ass. “That’s more like it,” he said as he took his cock in hand and leaned forward. His mother’s wet pussy enveloped the tip of his cock, almost caressing it as it seemed to welcome his return.

“Oh, Randy,” Lisa sighed as her son entered her smoothly. “Oh, Randy!”

Even as his cock slipped fully into her, Randy began to pull back. He again shoved and soon was fucking his submissive mother, bent across a chair in the living room. escort gaziantep hikayeleri Her ass was warm in his hands and he caressed her flesh as he steadily drove his hard manhood in and out of her warm motherhood. The rocker added to her movement, rebounding her as Randy thrust deeper into her vagina.

“Oh, Mom!” he gasped as the feeling of his mom’s warm, wet chute rippled and massaged along the length of his cock. He fell into a steady fuck-motion, working his full length in and out of her with ease. “You are such a good fuck,” he told her. “I can’t get enough of your hot pussy,” he whispered, as if it were a secret between only them.

“And I can’t get enough of your hard cock,” she muttered in reply. “Fuck me, Randy. I love getting fucked by you, son.”

Randy continued fucking his hot-blooded mother, bent at the waist across the chair, for a few more passionate minutes. His mother panted and grunted with every thrust, and his growls added to her pleasures. Their flesh smacked together as he plowed her. Her pussy began to slosh as her juices flowed thick and heavy, lubricating her son’s piston with every thrust. Her breasts hung beneath her, swinging from her chest heavily. They ached for attention.

Randy’s shoving eventually had Lisa climb into the chair on her knees. Her ass was pressed back into his belly as his cock pistoned faster inside her. He took hold of the rocker’s arms and used that leverage to fuck her on his cock, standing still behind her. He was drawing close, she recognized, and would soon be filling her with his hot cum. Her own orgasm had continued to build, but had yet to overflow. “I need to cum, baby,” Lisa gasped. “Make me cum, Randy. Make your momma cum.”

“I’ll make you cum!” he growled. “You’ll cum when I cum, and I’m going to fill you up with my hot seed!” Randy picked his fuck-pace up even more, slamming his cock hard and deep into his mother fiercely. Lisa’s arms collapsed and her face pressed into the chair’s back cushion just as Randy grunted, “I’m cumming! Mom, I’m cumming inside you!”

“Oh, God!” Lisa cried out, “Me, too! Oh, Randy, me, too! I’m cumming on your cock! I’m cumming on your cock, Randy!” I’m cumming on my baby’s big cock, she added to herself as her body trembled through her orgasm. Oh, have mercy; I love cumming on my sons’ cock!

Randy fell away from her even as the last of his load dribbled from his piss-slit. His spent cock glistened with his mother’s cum and dripped with his as he staggered away from her. “God, I needed that,” he panted and headed out of the living room for the bathroom down the hall.

Lisa, herself still panting from the rough fucking her son had just finished giving her, twisted around and collapsed into the glide rocker. Her panties were still down around her thighs just above her knees and she tugged them back up into place. She could feel her son’s semen beginning to leak out of her and she pulled the crotch of her underwear in tight to capture it. She would be sticky once she made her own way to the shower, but until then she would enjoy the damp mess her son had made of her crotch.

Lisa retrieved the book she had been reading, and a moment later she was back into the story. She had barely finished up that chapter when the front door again banged open and then slammed shut.

“Damn, this room stinks of sex!” Alyssa exclaimed as she walked in to find her mother reading. “I can smell your scent clear out in the hallway. Who was it this time? Mark? Brent?” Alyssa had a bottle of soda in hand and dropped into the near-by recliner and curled her feet up beneath her. She had thrown out the names of the last two boys she herself had fucked, if only to see if her mother might respond.

Before she could think of a good response, one that could divert any attention away from her son, Lisa responded, “Nobody’s been here. I’ve been home all night reading.” As if she had to answer to her daughter, she thought.

After a deep gulp of soda, Alyssa again said, “I can smell the sex, Mom! It’s pretty thick in here if you haven’t noticed. Somebody fucked somebody in here, and if you won’t tell me, maybe I’ll figure it out for myself.” Alyssa set her soda aside and before her mother could react she dropped to the floor at her mother’s feet and pushed the house dress upwards.

“Alyssa!” Lisa gasped. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Alyssa pried her mother’s knees apart and took in the sight of wet panties. “I’m doing to you the same thing you’ve done to me, so many times. I’m going to find out who you’ve been fucking!” With that, Alyssa took hold of her mother’s panties and pulled.

“Oh my, you’re so wet!” Alyssa announced. “You’re leaking, Mom. Fresh cum by the look and smell of it. It’s everywhere.” Alyssa then lowered her mouth to her mother’s blonde-furred pussy and, unknowingly just like her brother had just an hour before, she began to lick up and down her mother’s vaginal slot.

“Oh, Alyssa! Stop that!” Lisa demanded, trying to push her daughter away from her crotch. Alyssa had opened herself up to a bi-sexual life-style since her affair with her brother was discovered by Lisa. Although her daughter had begun to enjoy girl-on-girl sex from time to time, she still wasn’t as comfortable with mother-on-daughter sex. Usually, Randy was present when Alyssa and Lisa enjoyed time together, as a close family should be.

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