The Night After the Battle Ch. 02


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Cynoscephalae (actual Greece) – 197 BC

The first light of dawn started filtering through the tent panels, enough to wake Portia. Dulled from the wine drank the night before, she rose slowly while noticing how silent the camp was. What a difference from last night! She gently entangled herself from Kaius, who let out a soft moan without waking.

In the dim light of dawn he looked harmless, not like the amazingly trained warrior Portia was well aware he was. Kaius was sleeping on his back, his broad chest rising softly and the lines on his face relaxed. Her finger trailed along the new scar on his arm. It looked clean, Portia nodded, her ointment never failed. Then her eyes were caught by the semi-erect member pointing up like it was asking for her attention. How sweet it would be if her fingers would wrap around the long shaft and wake him up with her soft light strokes…but no. After all these years trailing behind the army, first as a generic woman of pleasure then as Kaius’ chosen lover, she knew Kaius’ sleep after such a battle was to be undisturbed.

There, her feet touched the ground and she wore her sandals. She stood up trying to cause the least movement to the cot and after checking Kaius was still deeply asleep she carefully raised the panel hiding the entrance of the tent and stepped out into the fresh air. A few people were already awake, mostly attendants but also a few soldiers rudely awoken from their drunken sleep.

She gestured a thanks to a young attendant who left a bucket of water by the entrance of the tent and washed her face, the cold water bringing new life to her sleep dulled head. She checked her hair in her reflection on the water and sat by the entrance, waving a discreet hello to the few people passing by. She had no aristocratic origin; otherwise she would have never sex hikayeleri been a meretrix, a woman of pleasure. But she was Kaius’ lover and in the eyes of everyone she benefited of his social ranking as well.

A moment later, the entrance flap of the tent raised and a half naked Kaius emerged with just linen wrapped around his waist. ‘Portia’ he called, causing the few soldiers present to look away from her as if, all of a sudden, the mere sight of her would burn their eyes. They sure did not want to raise Kaius’ anger.

She stood and smiled to the beard of a few days she had washed last night. He looked so much better without the grime and dirt from the battle. She rolled around him without a word and caressed his arm while walking into the tent. For a moment Kaius felt like his manhood would pierce the linen around his waist. What did that woman have? Her presence alone was enough for him to lose his mind.

He trailed behind her like a puppy; she threw her arms around his neck and gifted him with a kiss. Her soft lips touched his, leaving him helpless for a moment. When they parted to tease his upper lip into a deeper kiss her lips tasted like the sweetest wine, he could really spend the rest of his life making love to this woman. What a find she was, and she was his.

His arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her tight. The contact with her soft skin cradled his most sensual thoughts, without hesitation his lips met his skin and fondled it with renewed energy.

His erection pushed against her stomach, eager for attention and her own hand slid down to touch it through the fabric when the tent flap raised once again interrupting the scene and a young soldier stepped in unannounced. Kaius’ growl was enough to send the young man running out, but Portia stood back with a smirk ‘If you have to do…’

Kaius’ laugh could probably be heard from miles out ‘Do?’ he asked. ‘I tell you, there is a adult hikayeler lot to do, woman!’

Portia laughed and her touch grew bolder, pushing hers hand through fabric to touch the swollen member underneath as his mouth engaged on hers once again, his tongue dancing with hers.

‘Again?’ she whispered at his ear letting the towel fall and she pushed him to sit on the edge of the cot, his knees spread and his manhood towering between his thighs, big and swollen. She knelt between his thighs and her lips closed around the soft head, already tasting his salty liquid. With a couple of swift strokes she felt him getting bigger inside her mouth until he was fully erect. Her tongue played in circles around the tip of his cock and Kaius lay back on his elbows, unable to even hold his seat under Portia’s expert mouth.

With his head thrown back, he thought he’d lose control another time. He had other plans; he sat up softly pulling Portia up. Her lips parted, leaving the sensitive tip of is cock in the cool air and their eyes met. As if she knew already what he wanted she stood and unfastened her own tunic, letting it fall to the floor.

There, exposed to his view she stood, the pearl-like skin showing in the dimly lit tent, the line of her breasts, divided between light and shadow and finally her soft hands falling down to touch herself in front of him. She plunged a finger inside her pussy with a swift motion and her back arched with desire. She was wet, really wet, and Kaius could easily anticipate the pleasure he’d get in taking her.

Their eyes met and Kaius’ hands joined hers caressing her mound. Hugging her bottom, he inhaled her scent and the urge to take her became almost overwhelming.

Portia carefully pushed him back and straddled him on the cot. His hands rose to meet her breasts, so soft, round and smooth, they felt like silk under his palms. His lips descended to suck a nipple, the delicious sex hikayelerin little hard thing in his mouth inspired more hot thoughts and he did not resist the temptation to explore her pussy with a finger.

Deep, wet and hot, he longed to be buried there. Portia was so excited; moving up and down on his fingers, she bent and bit his neck.

‘Take me’ she whispered with that special tone that could send him over the edge so easily.

Grabbing her hips he guided her down on his cock, which slipped in finding no resistance. He savored every inch of her descent on him, pulsating almost painfully as his cock made its way inside her private folds.

Kaius held her tight against his chest, trying to overcome the feeling of being buried deep into her body but was swept away by his own pleasure and his hands started guiding Portia up and down his swollen manhood. It was bliss, as if anything could ever be better than being inside her.

Portia loved to feel Kaius’ hands on her hips, possessive and manly, guiding her in pleasure but most of all she loved feeling his hard body trembling with pleasure, which was building up quickly for both.

‘Yes!’ she screamed. ‘Portia’ he whispered as his hips increased the rhythm. She hugged his shoulders then arched her back, as if she wanted to escape a pleasure she’d not give up for anything in the world.

His hot hard rod kept drilling furiously into her, spreading her wide and making her cry out loud, so now the whole camp knew that Kaius’ skills weren’t limited to the battlefield.

They were glistening with sweat when pleasure surged up from their insides like a wave, taking a hold of both, and the world crashed around them.

Portia’s nails dug into Kaius’ shoulders leaving fresh marks other than battlefield scars as she shook in pleasure, her most inner muscles grasping her lover’s hard manhood as he lost control and spurted his seed into her.

For that magic moment they weren’t in a tent, or in a camp out of nowhere, they were just pleasure beings and nothing else. Then they crumpled down, their bodies entangled on the cot, breathing hard and wishing that moment would never end.

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