The New Coach


Tyler was a senior player on his school’s tennis team. He has been the leader and all-time best player even as a freshman. This year is different though, he is getting a new coach. He hasn’t heard much of the coach just knows that the team is just going to be different.

The first day of practice doesn’t seem to have as much of effect on Tyler like it used to. He is used to being the first one out there now. Warming up a little by himself, getting ready to play for the first time in a while. The coach actually hasn’t shown up yet but Tyler really isn’t surprised.

More players start to show up most of them new since last year the team was full of seniors. Tyler greets all of them and then they all notice a lady walking up to the tennis courts. They all kind of stare at her for a while taking in her beauty even though she wasn’t dressed up for the occasion.

She comes up to the team and smiles, her lips spreading out and her teeth showing nice and white. “Hello team my name is Coach Smith.” She looks around and takes in all the faces of the team.

Tyler steps up and look at her, “My name is Tyler. I am the only senior out here and will be your captain of the team” sounding a bit arrogant as he says it.

She smiles “Well that’s nice.” As she turns away from him looking at the rest of the team, “Let’s start practice.”

The team listens to her and follows all her directions. She directs them during drills and gets on all of them even Tyler. She wants to make sure the whole team knows that she is here and this will become her team rather they like it or not. This goes on for the next couple weeks before their first match against one of their rival teams. This is such a big game that it is played on a Saturday on a neutral court.

The team takes the bus there and as usually Tyler sits in the front next to the coach, well across the walkway. He leans over to her and say “Have you scouted this team?”

She turns and smiles at him. She is in one of her tennis outfits like she is going to play. It is a bit warm but Tyler didn’t expect to see her like this. She is in a revealing tank top which shows off her nice supple breast which bounce a bit when the bus hits a bump. They are a nice full C cup and with that much cleavage showing Tyler can’t help but stare. She is also in a shorter skirt than she comes to practice in which shows off more of her long smooth legs. She responds back to Tyler “Not really. Are they tough?”

“Not really, we normally stomp them winning every match but they are tough wins.” He looks at the back of the bus and then back at her “But with the freshman on the team it could be harder this year.”

She winks at him “We will be alright, I believe in y’all”

Tyler kind of turns a bit red as she winks but she doesn’t notice. She has already turned to face forward. Tyler takes the opportunity and stares at her bouncing breast as they finish the ride to the courts.

It is around 4 in the afternoon when they get there. They wanted to play a little later in the day because there was predicted rain earlier that day. The storm weather has already come and gone just a little wind remains for the match.

They send the single players out on the court to start off the match and just like always all the matches are pretty close. Coach Smith is walking around looking a bit nervous as she watches the matches wanting to win her first one with the team.

She constantly calls over a player in between games and gives them pointers on where to hit the ball and where the other player seems to be weak. Every now and then the wind would pick up and some of the guys on both teams caught a glimpse of Coach Smith’s black form fitting underwear. They don’t have time to catch much as the wind dies back down but they got all they really needed.

She didn’t try to cover herself when the wind blew she had to know what was going on. Maybe she was using it as a strategy against the other team to distract them. What she didn’t account for was that she was distracted both her team and the other.

She comes over to Tyler and calls him over “Look you need to get up to the net more. He isn’t very good when you come up to the net. I know you aren’t to comfy up there but I know you have it in you.” As she is talking the wind picks up and lifts her skirt up. Tyler has he head down, a little out of breath from running around, and he see her skirt rising up. Getting a nice view of the front of her panties he feels a stir inside his shorts. He quickly looks up knowing he can’t get a hard on in a middle of a match.

He smiles “Yes ma’am.” He nods at her a little, “I understand what you want.”

She looks into his eyes “Good and call me Coach Smith. Ma’am makes me feel old.”

“Yes, Coach.”

Tyler steps back on the court not really able to get the picture of his coach’s nice front side out of his mind. Her black panties tight against her and the more he thinks about it he feels like he noticed a nice little mound and feels like he could see her panties bostancı escort separating and showing off her lips also.

The more he tries to get his head back in the game the more her panties come up in his head. He slips down in the match losing a couple games before he finally snaps out of it. He comes back and wins the match and he is the last to come off the court before they start the double matches.

The sun is starting to go down and the lights for the courts start to come on. They have done some practicing under the lights at night so they were a bit used to it. She looks at the team when Tyler gets there and says, “Y’all are lucky we are even leading this match. You guys are not playing like I have been coaching. Need to pick up the pace and play some tennis, we need to win at least one of these finally three matches.”

The guys pick up their heads and look into her eyes as she is talking. Soon all of them get the view I got of her front side when the wind blows again. We all seem to gulp in unison when the skirt falls back down and we look back up at her

hoping none of us got caught.

“Now let’s Go!” she yells at the team and the double teams get off the bench and head towards the courts meeting up with the other team to get the pairing right.

Tyler is on the bench has he doesn’t play well in doubles. He has to sit and watch the team hoping that they can win at least one. All the matches are very close like they normally are. The coach for both teams now walking around and looking nervous.

The first match ended with the other team winning adding more pressure on Coach Smith. She was pacing a bit more but Tyler couldn’t understand why. One of our doubles team was up a couple games and only needed one more to win. Tyler gets up and walks over to his coach “You alright?”

She looks at him, “Yes I am fine Tyler” but he could hear the nervous and a bit frustrated tone in her voice.

The last two matches ended up in a split but overall they won the match. She wasn’t too happy with the win but she took it. A win is a win most people would say. They all climbed back onto the dark bus a little bit excited to be going home with a win. Tyler sat down in his normal seat as the coach climbs on the bus.

She is standing at the front and looks over the players. “Good win today guys but we still have a lot of work to do. That shouldn’t have been as close as it was.”

From the back Tyler heard someone say, “Would have been better if we weren’t so distracted.” It was low and hard to hear so Tyler wasn’t sure if the coach heard it or not. She sat down either ignoring it or really didn’t hear it at all.

The bus driver cranks up the bus and pulls away. The lights were shut off and hardly anything was visible. The back of the bus starts to become louder as Tyler leans over, “What do we need to work on?”

The coach turns but you couldn’t tell, “Just some things like closing out the match and working on our weaknesses.”

It is hard to hear her so Tyler moves over in her seat. “What did you say?”

“Just some things that’s all,” she feels him move over but doesn’t say anything. She turns completely around and gets on her knees facing the back of the bus “Quiet down back there.” The moon, full that night, peaks out from under some clouds that still remand from the storm earlier that day. Tyler could see her little ass sticking out a bit as the moon shined off the skirt. He gulped a bit as she turned back around the moon disappearing again.

“Where were we?” She asks him when she sits back down.

“We were talking about what we needed to work on. Maybe you can give me some hints to what I personally need to work on?” He feels a bit of a stir as the image of her panties and now her round little ass pop into his head.

“Well you personally need to work a lot more of your form and strokes from the net,” the back of the bus picking the noise up again steadily almost like a challenge to see if she will tell them to quiet down again.

“Well we already knew that, you know I am weaker at the net.” He smiles at her but she is midway through getting back on her knees again. The moon comes out and shines on her ass under her skirt and Tyler can feel himself now growing harder under his shorts.

The bus driver sees in the mirror what is happening and that Tyler is staring the Coach Smith’s ass. He smiles and knows exactly what is going through his head. The bus driver checks his mirrors and then quickly turns the bus sharp. The unexpected cut makes the coach lift up on one knee and Tyler slides right under her.

She comes back down on her knee but doesn’t feel Tyler under her at all. If she was naked her pussy would be right in front of Tyler’s face. Tyler gulps not really sure what to do and a little bit nervous he will get caught. He knows she is going to sit right down on him. He has never been in this position before.

She is yelling at the back of the bus still trying büyükçekmece escort to get them to quiet down and Tyler knows any minute she is going to sit right down on his lap. His devilish mind takes control and he might as well take advantage of what is about to happen.

He slowly pulls out his massive dick which is rock hard from the image of her panties and her ass in his head and the image of what is going to happen next. The Coach finally starts to come back down and sit right on Tyler’s lap. She is surprised and says “What are you doing?”

Before she has time to notice Tyler has his hands up her skirt and moves her panties to the side and she feels his throbbing rod against her pussy lips. She lets out a low moan and then whispers “Tyler, stop this right now.”

She moves her hands down his chest going towards their privates to cover her womanhood back up. Tyler has felt the promise land and doesn’t want this to end. He grabs her hips and positions his dick between her lips. She lifts up a bit on her knees to stop what is about to happen.

“Tyler this can’t happen I am stopping this now.” She is looking over him a bit as he pushed up with her to keep his dick close to her. The bus driver slams on the break sending both of them forward into the cushion in front of them. The force of them hitting it sends Tyler’s dick deep inside Coach Smith’s pussy.

“Oh god” she softly moans from the filling of being stuffed between her legs. Tyler smiles as his Coach’s hips are caught between him and the seat in front of them.

Tyler starts to slide back and she starts to lift off his dick when the bus driver slams on the breaks again forcing them back together and sending Tyler back deep into his Coach.

“Fuck” Tyler moans to himself, her pussy now starting to moisten and warm up around his dick.

Tyler starts to rotate his hips some into his coach as her pussy grips and tightens over his dick acting on its own. She put her hands on his shoulders moaning softly as she whispers “Tyler this has to stoooop.”

He pulls her back on the seat gripping into her hips as he thrust up into her a bit. She moans a bit more and then starts to softly ride on him leaning in. “God you have a huge dick Tyler,” she whispers in his ear. “Don’t stop.”

“Yes ma’am,” he replies and grins.

She leans over and whispers, “Don’t call me that.” She grinds harder down on him as he is impaling her with his massive member. The moons shines out from behind the clouds and all the guys that listened to her now is getting the view of her bouncing up and down in her seat her hair a mess and then can see the pleasure on her face.

They nudge the guys that are beside them but before half the team got a good look the moon is hidden again. The guys that didn’t see don’t believe the other guys at all. One of them gets up the nerve to go up front to see if they can get a better view.

When he gets to the front of the bus he can see the figure bouncing up and down and then notices a figure under her. He smiles as he knows what is going on now.

He goes back to the back of the bus and tells all the other guys that someone is fucking the coach.

While this is going on Tyler slides his hands up under his coach’s skirt and grips into her ass, spanking her every now and then. She lifts off him and moans “Take my panties off Tyler they are in the way.” He does as instructed and tosses her panties to his seat as she settles back down on top of him and starts to ride again.

He moans and pushes back her hair and moans in her ear “Coach Smith I am about to cum.”

This ignites something inside her and she begins to bounce even harder than earlier “Cum for my Tyler” she practically yells lost in the moment and then the whole team knows exactly what is going on.

She doesn’t stop and his thrust subside a little as she feels his warm seed shooting deep into her. She keeps riding milking his cock for all it is worth. He slowly starts to deflate a bit after coming inside her and she gets off him.

A couple players have come to the front just in time. Tyler slowly crawls back into his seat and Coach Smith kind of collapse back in her seat even though she is desperate for more. One of the players sits next to her and starts to massage her thigh softly.

She smiles and sinks down a bit trying to get his hand further up her thigh inviting it a bit. The player is Greg and he doesn’t waste time. His hand slides up her thigh and feels are dripping pussy, some of Tyler some of her. He slides a finger deep inside her easily and starts to explore inside her.

She looks over at him but she couldn’t tell who exactly it was, and says “You better get two fingers inside me now.” The player doesn’t hesitate and instantly shoves another inside her and forces her into a moan.

The other player slides into the seat behind them and reaches over her and slides his hands under her tank top. He starts to massage her breast which çağlayan escort he notices she isn’t wearing a bra. He feels her nipples harder under his palms as his hands rotate counterclockwise to clockwise.

Coach Smith throws her head back and moans softly right in John’s face. Her hips rotating and thrusting gently on Greg’s fingers as her breast are in good company of John’s hands.

John grows in his shorts and then leans down and starts to suck on his coach’s neck. Sucking harder than she expected but she moans, reaches up and starts to play in his hair in approval.

Coach Smith’s sensations are going crazy. She has never had two guys play with her before this evening. She keeps her head back but reaches her free hand for Greg. She finds his hard rod still inside his shorts and starts to massage it.

Greg groans slightly and quickens his pace inside her. She grips and tugs harder on him as he grows even more. She pulls John off her neck and looks over and Greg.

“Take it out” as she removes her hand from Greg’s dick. She looks back and John “Get over that sit and get behind me.” She let’s go of his hair.

Nothing to do with her hands now she has to quickly get them active again. She gets up on her knees and pushes Greg in the seat across the walkway. Before Greg can start to get his shorts off she already has them pulled down to his ankles. On all fours she licks the tip of his dick softly just to see the reaction.

His dick quickly pulses as her tongue touches it. She smiles and looks up at him. “Ever have a girl suck you off Greg?”

He looks down at her and shakes his head. She gives him a devilish smile and licks his dick again.

She leans up and looks over at John who is still in his original seat. “Why aren’t you behind me John?”

He is staring at what she is doing to Greg and then snaps out of it. He hops over the seat getting behind her. She reaches behind herself and pulls his shorts and boxers down. “Put it inside me John” as she turns her torso puts a hand on his cheek and then kisses him.

She pulls away from him and goes back down on all fours. Reaching one hand behind her legs shes rubs her own slit and then grabs John’s hard dick. She guilds him to her pussy and slowly makes him enter her as she sits back on his dick some. She groans softly before she starts to take Greg back into her mouth.

She is in heaven or at least that is what she believes this is for now. She keeps sucking on Greg’s stick softly enough to keep him moaning and groaning but not enough to get him to cum. Taking his dick slowly in and out of her mouth making a soft pop noise as she comes off it before she dips back down on it.

Greg throws his head back in pure enjoyment having a lady have her moist lips wrapped around his dick. He goes to put his hand in her hair and grip it. As soon as he starts to curl his fingers into her hair she reaches up and takes it out.

She looks up at him “Enjoy it, don’t take control.” She gives him a devilish smile and goes back to sucking his dick but now slowly making him suffer a bit. He groans out in enjoyment and frustration. He wants so bad to force her to go faster but doesn’t want to upset her and get everything taken away from him.

He lays back again enjoying what he is getting. She pops off his dick once again and then leans down further and starts to suck on his balls softly. This is new for him and he bolts up and moans out loudly. “Fuck Coach Smith,” he grabs her hair and pulls her head up and start to shoot all over her face.

She moans and quickly takes his dick in her mouth to makes sure no more gets out. She sucks and swallows hard taking every drop of him down her throat. She feels like it will never stop, him pumping his seed into her mouth. It is more than she has ever had before but she manages to keep it inside her. She leans up and looking into his eyes, opens her mouth to show him how much cum she has inside. She then proceeds to close her mouth and swallow eating every bit of his cum. Then she opens again and sticks her tongue out.

“That was a lot of cum there babe,” as she leans into him and kissing him. “First time?” she asks. Greg nods and she bites her bottom lip. “Get back to the back of the bus.”

Greg gets up and heads back as she watches him. She turns her torso and looks back at John. “How you like my pussy babe?” staring into his eyes.

“Go..go…good” he says between moans, this whole time he has been watching her suck on Greg he has been going every so slowly inside her pussy not sure exactly what to do.

She grins, “You’re a newbie too aren’t you?” as she kisses him.

“Yeesss ma’am” he answers.

She gives him a little smile, “Grab a hold of the seats and don’t make a move.” She sits back on him forcing his dick all the way inside her. He is little smaller than Tyler so she isn’t as filled.

John moans a bit and grips into the top of each seat and holds his ground as she sits back on him. Before he knows it he has his coach’s ass bouncing right there in from of him. She is gyrating her hips against him moving his dick inside her in ways he never thought possible.

He is moaning louder and breathing heavier as he grips tighter into the seats. His coach goes even faster now just bouncing her ass on and off his dick. John looks down and groans, “I feel like I am about to cum.”

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