The Naked Truth


I knew he was a cop or someone close to being a cop as soon as he walked into the room. He had that air about him. Of course, I had a slight advantage in my methods. There was a dead body lying in the middle of the room.

The poor schmuck had been shot twice. Once through the heart and once in the groin. It was messy as deaths went. The pool of blood covered the floor in the living room, where it had seeped into the Oriental rug and on the wood floor surrounding the phone.

The man spoke up, and his voice was downtown in tone, not the refined air of a homicide dick. I wasn’t sure how to place him when he explained, “The name’s Malone. I’m a private detective. I was doing a job for Mr. Sears.”

Sears was the man on the floor. I was no fan of his. He’d been blackmailing me. I’d done some stupid things when I was young, drugs, wild times with married men, petty pickpocketing and the like. Now I was getting married to a respectable guy in a few weeks, and Sears had hit me up for cash – lots of it. I’d come here to pay him off.

If I’d been alone with Sears’ body, I would have been in big trouble, but that wasn’t the case. Two other people had been here when I arrived. The woman was a knock-out. She was 35-ish, but had a fantastic figure and a face that could have looked younger, if she hadn’t been so well-known to the press. She was Jasmine du Ford, a former model who was rumored to have her own reality show coming up. I’d been shocked to see her standing in front of Sears’ door, but given what the man did for a living, I shouldn’t have been shocked.

The other man was Alex Varnham. I only knew that because he’d introduced himself, after I’d followed him up the stairs to the apartment. He was a little man, who looked defeated by life. Abandon all hope, ye who know Tim Sears, I thought.

Malone was another matter. He was tall, blond, and thin. He wore a pair of dark-rimmed glasses that didn’t let me get to see his eyes clearly, but I could tell they were a crystal blue. He was wearing a polo shirt and a pair of jeans, but even so, there was something official, almost militaristic about him.

He looked around the room and leaned out the open window. The cheap apartment was on the fifth floor, and Sears had a view of an alley. The window looked difficult to push up or down and the sill had a gash out of it.

“Which of you found him?” he asked, looking around the room. I’d thought about encouraging the other suspects to rush him, but that wouldn’t work for du Ford, since her face was known everywhere. So I stuck it out.

“I did,” du Ford responded. “I mean, I was the first one in the apartment. We all arrived about the same time.”

I nodded, having no real desire to help this guy out. I had to watch out for me and my best interests.

Malone latched the door, making an escape that much slower. Presumably he’d have time to catch any of us if we tried to skip out. He did a quick search of the room, which didn’t turn up much. I doubted that Sears actually lived here. The living room had a sofa and coffee table. No knick-knacks or pictures on the wall. The search only took a few seconds to complete.

Malone looked up as he finished his search. Those eyes seemed to look right through me. “Nothing here, so that leave you three.”

“For what?” stammered the little man.

Malone sighed. “Don’t be dense. Sears was shot, so I’m looking for a gun. The killer, if he was one of you, didn’t make it very far before other people showed up. So I want to search all three of you before I do anything else.”

“Why not call the police?” Du Ford asked. “Let them sort it out.”

He shook his head. “Like I said, I was working for Sears, so I want to know who did what before I call them. My reputation is at stake here.”

Malone walked over to Varnham. “Hold your hands up.”

Varnham held them up like he was being robbed. Malone did a quick, but very thorough pat-down on the man. “Nothing here.”

“I could have told you that,” he said. “I would never kill anyone.”

I could believe that, but illegal bahis I also knew that the quiet ones always ran deep. Next, Malone made Varnham empty his pockets. The man had some string, a dollar or two, some change and a bus card. Not much there to pay off a blackmailer, I thought. He might take the rap for this one.

Malone took out his phone and snapped a few photos of the contents of the pockets. He wrote the man’s name and address on a piece of paper along with the date and time, and added that to the contents.

Varnham started to say something, but Malone shooed him off. “Go, I’ve got an address for you. If the police need you, I’ll have them call you.”

The little man scuttled out the door before Malone could say another word.

“Aren’t you afraid that he’ll deny being at a crime scene?” I asked, feeling like Varnham had just been given a get out of jail free card.

Malone shook his head. “Not with this evidence. Besides I have an ace up my sleeve,” but he didn’t elaborate on what he meant by that. “I need to frisk you two now,” he said, blushing slightly, but showing signs of obvious eagerness.

Jasmine spoke up. “I’ll do what you did for the other lady, and then she could do the same for me. You’ll have your evidence and the proof that there’s no gun on either one of us.”

Malone shook his head. “What if you two are in cahoots? You could lie about each other, and the blame would fall on Varnham.”

Jasmine du Ford smiled. “I’d not thought of that,” she said in what was a lie. There was a sparkle in her eye that told otherwise. “I’ll help this young lady undress, and then she can help me. That allows us a bit of modesty, and you can see that we’re not armed. Does that work?”

Malone probably would have agreed to about anything, the way he looked at her. I’d never seen pure lust up close like that. I’m not bad-looking, and I’ve had more than my share of offers, but nothing like the animal look Malone had now. I suspected that du Ford had wanted this reaction.

She removed her blouse, unbuttoning each button slowly, and then dropping the fabric off her shoulders. It landed on the floor with a mere flutter, but all three of us heard it. She made a motion to me, and I pulled my t-shirt over my head.

Malone looked at me with surprise. Perhaps the loose-fitting shirt had not allowed his imagination to think of the body underneath it. I had to stay in shape for my work, and I had a small waist with peach-sized breasts. Now I got some of the lust he’d only spent on her before.

“Oh god, is this really going to happen?” he asked, looking from one of us to the other.

In answer, Jasmine kicked off her shoes. She was much shorter without them, so much so that she looked up at Malone. She unfastened her waistband and the slacks slid to the floor. She wasn’t wearing any panties, so there was no modesty here. She kicked off the pants and motioned to Malone. “Now you can look at them without embarrassment, yes?”

I have to hand it to Malone; he was thorough about his job. She had only a lipstick and keys in her pocket. Malone took photos of that and of the contents of her purse, using the same notepaper that he’d used with Varnham.

I pulled down my slacks, but I had not come as prepared for such a search. I was wearing bikini briefs that barely covered my ass. Malone followed the same procedure with me. My pockets only had keys and a note with this address on it.

Jasmine wasn’t done with this yet though. She looked at Malone with a challenge and said, “Do you want to frisk me now?”

Malone answered by walking over to her. He quickly ran her his hands through her hair and down her neck. His moves were so soft that they were nearly caresses. He stopped when he got to her bra and unfastened it with a single motion. He grinned at her as it fell to the floor.

I knew what Jasmine wanted without being asked. She was going to distract him in the best way she knew how. His testimony would be worthless if he’d slept with us. He would be biased. Plus he would be distracted illegal bahis siteleri from whatever Jasmine didn’t want him to notice. I stepped up behind him, and he froze for a second, thinking that I was going to hurt him, but instead I leaned in and said, “Raise your hands.”

He did, and I pulled his shirt over his head. I couldn’t see his chest from my viewpoint, but I did lean into his so that he could feel my breasts on him. In the meantime, he’d buried his face in Jasmine’s breasts, licking one and then the other. Hers were slightly larger than mine with big nipples that were growing tight and hard as he played with them.

As he continued to lick at them, Jasmine moved in and beckoned me closer. I was shocked when she kissed me. I had never kissed a girl before, but it wasn’t terrible. Her lips were soft and yielding, though she darted her tongue into my mouth. They touched and an electric charge ran through me.

Malone realized what we were doing, and he spun around, breaking apart our kiss. Now he faced me. I could see the muscled, rounded pecs and the trail of hair that led down into his pants. He caught my jaw with one hand and kissed me – hard. His tongue slid into my mouth and found mine.

He didn’t break the kiss while he unfastened my bra and pushed it off my shoulders. When the bra hit the floor, then he moved his head down to find my breasts. His mouth was hot and his tongue lapped across my nipples, making them hard in a matter of seconds. His hand played with one, while he continued to lick the other. I could feel the heat burning inside of me. It had been a long time since I’d gotten naked with someone I didn’t know, but the erotic charge of the unknown was still there.

I heard a small grunt from him and then a zipper. I looked down to see Jasmine pull down his pants. He kicked off the pants and then stood up. His long member rose and pressed between my legs. I could already feel the juices inside of me, and I knew that he would slide into me easily.

However, Jasmine had other things in mind. She reached around and grabbed him at the base. She gripped him hard and stroked his dick a few times. He made a sound that was low and guttural. He turned again, and Jasmine led him towards the bed, which seemed to be the only piece of furniture in the room. I wondered for a moment if Jasmine had hidden a gun under the bed and planned on plugging him now. However, she fell back on the bed and spread her legs.

Malone got on his knees and began to lap at her opening. I wondered if he would get to me in this way or if Jasmine would see that he was spent before he turned to face me again. She fisted the cheap bedspread and moaned as he continued.

Not wanting to be left out, I slid underneath him and got him on all fours. In that position, I began to suck him off. He was more than willing. His dick was long, but not overly thick, and oozing with the juices of his own desire. None of us spoke, and the only sounds were the moans that all three of us made.

Malone stopped licking Jasmine and stood up. He moved between her legs and slid his length into her. She cried out, but it was not from pain. She was enjoying every sensation. I could see that her face was contorted and sweaty.

Malone was grunting inside of her, thrusting deep with his movements. He motioned me to lay beside Jasmine and I did so. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but Jasmine’s plan was certainly working. He wasn’t thinking about the dead guy in the next room at all.

Malone had been balancing himself with both hands while he pushed into her, but now he moved one hand so it was between my legs. I was already excited, and he easily slid two fingers into me without warning. I was turned on by this man and by the fact that I might orgasm next to this beautiful woman.

He continued to thrust into Jasmine while he slid his fingers inside of me. He brushed against my spot, and electricity sparked through my body. The woman beside me whimpered, and I looked over. She was gone, lost in the moment of her own canlı bahis siteleri pleasure. She had a faraway look though her face was flushed with just a touch of perspiration across her forehead. Even in the heat of passion, she still looked put together.

Finished with one woman, Malone turned his attentions to me. He was still hard, since he hadn’t joined her in orgasm.

He quickly replaced the fingers with his tongue. I was dripping wet now between my legs, and I could feel his tongue lap up the juices between my legs. I grabbed fistfuls of the bedspread as I turned my head. Jasmine was stretching out like a cat, running her hands over the bed. For a second, I wondered if she was looking for something, but my mind couldn’t focus on the murder at that moment.

Malone went back to his fingers. I watched him add a third finger this time, and I felt full as he slid inside of me. He began pushing in and out, pulling almost all the way out and then sliding into the last knuckle. Each movement dragged against my own pleasure zones. I suspected he knew it, because he was intently watching my face. I knew I had to be reddening. My face felt hot, almost feverish.

He was about three strokes from finishing me off when he pulled his fingers out. He grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him. His dick was still hard, and he dragged me to where he was just outside of my opening. He leaned forward and breached me, first with just the head of his dick. I cried out to feel the heat of his body in me. He smiled at me and pushed in the rest of the way. He didn’t waste time on foreplay. He resumed the same rhythm that he used with his fingers.

He was sweating too. His body was slippery against mine, which only served to make the thrusts deeper. He’d given me a little time to enjoy him inside of me when he’d stopped, but at this pace, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I looked over and Jasmine was collecting some of her clothes from the floor.

Malone thrust again and then grunted. I could feel the spasm of his dick as he came inside of me. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him into me as far as he could go. The sensation of being made into one with his man took me over the edge. The heat of the moment and the excitement of the adventure crashed waves of heat throughout my body. The feeling was sharp and all-consuming.

He rested on top of me now and continued to thrust until my own orgasm has ceased. When he could feel that I was done, he rolled off of me and rested next to me. When we’d both caught our breath, we got up and started dressing.

Malone got up and went out to living room for a second. Jasmine looked at me. “Where is the gun? I thought you’d hidden it in here?” she whispered harshly.

I shook my head. “I don’t have it. I don’t know where it is.” I shimmied back into my undergarments, though they stuck to me at odd places. It had been a while since I’d had to dress so quickly.

She made a face. “Do you really think that little rat of a man killed Sears?”

Before I could answer, Malone had returned to the room. He was dressed now, and I finished putting on my clothes.

“I just got off the phone with my partner. After I saw the string in Varnham’s pocket and the gash on the window sill, I knew that he’d tied something to the gun barrel and let that something drop out the window, taking the gun with it. I called my partner, who watched Varnham look around in the alley – except my partner had already found the gun.”

Jasmine sputtered. “You had us strip and fuck you for no reason? You knew that we were innocent?” She hauled off and slapped him a good one, and then stormed out. Malone smiled and picked up the phone. He dialed 911 and waited.

I slipped out as well. There was no reason for me to be at the scene of the crime if the police would pin this on Varnham. I smiled to myself, knowing that the little man would never be able to explain the string, since my pickpocket skills had allowed me to slip it into his pocket earlier.

I’d arrived earlier than Jasmine, shot Sears and set up the scene. Then I slid the string into Varnham’s pocket on the way up the stairs, knowing that the police would pin the crime on me.

I headed downtown to look at some centerpieces for the wedding. There was nothing to stop my plans now.

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