The New Neighbor


Shelley Wilson looked out her window and saw a moving van parking at the house next door. A car pulled up behind the truck and a tall, leggy woman stepped out. She had very close-cropped hair, almost boyishly cut. Definitely not a boyish figure; more like a showgirl, though rather larger-breasted. Shelley approved.

She waited until the men in the van had begun moving boxes and crates inside. Then she went out to greet the newcomer.

“Hi, neighbor. I’m Shelley Wilson.” She held out her hand.

The stranger took the proffered hand and shook it. “Hello. I’m Peggy Martin. I just moved here from Seattle.”

Shelley looked for signs of a wedding ring but saw only a pale mark on the woman’s ring finger. “Actually, I was considering making an offer for that house. I covet the pool.”

“That’s why I wanted it. I’m just coming off a divorce and this is part of the settlement.”

“Looks like you got the best of the bargain.” Shelley studied Peggy’s face. She had green eyes, with a splash of freckles across her nose. Shelley liked what she saw.

“Well, I think I deserved it,” Peggy said. “The son-of-a-bitch was rich, but that’s all I can say in his favor.”

Shelley figured that’s the reason she seemed so abrupt. Nothing like a messy divorce to give one a sour puss. “Peggy, why don’t you come over to my place and have a cup of coffee with me?”

“I’d love it. Give me a minute to give some instructions to the movers and I’ll be right over.”

“Swell. Just come around to the back and come on in. I’ll be making the coffee.”

Shelley just got the coffee going when Peggy showed up. She seemed to look a little less harried.

At Shelley’s invitation Peggy sat at the kitchen table. “I hate moving, but this was just what I needed. I think I can put down roots here.”

“It is a nice town, even if it’s off the beaten path,” Shelley said cheerily.

“I’ve just about had enough of the beaten path.” She was silent for a moment. Then she asked, “Are you married?”

Shelley looked away for a second, trying to keep the tears from coming. “I was widowed last year. My husband died of a massive heart attack.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Peggy said. She put her hand gently over Shelley’s.

“It’s alright. My son Jerry and I are gradually getting used to it. Jerry just graduated from the university. He’s going to stay home for a while until we get our bearings.” Shelley got up to pour coffee for the two of them. “Fortunately, Ted had a large insurance policy and he had made some profitable investments, so we’re okay financially.”

“That’s good. At least, you don’t have that on your back.”

They chatted amiably for an hour. Then Peggy stood up. “Well, I’d better get back over there and try to stow some of the goods away.”

“Can I help you?”

“Thanks, Shelley, but I’m just going to go through the motions today. I’ll just unpack enough to get by for now. Tomorrow, I’ll start the heavy stuff.”

“Then you come back this evening and have some supper with us.”

“Oh, that would be great. Thanks so much, Shelley. What time?”

“Six would be just right. You can meet Jerry, too.”

Peggy moved to the door. “At six, then.”

Shelley sat back and sipped her coffee. Peggy seemed a level-headed sort. And very attractive. She’d have to keep an eye on Jerry. She’d probably have to keep an eye on Peggy, too.

Jerry came in just then, and gave his mother a kiss on the forehead. He dropped his 6′ 2″ frame onto a chair at the table. “Hey, I see we have a new neighbor.”

“Her name is Peggy Martin. She just moved here from Seattle and she’s going to have supper with us.”

“She’s a real looker.”

“She is, at that, and she’s really nice. Just divorced, though, and pretty sour on men, at least for now.”

“Oh,” Jerry said. He looked disappointed. “Anyway, I’m going to eat at Jack’s house. I just stopped by to pick up my overalls.”

“Another classic restoration project?”


“Okay. Just don’t be too late.”

“I won’t.” He got up from the table, kissed her cheek, then went out to the garage.

Shelley busied herself with chores until time to start supper. It was just about done when Peggy knocked at the back door.

“Hi,” Peggy said. “Was that Jerry I saw leaving?”

“Yes. I thought he’d be here to meet you, but he has other plans.”

“Too bad. He’s gorgeous.”

“Yes, he is, if I do say so myself.”

“You should be proud of him. I’ll bet he has girls chasing him all the time.”

“No, actually. He did have a girlfriend in college. But things just didn’t work out. At least he spends a lot of time taking care of me. Since Ted’s death, he’s been sticking pretty close to home. I think he’s being a little over-protective.”

“Consider yourself fortunate. That son-of-a-bitch I just divorced thought only of his money.” She giggled. “But I managed to pry a good-sized alimony check out of him every month.”

“If I’m not being too nosy, Peggy, what brought on the divorce?”

“A gaziantep bayan escort lot of things, actually. But I think the final straw was when he caught me in bed with my girl-friend.”

Shelley’s eyebrows shot up. “You’re a lesbian?”

“No, I’m not a lesbian or a dyke.”

Shelley interrupted her. “That’s good to know, because I never saw anyone who looks less like a dyke.”

“Thanks, Shelley. My friend and I just liked a little something different once in a while. It wasn’t anything serious, just fun and frolic. But I didn’t fit his corporate image of what a wife should be. The best part is that the son-of-a-bitch be forever ignorant of how much fun he could have had.”

Shelley used the time dishing up supper to digest the story Peggy just told. Peggy seemed so open and above-board about everything, which in Shelley’s eyes made her a very refreshing person. Dinner over, Shelley cleared the table. “How about a glass of wine?”

“Thanks, Shelley, but I’m kinda beat and I need some sleep.”

“Sure, Peggy, I can understand that. But I’ll be over tomorrow to give you a hand.”

Peggy hugged Shelley briefly. It felt good. Her thoughts wandered into the future about the possibilities… “Thanks a lot for supper and I would appreciate the help.” She left by the front door and spoke briefly to the movers, who were just finishing up.

They spent a lot of time together in the next month. Shelley helped her to move in and get things arranged. Then she took Peggy around to the shopping malls, grocery stores and pointed out the honest mechanics and the not-so-honest ones. They had become fast friends.

A day later, they were sitting in Shelley’s kitchen. Shelley couldn’t control her curiosity any longer. “How did you and your friend start up with that part of your relationship?”

“We were sitting around one day, bemoaning our respective fates and cursing men in general. I guess we’d had one martini too many and we got to giggling and speculating about doing away with all men. The next thing we knew, we had our clothes off and began touching and rubbing together. Then we ended up in her bed. Unfortunately, we both liked it. I say ‘unfortunately.’ I should have said ‘fortunately’ because it’s what eventually precipitated the divorce. That’s when my stomach quit hurting.”

“My God, you were getting an ulcer?”

“That’s what my doctor said. That son-of-a-bitch was actually ruining my health.”

“Then it’s well you got away from him.” Shelley thought for a moment, wondering how much she should tell Peggy about herself. She decided to be as forthright as Peggy had been.

“Ted and I had a satisfactory relationship, but he was so old-fashioned. He wouldn’t let me do certain things and there were certain things he wouldn’t do. No amount of pleading or cajoling would change his mind. Even at that, it was no reason for us to divorce.”

“But you still had a good relationship. Some people don’t have even that.”

“Yeah, I guess I was lucky. In all other respects, he was a good husband and father. Jerry turned out well.”

“It sure looked to me like he did. Say, why don’t you come over for a swim? It’s hot and the pool would feel wonderful.”

“I’d love to. Let me change.”

“Just grab your suit and change at my place.”

“Okay.” She ran upstairs, grabbed her newest bikini and went next door with Peggy.

They went up to Peggy’s bedroom, stripped and put on their suits. Shelley was impressed with Peggy’s body. She envied her her breasts and long, well-proportioned legs.

Peggy looked Shelley over, as well, and liked what she saw. Light brown hair, brown eyes, full sensuous lips and a delightful body.

They went down to the pool together and dived in. The water was just the right temperature to be refreshing. Shelley’s nipples were pushing hard to escape their confines. Peggy, too, showed evidence that the water was cool.

They swam for a while, laughing and splashing each other. Finally, Shelley swam to the edge of the pool and stood, the water just up to her nipples. Peggy joined her.

“Peggy,” Shelley said softly, “did you really like it with your friend?”

“Yes, I did. Once we figured out what we were doing, it was very nice. As good as with a man, but no mess. Have you ever done it with a woman?”

Shelley giggled. “I’ve thought about it, but there was Ted and his inhibitions, and I never really had an opportunity.”

Peggy looked at Shelley intently. This was a golden opportunity for her to make a contact in her new situation. She asked softly, “Would you like to try it?”

Shelley’s voice caught. “But, I’ve never…” Her voice trailed off and her throat was suddenly dry.

“Tell you what,” Peggy whispered. “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll show you what it’s like, and if you don’t like it, I’ll never mention it again.”

Shelley got such a rush that her hands were shaking. “That seems fair,” she said in a quavering voice.

Peggy gaziantep escort bayan was standing in front of her, very close. Their breasts brushed once and Shelley’s knees grew weak. When Peggy’s hand touched her breast, she almost fainted.

“Let’s go inside,” Peggy whispered.

“Okay,” Shelley said, weakly. She followed Peggy into the house, then upstairs to Peggy’s room.

Peggy stopped and faced Shelley. “Turn around.”

When Shelley turned, she felt Peggy’s hands undoing the top of her suit. As the top fell away, her heart pounded. She was sure Peggy could hear it. Then, Peggy’s hands were on her shoulders, turning her back to face Peggy.

“Now, Shelley, undo my top.”

Shelley started to turn Peggy, but Peggy stopped her.

“No, this way.”

Shelley had to reach around Peggy’s back to unhook the top. Now their breasts were naked and in full contact. Shelley’s heart was racing. She stood as still as her shaking knees would allow and watched Peggy slide the bottom of her suit down. She stepped out of it and then pulled Shelley’s down.

When Peggy stood up again, she held Shelley’s breasts gently.

“They’re lovely, Shelley. Such lovely nipples.” She bent forward and kissed them tenderly. Then she sucked one. Shelley was having trouble standing.

“Let me lie down,” she said nervously. “I can’t stop my knees from shaking.”

Peggy eased her back on the bed. She lay beside Shelley and continued sucking Shelley’s nipple. “How do you feel now?”

“Wonderful,” Shelley managed. “Nervous, excited.”

“That’s how you’re supposed to feel at this point. Now, a little further…” Peggy knelt over Shelley so that their breasts could touch. She moved from side to side so that their nipples rubbed together.

“Oh, Peggy, yes!” Shelley was beginning to feel fully involved in their little game.

“Now, a little further,” Peggy said as she began to move downward. She moved very slowly, both for the erotic effect and to keep Shelley from being frightened of the strange situation.

Shelley’s heart was beating so fast, she thought she wouldn’t last another minute.

Peggy gently spread Shelley’s legs and got between them. Her lips were brushing Shelley’s stomach. Slowly, ever so slowly, she continued downward to Shelley’s wet pussy.

Shelley was close to coming. Her mind was filled with erotic thoughts that she didn’t think she was capable of. Something within her seemed to be coming alive, something darkly erotic. Jerry flashed across her mind, but before she could fasten on the thought, Peggy’s tongue was moving with agonizing slowness up and down the lips of her pussy.

Shelley’s first orgasm was gentle, but seemed to go on and on. Peggy kept on teasing Shelley’s clit until Shelley almost screamed with pleasure. The next orgasm was filling her, blinding her. She couldn’t make sense of anything other than the absolute pleasure that pervaded her whole being. Her body arched upward, her hands gripping Peggy’s head, holding her tightly. Finally, the wave of pleasure subsided from its peak and began the long, slow process of ebbing to leave Shelley gasping and moaning softly.

Peggy lay beside Shelley and held her gently. “Did you like that, Shelley?”

“Wow,” Shelley said. “Wow!” She couldn’t get another word out. She was practically purring. “I’ve never felt like this before. I’m so weak, I can’t move.”

“Just lie there and enjoy the feeling.” Her hands stroked Shelley softly. “You know, I think we’re going to be good friends.”

“Me, too,” Shelley said, “really good friends.” She almost came again when Peggy’s lips brushed hers.


Shelley Wilson studied her lithe, athletic figure in the mirror. She cupped her full breasts and teased the nipples. A shudder of pleasure ran through her body. She had been too long without the attentions of a man. Even though she hadn’t wanted to meet anyone after her husband had died, she still had desire in her body. Sometimes the desire was almost too much for her, but the thought of going to singles’ bars was totally repugnant.

Peggy had shown her that all was not lost. She thought abut her afternoon with Peggy and wondered if she had turned lesbian. Perhaps “lesbian” is too strong a word; it was only for mutual pleasure and not for the exclusion of men. It’s just that neither of them felt that they wanted a man, yet. Peggy was certainly bitter about them because of her unhappy experience. Shelley was still too distracted from the death of her husband. Peggy was as lustful as Shelley. That’s what made them such good friends. That’s what made them such satisfying lovers.

It helped with the loneliness and desire, and, gradually, Shelley looked forward to their now-and-again meetings at Peggy’s. Sometimes, she and Peggy would skinny-dip in Peggy’s backyard pool, then go inside to make love for a while. Sometimes they didn’t even wait to go inside. They would take turns sitting on the edge of the pool escort gaziantep bayan while the other made good use of the position.

The affair brought her much pleasure. But there was still something missing. She knew that she was a lustful woman, her affair with Peggy proved that, but she still had the desire for a man’s hard cock. But she had never run across a man that she cared for at all. She didn’t want to get into bed with just any man that came along. There was more to a relationship than just sex. It just didn’t suit her personality.

So, it was Peggy that gave her the release she wanted and needed. Peggy was very adept at getting her to orgasm quickly and good at making it last. Peggy was a good friend indeed, and was teaching her how to reciprocate.

Her son, Jerry had been a tower of strength for her, too, when she need it most. The death of her husband had left her shaken and made her feel vulnerable. Jerry handled all of their family and business matters and did all those chores that Ted used to do. At least Ted had left them with no financial worries thanks to a nice income from some prudent investments.

Now, all she had to do was to find a way to relieve this aching in her. Peggy helped, but she couldn’t do it all.

Shelley finished her shopping a little early. She put everything away and decided to get a shower before she started supper.

She went upstairs to her room. She noticed Jerry’s door was ajar. He must be home. She peeked in and saw him asleep, naked.

Her heart raced. She started to leave, but couldn’t take her eyes off his beautiful body. She gasped when she saw the size of his cock. Her heart pounded and her hands shook. She quickly went to her own room and sat on the bed. Her head was spinning. After all, he was her son, and she shouldn’t feel that way. But, now, after seeing Jerry naked, her thoughts began to take on a different direction, a very strange direction. The more she thought about him, the farther along her thinking went. She had fantasies that wouldn’t be suppressed and desire began to grow in her.

For several days she wrestled with her conscience, and with her growing desire. When she and Peggy got together the next time, Peggy was dumbfounded at the intensity of Shelley’s attention to her.

Finally, Shelley could stand it no longer. She went into Jerry’s room that night. He slept quietly, covered only by a sheet. She could see the outline of his body in the pale moonlight. Now, she was torn and confused. She wanted to wake him and tell him. She wanted to warn him to run away. She wanted to run, herself. She wanted to throw the cover off him and cover his naked body with her own. But, she was afraid that he’d reject her and at the same time afraid that he’d accept her advances and push her over the edge.

Finally, desire won out over everything else. Softly, she walked to the bed and pulled the sheet off him. She looked down at him, her pulse pounding, desire making her knees weak and wobbly. She could stand it no longer. It was now or never, and God, she wanted it to be now.

She lay beside him and rested her hand on his cock.

Jerry woke slowly and looked at his mother. When he realized where her hand was, he rolled to his side.

“Mom? What- oh, Mom!” He reached out and touched her breast. “I don’t know why you’re doing this, mom, but don’t stop.”

Her hand moved on him. “Is it alright, my baby? You don’t mind?”

“I’ve wanted this, too, mom. But, I’ve always been afraid to say anything.”

Shelley moved toward him and kissed his lips gently. “I guess we’re two of a kind.” She stroked his erection, then bent forward and kissed it.

Jerry gasped when her lips touched his hard, throbbing cock.

Jerry had noticed his mother’s firm body some time ago. He began having strange thoughts about her. Even though she was his mother, he saw her also as a desirable woman, sensual and sexy. Sometimes in bed, he thought about her in ways that made his cock painfully hard.

It was difficult for him, at first, to think of her that way. He felt some guilt and he would have been completely at a loss as to how to pursue his desires had he chosen to act on them. How do you tell your mother that you’d like to have sex with her? She’d probably throw him out of the house.

But here she was, naked beside him. And she had the head of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue moved over it sensuously, slowly, massaging it softly. He tangled his fingers in her hair. She almost swallowed him. He got up suddenly and dived between her firm thighs. Before she could say a word, he buried his tongue in her hot, wet pussy.

Shelley cried out, then held his head against her as she came. Then she moaned as he slipped his cock into her. She threw her legs around his waist.

“Yes, darling, yes!” She matched his movements with her own. “You fill me so full. You’re so lovely and big, my baby. Fuck me, darling!”

“Yes, mom. You’re so wet and hot. You feel so tight.”

Shelley’s excitement grew. She moved faster and faster, and, finally, cried out when her orgasm peaked. She was so excited that she almost fainted.

Jerry just held her quietly until she regained her composure. He, too was excited, but kept things in check for now.

Finally, Shelley looked at him. “You’re wonderful, honey. I’ve never felt anything like that before. It just seemed to go on and on. “

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