The Meeting Ch. 01


Sami was on the sofa, sitting on her hands, rocking nervously as she glanced at the clock. She was to meet her Master in the flesh for the first time today. They had met each other online and had been exchanging e-mails and phone calls for just over a year now, and now they were finally ready to move their relationship to real time.

Sami was so nervous. She knew she would find it difficult to behave herself. It’s not that she wanted to disobey; it’s just that doing as she is told was not easy for her, and also rather humiliating. She had found out this much from trying to obey her Master’s orders over the telephone.

He had assured her it would come more easily when they had the chance to do it all for real. Of course, the feeling of humiliation in a strange way, was what made her desire to do it all the more stronger.

She had no idea why such a thing as humiliation could ever be a turn on. It was supposed to be a negative feeling wasn’t it? After all, how many times had she heard things like, “Oh it must have been so humiliating for her, the poor thing.”

So why then did she feel tingly inside at the mere thought? Even her friends in the chat room that she visited frequently couldn’t really explain it to her. They had told her that she would understand once she had experienced it for herself.

Sometimes, in the past, she had felt like an outsider, that no one else could possibly understand and everyone would think of her as an oddball. That is, until she found the online community and eventually met her Master. At first, she couldn’t believe how well he seemed to understand her, and so intimately. Then it just seemed natural and right. They were instinctively drawn to each other by an invisible force, and suddenly all these feelings and emotions no longer seemed silly. He understood and that’s all that mattered to her.

Up until recently she had feared that she would never be able to truly submit to a man, even though in her heart of hearts that is all she wanted. She was certain however, that her Master would be the one to break her, to force her to submit, as she knew she needed to.

Suddenly Sami was awoken from her daydream by sound of a car turning into her street, interrupting her thoughts. He’s here! Sami could hardly contain her excitement – in just a few moments she would finally be living out her wildest fantasies!

She heard the car door slam, and footsteps on the pathway to her house. Her heart began to hammer in her chest. She thought she might just burst with anticipation. Then the doorbell rang. She stood up slowly, took a deep breath and took her first steps towards her fate…


As she opened the front door to her flat, she held her breath. There in front of her was the man she had dreamed of for so long. She gazed at him with her big, innocent, hazel eyes, and marvelled at how the photographs he had sent her had not done him justice at all! He was so striking with his black, cropped hair and piercing blue eyes. He looked down at her with a slight smile and she grinned up at him. He towered over her, for she was escort only tiny, no more that five feet and two inches, with long chestnut coloured hair and olive skin, owing to her Italian descent. Sami suddenly realised she was staring and her cheeks reddened and she hastily showed him through to the living room.

He sat on sofa and ordered Sami to take off his shoes. Sami knelt before her Master, unable to believe that this was really real, as she removed his shoes. Master then ordered Sami to kiss and lick his feet, and Sami obeyed him. It felt so strange for someone to be telling her what to do in her own flat.

When he felt she had kissed his feet for long enough, Master told her to get on all fours in middle of room. Sami quickly got into position, eager to prove her submission to him. It was all moving so fast. Everything Sami had ever wanted was now happening to her. She wasn’t sure entirely what to expect and she was still afraid, as she did not know how her mind or her body would respond. At the same time she felt a liberating joy growing inside of her. Sami and her Master were about to embark on a journey. A journey that they had been planning for the best part of a year, and now it had begun.

Master got up and walked around behind Sami, and told her to be still and not to turn around. She could hear him open his sports bag, which he had left at the living room door on the way in. As he rustled around inside it, Sami’s heart quickened at the thought of what might happen next.

He came up behind Sami and reached down. Then she felt him begin to wrap strong tape around her mouth, gagging her, and she suddenly panicked and struggled desperately. She had no idea she could feel this helpless, and she had no idea of what was to come. Even though they had discussed much of what they would do and the activities and sensations they would explore, she had did not know how far he would chose to take her on this first night. They had also, of course, discussed limits and what would be too much. Sami did not like the idea of extreme pain, or anal sex. Master had smiled when she told him this, for he knew, in time, these things would not only be possible, he knew that Sami would come to enjoy them – perhaps even beg for them.

Master had given Sami a word to say, so that if it became too much she could stop the scene. This had to be a word that she would not normally say, for example, it could not be “stop,” as she might say this in a scene and not really mean it. Master decided Sami’s safe word should be “red.” They both hoped she would not need to say red in the time that they were together.

Although Sami had a safe word, she had really wanted Master to gag her at some point. It was something that had featured regularly in her fantasies, and she knew it would be an exciting experience. Of course, if she were gagged, she would not be able to utter her safe word, so Master had told her that he would place a marble in her hand. If she needed to stop, she could drop it, and that would be a signal to her Master. They both hoped that as the relationship progressed, and they bursa eve gelen escort got to know each other better, the need for a safe word would gradually disappear.

He tied her hands in front of her, drawing the marble from his pocket as promised and placing it in her palm. She closed her fingers around it and their eyes met, the bond of trust growing stronger between them.

He slapped her on her ass a several times, until it began to redden. He pinched her nipples hard and told her, “Now you really belong to me.” Before she could stop herself, her strong will shone through, and she threw a defiant look at him over the gag. Her instincts had got the better of her, but she immediately regretted it as she received a sharp blow across her face, to remind her who the Master was. He would not let her get away with such impunities at this early stage, as it would have disastrous effects on her training.

She lowered her eyes and he seemed pleased at this, as he said, “Good, you’re learning. Slowly for sure, but definitely learning,” which caused her to blush and squirm profusely.

He grabbed her chin and looked deep into her eyes.

“I am your Master. You are mine. You will do as I say. The sooner you learn this, the better it will be for you.” She closed her eyes to escape the shame and humiliation building up inside her, which was causing a moist feeling to grow between her legs. He ordered her to open them, but she shook her head, afraid. He held her head tightly between his hands and ordered her in a loud firm voice to obey. She finally obeyed him, for she was his slave.

Then he kissed her over the gag and touched her between her legs. She was soaking wet by now and he told her so, and then proceeded to wipe her juices over her breasts, and some down her face, while ordering her to keep still. She felt tears prickle her eyes, and she was so shocked that her body would react this strongly.

He slowly inserted a finger into her hole, and started fucking her hard with it. She leant against him, but he slapped her ass, ordered her back up and carried on. Then he went behind her and she finally felt his cock pressing against her pussy, entering her slowly. She gasped with pleasure and longing, pushing herself against him.

Finally, her Master was inside of her! It was more wonderful than anything in her wildest dreams. She had never felt so sexually charged and she loved every second of it. She never wanted it to end, and she knew this was right for her. She really was meant to be the object of this man, her place, she now knew for sure, was at his feet.

He rammed it into her hard because she had been such a bad girl, and also because she looked so delicious from behind, her smooth round buttocks enticing him. She could not cry out because her mouth was gagged, but her muffled moans could be heard. Just then, he pulled out and turned her over, moving her bound hands above her head, and pulled off the tape. Her mouth stung for a moment and she looked at him, stunned. When he started forcing her mouth open bursa görükle escort with his fingers, she knew what was to come next. All the time he was introducing her to new humiliations and excitement, exploring the inside of her warm wet mouth, preparing it for his use….

Once again she struggled from this personal invasion, and he slapped her across her breasts.

“Be still slave!” he commanded her, and she grew still, fearing she would be struck again, but growing wetter by the second. She desperately desired her Master inside her again.

He put his fingers back to her lips and she obediently parted her sweet, soft lips for him; Sami really was learning. He then pushed his cock into her mouth for her to suck and lick. The lovely little slave took great pleasure in servicing her Master’s cock with her lips and tongue. She felt as though she was giving something back, although in a sense he was also taking it from her. The thought sent tingles down her spine.

He forced it far into her mouth several times, before pulling it out and putting it back in her hot waiting pussy. As he pounded his bound and subdued slave girl, he took hold of her hair firmly, pulling it a little, and he told her that he was using her for his pleasure alone, that she was his toy. When his girl didn’t respond, he stopped for a moment and said, “Isn’t that right slave?”

She stared at him, not knowing what to say.

He repeated, “I said isn’t that right, slave?”

Sami could not speak. The words just seemed so alien to her, and all she managed was the slightest nod of her head.

“I can’t hear you, slave!” Master shouted at her, growing somewhat impatient.

Sami managed a feeble, “Yes.”

Master looked deep into her eyes and she dared not look away.

“Yes what?” he demanded.

Sami trembled as she finally managed to utter the words “Yes Master,” for the first time in her life.

“I will say this to you now girl, I do not like to ask twice. You are to obey me the first time I command you, without question. The next time I have to repeat an order, you will be punished. Now, do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” she replied, without hesitation.

He continued to fuck her until he came inside her, emptying all his seed into her as she cried out in pleasure. She had received her Master for the very first time. She felt honoured, and for the first time in an incredibly long time, very, very happy.

He took her in his arms and stroked her hair; he kissed her on the forehead; he told her what a good girl she was, and how proud he was to own such a beautiful slave. She smiled because she was so ecstatic. Nothing could have prepared her for the feelings she had experienced this night. Her Master was pleased and she was pleased too. A certain sexy little woman had found that she liked very much to be used by her Master. It gave her more pleasure than anything else on this Earth.

“Thank you Master,” she whispered without prompting, as she looked up at his handsome face. She was thankful for everything he had given her that night – the new experiences and sensations, for the sense of belonging. She had finally found herself, and knew just who and what she was. He smiled down at her, stoked her cheek with his finger and carried her to her four-poster bed, where he held her in his arms until she fell asleep, content in the knowledge that she was his slave.

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