The Nearly Unspeakable Delight


The Nearly Unspeakable Delight[ For all the many, many white married couples who are being more and more drawn to interracial cuckoldry (for a variety of reasons), here is another homage’ to this growing lifestyle! ]Thomas stood looking at Mara, his wife, as she lay naked on their bed; her very pregnant belly rising up, and as he stood there, he felt, once again that deep, and hard to express feeling of delight in the knowledge that the baby growing inside of her was not his, but Omar’s; and as he replayed in his minds-eye the sights,the sounds, and the aroma’s of Mara and Omar fucking—his cock stirred, and began to swell. As it did, Mara noticed this and smiled broadly up at him.She ran both of her hands over her protruding belly in slow, affectionate circles. As she did, her husband’s cock stiffened even more. Compared to Omar’s cock, however, Thomas’ was considerably smaller, in both girth, as well as in length; but he was an excellent husband in all other ways, and Mara considered herself to be very fortunate to have him as her husband; because not many men would have gone along with her wish to not just have a c***d, but to have many c***dren who’s father, or fathers, would all be African men—but Thomas was the sort of man that had embraced the idea with surprising alacrity!Mara watched her husbands face closely. She knew he had to be horny. After all, he had voluntarily given up sex with her from before they had gone to Kenya to meet Omar and get her pregnant. He had remained that way ever since, as well. She admired her husbands unmistakable determination to be the best cuckold husband he could possibly be; and his equally surprisingly strong determination in that role had made her respect him even more than ever.They were affectionate. Thomas always kissed her with such sincere affection bahis şirketleri every day before she went to school and he to work. He was always telling her how much he loved her, and it was clear to her that this was true. Yet he never insisted on having sex with her; even though she knew that he had to feel frequently frustrated, sexually. She knew he watched a lot of on-line porn. They often watched it together in the evenings. She knew that after she’d gone to bed, Thomas would stay up late into the early morning hours, masturbating. She’d worried at first that this might not be enough for her husband, but he had assured her that it was.But now, as she laid there in their bed, looking up at Thomas, the bulge from behind his undershorts gave her an idea.”Would you masturbate for me?” She asked. “I mean, would you masturbate, and ejaculate your sperm, onto my tummy? I’d like that,” she added. Thomas remained standing looking at her after she’d said that. then she added: “Please? Come and do that for me. I want you to.”Thomas slid out of his undershorts and crawled up onto the bed, kneeling between Mara’s legs as she raised them up to accommodate him there. By now, and even though Thomas’ cock was rather small (and certainly much smaller than Omar’s), his erection made Mara smile inwardly. She’d rarely watched her husband masturbate, but right then and there, she wanted him to do that very much! And though Thomas had rarely ever masturbated in front of her, he seemed suddenly eager to do so, and this made Mara excited even more. There was that curious, and unmistakably exciting, feedback loop that resided between them, even though they hadn’t had sex together, as a couple, in over four months!”I want you to masturbate,” Mara said to her husband. “I want you to masturbate AND ejaculate onto my tummy. bahis firmaları Please? Do that for me. I want to SEE you do that.”Quietly, and without much else being said between the two of them, Thomas took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it, up, and down, up, and down the length of his cock; and as the moments passed, Mara could see the pleasure her husband was feeling by the expression on his face; and that made her smile inwardly again.As Thomas masturbated, Mara quietly watched him. She also ran her hands again over her pregnant belly as he did so, and they both seemed to focus on this.After a long quiet pause, Mara said: “Are you glad I’m carrying Omar’s baby?””Yes I am,” he replied, without the slightest pause or hesitation. “I’m very glad!” He added, still stroking his cock.She smiled up into his face as he said that.”I’m glad to hear that,” she replied.She watched his hand as it slid up and down his cock shaft, and she could see that he was getting wet with his pre-cum juices. This indicated that he was growing more and more excited, and that he’d soon ejaculate his own pent up load of sperm. She knew that Thomas masturbated frequently, sometimes more than once a day; and that made for a very efficient way for him to be satisfied, and kept happy (and her as well).But, eventually, and in a relatively brief period of time, Thomas was obviously ready to have an orgasm, and Mara encouraged him to do so.”I want you to shoot your sperm onto my belly, okay?” She said. “Please. Come. Come for ME!”Thomas was very close to orgasm by then. Mara could see that clearly, and she wanted her husband to have release. He’d been so very supportive and understanding of her all this time, and she wanted him to have some sort of reward (well deserved) for that!Almost immediately, after Mara had said kaçak bahis siteleri what she had said, Thomas began stroking his cock with increased enthusiasm and vigor, and within seconds, she watched as his sperm began spurting out the end of his cock head, and landing all over her swollen, pregnant belly; and she was happy for him. It was clearly obvious that the release was extremely pleasurable for him.”Oh, yes, Thomas!” She said encouragingly, as he continued to stroke his cock, and as his kept spurting his semen, and she could feel it’s heat, warmed from within him by his body’s temperature. Of course, she’d had Omar’s sperm inside of her, that had gotten her pregnant in Kenya, and now it was growing daily in her womb, while her husband’s sperm was left outside; and though perhaps a little sadly, she didn’t want Thomas’ sperm, or his baby. She wanted someone’s like Omar’s; a strong, virile, African man’s baby!As Thomas’ orgasm ended, she could see his cock shrinking fast. Eventually, as he let go of it, it hung there, limp and pale.”Oh god! That felt SO GOOD. Thank you!” He said with an obvious sigh of relief.Mara smiled up at him. “Better?””Oh yes,” he said. “MUCH better.” Then he got up off the bed and got a handful of toilet tissues and without being asked, he wiped it up from the smooth surface of her tummy, and then flushed it down the toilet (which was part of an unspoken agreement between them that this was where his sperm actually needed to end up in thses sorts of circumstances, and perhaps forever.Then Thomas came and laid down next to Mara, and they cuddled under the sheets for a long time; in silence, but a happy, relieved silence.Thomas reached out and ran his hand over Mara’s belly for several seconds, and then he said out loud: “I love you SO MUCH.”Hearing that sent a warm wave of contentment through Mara. It was obvious to her that she had married the perfect husband, and she intended to hang on to Thomas! She could have married anyone, but she was now very glad that she had chosen Thomas, instead.The End

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