The Mirror: Part 8


The Mirror: Part 8The Mirror :Part 8Although I had promised Mika that I would never contact her out side of school, I had to, Waiting at the bus stop I saw he coming down the street with her ear buds in listening to music. She didn’t see me untill I stepped out of the shadow and stood beside her. Mika jumped in fright. What are you doing? She hissed.I had to see you, I said.You know my father has me watched. If he sees you talking to me Ill be on a plane before you can blink she said urgently.It took my Mother almost a years pleading to get Rena back.There were about 20 people gathered at the bus stop so I felt we would be safe enough. Let me sit with you on the bus, we’ll be safe enough there I said.Mika nodded her head and walked way to stand with a group of girls.The bus ride home is only 20 minutes but enough time for Mika to explain what was going on.Dana is married to Mika`s Uncle who is 10 years younger than Mika`s father and owns several valuable pieces of real estate in our area. The old shop behind my house is one of them. Dana has always found a friend and confidant in Dana. Dana caused a lot of trouble when she married Mika`s Uncle. She was not of the faith and therefore as outsider. Mika`s Uncle was not nearly as strict as her father and didn’t care much what the others thought. Making him an outcast also. The problem was, he had made a lot of money and he helped all the family when they were in trouble so they tended to look the other way. Funny how conveniently money overcomes religious fanaticism. Her aunty, although not approved by the family acted as a chaperone on many occasions for Mika and that allowed Mika a little freedom she would otherwise not have. Dana took her shopping and to movies as well as sight seeing tours around the city. Mostly these excursions were just an excuse to get Mika out of the houseMika had istanbul escort told Dana about me and Dana enjoyed giving advice. After an in-depth discussion about our attraction to oral and anal sex, Dana offered to tutor Mika if she needed it. Mika took up the offer and they met in the storeroom about twice a week. Dana and Mika became regular lovers. It was Dana who suggested that I become involved. Let him have my cunt Mika. You know you cant but I can. I think we can set up mirrors so you can watch. Mika readily agreed and so they set up my early morning jaunt to the storeroom. Rena arriving home unexpected and delayed the meeting but once Dana found Rena a willing participant, she re arranged my appointment.I listened intently as Mika whispered the details of what had transpired.Well I asked, what happens now?We had arrived at our stop and Mika jumped up and got off the bus ahead of me without a word.That evening I got a text from Dana. Storeroom tomorrow 4 pm. Use front door.Wholly Shit!!! I thought. What now??Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I slipped through the front door of the old warehouse and up the stairs to the first floor. In the space where I had fucked Dana yesterday morning lay a new queen sized air mattress and 2 folding Sun lounges. All 3 girls were there. Dana stood up from the Sun lounge where she had been sitting, smiled and took me by the hand. Welcome, I think this is a lot safer than your previous sexual encounters. No one can hear or see us here and as long as the girls are out shopping with me, no one will suspect anything.Right who’s first, we all laughed.Mika said, You two have had all the fun so in the past couple of days, I’m first. She was wearing a sweater and jeans. avcılar escort They were on the floor in a flash and she offered her arse to me. Dana helped me undress as Rena used the tube of hand lotion that had appeared as if by magic to lubricate Mika`s arse for me. I fucked Mika hard. She grunted out loud with each stroke as I drove my cock into her, Dana and Rena were content to sit and watch; from time to time they offered encouragement to either Mika or I and the harder we fucked the more lurid the comment became. Sitting on the lounges with their legs drawn up and open, they fingered swollen and moist clits. Fuck her arsehole good, make her scream, cum on her arse, fuck her mouth, make her bleed , fuck the dirty little bitch. And I did. This time I didn’t have to hold back. My growl was enough to wake the dead when I shot my cum up her arse. Grabbing her hips, I drove my cock into her as hard and deep as I could get. My load took k a long series of convulsions to empty out my balls. This experience was way beyond anything I ever thought I could even dream of. Dana and Rena rushed over and began to suck Mika`s nipples and stretch her climax out as far as it could for her. When I took my cock out of Mika`s arse, Dana took it in her mouth and sucked all the cum from it and using the tip of her tongue, even cleaned out the eye for me. Then she said, on you knees, it our turn to have fun. My cock wasn’t ready to fuck again so I obediently obliged and got on all fours. With my cock and balls hanging down limp Dana spread my legs open and went to work with her tongue on my arsehole, Rena meanwhile was doing the same to her sister and cleaned my cum from her arse while Mika lay with her head on the mattress and enjoyed every second of the attention.Dana was the first to speak, she stopped licking şirinevler escort and said to, Rena pass me that toy I brought will you please.The Vibrator going up my arse was the first time I had anything other than a tongue or tip of a finger in there. I was too small and it was too big but Dana used the hand cream and slowly but surly worked the 9 inch long rubber phallus into me. At first it felt strange but I soon learnt with Dana’s encouragement to relax and let the sensation take over.You’ll be ready for me soon Rena said and kissed me on the cheek. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke me as Dana gently fucked my arse with the Vibrator. Mika was content to lie there and watch. She smiled at me and said. I think this should go on forever…. I agreed but would I be able to keep this pace up?I can feel Rena’s hand on my cock becoming more and more assertive. She was to fuck now. Dana’s breathing has become a lot heavier than it was a few minutes ago.I doubt if Mika has finished with me yet either. This freedom is too good an opportunity for them to pass up. I feel like a lamb in a slaughterhouse. My cock is hard. Rena backs into position with her arse ready to take it. I enter her as Dana begins to work the vibrator into me. With Mika holding my balls in her hand I start to fuck her sisters arse, harder and harder, deeper and deeper until my cock is completely buried up to my now filling balls held gently in Mika`s grasp. There is a lot of afternoon left as I reach around hold Rena’s beautiful firm tits in my hands. I have a long brown nipple between my fingers, I squeeze the harder and harder she moans. My cock plunges on and on and on into a beautiful soft wet brown arsehole that was made to fuck. As my cum builds, I feel Mika squeezing my balls, Dana has told her how to control my climax by squeezing hard if I get too close. They intend to make me fuck all afternoon, Dan turns the speed of the vibrator up and the tingle runs through my arse to my cock like a lighting bolt. Mika squeezed harder and the pain makes my cum subside.Just think of my hot cunt waiting for you when you finish fucking Rena, Dana’s husky voice whispers in my ear. I cant think of anything at the moment but fucking Rena.

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