The Nude Calendar Shoot


I had just turned twenty-two when I first started working at the KAILOR EAST FOOTY CLUB. It was just bar work on a Thursday and Friday night and all day and night Saturday.It was a second job for me as I already had a full-time job working in ad min in a store that sold plumbing fittings. Neither job was particularly exciting, but my boyfriend and I were saving for a deposit for a house so we wanted all the money we could get.Unlike most of the other girls who worked at the footy club, I had no direct involvement in the club other than the fact that I worked there. By that I mean I didn’t play netball for the club nor did my boyfriend play for the footy team; in fact, far from it.Although he watched AFL and supported a team, he had no real love for the sort of guys who played local footy. He thought they were “arrogant wankers” and I must confess I tended to agree. In fact when I first applied for the job he was quite upset and tried to convince me not to even apply let alone take the job when it was offered.At this point, I probably should say that I have always been an attractive girl, even if I say so myself. From a young age, I have received a lot of male attention and am aware of the power I have over men. I know that must sound very arrogant but it’s true.As I grew older and my body started to develop I sometimes found the attention a little embarrassing and I certainly never actively sought out male attention or dressed in an overly provocative way, but as I am about five foot five with large breasts, slim build, blonde hair and an attractive face, the attention came regardless.My boyfriend, on the other hand, was not the most handsome man in the world, but I loved him very much. We had met through a mutual friend and I had found him somewhat intriguing. However, I was acutely aware of the fact that he was quite insecure about me, and hated the fact that I had done a lot of bar work over the years, in environments where obviously I received a great deal of male attention.Naturally, I received a lot of offers from many men. Anything from being asked out on dates, invited to parties (on my own of course), to pose for photos by “aspiring photographers”, to flat out requests for “a fuck”. But I never had any trouble refusing all of these. I had been with my boyfriend Nathan for about two years and prior to him had only ever had three other boyfriends. These four young men were the only sexual partners I’d ever had.That’s not to say that I didn’t have rather strong sexual desires. On the contrary, I really enjoyed sex, and I would on occasions have some wild fantasies. It’s just that I was raised with very firm sexual morals and I believed that if you had a partner then that was the only person with whom you should have sex with.I sometimes used to wonder what it would be like to be a stripper (although I would never actually do it) and on a couple of occasions when I was single I had considered offers to pose for risqué photos (risqué, but not nude). However, in the end, I had always declined the offers.So, when I started working at the footy club, despite Nathans concerns, I had no thoughts of doing anything other than work to the best of my ability and then come home.The place I worked at was a typical suburban footy club room. A single large voluminous room, it had been built in the mid to late nineteen eighties and consisted of a tiled floor and brick walls adorned with the photos of various club premierships teams, best and fairest winners etc. The bar was a large, fluoro lit room with enough room to service any number of drunken men and allow enough room inside for the women to prepare the meals for them.For the first few weeks, it was pretty much exactly what I had expected. The girls I worked with were pleasant enough and worked quite well. But they were all pretty much enamoured of the players; especially their respective boyfriends in the team. And the players themselves; they were friendly enough after training on a Thursday night and when they first came in after the game on Saturday evenings. But when the beer started flowing they could become quite belligerent, obviously some more than others.On Saturday nights Nathan would usually drive out to pick me up and would wait in the car until I came out. As I left the bar I would usually have to run the gamut of young blokes inviting me to stay for a drink or go back to someone’s house for more drinks. Despite my polite refusals they would persist until their girlfriends would intervene on my behalf and say, “she wants to go home to her boyfriend; leave her alone” or something along those lines. I’d smile a “thank you” to her whilst the boyfriend would invariably slur, “Well he can come, too”.On one or two occasions I’d mention these drunken invitations to Nathan and his look of disgust would be all the answer I needed. That was okay. I had no interest in going either.Obviously, after a period of some weeks, I got to know some of the other girls better and we had several chats. As it was a community run football club and not a “normal business”, we often had far more staff working than was actually required. So there was a lot of time to talk.The Captain of the team, Tom, was an extremely handsome young man, about twenty-five years of age. Tall, with olive skin, rather penetrating green eyes, thick dark hair and slim but well-defined build, he wasn’t the best player in the team but he had a natural leadership style about him and the rest of the players readily followed his direction. But I hardly knew him.He certainly drank as much as the rest of them and he was always very polite and respectful toward me, but unlike the others, he never even attempted to engage me in conversation. At first, I didn’t give it a moment’s thought as I assumed he was either very shy or very arrogant or both. And what’s more, I had no connection to the club so I didn’t really care either way. I did my job and went home to Nathan.I had a lot to learn about the camaraderie and bond that existed at such clubs.After a while, I noticed that I was being excluded from conversations. The invitations to the various drunken after parties stopped coming and, to my surprise, I actually cared.After several weeks I asked one of the other girls about this.“You haven’t been initiated,” she said to me.“What?” I asked, “Initiated?”“You don’t seem to want to be a part of the club so you’ve been, sort of, ostracised”.I couldn’t Gölbaşı escort understand but apparently because I had declined the invitations to late night drinks and after closure parties, I was seen as “not part of the team” and therefore not to be trusted. The odd thing was that this actually bothered me. A few weeks earlier I would have told them to shove their club up their arse and would have happily been an outsider. But now I found that I actually enjoyed the company of the girls I worked with and even found some of the players to be genuine people.“What do I need to do,” I asked, “to be included?”The answer absolutely shocked me.“Well, there’s a sort of initiation thing we do here,” she said, “We’ve all done it”.“What?” I asked blankly.“We’ve all slept with Tom,” and before I could ask, she continued, “All of us girls.”I stared in disbelief.“You are joking,” I said.“No. It’s just, sorta, what we do. Oh, my God,” she went on excitedly “He is an amazing lover.”She stared off into the distance for a moment before continuing. “It’s just become a bit of a tradition. Honestly Andrea,” she implored, “you’ve got to try it!”At first, I didn’t believe the story. It sounded like a joke. But other girls assured me that it was true. I then found it even harder to believe. How could it be that these girls all allowed themselves to be objectified and frankly, degraded like this?“He is great in bed,” one of the girls told me. Samantha, her name was, and she had a boyfriend who played in the team.“What did your boyfriend think?”“Well,” she said, shrugging her shoulders, “that happened before I hooked up with Hadley”.“And he knows this?” I asked, incredulously.“Yeah, I think so,” she said nonchalantly.I assured Samantha and anybody else to whom I spoke to about this that I would definitely not be participating in any such initiation. And I meant it! To me, this was nothing more than some sort of dirty swingers club and I had no interest in swingers clubs.Obviously, I mentioned none of this to Nathan. That would have only reinforced his belief that every bloke at that club was only interested in getting into my pants. So I continued to go to work every week with the view that everybody at the club was a bit sick, to be honest.As the weeks went by the girls didn’t really mention it much. But from time to time they would tell me I didn’t know what I was missing out on. They said that Tom was an amazing lover and that he had an enormous cock. They always giggled when they said that but nonetheless assured me it was true.Slowly but surely, as time went by, I found myself thinking about Tom quite a lot, especially when I was at work. Often, without realising it, I’d find myself looking at him when I should have been serving customers. I’d either catch myself doing it or, more embarrassingly, he’d catch me.I hated that. Because I didn’t want him thinking that I was interested in him. Except the truth was, I was interested in him. Not romantically. I mean, I hardly knew him. And besides, I was in love with my boyfriend. I didn’t really know why or how I was interested, I just was.But, he still wouldn’t talk to me other than to order a drink and say thanks. Other than that it was the same as it had always been.I found myself deliberately staying back after work and making an effort to talk to the other girls. And, without really meaning to, I found myself asking a lot of questions about Tom. I found out that he didn’t have a girlfriend (at least not one that anyone knew about) and seemed happy to “play the field”.I think I was slightly annoyed that he wasn’t even trying to flirt with me. I wanted to ask, “What’s wrong with me? Doesn’t he find me attractive?” But, of course, I couldn’t. But I kept mentioning his name. Naturally, the other girls picked up on this and started to tease me about it. They started asking me tongue-in-cheek if I was in love with him etc.Then, one day, something very unexpected happened.It was a Saturday night towards the end of the season. That afternoon the footy team had suffered a crushing loss in a game they had expected to win. It meant that they could not now make the finals and everyone was a little down about it. The players and coaches and the older men from the committee all drank even more than they usually did. Even the girls behind the bar had a few drinks; quite a few in fact.For most of the night, I resisted having a drink until I got a text message from Nathan saying that he was at a friend’s place and had been drinking and wouldn’t be able to pick me up. I told him that that was ok. I said I could get one of the other girls to drop me off. I knew this would not be possible because nearly everybody at the footy club was drunk too. But I figured I’d work something out. In reality, I was glad to have an opportunity to spend some time at the club rooms and hopefully talk to Tom. So I also snuck a few drinks in.Later that night, as things were winding down, I was with the other girls washing and polishing and putting away glasses behind the bar. As had become customary, the others were standing away from me a bit and talking amongst themselves and not really including me. This time, however, I was keen to participate. I’d had a couple of drinks already and had another bourbon and cola next to me.So, there I was, trying to listen in to their conversation for an opportunity to join in. I was watching Tom leaning on the bar talking with the coach and I was finding him really attractive. He looked so earnest and serious. And he was talking with such passion about the team and season and today’s loss etc. etc.The rest of the players, committee men, wives, girlfriends, supporters etc. were scattered around the cavernous room or standing with their backs to the bar engrossed in their own conversations and oblivious to us girls. There were perhaps thirty people still in the club.As I strained to listen to the other girls’ conversation, I heard one of them say something along the lines of stripping off. By this stage, I have to admit, I was feeling quite naughty, not to mention, a little drunk.“What was that?” I asked, laughing.They all stopped and looked at me.“Oh, we’re just talking about the calendar,” one of the girls, Amanda, said.“What, are you doing a nude calendar?” I asked, laughing.“Yes,” she said.A shiver ran through me. Instantly I was extremely aroused.“Really?” I asked, trying to sound Keçiören escort bayan only mildly interested. “What for?”“It’s a fundraiser for the club”.“And you guys pose naked for this calendar?” I asked, praying that the answer would be ‘yes’.“Yeah,” said another girl, Genevieve.“Yeah,” followed Amanda. “We did it a couple of years ago and it sold really well, so they’ve asked us to do it again”.She and Gen went on to explain that they took all the photos on a Sunday at the club. The photos had all been taken by one of the older guys on the committee. It was all tastefully done, they assured me.“After all,” Gen had said, “we’re selling it to grandmas and grandpas as well as kids and stuff.”“Can I see one?” I asked, feeling myself tingling at the thought of what I might see.They managed to find one hidden in a cupboard somewhere, creased and a bit battered, but there it was. As I looked through it, I must confess, I felt my panties become extremely wet. Page after page of the girls whom I knew and worked with, and others who had since left the club, completely naked, standing with a different player or group of players each page. The players were dressed, usually in just their shorts or perhaps a towel.Obviously, because it was for public sale not too much was visible. The girls all had an arm or a piece of gym equipment or something covering any vital bits, but it was obvious that they were all fully nude.I turned the pages I found myself transfixed by what I was seeing. In themselves the images were quite tame; very tame, in fact. Just a bunch of fit and attractive young male athletes standing around in various states of undress, with fully naked girls standing with them in tasteful poses but with nothing too provocative showing. But it was what the whole thing implied, to me at least, that I found so erotic. The girls had obviously allowed the boys, plus the photographer, to see them fully nude. And their poses suggested a submissive element. Now, normally that sort of thing would piss me off no end, but now, seeing it in front of me, it didn’t.Without lifting my gaze from the calendar, I asked about the photo shoot itself. The other girls giggled at my question.“It was pretty wild,” said Gen.That caused me to stop looking at the calendar and turn around. They definitely had my attention now. “Who was there?” I asked.“Oh, the whole club, pretty much. It was good fun,” said Gen. “But later on, after we’d all had a few drinks, it got a bit wild.”I was desperate to know more. But I didn’t want to appear too eager. I thought I’d just pretend like I wasn’t particularly interested and hope they’d tell me more. They didn’t. But they started talking about the next shoot.“When are you doing it?” I blurted out, sounding a lot more interested than I meant to.“Probably in a couple of weeks,” said Amanda.“Who joins in?” I asked.“We all do,” said another girl, Chloe.Once again they all looked away from me and kept talking. I desperately wanted an invitation to participate, but it was quite obvious that none would be coming. I was going to have to ask.At this point, a saviour walked in behind the bar, although I didn’t realise it at first and he certainly didn’t look like a saviour.He was one of the committee men, called Ian. He was a nice enough bloke, in his 50’s, with a wife and a bit of a gut. He had a car dealership in the area and had a bit of money. He came behind the bar to settle up the tills as the bar was about to close. Looking around for a money bag to put the takings in he noticed the calendar on the cupboard.“Ah, one of the old calendars,” he said raising his eyebrows, “You girls had a good day that day, I hear.”The other girls laughed. “Neverrrr…” Gen said, mockingly. The other girls laughed again.“You looking forward to this one, the new one?” he asked.The other girls feigned indifference. “Yeah,” they said.Then he looked at me. “What about you Andrea?” he asked, with an only partly lecherous smile.That didn’t bother me. I wanted in. But before I could answer, Chloe answered for me.“Nah, she won’t. Nathan wouldn’t let her. Plus, she wouldn’t want to anyway.” It was said without malice, but the other girls all nodded in agreement.“Who’s Nathan?” Ian asked.“My boyfriend,” I replied.“Oh well,” he said, “Nathan doesn’t have to find out, does he, girls?”Feigning naivety, I asked, “Are we expected to participate?”He shrugged his shoulders, “We prefer everyone gets involved.”Having seen the calendar, I realised that by “everyone” he meant the young girls.“You wouldn’t join in, would ya?” asked Amanda, looking questioningly at me.“I might.”“No you wouldn’t,” said Chloe, “You have to take your clothes off, in front of everybody.”The other girls nodded in agreement.I kept polishing glasses. “I might,” I repeated sassily. I then half turned, picked up my drink and downed it.Sensing something interesting about to happen, Ian asked, “You want another drink, Andrea?”“Sure,” I gleefully replied, I was sensing something exciting developing too.“Nathan would kill you if you took your clothes off in front of a roomful of other guys, and you wouldn’t do it anyway,” said Gen.“What are you drinking, Andrea?” asked Ian as he held the glass up to the overhead pourers.“Bourbon and Coke, thanks,” I said, before shifting my gaze to the three girls and adding, teasingly, “You might be surprised what I’d do.”“You girls didn’t mind taking your clothes off, did you?” suggested Ian, grinning like a bit of an idiot now.“Nah,” said Chloe, all of a sudden looking rather nubile and enticing, as she held my gaze with hers, “we had a great day”.At this point, the entire bar area was invaded by what seemed like a hundred people as the various wives and partners of the committee men and assorted helpers came in to collect their pots and trays and casserole dishes etc. which they had brought to the club filled with food to be sold during the day. So all talk of the calendar came to a sudden stop in the swell of raucous laughter and various carryings on as the wives started to lead their mostly drunk and bleary-eyed husbands out to their cars.But my mind was racing. About the calendar, about Tom, about being naked in front of him and all the other guys, and of course, about Nathan, and how he would react if he found out. I knew that it was wrong to do it. It was wrong to Nathan, but I wanted to do it so badly. I didn’t really know why, Escort Kızılay but it just excited me like nothing else had for a long time.About an hour later, everything had quietened down. Most of the older ones had gone, except for Ian and a couple of others; although their wives had gone. Most of the players were still there, including Tom, and several of the girlfriends.The entire place was dark except for the light shining from the fluoros behind the bar.We were sitting around the tables in front of the bar having quiet drinks, listening to the players carry on the way drunk young men do. Talking about the season, today’s game, and various other things which, quite frankly, bored me to tears.I tried not to stare at Tom, but it was difficult. He looked gorgeous. His long hair, which he usually wore in a short ponytail, was down and his slim muscled frame was accentuated by a tight-fitting grey t-shirt. I said very little, even when a few people remarked how it was unusual to have me there after service for drinks.“Nathan’s let you off the leash tonight?” slurred one of the players, his red flushed face grinning wetly.“He’s busy tonight,” I said quietly.“So, you’re on the loose tonight, eh?” said the wet talker again, staring at me.“Shut up, Paul, ya dickhead,” said his girlfriend, “leave her alone.”I just wanted somebody to mention the calendar. Anybody. Ian did.“Andrea was asking about the calendar, earlier on.”For probably the first time that night, Tom suddenly looked at me.He had an intense look that seemed to probe my mind. He seemed to be asking, with his eyes, “Is this true? I haven’t seen this side of you before.” Yet, he actually said nothing. He just stared.This was the moment I had wanted, but I didn’t know what to say. Chloe spoke for me.“She reckons she’d get involved.”Chloe was clearly simmering with sexual energy. Her eyes sparkled; she leered at me in a sexy way, with a smile that I could only describe as wicked, or even naughty.The wet talker sprang to life again. “Yeah?” He looked as if he wanted to have a wank right there in front of me, such was his excitement.“Well, you know,” I said quietly, looking at Chloe, “I just wanna help out if I can.”“You done this sorta thing before?” asked Paul, the wet talker, in a slurring, high pitched, slightly hysterical voice which trailed up to an even higher note at the end of every question, his eyes remaining steady as his body swayed on the stool he was slouched on, one leg on the ground.“No, never,” I answered truthfully.“You done nude modelin’ and stuff in the past, have ya?” he went on, hopefully, his eyes taking on a slightly repulsive, slightly pathetic look.“Shut UP, Paul!” his exasperated girlfriend said again, reaching over to slap his arm.The attention from Paul I found slightly revolting, but the looks I was getting from everybody else was exciting. And truth be told, I was kinda glad that Paul was asking the questions that, I guess, some of the other guys were wondering but weren’t drunk or uncouth enough to ask.Chloe was obviously quite wound up now, and I’m not sure whose look was more arousing to me, hers or Tom’s.“You’ve got a great body, Andrea,” she said, “you should show it off.”“I do,” I protested, “to Nathan.” It was an intentionally provocative reply, and it got the desired response.“He’s a lucky man,” came the words from Tom’s mouth. I looked at him and he held my gaze.I felt a tingle run through my body and, I must confess, I felt my panties become extremely wet. I said nothing.“Show us yer tits now,” said Paul, the wet talker, almost hysterically. His eyes were wide and he appeared as though he couldn’t believe what was happening. I guess I couldn’t quite, either.The truth is I wanted to. Not to him, although the way I felt, I didn’t care if he saw my breasts, but I was loving the attention and I would’ve given anything to strip my clothes off at that very point.“She doesn’t want to, Paul! Leave her alone,” said the long-suffering girlfriend.The room fell silent. Tom kept looking at me, but not in a threatening or predatory way, rather in an interested sort of way, as though he found me fascinating. Perhaps he was finding me attractive. I didn’t know, but I hoped so.Perhaps I was the only one in the room who felt the silence, but to me, it seemed to last a long time.Tom snapped his gaze from me.“You still going to Fuzz’s place on Tuesday?” he asked someone, turning away from me.The heavy silence was broken.It was as if he’d analysed me, summed me up and then moved on. As though once he’d decided he had me worked out he’d lost interest. Or maybe he thought I was embarrassed and needed saving. I wasn’t sure.The wet talker kept leering at me revoltingly, but that didn’t really bother me, I just realised he was as horny as fuck. I actually found that kind of amusing. By the time I got home, Nathan was sound asleep. I was definitely still aroused, and had he been awake I would’ve probably attacked him. But the truth was I was probably more intrigued.Intrigued by Tom and his opinion of me, but more so intrigued by my own feelings.As I lay next to Nathan, so many thoughts were going through my mind.I’d never felt this way before. Frankly, I’d never wanted to be someone’s “slut” before or to behave like one in any way. But now I felt differently. Despite everything that I kept telling myself, I wanted to be naked in front of those guys. I wanted them to lust over me. I wanted Tom to want me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to fuck me. I just didn’t know. But one thing I did know, I definitely wanted to be part of that calendar.The next week seemed to pass very slowly. My regular week job in admin seemed even more boring than usual as all I could think about was the approaching weekend and further talk about the calendar.Unfortunately, I still wasn’t friendly enough with the other girls at the footy club to be in contact with them socially, so I couldn’t talk to them during the week.On several occasions, I thought of ringing the club to get the phone numbers of one of the girls to discuss the photo shoot. But I was worried that would make me appear foolish and I didn’t know the other girls well enough to let them know of my true feelings. I still wanted to keep those to myself.Then, on the Thursday, my mobile phone rang whilst I was at my day job. It was Chloe from the footy club.“Hey, sorry to ring you at work,” she said, not knowing that I was delighted to take the call, “we need someone to work behind the bar tonight. They’ve got a meeting about the calendar and it’s usually a pretty big night ‘cos the guys from the team come in for a few drinks ‘cos there’s no training and stuff. Can you come in?” Then, in a slightly pleading tone, “Otherwise I’ll be on my own”.

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