The Mysterious Masked Minx of Misso


Author’s Note: I had inspiration after reading the thread “Mysterious Heroine of the Nice Guys” in the Story Ideas forums by mythtrav16. I might not have caught his vision for the story, but I had fun writing this.

A work of fiction, all characters over the age of 18.

Comments and Ratings Appreciated! Enjoy


“Looks like spring has finally sprung,” sniggered a voice from the table behind me, “Look at what Lana is wearing today?”

“Man, I didn’t know they sold shorts that short in stores?” questioned another of the boys watching Lana from across the cafeteria.

“I don’t think she went in the store to get those,” postulated yet another voice, “I saw them on Woot! dot com a couple weeks ago, I’m betting she got them off the internet.”

“What are you doing shopping for girl shorts on the internet, Doofus!” jeered voice number one.

“I wasn’t… I’m just sayin… ugh! fuck off Jerry.” complained voice number three.

Jerry laughed, then snorted, “Regardless, William, Lana certainly has me sprung. Think she’s the Minx?”

“Nah, the Minx has brown hair,” offered voice number two.

“How would you know, George?!,” retorted Jerry, “Besides, you know superheroes always wear a disguise, the Masked Minx could be wearing a wig.”

“You’re an idiot Jerry,” asserted George, “Superheroes wear costumes or uniforms, they only wear disguises when in their alter ego persona. Remember Superman’s magic glasses?! Besides, I know for a fact, that the Minx isn’t wearing a wig.”

I smiled as the rest of the table fell silent, then stifled a giggle as the other two chairs loudly scooted closer. “This should be interesting,” I thought to myself.

“What?!” hissed Jerry, suddenly interested in what someone else had to say instead of his own pontifications.

“Dude, you’ve met the Masked Minx?” echoed William.

“Yep, I think I was her first,” stated George cockily, “at least I haven’t heard any stories that happened before we met.”

The silence was deafening as William and Jerry slowly processed this announcement. George was professing to be the first, “victim,” of the Masked Minx of Missoula. The legend of the Minx started over winter term at the University of Montana. Allegedly, the brunette bombshell surprised young men in their dorm rooms, seduced the unsuspecting male into a having intercourse, then leaving them to move on to her next victim. According to the lore, she always left after teaching them some new technique, and word had spread that the Minx’s victims were invariably good lovers.

“Fucker, why didn’t you ever tell us,” whined Jerry.

“Because, Jerrold I’m a gentleman, and a gentleman never tells.” explained George.

“Tell us the story, George,” asked William respectfully, “we won’t tell anyone. — Will we Jerry??”

I could almost feel the hard look that William was shooting Jerry behind my back. I quietly continued eating as I mentally I reviewed what I knew of the Harlot of Aber Hall, a.k.a. The Masked Minx. Aber Hall was one of the dorms at the University, separated from the rest of the residence halls clustered on the southern end of campus. Physically apart from the active social life on campus, Aber Hall was also the home for the more studious students, a.k.a. the Geeks. It was said the Minx had a fetish for the intelligent breed, with a majority of her victims being from Aber.

“Okay, okay, mum’s the word,” said Jerry sullenly, “I promise, I won’t spill.”

“Well okay, but I reserve the right to “rm -rf *” your entire porn collection if I hear gossip about this from you Jerry.” commanded George.

“Dude, that’s two terabytes of quality video!” complained Jerry.

“All the more reason for you to keep your promise,” threatened George, “Now do you want to hear my story or not?”

I slid a little closer, because I wanted to hear the story too. I chewed on my collection of celery sticks, and pretended to be absorbed in my book; some nonsense about vampires and werewolves my best friend had forced me to read. I’d peruse a review on the internet, and fake it with her. George’s story was far more interesting to me.

“Okay, remember back in December when that sorority bitch Valerie Bentley poured that red slushie over me?” began George.

“Oh yeah, the cunt.” breathed Jerry, always the colorful vocabulary with this one.

“Hey, hey watch your language!” said William.

I silently thanked William, because while I haven’t forsworn using foul language from time to time, it’s my belief that one shouldn’t use the ‘C’ word to describe other Bostancı Escort females. Even if it’s a good description of that devious bitch Valerie Bentley.

George laughed, “I’ll try to remember that to only use words that can be heard on television as I tell my tale. Just doing my part to preserve your virgin ears, young William.”

“Whatever,” William groused.

“So anyway, after the whole school laughed at me, I went back to my dorm room, and sulked. I was having my own little pity party. I didn’t understand why I was her target, I was just enjoying the festivities at the winter carnival in the quad, and I guess I veered too close to the popular crowd. That explains why I’m sitting on this side of the cafeteria, and Lana Simpson is over there. I don’t trust that bitch. Wait, where was I?” George wondered.

“Pity party. Dorm Room. Post Slushie.” Jerry and William said in concert.

“Right, so after about an hour of reviewing the social horror of being slushied, I got up and grabbed my towel and shuffled down the hall to the showers. I took a nice long hot one. I must have tried to scrub the shame from my skin because when I looked in the mirror afterwards, I was bright pink, if not red all over. Looking closer, though, it was just the dye from the slushie.” George explained.

“That sucks,” expressed William, as if it had first hand knowledge of being on the receiving end of a slushie.

“I know? right!” agreed George, “Anyway, I wrapped a towel around my waist, and walked back to my dorm room slowly. I had my head down when I opened my door and turned and shut it then froze with my back to the room when I heard, ‘now don’t I feel overdressed!” from behind me.

“No shit!” said Jerry.

“I turned around, and there she was, black cat ear mask on her face. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders just above her breasts. She was wearing a black bustier, with a black miniskirt, and fishnet stocking, you know like Black Canary?”

“Oh yeah, crap that’s sexy!” said Jerry.

“I’d really like it if you’d stop talking about poop, it ruining the mood!” complained William to the foul mouthed Jerry.

“So I’m struck completely dumb, as I sitting there looking at her. I wasn’t sure where to focus my eyes. I’d look at her tits, and then realize, “I’m looking at her breasts!” I’d shift to her skirt, and wonder what’s underneath. While I’m caught in this visionary maze, my towel starts to slip. I don’t even notice it, until it falls off my hips, and hangs there. Levitating off the floor in front of me.”

“What?” asked Jerry confused, “Some kind of super power, telekinesis?”

“He means the towel got caught on his erection,” explained William.

“Oh,” Jerry replied, and got quiet.

“Yeah, William. My towel is hanging off the end of my hard on, and she giggles at me, then takes a step closer,” described George.

She said, “Today is your lucky day, George, you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life.”

By this time she was right in front of me, and with a fluid motion she whipped off my towel and sank to her knees. She grabbed my cock, and put her mouth over the head. I came in her mouth,” stated George honestly.

“Wait, what?” laughed Jerry.

“He’s saying he was so excited, that he ejaculated sperm into her mouth,” explained William helpfully.

High marks in technical terminology for Mr. William, I thought to myself. I felt for George though, how embarrassing.

“I know what he meant, asshole!” said Jerry, “I just can’t believe he came so soon!”

“Again with the potty talk, are you sure you aren’t a homosexual? What with your fascination with the poop chute?” retorted William.

I almost gave up my surveillance laughing, but held it in. I could almost picture William pushing his glasses up his nose after looking at Jerry. George started laughing, then snorting and had to pause a moment while he composed himself.

“I’m not a faggot,” assured Jerry silently.

“Okay guys, stop it or I won’t finish the story. So, anyway, I blow my wad in her mouth. It surprised her! Her eyes opened wide, but she ended up swallowing it, licking my tip then smiling up at me. That made me less embarrassed, but I still managed to tell her I was sorry.”

She said, “I’m not, that just means you’ll last longer the next time.”

“She stood up and lifted her hands to my face, and kissed me. Her lips tasted of strawberries, then she slid her tongue over my lips and that tasted salty.”

“Dude, you tasted your own cum,” interjected Jerry, “who’s the homo now?!”

There was a long Anadolu Yakası Escort spell of silence, and I even quietly chewed my celery. I didn’t want to give up my snooping by drawing attention to myself with a loud crunch. Inwardly I groaned, Jerry was an obvious jerk. I imagined in my head the hard looks of both George and William. Then I heard Jerry cough.

“Sorry, man, I’m going to shut up now.” sighed Jerry.

“Wisest thing you’ve said all day!” quipped William.

“Apology accepted,” said George, ” because what happened next will prove that I’m not gay.”

“Okay, so go on already,” pleaded William.

“So we kissed and I lifted my hands to her bustier, and felt her breasts. She moaned into my mouth, and kissed me deeper, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth. I started rubbing them harder, feeling her nipples through the thin black silk. She kissed to my cheek, and then moaned into my ear, ‘that feels so good, George'”

I felt my own nipple harden at the thought, and felt a bit of dewy moisture between my legs, thinking about what happened in that dorm room. I shifted slowly so as not to be noticed, and slid one hand under the table to rest between my legs.

“She lifted her hands to her chest, and pulled down the cups to her bustier, releasing her breasts. They were round, and warm. They felt firm, yet pillowy soft. I cupped them in my hands, and felt her nipples harden into my palm.”

“Squeeze my nipples, George,” she said to me, then sealed her mouth over my lips and kissed me deeply.

“So I pulled my fingers down over her breasts, and pulled at her nipples. She moaned into my mouth, and I could feel her whole body quiver, as I played with the hard nubs. I broke the kiss, and looked at her, and asked, ‘May I kiss your nipples.'”

“I hope you do more than just kiss them, George,” she huffed, “Kiss them, lick them, squeeze them, pinch them.”

“She lifted her hands to her breasts, cupping and lifting them presenting them to me, as she stepped back and sat down on my bed. I knelt down and lowered my mouth to one of her nipples, and kissed the rubbery nub. Then I stuck out my tongue and licked it, and she moaned at my touch.”

I shifted ever so slightly in my seat, causing my erect nipples to brush across the inside of my sweatshirt. A flash of heat passed through my body as a trickle of sweat ran between my breasts. My fingers pressed into the crotch of my jeans, pressing into my core. I let out a soft sigh, as if I was irritated with a section of my book, and forced myself to act like I wasn’t hearing the hot tale behind me. I was tuned into every syllable.

“So after the appropriate amount of breast worship, I leaned back and looked at her,” George continued, “I asked, ‘Can I kiss you down there?’ She said, ‘You mean you want to kiss my pussy, George? You must learn to use the right names, dear!” then she winked at me behind her mask.”

“God, that’s hot,” breathed William quietly.

“So I asked her, ‘Can I lick your pussy, ma’am?’ and she nodded and lifted up her skirt, scooting to the edge of the bed. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and had trimmed her pubic hair short, and was bare along the outer lips. It looked just like all the porn on Jerry’s hard disk. I sort of knew which part to focus on. I dived in and started by teasing the outer lips. I licked around the slit, tasting her skin. It was tangy but tasted great. I lapped along the bottom of her pussy, and slowly lifted my tongue up, parting her lips then lapped at the top. I must have hit her clitoris, because she bucked into my face, and slid her hand behind my head, holding me over her sex.”

My fingers rubbed a bit harder, imagining George’s tongue moving over my sex. I bit my bottom lip, as I focused my eyes on the text in front of me, and turned the page for appearances sake. But in my mind’s eye I was watching George between my legs, licking my pussy.

The other two boys behind me were struck dumb, as George continued his tale. I could hear their breathing quicken. I could imagine their cocks getting harder in their jeans as they thought about the descriptive story that George was telling them.

“Suddenly, as I was licking my way up between her pussy lips, the Minx arched her back and let out a loud moan, ‘FUCK! CUMMING’ she shouted, as my tongue was covered with a bit more of her juices. I licked it up like a kitten drinking milk, and swallowed her tasty cream.”

“Yep, definately not a faggot,” quipped William, trying to break the mood, “But the jury is still out on being a lesbian.”

George laughed, “Well what happened Pendik Escort next will quell that vicious rumor!”

“Get to it then!” barked Jerry in a strained voice.

“She grabbed my head, and lifted me up, rolling onto her back on the bed. ‘I want your cock in me now, George’ she said, reaching down between us, and feeling for my erection. She grabbed hold of it, and pulled me down, sliding the head between her pussy lips. I closed my eyes, and tried to concentrate on anything other than the feeling of my cock head parting her wet velvety lips. But I didn’t come. I was still desensitized by my premature ejaculation in her mouth. My cock slid inside her tight pussy, Before I knew it I was all the way in, and her fishnet covered calves wrapped around my hips as I laid there balls deep inside her pussy.”

“What did it feel like,” William asked.

George thought for a moment. In the sudden quiet I held my roaming fingers still, and stifled a short breath of excitement. I turned a page, hopefully appearing like I was still engrossed on the novel. Inside I wanted to open my thighs and pull a cock between my legs and get fucked. Hard. I had to tell myself to cool it. I reminded myself where I was, and pulled my hand from my jeans, and forced myself to hold my book in two hands.

“It was warm. No, HOT… and juicy, and slick. But tight and firm, like a fist, but easy to move in and out. So I pulled my hips back, then slid back in. I must have looked at her like I was asking a question, because she smiled behind her mask, and nodded her head at me. ‘Yes, George, you’re fucking me now.” she groaned smiling at me.”

“You’re so lucky, George,” confessed William.

“Bet you he shot his load early again,” snorted Jerry jealously.

“Actually, I would have,” began George, “except that the Minx slowed me down. ‘I’m in no hurry, and you shouldn’t be either,’ she explained to me. So I took a deep slow breath, like she instructed, and took it slow. She looked incredible, her brown hair fanned behind her head on my mattress. Her green eyes locked on mine, and that crazy smile looking up at me. I must have smiled back, as I slowly sawed in and out of her. ‘You have a great smile, you should use it more,’ she said as her heels dug in the back of my thighs pulling me into her on each stroke.”

“Oh yeah,” Jerry sniffed derisively.

“Oh yeah,” William cheered, excitedly.

I lost myself in my thoughts as I imagined the scene. “Very sexy,” I thought to myself, “George was a fast learner.” I fidgeted a little in my seat, a bit anxious for the story to be over, so I could go to my room and let my fingers do the walking.

“What next?” William asked.

“Well, we kept doing that, I listened to her, and tried to do as she instructed me. I was getting excited again, and so was she. So we went at it faster and faster. Then I felt my balls lift up, and she clamped her legs around me and went stiff. Her pussy gripped me like a fist. I felt my cock pulse and then I was shooting my cum inside her.”

“You mean, your ejaculate,” William corrected.

“William, if you’re ever with a girl, use the word, ‘cum,’ for your own reputation, please.” George explained patiently.

William considered, “Alright, I suppose that would be more in context with the social interchange.”

“After we both calmed down, she lifted up and kissed me. Then disengaged herself, and swung around and cleaned up my cock with her mouth. I was so sensitive it almost hurt, but I didn’t tell her that. After she cleaned me up she kissed me again, and I tasted myself and herself on her lips. Which tasted. Awesome! (I’m sure George was staring at Jerry when he said that, but I don’t have eyes in the back of my head). Then she smoothed her skirt, put her boobs back in her bustier, and walked out my door, like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“Man,” I heard William sigh, “I hope I can meet the Masked Minx someday.”

“If you do,” George advised, “listen to everything she says, and take your time.”

I’d heard enough. I slid my book into my bag, stood up and turned around towards the threesome. William was a younger nerd, lanky with a shock of black hair that wouldn’t stay combed. Thick framed glasses slipping lower down his nose. I put my hand on William’s shoulder.

“Listen to your friend, do whatever the Minx tells you to do!” I offered, “If you ever meet her, that is.”

Then I turned to face George, combed my fingers through my long brown hair. As I fixed my green eyes on his, I winked. He began to recognize me too late. I quickly turned and left, melting into a crowd leaving the dining room. I heard a commotion as I exited the hall.

“That was HER!” was the last thing I heard George say as I exited the building.

I tossed my head back and laughed maniacally! I am the Masked Minx of Missoula, and tonight, William was getting lucky.

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