The Morrisons Ch. 26


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**Author’s Note: The Morrisons is a continuing story where each chapter builds on previous chapters. If this is your first encounter with The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you read the previous chapters prior to reading this one. Please enjoy!

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**Before you read this chapter, be advised that it contains very graphic depictions of raw sex and/or love-making between two or more consenting people. IF such depictions upset you or make you lose sleep, PLEASE don’t read any further. You may not enjoy reading a particular portion of the story; that doesn’t mean other readers will dislike that same portion. It’s a different-strokes-for-different-folks kind of story.

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Chapter 26

Taffy Davis woke up early and called her friend Connie Swensen. On the third ring Connie saw the caller ID and giggled as she picked up the phone, she asked, “Are you calling me to tell me you changed your mind?”

“Oh no, quite the contrary,” Taffy replied, “I’m only calling you so we can coordinate our plans.”

The previous evening Taffy and Connie talked on the phone as they usually did but this time their conversation was a little bit different. As they talked, they fed or fueled each other’s imagination of what it would be like to go on trips with Dan and Beth, meeting important clients. They verbally dreamed what it would be like to dress up in fancy dresses, riding in a chauffeur driven limo, and sitting down to dinner at an up-scale restaurant.

As ideas continued to flow between the two of them, Taffy said, “Imagine what it’d be like if you had on a strapless gown and leaned over, your breasts would show. I bet everyone would drool over your little puffy nipples, if they saw them.”

Connie countered with, “I’m pretty sure Dan loves my puffy nipples, I caught him staring at them several time when we were naked in his office. But you have beautiful round titties and I’m positive if you were to bend over in a strapless gown and show your titties, it would make any guy hard as a rock, even your brothers.”

“But my brothers aren’t going to see me in a strapless gown, so there are no worries there.” Taffy replied.

“Maybe not,” Connie continued, “But they could catch you naked at home and I’m positive that would give them a woody.”

“Are you saying I should let my brothers see me naked?” Taffy questioned.

“Think about it Taffy,” Connie said, “What better way to practice showing off that beautiful body of yours? You could leave your bedroom door open enough so one of them can look into your room while you’re naked.

“I’m only wearing my panties right now.” Taffy replied.

“Ok then,” Connie challenged, “If you were naked right now, I could dare you to go open your bedroom door all the way, while we talk. I know the bottom of your bed is towards your door so if you lie on your bed and spread your legs a little bit, anyone passing your open door will see your naked fetiş escort body.”

“OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD, CONNIE!” Taffy exclaimed in a hushed hoarse voice, “DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU’RE SAYING? If I did that, anyone in my family could walk down the hall and look into my bedroom and see me. As far as I know, everyone is still home, even mom and dad.”

“Please Connie, withdraw that dare and let me take a shower and put on a tee shirt, like we originally planned. I’ll even wear a shorter tee shirt, if you let me off the hook while mom and dad are home. A friend of theirs is coming soon to pick them up and take them grocery shopping. Then it will just be me, my brothers and sisters at home.” Taffy pleaded.

“Ok, I’ll let you off the hook and withdraw part of my dare,” Connie said in a sweat innocent voice. “But instead of a tee shirt, I dare you to wear only a regular towel, no bath towel, around your body when you finish your shower. I want you to tuck in the towel so the opening is on your right side. Remember I know how your house is set up. That way, when you lean forward even a little the towel will open and anyone at your kitchen table will be able to see inside your towel. Oh, and I am daring you to lean forward many times while you’re in the kitchen.”

“Since you asked me to amend my dare, you know the rules, I can make my dare more difficult to accomplish. After your parents are gone, I dare you to go back to your room, leave your door wide open, discard the towel, lay on your bed completely naked, bend your knees and put your feet flat on the bed and spread your legs. And to complete the instructions of my dare, I dare you not to close your legs or cover yourself in any way, even if one of your brothers sees you. Oh and I want you to call me once you are in position.”

“Oh my God, Connie” Taffy excitedly rattled off, “Why don’t you just dare me to go downstairs completely naked? With what you’ve described, my parents are going to see me anyway and if I have to lay on my bed completely naked with my door open, you know Tommy will come in and look at me. He’s been perving on me for a long time.”

“Hummmmm, that’s a nice idea,” Connie sounded off into the phone, “I can easily accommodate your wishes if you’d rather go downstairs completely naked.”

“NO! OH GOD NO!” Taffy exclaimed, “My parents would have a heart attack. Showing my body to a stranger who I most likely won’t meet again is one thing, but please, I don’t want to shock my parents. We talked about this. I’ll let my brothers and sisters see me if that’s what you want, but please not my parents until we’ve had a chance to break them in, like we agreed.”

“I also know our rules,” Taffy said as calmly as possible, to eliminate any chance of being heard by anyone out in the hallway.

She continued with, “I have to complete my dare before I can give you a dare, but DO YOU REALIZE I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY! …. BIG TIME!

“OK, I’m going to go take my shower and follow your dare to the letter.” Taffy said, “I’ll call you back when I get back to my room and lying on my bed completely naked with my door open all the way. Do you want me to give my brothers a hint I’m going to be naked?”

“You can give them a hint if you want to.” Connie said with a smile on her face that Taffy could hear in her voice.

“Ok, Goodbye, I’ll talk to you in a little while.” Taffy said in a good natured tone of voice. “Don’t forget, while I’m doing your dare, I will be thinking of a dare for you. Your body will be mine by the time I get done with my dare.”

Connie gave a nervous giggle and said, “If you want, we can always fall back on our original plan.”

“OH NO YOU DON’T,” Taffy sternly warned, “I’ve never welched on any dare you’ve ever given me and I’m not going to start now. Any misgivings I may have had a few moments ago have now turned into determination. I’m going to do exactly as you’ve dared me, no matter what happens.”

“YOU on the other hand,” Taffy giggled, “You should be very worried about what might pop into my twisted mind, for your dare. Talk to you soon. Bye.” Taffy hung up her phone.

Taffy stood in front of the full length wall mirror and looked at her almost nude body. She playfully hooked her thumbs into her white satin bikini panties and pulled the waistband away from her body and then let it go so it snapped back against her skin.

She cupped her titties and moved her hands so she could pinch her small nipples. She thought to herself, I hope my titties stay like this; they’re perfect for my body. Taffy allowed her hands to glide down her smooth flawless upper body until her right hand touched the scar where the doctor had cut her open to take out her appendix.

Taffy remembered the awful pain she experienced when the attack of appendicitis hit her a few years ago. Taffy turned her right side towards the mirror, as her finger moved back and forth along the scar. She remembered gaziantep fetiş escort how her brothers and sisters wanted to go with her to the emergency room as the EMTs strapped her to the ambulance cot. Her father told her siblings, Jerry, Julie, Tommy and Renee they needed to stay home and he would call them with updates.

The ride in the ambulance was scary but the EMT had allowed her mom Joy, to ride in the back with her but she had to sit on the bench seat. She held Taffy’s hand during the whole trip to the hospital. Dana, Taffy’s father followed the ambulance in the family car.

In the emergency room a nurse came in and checked all of Taffy’s vital signs and then with Joy’s help, the two of them were able to take off Taffy’s blouse and bra before the nurse helped Taffy into the hospital gown. The nurse moved further down the side of the gurney and unbuttoned and unzipped Taffy’s pants. She pulled the gown down over the top of her pants and then removed Taffy’s pants leaving her in her yellow bikini panties with the saying, “”U GOT 2 LICK IT- B4 U STICK IT!” on the front of them. The nurse read the saying and smiled broadly without saying a word as she pulled the sheet up over Taffy’s legs.

Joy was standing near Taffy’s shoulder on the opposite side of the bed, holding Taffy’s hand, so she didn’t get to see the saying on her daughter’s panties.

About five minutes passed, which seems like hours to Taffy, before a young looking doctor walked into the room and introduced himself. He watched Taffy squirm in pain for a few seconds before he asked her about her pain and where it was. Taffy indicated her lower abdomen by moving her free hand down to rub the area. The doctor asked a few more questions and then told Taffy he was going to check her abdomen.

He pulled the sheet down and her gown up baring Taffy from mid-thigh to the bottom of her rib cage. He paused a few seconds and watched Taffy before he touched her. He proceeded to palpate both of her lower quadrants. Taffy screamed loudly when he put pressure on her lower right quadrant. When he did that, not only did Taffy scream, she lifted her butt cheeks off the gurney and spread her legs wide enough to afford the emergency room doctor an unimpeded view of her panty covered pussy.

Joy suddenly gasped and blushed profusely when she read the words on her daughter’s panties. The doctor looked at Joy, and smiled broadly before he quickly changed back into his professional mode. He told Joy he thought it might be appendicitis however he was going to order some blood samples and an x-ray to be taken, and he was going to have an IV started just in case they had to move Taffy into surgery immediately. He told them he would be back after the tests results came back.

Joy thanked the doctor and on the way out of the room he mumbled, “That’s the right way to do it.”

The nurse came back in with all the supplies she needed to take the blood samples and start the IV. When the IV was in place she told Taffy she was going to give her something to relax and proceeded to inject a drug into the IV line. When she finished, the nurse told them the doctor would be back to talk to them later.

When the doctor returned, even though Taffy was in severe pain, she tried to listen to the doctor. The only things she really understood him to say was appendicitis and surgery. Joy had tears in her eyes as she continued to hold Taffy’s hand while the doctor explained Taffy’s appendix was so enlarged it could burst at any time.

The doctor told Joy he had already made arrangements for emergency surgery and someone would be taking Taffy to the OR (operating room) in a few minutes. He asked if there were any questions but Joy didn’t have any and Taffy was in too much pain to ask anything. When the doctor left the room, Joy hugged and kissed her daughter and tried to keep her calm.

The nurse came back into the room and injected another drug directly into the IV line. She told Joy that Taffy would get groggy in a few minutes. They didn’t want her all worked up about going into the OR.

It wasn’t long before a guy dressed in green scrubs came into her room and said he was going to take her to the OR and her parents could follow them until they reached the waiting room. At the doors leading into the OR, the guy in green scrubs paused and waited for Dana and Joy to kiss their daughter and tell her, “I love you baby girl. I’ll be here waiting for you when they’re finished ….. I love you.”

As Taffy was pushed through the doors, Joy turned in her husband’s arms and cried hard. He comforted her but Joy was distraught at the thought of her daughter going into surgery.

The next thing Taffy knew, she was in a different room with both her parents sitting by her bed, waiting for her to wake up. Once they realized she was waking up, they showered her with gentle hugs and kisses.

Taffy remembered, she had to stay gaziantep fetiş escort in the hospital for three days, and during that time she had plenty of visitors. Her siblings and Connie came to visit her the most and stayed the longest.

Taffy was brought back to the present when her sister knocked on her door and said, “Wake up sleepy head, breakfast will be ready soon.”

Taffy replied, “Thanks, I’m awake, I have to take a shower first and I’ll be right down.”

Taffy hooked her thumbs back in the waist band of her panties and pushed them down her legs. She noticed that she had to take time to shave because her pubic area had a five o’clock shadow, which was the curse of having black hair on the top and bottom. She wasn’t really disappointed about the black hair on her head because it made her bright blue eyes stand out.

Taffy picked up her robe and started to put it on, but stopped. It suddenly occurred to her after her shower; she had to wrap a towel around her body, it wouldn’t look right if her robe was left in the bathroom.

Suddenly, butterflies invaded her stomach at the reality of what she was about to do. Could she really go downstairs with only a small towel wrapped around her body? Could she really lean forward and allow her family members to see her naked body when the towel opened?

“OH MY GOD” Taffy softly exclaimed. “I’m nuts to think I could pull this off with my family looking at me.”

She slipped the robe off her arm and laid it on her bed. She walked slowly to her door and paused. Her hand was shaking, her nerves were on edge, her brain was almost on overload and that’s when she turned and walked back to her stand in front of her mirror. She stared at the naked girl, the bare naked girl with no pubic hair to even hide her most secret place between her legs. Taffy spoke softly to her reflection, “I have to do this dare and my family is going to see my naked body. I really have to do this. I really have to do this. I can do this. Wait right here for me, I’ll be back!”

Taffy turned and walked the few steps back to her door. She opened it a little way so she could listen for any movement. When she didn’t hear anything she opened it a little more and poked her head out and looked up and down the hall. Her bedroom was not quite half way down the hall so the bathroom wasn’t far from her room. However, for her to get to the bathroom, she had to walk towards the stairs which was risky because someone could come up the stairs and catch her naked in the hall.

After a few more moments of hesitation, Taffy opened her door all the way and stepped forward until she was half in and half out of her room. Once again she listened and looked and there was not one iota of anyone being present on the second floor. She thought everyone must be in the kitchen eating.

The butterflies returned as she stepped out into the hallway completely naked for the first time since she was a little girl and walked nervously towards the bathroom. Just as she reached the bathroom door she heard water running in the sink and she stopped dead in her tracks. She was almost ready to turn around and run when her sister Julie came out of the bathroom in a tee shirt. Julie stopped and looked at her little sister’s naked body for a few seconds before she said, “Umm, did you forget something?”

Taffy blushed a little as she said, “I was in a hurry because you knocked on my door and said breakfast was almost ready.”

“Ok, well hurry up, get your shower.” Julie said, “I’ll let everyone know you’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Taffy scurried into the bathroom and hurriedly adjusted the water in the shower before she sat down on the toilet to pee. Before getting in the shower she reached into the towel cabinet and pulled out the towels she’d use, when she was finished. Taffy stepped into the shower and moved under the shower head. Without thinking, she put shampoo in her hair even though she hadn’t intended to wash it. Of course after shampooing, she had to use conditioner so her hair wouldn’t tangle and snarl. Washing her hair took more time than she wanted to spend in the shower so she hurried and washed the rest of her body and paid particular attention to her pussy and made sure that was washed thoroughly. Then she had to take time to shave her pussy and she did that slowly and carefully so she didn’t cut anything.

When she finished, she shut off the water, opened the curtain and picked up the towel for her hair. Taffy dried it some, before she wrapped the towel around her head and tucked in the edge so it would stay in place. She dried her body with the other towel and then laid it on the side of the sink while she brushed her teeth. Just as she was finishing, her sister Julie knocked on the bathroom door and said, “Hurry up in there; mom has your breakfast on the table already.”

Taffy finished quickly and reached for her towel and wrapped it around her body and started to tuck it in between her breasts but then she remembered Connie dared her to tuck the end of the towel in on her right side. Taffy quickly adjusted the towel and when she started to move she felt the towel loosen up. She re-tucked the end and opened the bathroom door and saw Tommy just outside ready to knock on the door. He smiled when he saw her before saying, “Wow, sis you look great this morning.”

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