The New Swimsuit Ch. 02c



“Nice cock,” my neighbor Patty said.

You might want to go back to the beginning for context — but the short version is, we’d come over to Cal and Patty’s for dinner, all gotten a bit more friendly with one another in the pool than we’d expected to, and then Rob and I had fucked our own wives in view of one another. Alix and I went home and changed into dry clothing, and now here we were back on Cal and Patty’s patio. Or I was, anyway: Alix had gone inside to use the bathroom shortly after Cal had gone in to get more beer.

“Thanks,” I said. “Not that you actually saw it, of course.”

“I sure felt it when you were standing behind me. Naughty man, letting your cock slide between your neighbor’s wife’s legs.”

“It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been grinding against me.”

She made no secret of glancing down at my crotch; and I saw no point trying to hide the fact that I was getting hard again. “I have a feeling I will get to see it soon enough.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Do you think we’ll end up going that far? I mean watching each other fuck is one thing…”

“That’s quite a tiny top Alix is wearing,” Patty said.

Not sure exactly where she was going with this, I just nodded in agreement.

“It just barely covers what needs covering, and she’s one good sneeze away from a wardrobe malfunction.”

“You’re not too far from one yourself,” I pointed out. Appreciatively. Patty has rather large breasts, and after our swimming pool adventure she’d changed into a top that came down only as far as a top legally needed to. And she hadn’t bothered with a bra.

“Really?” she said, as if realizing it for the first time. She lifted her top high enough to expose the bottom of her breasts, and then let it drop back into place. “Good thing I took my allergy pill this morning. My point is, Cal and Alix have been gone for a while, haven’t they?”

“Not that long,” I said, but now I certainly did know what she was getting at.

“She could have come out of the bathroom, run into him, he says Have a beer with me before we go back out. And they do, and he notices her tiny little top is a little crooked, and since she has a glass in her hand, he offers to adjust it for her. But what he really does it pull it down just a little bit, just enough for her hard nipples to pop out. And she says You men are all alike. You’ve been looking at them all day.” Patty smiled, running her hand teasingly across the bottom of her shirt again “But you understand that, right, Rob?”

“Sure,” I admitted.

“So maybe he says What’s different is that now we’re alone. And he reaches over to touch her nipple. Does she let him?”

“I think she does,” I said.

“Does that bother you? Cal touching your wife like that?”

“If you’d asked me yesterday, I’d have said yes. But as long as it’s okay with Alix…”

Patty pulled her shirt above her breasts. “It’s okay with me,” she said. Without hesitation, I lightly cupped each of her breasts, then stoked them, pressing down harder each time I passed over a nipple. “Mmm,” she said. “I was wishing you’d do that when we were in the pool.”

“I’m not surprised, the way you were grinding back against my cock.”

“You liked that?”

“I’m sure you could tell how much I liked it,” rubbing her breasts harder, wondering whether she’d let me suck one of her nipples.

“Oh, I did. And I loved how your cock was poking into me just right. You know, if Cal and Alix hadn’t come over, maybe I would have pushed my panties to the side…”

“And let my hard cock slide inside you?” I asked. But before she could respond, she pulled away and let her shirt drop back down over her breasts. Alix and Cal were coming out of the house.

Alix came over to me and immediately noticed the bulge in my shorts. “Let me help you hide that,” she said, climbing onto my lap. She didn’t tuck her short skirt underneath her as she sat, so it just was her panties pressed down against my shorts. “You’re nice and hard,” she said softly. “What were you two doing out here?”

“Just talking,” I said.

She wriggled her body against my hard cock. “Yeah,” she said, “us too.”

Saturday Evening


Tom and Susan were the last couple to arrive. We were all lying poolside by that point, enjoying the last bit of evening sun, except for Cal who was getting the grill started.

He and the other guys watched as Susan stripped off her shorts, revealing a bikini bottom pretty damn close to a string. When she pulled the t-shirt over her head, her bikini top was so brief, I thought at first she wasn’t wearing one.

But let’s backtrack a few days, to Monday evening. It was a rainy evening, not as hot as the weekend had been, though drier and hotter weather was expected back before the end of the week.

When Patty called me after work, well, I wasn’t sure what to expect: was she freaked out after what had happened the previous day? Part of me was happy it was raining — because the way canlı bahis we all left it the night before, I had a feeling Cal and Patty were going to invite us over again on Monday, and I wasn’t sure where things were going to go from there. Or where I wanted them to.

You know what, I can keep backtracking and backtracking, and this whole story will play out like Memento, but instead let’s go right back to the beginning. Which is actually my sister’s story. If you don’t want to start reading from The New Swimsuit Chapter 1, here’s the recap:

My younger sister Kari and I have always been flat. There was a time, when I was in my late teens and she was in her early teens, when she was angry at me over it: her reasoning was, I represented proof that she wouldn’t suddenly “bloom” when she hit 16 or 17.

She was always a lot more sensitive about her tiny breasts than I was, and when she honeymooned in Hawaii earlier this year, she became convinced her new husband was more interested in looking at the women on the beach who filled out their bikini tops better. Even after he convinced her he loved the way she looked, she got it in her had to prove she looked like a boy by lying out on the beach, on her back, wearing only a pair of men’s swim trunks. Not a topless beach, I should add.

When she told me about this, I was instantly intrigued: I didn’t feel the need to do the same thing to prove a point, like she did, but it sounded like a irresistible method of “safe” exhibitionism. Did I dare lie out in public exposed like that, letting people walk by not realizing they were seeing an almost-naked woman?

After a few “practice runs,” going out topless into our backyard at night (which also led to some great outdoor fucking), I got up the nerve to try it in a secluded area of a park halfway across the state. Strangers walked past us, and not one of them had any idea we weren’t just two guys getting some sun. Until, of all people, our neighbors Patty and Cal saw us. Or more importantly, me. Almost all of me.

This was easily the most embarrassing moment of my life; but a few hours later we were at Patty and Cal’s pool, Patty and I were swimming topless (in our panties, no less), and after a bit of horseplay which I thought for a while might get way out of hand, we ended up fucking our own spouses in full view of one another.

I figured that was the end of it, as Rob and I went home to change into dry clothing for dinner; but a little while after we ate, I was coming out of the bathroom and Cal was in the den, scooping fresh ice into a bucket of beer cans.

“Hey, Alix,” he called to me as I walked past.

“Hey yourself,” I said, still feeling his one hand on my thigh and the other on my bare ribcage as he picked me up and tossed me into the water an hour earlier. I’d gone in headfirst and — though I’m sure he hadn’t noticed — my wet panties had slid halfway down my ass.

“I wanted to compliment you on your outfit,” he said.

I admit, when I’d changed, I’d chosen a show-off outfit: a shirt skirt and on top, a red bandeau that covered what needed to be covered and not much more. A lot of women don’t like these tight, stretchy tops because they tend to flatten; but I had nothing really to flatten, did I?

I thanked him and he said “You know, though, I think that top would look better just a little lower down.”

“I’m sure it would,” I said with a laugh. The top didn’t come more than an inch or so above my nipples.

“Come over here then,” he said. “I’ll fix it for you.”

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”

“I promise, I won’t touch you anywhere improper.”

I admit, I was curious to see what he had in mind; so I walked over to him.

He hooked a finger under each side of the bandeau and slowly pulled it down. My pink aureoles suddenly came into view and, when I didn’t stop him, my nipples. Even though he’d seen me topless this afternoon and evening, I felt a little self-conscious being here alone with him, with my nipples hard and erect. “Remember, no touching,” I reminded him, not certain whether I’d have held him to his promise.

But he was true to his word: he picked up an ice cube and very gently brushed it against each nipple. They grew harder, almost painfully so. “They look a lot better now,” Cal said with a smile.

I needed to run outside and make my husband fuck me, right there on the patio. But no, I needed to cum right now. I glanced over at the door to make sure neither of our spouses was coming in. “Suck,” I told Cal; and not waiting for further discussion, he leaned over and wrapped his lips over one of my engorged nipples. I was already so close to cumming that the moment his tongue touched the tip of my nipple, my whole body jerked. I pushed a hand over my mouth just on time to keep from screaming out loud, and I’m pretty sure I even squirted a little, something I’d only ever done a few times before. Hard to say, because my panties were already damp.

I went outside, lifted by skirt before climbing onto Rob’s lap, and did bahis siteleri so much squirming about while we waited for dinner to be ready, I might as well have been giving him a lap dance.

When I finally got up, not all of the dampness on the front of his shorts was mine.

But there was no more overt sexual behavior that evening: no after-dinner skinnydipping, no inappropriate touching of the wrong spouse, certainly no watching one another fuck… I did notice Cal slipping his hand up Patty’s flimsy shirt a couple of times, and Rob’s hand did wander under my skirt and brush against my panties a few times, but that was it.


Anyway, so now it was Monday evening and Patty asked me if I wanted to drive over to the mall with her. It was a quiet trip until halfway there when she said “Last night. That was something, huh?”


“You never had sex with somebody else watching either, right?”


More silence.

“Just tell me…” she said hesitantly.


“That you and Cal didn’t do anything worse than what Rob and I did.”

Which was hard to say, since I didn’t know what they’d done or if she was talking about Rob kind of pushing up against her in the pool… or did they do anything while Cal and I were inside the house?… but I said “No, we didn’t.”

And that seemed to satisfy her. “Okay, then completely unrelated… since it’s supposed to be warm again this weekend, we’ve been thinking about having a little barbecue party like we did a couple years ago. Only just couples without children this time, because of the pool. Saturday evening. Can you guys makes it?”

“I’ll double-check with Rob, but I think we’re free.”

“Good. I was thinking Francis and Xi. And do you know Tom and Susan from around the block?”


“That’s actually why I wanted to hit the mall tonight: the swimsuits I have are kind of ratty-looking. I haven’t bought a new one in a few years.”

“Getting something hot?”

She laughed. “Maybe later in the season. For now, I’m just looking for something for the party Saturday.”

“You know,” I said a few seconds later, “I’m thinking…”

“Uh-oh,” she said with a smile.

“Why not get something a little sexy for the party? I mean it, and I will too. It’s just going to be grown-ups there. It’ll be fun.”

“You’re just on a hormonal high from yesterday,” Patty said.

“Damn right. Can I ask you a personal question?”


“How many times did Cal fuck you last night?” It was two for Rob and me, plus a quickie this morning; in addition to once in the pool yesterday and once when we’d gone home to change.

“Mmm. Okay, you win,” she said.


Neither one of us told our husbands we were dressing to impress for the barbecue, but neither of them complained. Patty was wearing a red one-piece cut scandalously high on the leg. The top half had built-in support for “the girls,” and a very deep cleavage.

I had a powder-blue bikini with bottoms that covered my ass completely (but snugly enough to look like a second skin — assuming I had powder-blue skin) and a bandeau top similar to what I’d been wearing Sunday evening; except with a wider strap in the back to keep it in place, and a cut-out area between the breasts. The cut-out was adjustable and I had it set as wide as possible. Wide enough that little more than my aureoles and nipples were actually covered.

Before our other neighbors arrived, Ron and Cal were openly ogling one another’s wives. I had a feeling that it were only the four of us this evening, things would be getting seriously out of hand very quickly.

Francis and Xi showed up about fifteen minutes after we did. Patty had told Xi and Susan about our plan to dress a little sexy, and they both thought it sounded like fun: it’s not often they got the chance, and it’s a lot easier when you know the other women there are also doing it.

Xi was wearing a pink two-piece tankini: Don’t get me wrong, she looked nice enough — she was small but curvy, and the material was snug enough to cling to every curve — but she either didn’t get the memo about tonight’s dress code, or she didn’t feel comfortable dressing sexy to the party.


I really hadn’t suspected anything when Alix didn’t want me to see her new bikini ahead of time — but when I did see what she was wearing, and then what Patty was wearing, I realized the girls had planned this out. Not that either Cal or I was complaining, though I guess I was a little surprised they wanted to show off this much in front of our other neighbors.

Alix’s was light blue, and the top was really just like a band that went around her body, not covering a whole lot more than an inch or two around each nipple. Patty had a one-piece cut so low in front, I had no idea what was keeping her breasts from popping out.

And speaking of popping out, even though I was wearing baggy trunks, I could tell it was going to be tough to keep my cock from making a spectacle of itself. Especially bahis şirketleri after I walked past Patty and she caught me glancing down her cleavage, said “Remember when you had your hands all over my boobs last week?” and, after a quick glance to make sure nobody was watching, brushed her hand lightly against my cock. Fortunately, Alix had no idea I’d been staring at Patty’s almost-exposed breasts.

I really wished the other two couples weren’t going to be joining us. Maybe Alix and Patty would swim topless again (not that they weren’t already damn close to it), and maybe I’d get the chance to touch Patty again. Or more. Last week when I was alone with her for a few minutes, just before she let me massage her breasts, she made it pretty clear she thought she’d be soon be seeing my cock up-close-and-personal.

I wondered how far this thing with the four of us was going to go, anyway.

I curled up next to Alix on her lounge chair, and began playing with the exposed skin between the cups of her top. A bit at a time, I pushed the cups further apart, until I was almost exposing — and touching — her aureoles. At the same time, after seeing what I was doing, Cal was working a hand deeper and deeper into Patty’s cleavage.

“Are you back here?” Francis called out from the side of the house. Cal quickly pulled his hand away as if it had been caught in the cookie jar, and I guess I must have looked the same. Alix readjusted her top.

Xi pulled off a long t-shirt and showed us that she was wearing a pink tankini: you know, those things that look like a camisole on top and panties on bottom? It was cute, but didn’t really show off a lot of skin, not like Alix and Patty’s outfits.

Or… was it really a tankini, I suddenly thought. But then I dismissed the notion as wishful thinking.


Patty hadn’t made it clear whether we were supposed to let our husbands know what we’d planned for Saturday night, so I decided to tell him. I could see his mind immediately begin to race. “Susan, Patty and Alix all wearing their sexiest swimsuits?”

“And me too,” I reminded him with a fake scowl.

“Oh yeah,” he said, and I smacked him lightly.

“Give me five minutes and then come into the bedroom,” I told him. “I’ll show you what I’m thinking of wearing.”

When he came in, I was posing with my hands on my hips, wearing nothing but a pair of crotchless panties. “What,” I said when I saw his reaction. “Too daring?”

His only response was to push me back onto the bed and take advantage of the hole in my panties for the next twenty minutes or so.

Afterward, as we lay in bed and he was stroking my right nipple, he said “Seriously, do you know what you want to wear yet?”

“I have some ideas,” I said with a grin. And then “I know what’s going through your mind: you’re wondering whether sexy bathing suits will somehow turn into no bathing suits.”

“You can’t blame a guy for dreaming.”

“Well, I’m sure it’s not that kind of party. I don’t know about Susan –” I never really cared for Susan: a bit too loud and attention-hungry for my taste. “–but I doubt anybody has ever seen Patty and Alix’s breasts other than their own husbands.”

I, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind all that much if somebody got to see mine: we’d been to topless beaches several times on vacations. Granted those were all strangers: but a couple of times, five years ago, we’d tried soft-swapping — trading spouses and doing everything short of actual fucking — with some close friends.

I knew what I was going to wear Saturday, and I was pretty sure Francis wouldn’t mind.


We only had six loungers, so each couple shared one, with the wife in front of and nestled against her husband. My body was hiding Cal’s hard-on, and I assume Alix and Xi were doing the same for their own husbands.

I was a little sorry I was wearing a one-piece, because our husbands all had their arms around our bellies, and I was the only one not being held on my bare skin: Alix had nothing between her bikini top and bottoms, of course, and Francis had raised Xi’s top to just over her belly button.

Cal was staring right down my swimsuit, though, and I’m not sure whether any of the others noticed.

We all chatted amiably, and after a while I no longer felt Cal’s cock jabbing into my lower back. Finally he got up to start the grill going, and a few minutes later Tom and Susan showed up. Susan removed her shirts and t-shirt to reveal a swimsuit– okay, strike that, I don’t think anybody has ever attempted to swim in what she was wearing.

I’d seen suits like this in fashion magazines, but never on a live human being: it covered her aureoles and nipples with some material to spare, but left exposed a lot of what Cal calls “sideboob” and “bottomboob.” Let’s just say maybe a third of her breasts was covered.

Her bottoms weren’t much better. Her pussy was completely covered, but she was showing a lot more ass than what’s normal for a neighborhood pool party.

“If you guys keep staring like that,” she said a bit too coyly, “you’re going to embarrass me. Patty did say to wear the sexiest suits we had, and I see that…” and here she glanced meaningfully at Xi “most of us did.”

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