The New Slave Ch. 04


Chapter 4: A More Personal Examination

Dr Sherry stood at the door for a moment, hearing the footsteps of Lorin and the security officer fading away as they left. The doctor knew that she wouldn’t be seeing either one for a while, both of them being somewhat spent, especially Lorin. The doctor needed her private time and this was one of those times. The slave just lay on the exam table, watching her. He was still fully restrained, his arms stretched back over his head, his legs spread wide. She imagined that he was probably becoming more than uncomfortable, having gone through so much body twisting and jerking. She watched the slave closely as she stood at the door, both of them sizing up the other one.

“What is your name, slave?” She quietly asked him. He didn’t respond but only stared at her. “I know that you can talk, your vocal abilities were more than apparent in your panting and moaning, only a short time ago.” He remained motionless, his cock lying heavily across his pelvis like a large snake. She thought that he looked scared. “You don’t have to have a name to be purchased, but you do have to have a name to remain here.” He only blinked. If you want to be difficult, I have ways to handle that,” she said, her left hand slowly running down his chest to his pubic hair. Barely touching him, she let her fingers play across the shortly trimmed pubic mound. Glancing down she could see that this affected him, his cock beginning to swell. Her fingers played in the short hair for a moment, then crept to the base of the fleshy thing, gently wrapping around it. Even holding it softly, she could feel his heartbeat through the fattening length. Even soft, his heart was pounding. It began to swell even more. Within a few moments, she was holding a thick hard cock.

She stood up from the table, but continued the gentle rubbing of his cock; slowly pulling the foreskin down and then pulling it back up over the large head. “Why won’t you tell me your name?” She asked. There was still no response as the slave continued his deep fixed stare into her eyes. She was now almost certain that his face appeared fearful. She wondered if he was a very well trained slave, or showing his defiance. If he was well trained, he would not respond to anything, unless given permission to speak. If this were the case, she would know in very short time. But until then, she would be able to have a lot of fun with him. And besides, this would be an opportune time to show the slave who was the owner and who was the property. The first day was always an excellent start in teaching a new slave his proper place.

She continued to stare into his eyes, continuing to softly rub the hard cock. “Ok slave, have it your way. I will feel very bad, having to punish such a nice cock and balls.” With that she stopped rubbing as her fingers snaked down between his ball sack and his thigh. Gripping the soft skin of the sack, she sighed, “What a pity, it is a beautiful cock and your balls are unbelievable.” She then let go of him and walked casually over to a wall cabinet. From the cabinet she removed a surgical tray, complete with forceps, scissors, surgical scalpels and suturing threads. She placed the implements on a rolling cart and moved them over close to the exam table, where the slave could easily see them. His eyes grew wide as he saw the tray and the gleaming sterile instruments. “Are you sure you don’t want to tell me your name?” She asked again. This time she watched as his eyes began to tear up. The fear was now obvious on his face.

Stepping up to his left side she began to unbutton the cuffs of her blouse. Her nipples were still obviously hard and erect, but his cock was not. It lay in a pile on his lower abdomen, soft and still leaking pre-cum. He was obviously scared but still would not respond to her. Caren stood at his side, unbuttoning her blouse. As she removed it she casually remarked, “This can get so messy, I don’t want to ruin a new blouse.” The slave looked horrified as she tossed the blouse to a nearby chair. Her breasts were beautiful, fully tanned, her nipples hard, each surrounded by a very large dark brown areola. She just stood there bare breasted, staring into his eyes. Even though scared he couldn’t take his eyes from her breasts. Her nipples were large and stood out, begging for attention. Darkly tanned, her skin was still soft and radiant. She watched him for a moment, seeing that his gaze was completely on her endowment. She then looked down at his crotch to see that his cock was thickening. His own sexuality was betraying him. As scared as he was, his cock was responding quickly to her visual stimulus.

She reached down and ran a fingernail up and down the length of the soft underside of his cock. It twitched several times as she pressed the fingernail into him. She then leaned in close to his face, staring into his eyes, “What is your name, slave?” He looked away from her. “Ok, then I should get started on you.” She stepped back away from him and turned to the surgical tray. Escort bayan She examined the sterile instruments for a moment then chose a long gleaming scalpel. Turning to him she held the scalpel in front of him, giving him a good look at its edge. His eyes were glued to it and the fright was more than obvious in his face. Holding the surgical implement in her right hand, she reached down and gently wrapped her fingers around the now softened cock.

Again she started her gentle rubbing, making sure to pull the thick foreskin up over the head, then all the way back down to his pubic bone. Gently tugging at the soft cock it didn’t take but a few moments till she could feel him swelling in her hand. She continued the manual stimulus till he was rock hard and his hips began to move with her hand. By now he was staring at the scalpel in her free hand as his breathing came in erratic pants. She smiled at him then leaned over quickly and sucked the head into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the tender head, she could feel it flare wide as he began to approach orgasm. Sensing that he was nearing orgasm, she quickly pulled her warm mouth from the quivering cock and jerked the foreskin down hard, exposing the flared head. She again looked at him and demanded, “Tell me your name slave!” There was only silence from him as a single tear trailed down his cheek. By this point, Caren felt positive that he was well trained, sure that he would speak only if given permission. Knowing that she wouldn’t hurt him, she decided to continue her fun with him.

With his cock rising hard above his stomach, she moved closer to his genitals and looked closely. “You have been modified, haven’t you?” she asked quietly. “I have never seen balls as large as these, except for ones that have been modified. But you are functional and that is unusual. We cleaned up plenty of your mess, proving that you function very well.” Tightly gripping the cock head she pulled on it, stretching it upward flat against his lower stomach, toward his upper body. Doing this pulled on the ball sac, forcing it more into her view. “I don’t see any indications of surgery, or even any scarring. To pump out like you do, would have to mean you have been modified. And if you were an entertainment slave, it’s highly likely that your previous owner would have wanted you to look more virile, especially with huge balls. I also don’t see any indication of surgery or scarring on your cock, which doesn’t make sense, especially with how limber it is. Surely your pubic ligament has been cut, giving you some extra length and the limberness.”

She continued to examine his cock and balls closely, probing and feeling him. “I am a practicing doctor, but it is possible that they have developed some techniques or new implants that I’m not aware of.” Caren then moved her hand holding the scalpel closer to the area of his pubic ligament. “I will probably have to go pretty deep to find any modification”, she said without looking up. She placed the edge of the scalpel at the base of his cock on the upper side. “The pubic ligament is just under the skin, so I won’t have to cut too much to see, but I suspect that it has either been cut or has been stretched out significantly.” He was still hard, but she could feel him softening as she spoke. “What a pity, you do have a beautiful cock. I will try to be as careful as I can, to avoid doing any damage to those monster balls of yours.” She reached down between his legs and hefted up the huge sack. Both balls rolled around inside the soft pouch as she moved her fingers around, forcing the two muscled orbs to the bottom of the sack. Squeezing the neck of the sac and pulling downward, the two balls couldn’t be any more vulnerable. They were pressed tight against the bottom of the sack, totally exposed. The doctor could almost make out the muscles of each one.

His cock was quickly deflating the more she pulled them downward, as if preparing to cut into him. His cock was still very thick and lay softly on his lower abdomen. A steady stream of pre-cum leaked from the gaping mouth, leaving a small pool of the clear fluid on his stomach. The doctor could actually hear him whimpering. Caren was starting to feel sorry for him as he was now crying softly. She was now sure that he was very well trained. All that she needed to do was give him permission to speak. She glanced back at his face, her hand still holding a tight grip around the top of his sack, “Tell me your name slave, for the last time.” His entire body was tensed, tears streaming down the sides of his face into his hair. Still he did not answer. Letting go of his balls, she moved up closer to his face. Leaning in close to him, she told him, “look at me, and open your eyes!” He blinked away the tears and slowly opened his eyes. Even the sight of her bared breasts only inches from his face had no effect on him.

She smiled at him, leaned down and whispered in his ear, “You have my permission to speak.”

There was a loud sigh Bayan escort from the slave as he immediately responded, “Ross.”

Caren leaned back away from him, smiling broadly at him. “See, that wasn’t so hard was it? You have been trained haven’t you, Ross?” She quickly asked. Blinking away the tears, he shook his head yes.

“Anything as big as this would have to be trained,” she said laughing as she reached down and patted the huge sack. He barely smiled at her comment, still recovering from his emotional ordeal. Her hand softly patted the two balls, and then slowly slid upward across the thick cock. Immediately she could feel him starting to swell. Obviously he was starting to feel better. “What type of slave were you?”

He told her that he was an entertainment slave but had also been used in reproductive clinics.

“I’m not surprised at that, being that you seem to have an over abundance of sperm, and very high quality at that,” she said. “Have you ever been tested for your sperm?” she wanted to know.

He told her how he had been milked several times, but did not know the results of the tests. The tests must have been promising as he told her how he was drained on several occasions just for his sperm. Doctors at clinics, under sterile conditions, had done all of the procedures. He could only surmise that his sperm was being used for medical or reproductive purposes. Being an entertainment slave made him available to a lot of women, some of them being connected to the medical field. It was easy to figure that they had seen his attributes and had taken advantage of them. Having balls of his size would be information that would have spread among certain circles. His ability to cum huge amounts would definitely serve a medical/reproductive purpose, and his ability to cum multiple times, not to mention his cock size would guarantee him service in the entertainment industry. He would definitely be in demand by several different types of women.

Now that he was completely relaxed, the doctor continued questioning him about his background. Her hand continued to gently play with his cock, occasionally switching to gently probe and prod his ball sack. This was attention that he was more than use to, in his past work. Entertainment slaves are used more than frequently, often with very little rest between customers. In some cases this works well, causing the slave to be almost numb and able to last longer. In other cases it would result in slaves being punished for not being able to achieve an erection. Normally it would depend on the popularity of each individual slave.

Caren continued to question him, “Where are you from?”

Quickly recovering from his emotional ordeal, Ross was more than happy to answer any of her questions, “I was originally from Dallas Texas, where I was a cop up until the time of the women’s rights laws.” Surprised, Caren watched him closely. Being a former cop could prove to be a problem, depending on his background and training. Immediately she began to wonder about her security personnel being able to handle him. He explained to her that he had been a detective for years, working in robbery and homicide divisions. He went on to say that he was taken into slavery, almost immediately upon the change of the new women’s laws. This part really surprised the doctor. She wanted to know why he had been taken so quickly.

“It’s one of those things where your past comes back to haunt you,” he said dryly. “I was never a womanizer or anything like that, but I did date. I was a nice guy, not a hustler or a horny bastard type, just your average guy. With one exception that I happen to have a large cock and balls.” He went on, “I only dated three women that were in the Department, one a detective and the other two were uniform patrol officers.” When he hesitated, the doctor quickly told him to continue. “This was over a period of a couple of years. I never dated more than one at a time. Each of the three was more than impressed with my size and admitted it, coming over to my apartment often to play. They openly admitted that they really liked the sex. There was never any love or real dating to it, just them showing up when they were in the mood. Naturally I didn’t mind. But when the laws changed, so did everything else, and quickly too. No one had any idea of what direction our society was headed, especially me. I actually showed up at work, thinking that nothing had really changed. Boy was I wrong.”

Caren could actually discern sadness in his expression, as he remembered the bad times. She wanted to know more. The more she heard, the more there were clues to her, as to how she would handle this new slave. So far she was more than interested in him sexually, but the more he talked the more she was beginning to like him as a person.

He continued, saying that he had felt safe even with the new laws. It was a different day and age and he thought that it was finally the female’s turn. Little did he know just Escort how much of a turn they would take? Even Caren remembered the early days, just after the laws had been passed. But the new slave took it to a new dimension, telling it from his point of view. He said that it was only about a week after the new laws when there was a knock at his door. Opening it, he was confronted by two of his fellow officers, the two female patrol officers that he had dated. As always, they were armed, but this time they were pointing their guns at him. They immediately brought in three more women who immediately stripped him and examined him. Handcuffed and nude, he was told to perform for them. Humiliated and outraged, he did what he was told and with quite a bit of effort was able to produce a somewhat normal orgasm from a semi hard cock while they all watched. It was nothing special but seemed to excite them to a large degree. He later found out that the two girls that he had dated talked quite freely about him and his endowment. Because of this, there were quite a few women that wanted to take advantage of him.

As he sat there, covered in his own goo, the three strangers took turns playing with him, getting him hard then letting him go soft, taking great joy in his frustration. They would then repeat the process over and over. One even asked him how it felt, being on the other side of the coin. When they finally got tired of playing with a very raw and tender cock, one of them took a vibrator and forced another orgasm from him. They discovered that by roughly vibrating his balls and jacking him off, they could produce a large amount of cum from him even if he wasn’t aroused. The sight of his forced cumming seemed to excite them, making them want to play with him even more. At this point, he decided that he had had enough and openly defied them. Without ever knowing where it came from, he felt a blinding sensation just before lapsing into unconsciousness. For the next several hours, he would pass in and out of consciousness, only to awake and find a nude female straddling him, using his cock as her own personal dildo. The pain in his raw cock was almost unbearable, but the sensation of his battered and empty balls trying to pump out the cream that just wasn’t there, was more than he could stand. When he finally awoke the next day, he was tied nude to his own bed, his cock and balls swollen hugely from all of the abuse.

Ross went on to tell Caren how one of the unknown women would gently rub salves and ointment into the super swollen cock and balls trying to reduce the swelling. It was obvious that they wanted more use out of it. But it was apparent to him that the one woman was enjoying her roll playing, making sure to get him hard as a rock and to the point of orgasm before suddenly stopping all of her manipulations. Then as the salve took its effect, numbing him, she would play with it for longer periods of time. About the time she tired of the swollen plaything, another female would show up and start the entire process all over again. During the next week of this treatment, he was never allowed to leave the bed, forced to use the bathroom right there at the bed. Slowly but surely, his cock and balls healed to the point of appearing back to their normal size. Then there was a solid stream of different women that came in, one by one and sometimes in pairs; they would use him over and over. In what seemed to be an endless time, his cock and balls became use to the torment and he found that he could perform under any conditions that were presented to him.

The women were more than enjoying his cock, and a lot of them just enjoyed watching him make it spurt. After the first few days, he didn’t see the two women that he worked with, just an endless array of unknown women. He later found out that several of them were wealthy doctors that had seen or heard about the first night and his ability to continue his large ejaculations. After being held captive in his own home for over two weeks, he was taken by 4 of the women. They took him nude and handcuffed and restrained him in a vehicle. After most of a day of travel, he was taken into a very large ranch type of home. Even the ride to his new home was marked by a sexual ordeal. At one point while traveling, the girl that was driving began to complain that she hadn’t had a turn. Stopping the truck, a passenger took over the driving while the original driver climbed into the back seat and began torturing his cock and balls. She seemed to have more than a fascination with his balls as she tortured them by squeezing and slapping them. She was able to force a huge amount of sperm from him, without his ever actually feeling an orgasm. While slapping his balls with one hand, she squeezed his cock foreskin back hard, somehow making him shoot huge amounts of sperm. But he never felt an orgasm, just a steady flow of while milk spurting from a quivering cock. She seemed to enjoy herself immensely as she played with him and alternately played with herself. He found that the closer to orgasm she got, the harder she worked his cock and balls. It became more than painful for him, when she started to work her way toward her second orgasm. By the time they reached the new home, his balls were freakishly huge and aching.

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