The New Deal Ch. 07


All characters engaged in sexual activities are all over the age of eighteen.


Diana looked at Gwen and Cindy standing next to her and then at Sue, Kim and Beth behind them.

“Well, here goes,” Diana turned back to the big, double set of glass doors and turned her key in the lock. She grabbed the big gold door holder and swung it open and used the door jamb at the base to prop it open.

“Ladies, Paradise Books is now open for business.”

Their cheers could probably be heard a block away.

Soon enough, Diana had two registers on and ready, music was playing through the store, Cindy had the machines and register all set in the café, and Gwen had her register ready for the day.

Suddenly, Sue’s voice came through the headsets they were all wearing, “It feels so weird to be here and have clothes on.”

The laughter could be heard throughout the store from all the women.

All six turned their heads when a woman entered the store. Diana smiled at the sight of Jesse.

“Good morning, Jesse!”

Jesse smiled and waved at Diana, who was wearing a green apron with the yellow words ‘Paradise Books’ displayed on the front, before heading over to the café.

Jesse pulled on a purple apron that had in gold letters with stylish script ‘Cindy’s’ across the front and looked at Cindy expectantly.

“You timed it well, Jesse. Tony will be here in a couple of minutes with our first delivery of baked goods. Take a look at what you think of the sandwiches I’m making. By the way, you look lovely.”

Jesse smiled at the words and blushed a bit before going to check out the displayed food in the case.

Diana was standing at the front of the registers readjusting the rack of Antioch bookmarks when she saw a middle aged woman peek her head through the open doors.

The woman saw Diana and smiled, “Hi. I saw the door was open as I was driving by. Are you open?”

Diana beamed a huge smile, “Yes we are; Welcome to Paradise Books!”

The woman clapped her hands, “Yah! I’ve been so looking forward to your store opening. I need new mysteries to read!”

Diana continued to smile, “Great. Let me take you over to the mystery section. If you don’t find an author you like just let me know and I’ll try to order it.”

Kim gave a thumbs up to Diana from where she was at the magazine rack against the back wall straightening the titles.

Diana walked over to Kim and gave her a hug.

They both stared as the woman reached in her bag and pulled out her phone.

“Deb. The new bookstore is open. I’m in it right now. It’s amazing. Are you free? They have a café and I think it’s open too. Great.”

The woman shut her phone off and put it back in her bag and started looking through the books on the shelves.

In just an hour they had about a dozen people shopping throughout the store. The first woman was still in the store but now over in the café enjoying drinks and Tony’s baked treats with her friend.

Gwen smiled as a woman stopped over to the wall and peeked in looking around curiously.

“Hi, welcome to the Dreamlands portion of the store.”

The woman flushed a little red but smiled and gave a little wave to Gwen.

“Please feel free to look around, nothing bites I promise you.”

The woman relaxed a bit and gave a slight laugh. Gwen smiled more as she watched the hesitant woman walk into the store to take it all in.

Sue wearing a black apron like Gwen with ‘Dreamland’ scripted across it in hot pink walked over to the woman, “A lot to take in the first time.”

The woman smiled, “I’ve never seen anything like this. I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

Sue laughed, “You like to read right?”

The woman nodded.

“Okay, well for your first time I would suggest looking at the books over there.” The woman looked at the bookcase against the wall that Sue pointed out for her.

“You’ll find romances, paranormal stories all with hotter action then regular books and how to books as well. That way you can ease into things. Or something that I love, we have games you can play with a group or that special someone.”


“Sure. Sex and love should be about fun, don’t you think?”

The woman laughed, “I never thought about it like that.”

Sue put her hand on the woman’s shoulder, “I think I gave you enough to think about. I’m Sue and that’s Gwen if you need any help don’t be afraid to let one of us know.”

The woman thanked Sue and walked over to the games section.

Gwen waved Sue over with a frantic motion.

Sue walked over to get a huge hug from the beaming woman.

“That was fantastic, Sue. You were great with that woman.”

Sue just smiled and hugged back, “It just feels so natural being in here doing this. I freaking LOVE working here.”

Sue leaned over with Gwen to look out at the Paradise part of the store, “Wow, things are picking up.”

Soon enough the woman was back at the counter with a small card game and a couple of romance novels.

“Do I pay for these here or at the other register?”

Gwen escort kartal smiled, “Whatever you would prefer.”

“I want to shop over in the main part of the store and get a drink.”

Sue smiled, “Tell you what. You can leave these here and after you’re finished in the main store you can pay for everything except the café stuff right here.”

The woman gave a big smile and gave Sue her purchases and wandered back off toward the café.

While Beth was ringing the register for the steady line of customers, Diana and Kim worked the sales floor helping the constant flow of customers find their books.

Over in the café Cindy and Jesse were laughing while serving a lot of drinks. Tony’s baked goods were a huge hit with many customers buying more to take home.

Even Gwen and Sue were kept busy with a steady flow of customers curious about what was on the other side of the wall.

They were able to stagger breaks without causing any log jams with customers but nobody really wanted to leave the sales floor and were anxious for when their break ended so they could get back out and play.

Before any of them knew it, Diana was making an announcement through the speakers that the store was closing in ten minutes.

Just a little after six all the women were grouped around the front as Diana locked the front doors and switched the sign to closed.

Diana turned to look at the rest of the grinning women.

Sue spoke first, “Holy shit was that freaking incredible or what!”

All the women laughed and hugged each other.

Cindy with Jesse in her arms looked at the smiling girl, “Jesse, you were amazing, I had so much fun working with you.”

Kim looked around, “Man, the day flew. I feel like we just opened.”

Jesse and Cindy went back over to the café so Jesse could give a deep final cleaning and refrigerate the remaining product for tomorrow as Cindy cashed out while Kim and Beth straightened the well shopped main sales floor as Sue straightened Dreamlands then helped in the main store while Gwen and Diana cashed out and figured their deposit with Cindy.

Gwen had a hand on Diana’s shoulder while a kneeling Diana was putting the funds in the floor safe in the back room.

“You know my love, I think you had an incredible idea with this. Based on this first day, this is going to be very, very profitable and a lot of fun.”

Diana stood up and embraced her smiling wife. “Just being with you is all I could ever want or need.”

After letting Jesse out of the store to go home, Cindy came into the backroom and laughed, “See I told you we needed a bed and a privacy wall back here.”

Sue hopped into the room with Beth and Kim, “Oooooo is it time for the after work sex?”

The women all burst out laughing.

Gwen looked at the rest with a gleam in her eyes. “Do you want to order pizza and have a party at our house to celebrate?”

Sue looked at Gwen, “That gleam in your eyes tells me I really love the way you mean party.”

Gwen chuckled, “Well, as you just pointed out, it is time for the after work sex.”

Kim looked at Beth, “Well, Beth, what do you think.”

Beth looked at Kim and then the rest of the smiling women, “I really, really love being with you guys. Can I invite Chip?”

Gwen nodded, “Of course, all the men had a hand with getting Paradise going, we should invite them all.”

Kim laughed, “The more the merrier.”

Beth burst into giggles, “Oh my God, Chip told me you say that when he first told me about these parties.”

Again all the women laughed.

Cindy pulled her phone out.

“Hi can I speak to Tony? Thanks. Tony! Your baked goods were a huge hit. I think you’re going to need another baker’s oven. I almost sold out and we weren’t even technically open yet. Can you give me a larger order for tomorrow? Great. Now for dinner can we get our usual group order plus enough for two more. Yeah, seven pizzas, wings, breadsticks and salad. Thanks. In an hour? Great. See ya.”

Diana looked at Beth who was fidgeting a bit, “Beth, you sure you’re up for this?”

Beth smiled, “I’m nervous as all hell, but yeah. I really love you guys and how incredible that makes me feel. I’ve been dying of curiosity about these parties. I might just go a little slow at first.”

Sue smiled, “We like to tell the newbies that it’s all about love. No pressure, no forcing. You just do what makes you comfortable with whom you are comfortable with doing things. We always respect when somebody says ‘no.'”

Kim nodded, “If you just what to do things with Chip and just watch the others that is perfectly fine.”

Sue laughed, “We all love a good show and being a good show. I LOVE people watching me.”

Beth shook her head, “This is soooo wild.”

Sue gave a throaty chuckle, “Remember what I told you? Once you’re on the wild side, there’s noooooo going back.”

Beth just shook her head again and gave an embarrassed laugh.

It wasn’t that much later when Beth pulled up to the curb near Chip’s dorm smiling at the sight of maltepe escort him waiting for her.

After he got into the car and kissed her, he looked at her while he was buckling his seatbelt, “Are you sure about this.”

Beth nodded her head, “It’s a lot like what I just did with your parent’s just last night only with more people. A lot more people.”

She gave a nervous giggle.

“And you’re okay with a lot more people seeing you nude and having sex?”

Beth gave a deep breath, “After last night with your parents I think I’ll be fine. One positive, I really love working with the women and would love to become closer to them.”

Chip laughed, “You can’t get much closer than what you’re doing tonight.”

Beth gave another chuckle and pulled out back onto the street.

Soon enough Beth was pulling into Diana and Gwen’s driveway. She looked at Diana’s car in the driveway alone shaking her head.

“You could never tell there was a party going on. It’s so neat that you all live so close together.”

Chip laughed, “Yeah, it was fun growing up here.”

Chip turned and waved his hand in response to the wave from the man next door watering his plants with a hose.

“Hey Mr. Gibson how are you doing?”

“Fine Chip. And you?”

Chip smiled, “Great. How was your trip to visit your grandkids.”

Mr. Gibson, “Great thanks! The little rascals certainly are growing like weeds. And who’s the pretty lady with you?”

Chip put his arm around Beth, “This is my girlfriend, Beth. Beth, this is Mr. Gibson.”

Mr. Gibson smiled and waved, “I’ve told them all a million times they can call me Daniel but they never listen.”

Beth laughed, “Well hello Mr. Daniel Gibson.”

Mr. Gibson laughed, “Oh this one is a keeper, Chip my boy. You best get in. I think you are late to the party.”

Chip laughed as he and Beth wished him goodnight.

As they walked to the front door Beth looked at Chip, “He knows about the neighborhood parties?”

Chip chuckled, “Matt and I talked about it, and we’re suspicious that he kind of knows things are going on.”

Beth just shook her head.

She burst out into a fit of giggles when a nude Diana opened the door smiling at them.

“You are so cute, Beth. You laugh at everything.” Diana laughed as she hugged the giggling girl.

“It’s just that I’ve never seen my boss nude before. You’re always wearing clothes.”

Diana looked down at herself, “Well, that’s work. This is my home. I never wear clothes here.”

“Much to Matt’s and now my delight,” Gwen responded as she rested her chin on Diana’s bare shoulder and hugged Diana from behind in the doorway. “Hi Beth. Hi Chip.”

Gwen was wearing a knee length sleep T-shirt. Gwen slowly pulled Diana backward in a body hug letting the young couple into the house.

Beth took in the sight of a nude Sue, Kim and Cindy sitting in the kitchen eating pizza while Jeff and Adam wearing clothes lounged against the counter eating.

Beth started giggling again making both Diana and Gwen chuckle in amusement.

Diana smiled and waved toward the kitchen, “Help yourself to dinner and relax. The night’s young.”

“Beth!” the women yelled as she walked into the kitchen with all three leaping up to hug the smiling girl.

“What? I’m chopped liver?” Chip laughed.

After letting go of Beth, Kim walked over and hugged her grinning son, “I went through a lot of trouble raising you. You are most certainly not chopped liver, more like an expensive pate.”

Cindy looked at Beth with a gleam in her eye, “Watch this.”

Cindy went over and gave Chip a hard hug.

Cindy smiled, “He always gets flustered when I’m naked and hug him.”

Beth giggled again at the pained look on her boyfriend’s face.

“Can you blame him? You’re gorgeous.”

Cindy with the gleam still in her eyes sauntered back over to Beth hugging her tightly looking in her face, “Oh, you think I’m gorgeous huh? Well, I’ve seen you topless, and you are pretty hot stuff yourself.”

Kim gave a husky chuckle, “I’ve seen the whole package; it is pretty stunning.”

Adam laughed, “Oh yes it is.”

The room laughed at the exchange and Beth’s very red face.

Chip and Beth walked over to the counter and the open boxes of pizza.

As Chip was grabbing some pepperoni pizza Beth spied the piles of clothes on the counter across from the sink.

She took a deep breath and looked down at herself. She turned and looked at the four nude women sitting back at the table laughing and eating.

She took another breath and walked over to the other counter and slowly undressed.

Naked, she turned back to see Kim smiling at her. Beth smiled back and walked over to the pizza grabbing a couple mushroom slices.

When she turned she saw Kim hold a chair next to her out as an invitation for her.

Beth smiled and sat down to join the rest of the women talking and laughing.

Jeff smiled at Chip after looking at Beth, “I have to say you boys have done very well for yourselves, Cindy, pendik escort bayan Jenny and now Beth are really quite the catches.”

Chip smiled, “I still pinch myself. I can’t believe I’m so lucky. After Matt got Cindy then Craig hooked up with Jenny I was getting really worried.”

Adam smiled and clapped his hand on his son’s back, “Well fear not, you certainly made up for it.”

Chip just smiled and stuffed pizza into his mouth.

When the doorbell rang Cindy jumped up excited, “I bet that’s Matt.”

She ran into the living room and soon enough Matt walked into the kitchen carrying Cindy with his hands cupping her ass as she had her arms and legs hooked around him.

Beth giggled at the sight. She remembered just the other day when Chip carried her into the bathroom to give her the most peaceful and sensual washing she had ever had. She looked over at her boyfriend laughing and eating with his father and Jeff. She smiled, this was exactly where she wanted to be with exactly the people she most wanted in her life, clothed or unclothed. She never felt so loved and at home.

Soon everyone was standing and sitting around relaxing. Gwen and Diana threw out all the garbage and combined the remaining food for ease of grabbing for snacks later.

Slowly conversation quieted down, and they drifted into their original couples and headed into the living room.

Beth held Chips hand smiling when he gave it a squeeze.

Gwen and Diana handed out quilts and bowls with condoms to the couples who spread the quilts out on the floor with the bowls next to them. The men all got undressed as Gwen pulled her sleep shirt over her head leaving her nude like the rest of the women.

Beth looked around and burst into giggles again causing all the women who were used to her to laugh.

Kim looked at Beth smiling, “You okay with all this, sweetheart?”

Beth just nodded.

Sue continued, “This is your first time. Relax. You don’t have to do anything. Just enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy. We will gladly help you.”

Diana added, “We always start with our closest loved ones for the first round. Then we rest and wander. Groups intermingle, new couples are formed. We do what we want to make ourselves and each other happy. If someone doesn’t want to do something or be with someone he or she just says so. We love each other, there are never hard feelings.”

Diana continued speaking, “When we first got together and I was with my husband, I would only have vaginal sex with him. I would do anything else with anybody else, just not that and everybody was great with that. Absolutely, no pressure. Is there anything you can think of that you definitely don’t want to do?”

Beth thought for a moment and looked at her boyfriend. She thought about last night with Kim and Adam. “I haven’t done any anal yet, and I don’t think I’m ready for that. Especially not here with everybody.”

Diana smiled, “Okay, that’s good. Anything else?”

Beth remembered Kim going down on her and how good it felt. She shook her head, “No, I think that’s it.”

Gwen added, “We want to wake up tomorrow happy and feeling loved, not worrying or having regrets.’

Beth smiled, “This is so amazing.”

Sue smiled, “It’s fucking fantastic!”

She fell on top of her husband grabbing his cock as she smushed her lips into his.

Kim laughed, “And we’re off!”

She squealed as her husband grabbed her.

Chip and Beth looked at each other. They leaned into each other for a kiss. After the kiss, Beth turned her head and took in the room again. Kim and Sue were on their backs with the husbands on top of them. Cindy was riding Matt. Diana and Gwen were in a sixty-nine position. Beth shook her head. It was the wildest thing she had ever seen or could imagine.

She looked back and blushed while giggling as Chip wrapped himself with a condom. He then pushed her back and climbed on top of her as she spread her legs and reached down to grab his hardening flesh pulling it into her. She moaned as she felt him sink into her depths.

She forgot about everybody else as she grabbed Chip’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss with her as they ground their pelvises into each other. Beth let her hands glide down Chip’s smooth, strong shoulder blades. She clutched his back and pushed him into her as she gyrated her hips pushing him deeper into her.

She became aware of the lovemaking sounds throughout the room as her own wails added to the cacophony. She felt her insides tremble as the rush swept through her just as she felt Chip shake then jerk as he came inside of her.

Beth again wrapped her arms around Chip and pulled him into a slow, hard kiss.

He rolled over to lay next to her his hand resting on her hip gently caressing her smooth skin.

Beth watched as Diana and Gwen shook with their own releases.

Kim and Adam and Sue and Jeff were softly cuddling much like she and Chip were. She leaned over to see Cindy softly suckling her husband while kneeling next to him.

Kim looked over at Beth and smiled, “So how does it feel being involved in your first real to life sex orgy?”

Beth giggled, “Pretty neat.”

Diana and Gwen stood up and stretched. Slowly all the couples got up to stretch. A couple of the women headed off to the bathroom or to get a drink.

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