The Norseman Ch. 03


The journey to the North Lands took many days, and Emma had no concept of day or night in the hold of the Longship. She had woken some hours after Agnar and Gellir had visited her in this same small room and she could smell the scent of their sex heavy in the air.

When she thought of what had happened, and how she had allowed herself to be used in such a way she doubled over and wept. Fear and shame engulfed her, and she wondered who this woman was who could leave everything behind, lose her home and her kin, yet still respond to her captor like his whore.

Gellir visited her often during the journey, but seemed distant and had not moved near her body as if he was wary of it. He brought her water and food and sometimes sat quietly in one corner, watching her with an intent gaze. Happily Agnar had not visited her again and her gut coiled in revulsion when she thought of his flesh in her mouth.

For some time she became ill with a feverish sickness, and Gellir silently cared for her during dark hours when she retched and called out in her sleep.

Gellir had to work hard to avoid the curiosity of the fellow men, when he was seen to visit the woman, especially when they knew her to be too ill to be put to good use, he had had to bargain hard with Agnar to avoid a repeat of the earlier events, stating that as his chattels he could determine her fate, and he intended to make a present of her to his brother. Again the family name and reputation protected her as; even the warrior Agnar had no desire to make enemies of Gellirs’ extensive and powerful kin.

He had wanted her so badly, but seeing her with Agnar and seeing her display herself had left him in torment. He hardened at the thought of her, and the sight of her soft, ripe body maddened him, but he recoiled from images of a woman who could be so free and so open to a mans attention, in a way he had never really seen before.

* * *

Emma became aware of changing temperature and of different scents permeating her small imprisoning room and she could tell from the sounds and shouts above deck that something of importance was happening. When finally the boat was landed she felt alternately afraid and elated – she longed to be released from the hold, but had no idea of where they had landed and what might become of her in this strange land. The Vikings were known to all in her region for their cruelty and barbarism, and the tales told to her made her tremble.

After some hours she was approached by a young boy who pulled her to her feet and ushered her out on to the deck, the air was frigid and it was night time, she saw torches and people everywhere – but no Gellir.

Her destination was a room no bigger than the ship’s hold, shared with another girl who didn’t speak, or perhaps could not understand her, and as she lay on the pallet bed in this cold new land she wondered why Gellir gaziantep bayan escort had stolen her away, only to forsake her now, when she needed the warmth of his body against her more than ever.

* * *

Early the next day Emma was awoken by a stranger in her room, a woman as old as her mother, gesturing and shouting in her foreign tongue, she worked all the day in this house, far larger than even the Shire House near her home. She cleaned and carried until she felt weak with fatigue, struggling to understand orders and cowering from the open handed slaps the woman rained down on her when she made mistakes.

It was late when she entered the great room, with its huge fire and long wooden table, her breath caught in her throat at the sight of Gellir, standing with others drinking and feasting. He saw her, an instant after she had seen him, almost as if he felt the draw of her gaze and the strength of her longing. She ached to run to him, just to see something familiar in this terrifying alien place, as he met her gaze he looked distressed and he glanced almost guiltily behind him to where another woman stood, and once he had seen that she was paying him no heed, he walked towards Emma, taking from her the dish she was carrying. She looked ready to speak to him but his look silenced her and it was apparent that here she was servant and he master and that to converse would be unacceptable. The woman she had seen before spoke and broke their reverie, Gellir moved swiftly back towards her and Emma was ushered from the room.

When her exhausting day had ended and she was returned to her room she felt the full weight of her new situation settle upon her. She was so far from home that she could never imagine making her way back, she was, it seemed, a slave to a wealthy family and she was to watch Gellir with what she now assumed to be his wife. Crushing sadness was matched by a terrible coiling jealousy – whilst she had not imagined a man like Gellir to be hers alone, she found it hard to bear witness to another woman in his life. To watch them together and know she could never again feel his shaft buried within her was tortuous – worse than never to see him was to see him and not have him.

Thinking of the brief moments they had had together brought back the familiar feelings, the ache in the pit of her stomach and the trickle of moisture between her legs. Tired as she was she lifted her skirts and moved her hand to between her legs. She stroked the inside of her thighs, feeling the softness of her skin and thinking of the feel of his beard against her. Her breathing deepened and she listened to ensure the other girl in her room was indeed asleep.

She allowed her fingers to moved slowly in towards her private place and tentatively the touched the soft hairs nestled there. She had never touched herself, except to bathe and the guilty pleasure enhanced the feelings. Her fingers reached between the soft folds and she parted easily, ready to welcome her fingers, just as she wanted to welcome his swollen manhood. She could feel her softness, hot and inviting and she inched her fingers towards the depth of her sex, slipping around the entrance to herself and feeling the ache deepen. She felt her breath catch in her chest and her breasts swell within the tight confines of her bodice. The need felt overwhelming, threatened to engulf her and if she could have found something hard to press inside her she would have ridden it in her desperate search for release.

As she allowed her finger to search deeper inside and felt the slippery contours of her unfamiliar sex she heard a sound and moved swiftly to hide her shameful actions. At the entrance to the tiny room she saw a huge shape loom before her. As the shape moved closer she opened her mouth to cry our and he lunged toward her, putting a huge hand against her mouth, she wondered what knew torment had been sent to her, but behind the strangeness there was some recognisable scent and when he spoke she knew it was Gellir.

Withdrawing his hand, he touched her parted lips and whispered her name, in the darkness his features were beginning to develop before her. His eyes were intense and held hers with passion for some long minutes before she uttered his name and something within him seemed to unlock.

He laid her down against the pallet bed and covered her mouth with his. They had not kissed before and his soft lips and rough beard teased and tormented her sensitive, swollen lips. He kissed down her jaw line and onto her neck and she felt the tingle of desire along the length of her body, struggling to remain silent. As his hands worked free the laces of her bodice his face pressed hard against her breasts, as if his longing was a fierce as her own, and when she felt the heat of his mouth on her nipples she let a stifled moan from her lips and grabbed at his hair.

When he moved away from her breasts she felt lost, wanted him to keep his hands and mouth on her but when he lifted her skirts and she felt his breath on her thighs she gasped in disbelief. Surely he could not want to touch her there with his mouth? No man had ever touched her in this way and she could not believe it could be acceptable to him, but when she felt his hot tongue lightly touch her nestling folds she cried out, covering her own mouth to capture the sounds.

He traced his tongue long the line of her outer lips then her inner ones and she felt herself flood with moisture, angling her hips to allow him to go wherever he may. At that moment she felt sure that she must have that tongue buried inside her, just as she had needed his shaft. Sure enough this slippery invader dipped deep into her hole and she felt the softness of him filling her entrance and teasing her open still further. The further into her he pressed the more his beard rasped softly against her and she could feel herself rising to a crescendo just as he withdrew.

Longing and desperate she knelt quickly and lowered her head so that he would know what she wanted. He released himself and the sight of his engorged length captivated her. She took the tip of him into her mouth tasting him and enjoying the fullness in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the bulbous head and, hearing his gasp at a particular point, rubbed her tongue against the base of the head. With his hands buried in her hair she swallowed as much of his length as she could manage, sucking hungrily, then removed her mouth to lick along the entire length of his shaft, burying her face in the musky hair and the tightening sacks at the very base.

Fighting the need to come Gellir moved her beautiful face from him and laid her back against the bed. With eyes locked her opened her slim legs wide and positioned his shaft at her entrance, she wriggled and bucked, as if desperate to force him inside her and when he pushed forwards his shaft slipped slowly but readily into her willing depths.

Again she cried out, feeling every vein in his shaft and the slap of heavy sacks against her, she could hear the changes in her roommates breathing, long since woken by their muffled sounds, but knowing that she was being watched was no distraction from the pressure mounting deep within her.

Gellir was fighting to keep from coming, but the sensation of her tight willing hole sucking him in deeper with every stroke, and her full breasts swinging with every thrust made it almost impossible to resist. Hearing her keening cries, so loud in this tiny space he knew he need wait only seconds more, and as her body tensed and bucked beneath him he knew he had taken her as far as he could.

He withdrew his glistening shaft from her, even as she shuddered under the last throes of her orgasm and he grunted as he came across her soft smooth belly. Seeing the trails of glistening white against her milky skin he lowered his face and kissed her belly, the rose to kiss her deeply on the mouth.

Tenderly he covered Emma with her rough blanket and touched her cheek as she lay on her low bed, spent and finally satiated. He too became aware of the other girl, awake and watchful, her eyes gleaming with devilment, and he feared he may pay heavily for this indiscretion. He had not intended to visit her, he knew his wife would expect him their bed tonight, after being parted for so long, but the urge was irrational and had to be obeyed. There was something about this woman, and power and a passion that weakened him and made him foolish. Of course, this would be the last time, he was not expected to be faithful only to his wife, but she was a powerful and jealous woman, and this was definitely too close to home.

He would give Emma to his brother and free himself from her spell. Tomorrow. Or sometime soon.

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