The Mother Load Ch. 03


I slept soundly through the night, but woke at an early hour while it was still dark. I lay awake for at least a half hour in the dark with the events of the previous day running through my mind. Although my mother and I had engaged in behavior that was socially taboo and supposedly destructive, I was feeling a greater sense of closeness and affection toward her than I had felt before. What had occurred was tremendously exciting, but it was not raw sex for the sake of sex. For me, there was a lot more to it than that.

I needed more sleep and after turning on my side and lying quietly for a short while, I was able to start dozing again. My fatigue from the previous day was draining out of me.

Sometime later I awoke again, not sure of the time. Now I was on my back. I had gone to bed wearing only my boxers, and my cock was standing up straight through the fly, greeting the new day with its customary salute. Despite the events of yesterday, it was feeling perky and ready for new adventures.

Instinctively, I reached for my erection with my right hand, but was surprised to find that my arm was would not obey me. Looking over, I saw on my wrist the same kind of cuff that had been on my mother’s wrists. It was held by a rope leading to a corner of the bed. Soon I discovered that my other arm and both legs were also bound securely to corners of the bed.

Lorraine was at the foot of the bed. She was wearing a short robe which she had left untied at the waist. I could see that she had a nice short-haired bush like my mother’s, though it seemed a bit darker shade of brown. One of her large, firm breasts was fully visible in the gap in her robe, and the side of the other one could be seen, as well. She was gazing at my erect cock.

After a moment, she spoke: “Auntie Lorraine knows that a young man like you needs a good milking when the sun comes up, just like the cows.” She started pulling on my cock like a milk maid on a cow’s teat. “And”, she added, “This is the way to get the freshest milk too.”

Holy crap! First my mother started calling herself “Mommy” and now it was “Auntie Lorraine”. My mother did have one older sister, but she was definitely not Lorraine. I began to wonder if Lorraine and my mother had a little fantasy game they played with each other, one in which I had an imaginary starring role as both loving son and attentive nephew.

I figured that Lorraine had slept with my mom in her bed, as we had no spare bedroom, and thought about what might have occurred there during the night. But, I was soon brought back to the present. Lorraine had changed her grip on my cock and shifted to a slower pace.

I had seen videos featuring a sexy, dark haired and full breasted woman named Klixen on porn sites I had visited. güvenilir bahis I think she was German. In these videos, she would very slowly masturbate and occasionally fellate a large cock of a man whose face was always off screen. Sometimes she would just hold the cock lightly near the base for long moments, or move her hand slowly up the shaft, or gently stroke the head with her fingers. She would often use her tongue to stimulate the very sensitive glans just below the head. The shaft and the especially the head of the cock would get a progressively deeper purple as she worked the cock, never in any hurry. After many minutes, the lucky guy would ejaculate gobs of spunk like lava ejected from an over-heated volcano. I always wished that I could be him.

Lorraine was giving me the full Klixen, using her hand skillfully to pleasure my cock while denying me release. It was a slow tease encompassing every inch of my cock. I was in heaven. More blood kept rushing into my cock, making it harder and harder, and as purple as any cock that I had seen Klixen manipulate. I kept approaching climax, but Lorraine would back off when I got too close. If my hands had not been restrained, I would have grabbed my cock and jerked myself to a less than fully enjoyable orgasm, I was so worked up, but that was not an option.

After about ten minutes of this tease and denial, Lorraine slipped a leather cock ring over me and made sure it was snug at the base of the cock. (No doubt this ring came from the same bag of tricks that held her sewing shears and her feather duster, along with God knows what else.) The ring would prevent blood from flowing back out of my engorged cock, keeping me quite hard even without more attention. At this point, Lorraine left the room closing the door behind her, and leaving me lying there spread-eagled with my tumescent member twitching in the wind.

She was gone for several minutes, though it seemed much longer in my current state. Then I heard steps in the hall and my door opened. Lorraine re-entered leading my mother by the hand in the same manner that she had led me to my mother’s bedroom the night before.

I had never before seen my mother wearing sexy lingerie, but now she had on a very sheer nightie that ended well above her knees. She had nothing on underneath, and I could easily make out her dark bush just a few inches above the hemline and her breasts and nipples through the translucent material. The garment was a bit tight on top and fitted, so that her full breasts were held snugly with her nipples poking out.

She also had bright red lipstick thickly applied to her lips, which looked a bit slutty and was out of character for her in my experience. She gazed at my still purple and very hard cock and licked her red lips. türkçe bahis It looked like she was about to dish out some of the same kind of medicine that she had been on the receiving end of when she was tied up the night before. And I was thinking: ok, that’s fair.

Lorraine had brought the sewing shears back with her and used them to strip my boxers from me in the same way that she had removed my mother’s panties. My mother got between my legs and started stroking her hair up and down my inner thighs and over my erect cock and balls. This teasing with her hair was even more exciting to me than what Lorraine had done with her hand. I was breathing heavily and squirming as she slowly caressed me with the tickling ends of her hair for several minutes.

She sat up then and slid her nightie up her body and over her head, revealing her full breasts with the stiff nipples betraying her excitement too. She slowly slid up over me, momentarily pressing my cock between her breasts, before dragging them up over my stomach and chest. She moved them over my face and had me suck on each of the turgid nipples before bringing her face down to mine. Then she kissed me, first softly for a while then more hungrily and wetly. When she stopped, she raised her head and said, “Mommy loves the feel of our naked bodies touching each other. She is going to want a lot more of that from now on.” She reached down and rubbed my cock on her pussy, which was sopping wet.

I felt very reassured by what she said. She had made the comment about rabbits after we had fucked the night before, but that seemed to be in fun. Now it was clear she really wanted our sexual connection to continue for the foreseeable future.

She began moving back down my body, pausing to kiss and lick my nipples and to kiss my stomach softly. When she was down between my legs again she started kissing over my balls and then licking them and taking them in her mouth. Lorraine released the bonds on my legs and I raised my knees to get more comfortable and to give my mother better access.

Soon she moved up, placing little kisses on the underside of my shaft and on the glans. My head was swimming. When she put her lips over the tip of my cock and slowly took the engorged, bulbous head into her warm, soft mouth, I nearly lost it. I had never had any oral sex performed on me, let alone this kind of expert pleasuring. Gently she sucked on my cock, moving it from her lips to the back of her mouth repeatedly. She was caressing the head with her tongue, as well, and gripping the shaft with her hand. Every so often, she would take my cock out of her mouth, smile at me, and plant little kisses up and down the cock. My cock was slick with a gooey mix of the fluids that had transferred from her pussy, her güvenilir bahis siteleri saliva, and the precum that had been oozing from my cock

Once when she took my cock from her mouth, she whispered, “Well the goose got his last night, so now it is time for the gander to get some of the tasty sauce.” About then, Lorraine released the restraints on my arms allowing me to stroke my mother’s hair and to hold her head. She was doing a wonderful job and did not need any guidance from me, and after a while, I just let my hands rest on the back of her head gently.

Like the previous night when I was in her pussy, I was trying not to come in her mouth too soon. It helped that I had ejaculated a huge load into her within the previous twelve hours. But I was only eighteen years old, and I had been highly sensitized by all the teasing. The feeling of my mother’s mouth and tongue roving over the deep purple head of my cock was exquisite, so it was a losing battle. Too soon, I felt the sap rising in the trunk of the sturdy tree. I stopped thinking and just gave myself fully to the overpowering feeling. My mother’s eyes were locked with mine, and she started squeezing my balls with her hand while slurping faster with her mouth. This was too much for me, and with a loud shout, I erupted into her waiting, hungry mouth – one, two, three powerful jets of hot cum.

I watched her thickly painted red lips still circling my cock. She had taken too big a load to gag down, and some was dripping around her mouth and down my shaft. When she lifted her head, her face seemed transfigured and I could see she still had much of the huge load still in her mouth, even though a fair amount was dribbling down on to her chin and from there on to the tops of her breasts.

Lorraine came over to her and licked some of the warm spunk from my mother’s breasts. They lay down next to me and started kissing each other deeply, passing the gooey substance back and forth between their mouths, smearing more of it on each other’s face.

When they finished kissing, my mother looked over to me and said, “See, Mommy shares nicely. She will always give Auntie Lorraine a good part of the mother load.” I took my hand and ran it up my mother’s leg to her wet pussy. I stroked her there for a few moments, but she took my hand sway and placed it on Lorraine’s furry mound. I ran my fingers through the soft hairs, then down to her vulva. She was even more soaked than my mother was.

I was concerned that Lorraine had been more of a spectator than a participant so far, and I wanted to make sure that she felt fully included in our little circle. I would happily have taken her then, but I needed some time to recover from the huge orgasm and the voluminous ejaculation that my mother’s mouth had produced in me. I also wanted to be sure Lorraine’s first time with me would be very special.

I got up, took another pair of boxers from my dresser, slipped them on, and went down to the kitchen to scrounge up some breakfast.

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