The Mother

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Early in that first summer after graduating high school, I met a cute little red head. She was covered in freckles, had no tits to speak of, but her ass was one of those perfect little hearts that always got my attention. She was a year behind me in school, and famously quiet and shy. We had caught each others eye a few times but had never met. I was pleasantly surprised to learn, after dating her, that this shy, quiet little cutie was actually quite different in private, one-on-one situations. In fact, she had a specialty that she was particularly enthusiastic about, but I’ll save that for later.

As titillating as that teasing sentence might sound, this story isn’t actually about the red head. Although she plays prominent role, she isn’t the main character. That designation applies to her mother. This was one of those common social situations where you initially meet someone but unexpectedly realize a strong attraction to one of their friends, or in this case, to their mother.

I met the mother on my very first visit to my new red-headed girlfriend’s house. I arrived earlier than planned that afternoon but decided to knock on their door anyway. A few seconds after knocking, the door was unlocked from the inside and pulled open a couple of inches, then, nothing. I wasn’t really sure what to do but I pushed the door open and stepped inside. I was surprised to see a petite, blonde woman walking away from the door and me with a beautiful heart-shaped ass, and she wasn’t wearing any pants.

She turned to look at me and realized it wasn’t her daughter she had just let in. But instead of some awkward overreaction, she was cool about it, smiling warmly after I quickly introduced myself. She told me I could wait upstairs and she started walking toward the stairs. I followed right behind her, never once taking my eyes off her gorgeous ass. We didn’t speak again as we both walked up the stairs. I was looking at her ass, and she knew I was looking at it. By the time we got to the second floor I was definitely aroused and I believe she was too. I didn’t follow her into her bedroom when she entered it. I stopped in the doorway and just stood there, watching as she walked to the far side of her bed and slid her pants back on, covering that sexy ass I had just followed up the stairs. Only then did she turn around to face me. Her smile and sparkling eyes were an unmistakable sign of excitement and approval. We shared our little erotic moment a few seconds before the finally spoke again, telling me I could wait down the hall, in the den.

I waited alone in their upstairs den until my red-headed girlfriend arrived a few minutes later. I didn’t tell her about the erotic moment I had just shared with her mother, and apparently, the mother never told her daughter about it either. So from that very first meeting, the mother and I shared a sexy, erotic secret that initiated a summer-long lust affair between the two of us. An intense lust that grew and progressed until it was finally satisfied.

In the first paragraph, I mentioned a particular enthusiasm and specialty I had discovered in the new girlfriend. It was my cock. I had never met a girl so obsessed with it. When it came to fellatio, this girl was in a class by herself. It was almost like she considered porno 64 it a favorite toy that I carried around in my pants. If she couldn’t have it in her somewhere, anywhere was fine with her, she wanted it out of my pants and in her hand so she could play with it. When we’d go out, she’d have my pants unzipped and my cock in her hand before we even got out of her driveway. When I realized this, I just stopped wearing underwear because it was always in her way. And as a nineteen year old boy/stud, I certainly had no complaints.

This new relationship was completely different than any from my past experiences. It was just the two of them, the daughter and the divorced mother in their house. Not only was there was no wary father to have to contend with when I visited, but the mother was hot and we had already established a secret, sexual attraction. As the only male in this little realm, I felt completely at ease.

In this totally unrestricted environment, the girlfriend and I quickly established a very hot, sexual relationship. The mother always gave us our privacy whenever we’d come in from a date and never intruded on us at all. From that expectation of complete privacy, the girlfriend and I quickly established an evening routine. I’d sit on their sofa and the girlfriend would get on her knees in front of me and pull my pants down and out of her way. For the next hour or so, this girl would lose herself in her special interest. I’d always lean back, with my hands behind my head and get comfortable as I enjoyed this hot little red-head bobbing up and down in my lap. She would suck my dick as long as I would let her. She was amazing.

But as I said earlier, the redhead isn’t the main character of this story. It is her mother. This blonde, petite woman had an intelligent, serious demeanor with a reserved, natural calmness about her that I admired. She was graceful in her physical movements, never raising her voice, but seldom laughing out loud either. Like her daughter, her best feature, as far as I was concerned, was her ass. I always enjoyed watching her ass as she walked away from me. After our first meeting, she always knew I was looking at it and I always knew she approved. Aside from a physical, sexual attraction, I liked her very much.

As the relationship with the daughter progressed, I didn’t have any further pants-less type encounters with the mother. However, we would share deliberate looks at each other if the circumstances allowed. It was our way of remembering our erotic first meeting and nurturing our growing sexual attraction. The looks we gave each other weren’t always limited to deliberate, direct eye contact. They soon evolved into little, visual gestures of sexual innuendo that began when the mother would glance down at my crotch and then back up to my eyes with a smile and a wink. I’m sure she enjoyed watching the bulge in my pants grow because that was her favorite move, and she did it as often as possible. It excited me to know the mother was as interested in what I carried in my pants as her daughter. Eventually, as I got bolder, whenever I got the chance, I’d make eye contact with her, then look her up and down, lewdly, devouring her, openly, right in front of her, and then look back into her eyes to see porno izle her lust. One day, it was all just too much, and I had to touch her, lightly sliding the full open palm of my hand across her ass as we passed in the hallway. She moaned softly in approval and I almost came in my pants.

I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I knew at some point I had to have this sexy, sensual woman. I didn’t want to cross that line too early and upset the redhead, but, one way or another, it was going to happen.

Right about this time, the mother sold their house and moved them into a local apartment complex. The apartment was much smaller than their house, so things were considerably more intimate between the three of us in such a smaller space. In the new place, the sexual tension between the mother and myself escalated to another level.

The after-date routine the daughter and I had previously established was quickly continued in the new apartment, however, the wall behind the sofa was now shared with the mother’s headboard in her bedroom just on the other side. One night, as I was sitting there, and the daughter was busy with her magic mouth and favorite toy, I heard a faint bumping on the wall behind my head. I looked down at the daughter but realized the bumping noise was coming from the other side of the wall behind my head and it had a definite repeating, consistency to it. The mother was masturbating in her bed on the other side of the same wall where her daughter was sucking my dick. After realizing this, I pulled the girlfriends head in tight and came hard down her throat.

After that night, I no longer cared about being discrete, or quiet, with the sex I was having with the daughter. In the small apartment, their bedrooms were right across the hall from each other and I wanted the mother to hear me fucking her daughter. The next night, after my girlfriend finished her oral activities in the living room, I took her to her bedroom to fuck her. I wasn’t even going to close the door but she insisted. I was hammering her tight little pussy so hard the bed was squeaking very loudly. She complained that it was going to break, but she had no idea I was doing it on purpose. I was deliberately sending her mother a loud, erotic message. I came hard thinking the mother was probably laying in her bed across the hall fingering her pussy while listening to me fuck her daughter.

It’s difficult to describe, but after all this, that small apartment had a distinct sexual ambiance whenever we were all three at home. There was a definite awareness and anticipation of sex whenever I was there. I was fucking this woman’s daughter, loud and rough, every night, and we all three knew it.

Things had gotten to the point where the mother and I could barely restrain ourselves from just taking each other right in front of the daughter. As far as I was concerned, it just couldn’t get any better. But it did. But that’s a whole new chapter. I’ll have to finish here first.

The message I had sent the mother was, apparently, well received. Just a few nights later, I was laid back on the sofa , my hands behind my head, enjoying the red head’s oral enthusiasm when I saw the mother step into the living room doorway. She was wearing white panties sex izle and a short, sheer top. She watched her daughter sucking my dick for a second or two and smiled as she slipped past the doorway and leaned against the wall where only I could see her. She opened her legs and started rubbing her pussy as she watched her daughter sucking me off. It was too much. I pulled the daughter’s head in tight and held it there, the mother and I locking eyes as I pumped my load down her daughter’s throat. I held her head down until her mother slid quietly back to her bedroom, smiling at me all the way.

It was getting close to the end of the summer and the girlfriend and I began having random fights that would occur with no real reason. I think she was just trying to prepare herself for when I left for school. But luckily, the fighting led to an unexpected opportunity that I had been waiting on all summer. I had left early and went home angry one Friday night after one of these random fights, so the next morning I went back to straighten things out.

I got to their apartment around 10am and knocked on the door. It opened just a couple of inches and the mother was standing there in her now familiar panties and see through top. She told me her daughter had just left with some friends to spend the day at the river. I realized our fight was intentional to allow her a day off without me, but, at the moment, that was fine with me.

The mother opened the door a few more inches to give me a better view as she opened her legs slightly and slowly rolled her pussy toward me in a very suggestive, sexual gesture and asked if I wanted to come in. I said, “I sure do.”

As soon as I was inside, she closed the door behind me, pushed me back against it and sank to her knees in front of me. She had my dick out and in her mouth quicker than I could have done it myself.

She started a slow, deep, deliberate rhythm. All the way down and all the way back out like she was tasting or exploring it. The frantic enthusiasm and inexperience of the daughter was replaced by this soft, calm, velvet lined throat. I stood above her, watching her suck my dick for the first time. Letting her have it her way. Finally, I took her head in both hands and held it still. I started to slow fuck her mouth as she maintained a noticeable suction from somewhere deep in her abdomen. It was a wonderful sensation, pulling my dick slowly out through that constant suction. I’d push all the way back down her throat until my balls pressed against her chin and then slowly pull it back out, over and over until I couldn’t hold it any longer. I pushed my dick down her throat and held her head tight, just like I always did with her daughter, and pumped the biggest load of cum I’d ever produced down her horny, velvet-lined throat.

When I was finished, I let go of her head, but she wasn’t finished. She reached around me and held my bare butt in her hands to support herself as she pressed her face into my balls and started licking from underneath. She was hot and horny and insatiable and she couldn’t stop. She located the very base of my dick with her tongue, burying her face under my empty balls and rubbing her face in them. I just stood there and let her have what she needed. She was licking my balls and sucking them and massaging my ass as the same time. I had never experienced such a hot, hungry, voracious mouth.

Finally, when I was hard again, she looked up at me and said, “fuck me like you fuck her.”

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