The Other Child Ch. 02


*Lust and Love can run at cross purposes; control your Lust because Love will always take you farther*

(Another great job of editing by Steve150177)

(This tale uses racial stereotypes for the sake of the story; these are not things I hold to be true)

(This is not really an incest story as there is no blood relation and little familial bond)

Workout Buddy

Wednesday Morning I was just warming up when Zuiko came stumbling in looking angry with the world. I’d only then finished my warm-up and I saw she was forgoing the pleasure when Dulce, our morning housekeeper gave me a call over the inter-house system. Dulce was Maria’s cousin’s brother-in-law’s daughter so she carried some weigh around here despite her youth. Maria had brought me up to speed on the true hierarchy of this place.

“Senor Duke, there is a…policia, a mujer policia waiting for you — at the gate,” she informed me. I tapped the number for the gate.

“Hello, Daniel La Roche here, how may I help you?” I called out hopefully.

“Duke, this is Holiday Lake,” my policewoman friend from my YMCA work out days greeted me. Since she was municipal PD, we shouldn’t have had a professional problem — especially at 6 am.

“Come on up, I’ll buzz the gate,” I told her. Zuiko gave me a studied look because I’d just invited a person into her house who she didn’t know. I opted to explain things to Dulce because she actually mattered in this. From the part of the Hemisphere Dulce came from, the police were rarely her friend.

Once we were square that Ms. Lake was a friend back when my real mother was dying everything was good. No employee here was going to need to slip over the back fence until the situation died down because I vouched for Holiday and Maria vouched for me. Donato brought Holiday to our room — he was our guy who handled, amongst other things, the sprinkler system.

Maria said he was from Peru and I believed her; he was a plumber back home but here he worked on the hydroponics systems in Dad’s greenhouses as well as oversaw the lawns. His English was dreadful but he knew French and Portuguese fluently. He was normally very quiet but Holiday had Donato talking up a storm when they arrived.

He bowed politely and departed leaving me to rush into Holiday’s arms.

“Hey Kiddo,” she patted the side of my face. “I’ve missed you too.” Zuiko cleared her throat loudly.

“Officer Holiday Lake, this is my stepmother Zuiko La Roche,” I introduced the two.

“What department are you with, why are you familiar with my ‘Son’ and aren’t you aware he is serving twenty month house arrest?” Zuiko sounded all icy.

“Calm down,” Holiday placed a warding hand on my chest and the other toward Zuiko. “I met Duke when his biological mother was suffering from cancer.”

“We took some of the same YMCA classes ending with a self-defense class,” she smiled my way. “We always ended up sparing because his size was already intimidating the other classmates”. (She was referring to my body mass index that weightlifting was only starting to augmented back then — honest).

“I had a chance to take a Krav Maga class downtown and I offered Duke a chance to join me, we partnered up again and stayed that way until he went to college,” Officer Holiday turned her friendliness toward Hotness. “I recently heard he had some troubles and I’m repaying the help he gave me then with some support now. I’ve come by to teach him some of the moves I’ve been taught in the past five months while he’s been away — if that is okay?”

“It is not okay,” Hotness grumbled.

“It will be just fine,” I got out a moment later. Zuiko and I locked gazes. “I am certainly allowed to have a police officer over if she wishes to help me work out.”

“I think we’ll let the Sheriff’s department decide on what kind of martial arts nonsense you are allowed Daniel,” Zuiko zinged back my way.

“LAPD Patrol Officer Holiday Lake,” my old buddy began. She read off her badge number as well. I could tell she was a bit queasy about confrontations with other law enforcement due to her past troubles inside the force but she was not backing down on account of me and what I’d gone through. As far as I’d been able to tell, I was her only guy-friend since her difficulties with a sexual harassment suit versus one of her superiors.

Zuiko stormed off and Holiday shot me an inquisitive eye.

“I have no idea and let’s go get your car. It’s not safe to leave a beater like yours on the street here,” I jibed. It is said by some of the staff that the street sweepers took out any car that was over three years old if left unattended. They were only half-joking.

At the bottom of the driveway my ankle bracelet gave me a warning beep so I had to give her my code and waited for Holiday to drive up. Her car, an ancient Pontiac, was definitely road-bait so we stashed it near the pool gate and rushed back to the gym. We were still working Holiday through her warm up when Zuiko came back to announce the Sheriff’s department gaziantep escort was sending out some Deputies to ‘settle the matter’.

Seeing that Holiday and I were being ‘intimate’, she stormed off again.

“That girl needs to check her hormone levels,” Holiday mocked my general situation.

“I thought it was because she hates my guts and I banged one of her daughter’s friends yesterday afternoon,” I groaned.

“Seriously,” Holiday tsk-tsked me, “couldn’t you be somewhat discreet? Your Dad took you in after all.” I then gave her the skinny on my circumstances and Holiday darkened incredibly.

“Damn it,” Holiday groused, “I wish you had called me; I would have taken you in.”

“A convict sleeping on your sofa is the last thing your career needs, Ohlie,” I smiled.

Ohlie stood for Officer Holiday Lake — OHL — Ohlie. I think I’m the only one to use it but she didn’t mind.

“I think I passed my Sergeant’s exam too,” Ohlie snorted. “I called but all your numbers were disconnected, sorry.”

“Guess whose fault that was?” I winked back. “She really wants me gone. I hate to think about how stuffed my Inbox is on my email account — wait, my account expired last month; oh well.”

“So you really had sex with some girl — of age — outside of a bedroom yesterday?” she teased.

“Hard Money Sex,” I bragged. “I was ridden like Orb at the Kentucky Derby,” I added. Holiday got me interested in horse racing and breeding as a mental coping mechanism way back when.

“She had to be ambitious if she wasn’t calling out for the local and county LEA’s (Law Enforcement Agencies) plus God Almighty as she took on your equipment,” Holiday poked my ribs.

“Gee thanks Coach,” I mock-protested as I helped her off the warming mats and got ready for some sparring. We competed seriously for twenty minutes until Dulce called down to tell me that two Sheriff’s Deputies were coming up. I politely requested that she bring us two each of those Panamanian, Columbian and South Beach coffee blends plus six of those small, glazed croissants that are so tasty.

I knew we had some prepared because Zuiko loved to have a half dozen every morning. I also publicly resolved to give Dulce a feet massage after breakfast. The two deputies arrived first; Holiday showed them her badge and where her gun was stored in her gym bag. Zuiko showed up and glowered then redoubled her unhappiness when she had to sit powerlessly by as the two Deputies scarfed down her favorite pastries and drank her imported coffee.

The two officers fed off of Zuiko’s negativity; they decided I could have over a lawful police official who could teach me whatever she felt like as long as it didn’t involve a controlled or restricted substance because I was a lawful resident of this domicile and Holiday could have a firearm with her at all times because that was part of her job description.

They gave Zuiko the number of the county and city complaint lines if she wished to pursue the matter with the LAPD because there was nothing the Sheriff’s department could do as long as I followed my end of the agreement. They rounded off the visit by giving polite good-byes to Dulce and Holiday, a grunt to ‘Mom’ and a thank you to me for the ‘righteous drink and eats’ that they are going to tell the other patrol units about.

I warn them to be careful because every service call earned Dulce another feet or shoulder massage from me. They told me to suck it up because I was a convict. We laughed — we parted ways and Hotness was livid. I didn’t think Zuiko knew how this game was played but when she got back from some therapeutic shopping, she found I’d moved in next door to Cybil’s room on the second floor. I’d let her figure out that I was planning to get Scout to buy me a new computer on her credit card. If she knew of my purchases she might have attacked me.

Cracking Under the Pressure

It wasn’t really my intention when I started out to sleep with my Stepmother — not because of any fictitious familial tie and certainly not because she was married to my father, but because I didn’t like the woman’s personality and I thought no amount of available voluptuousness would compensate for that.

It turned out Ohlie could come three days a week to help me out but she promised to come by and use the pool as soon as her crappy schedule allowed. On the third day she was over, annoying Hotness, who decided to stick it out and see what real synergetic exercise was all about. After warming up, we practiced some KM then we went through our workouts before finishing with some jujitsu and finally synchronized centering techniques — part Tai Chi and part modern dance.

Seriously, they taught this at the Y, but nowhere else either of us has heard of, and it was some of the best breathing and extension moves I’d ever seen. Perversely, doing it in close proximity to a flexible, intelligent, friendly woman was not a problem for me because I didn’t concentrate on the gaziantep escort bayan boobs, crotch or face — you felt their breathing and their muscles flexing and coiling.

The only flaw in all of this was the technique was this was mainly done in close contact either face to face, or front to back and if your partner had a tight, firm ass this could be a problem. I guess she could say that having a man whose flagship refused to obey signals was a problem too. Thankfully Holiday was a good sport about it.

“Hey,” she chuckled the first time it happened there, “how many girls besides me can now look down the barrel of a .44 Magnum and be less than impressed.” Ouch.

Two days later it was, “That’s not a parole violation, that’s a contravention of the Geneva Accords.”

“Funny like a crutch, bitch,” I glowered back until we both broke out in laughter. “Don’t you know it’s attached at the hip?”

“More like tied around the waist and hitched at the hip — bitch!” she giggled. I raised my hands in surrender after that. That’s when we realize that ‘Mom’ was staring at us.

“I apologize Mrs. La Roche,” Holiday backpedaled, “but Duke’s equipment is ridiculously huge. It is a proven procedure to inject humor into situations that might otherwise be choked with sexual tension.”

“Do you think my ‘Son’s’ penis-size is a comedic matter?” Hotness said stiffly.

“Right now I think it is at 45 degrees and about to crest his waistband,” Holiday smiled; a look which broadened as ‘Mom’s’ eyes gravitated to the source of the dilemma. “When we are doing our dance routine and that monster starts riding up my damp ass-crack, I either joke about it or run screaming in terror.”

“Thanks Ohlie,” I jabbed my partner.

“Up my ass-crack,” Hotness moaned softly. Holiday shot me a curious look to which I shrugged. Holiday kissed me on the forehead, per custom, gathered up her gym bag, a fresh water bottle and headed out the door.

“Was that Tai Chi?” Hotness murmured once we are alone.

“It is based on that,” I softened since she’d shown actual interest. “It is based a tiny bit on kung-fu with equal parts Tai Chi and modern dance. It is actually a cool down technique that starts out moderately intense and winds its way down to very simple and energy conserving moves.”

“You never told me you took dance,” Hotness now looked back up at me.

“Had you told me it was dance when I was seventeen I would not have taken it,” I confessed. “Ohlie snuck this up on me; I had a lot of rage and this gave me a tool for dealing with it.”

“What were you angry about?” she asks with utter ignorance to events she was a part of. I wanted to strangle her at that moment.

“Let me see; the man who I was told was my Father would have rather I’d been aborted and his new wife wanted me to live on Pluto because the remotest region of Planet Earth was still too close,” I explained as rationally as I could.

“That’s just not so,” Hotness now had the nerve to sound hurt by my accusation.

“What part did I miss about you not taking me to your house, home and hearth when my Mom was dying in that lonely hospital room?” I growled.

“You were an inconvenient distraction at that time — your Father was conducting crucial research right then and his company needed his thoughts uncluttered,” she stated firmly. This bitch was digging herself a hole and didn’t even see it. She looked at me for understanding.

“Oh, I can see how things become inconvenient to my Father’s life were business is concerned,” I nodded deceptively. “He doesn’t need things cluttering up his life, does he?” Now she nodded.

“Unfortunately, some parts of his life get ignored as he struggles to make the world a better place — oh, I understand that perfectly,” I looked sad, not totally freaking pissed off. “I worry about you, Zuiko, and Scout being neglected too. That isn’t fair at all.”

“Not fair? What are you talking about?” Zuiko seemed confused.

“Yes, I worry about some strange man coming into our home and taking advantage of Dad’s absence, and you might feel compelled to do things — on a genetically level that Dad wouldn’t understand,” I sounded concerned.

“What do you mean?” she balanced my postulation.

“Clearly he would be worried that someone outside of this house would test your loyalty to the family which is probably the real reason I’m here — to keep the two of you safe,” which I believed to be a complete and utter lie.

“Oh…I had never looked at it that way,” she averted her gaze. “You are his genetic heir after all.”

“So, you were interested in our cool-down technique — what about it?” I changed the subject.

“Yes,” she coughed, “that looked fun and — safe to do.” I had no idea how ‘safe’ got tagged in there but if it helped her justify rubbing up against me, so be it.

I position Hotness in front of me, facing away with her legs partially spread. She didn’t recoil when I moved escort gaziantep behind her, placed my right hand on her stomach and wrapped up our left hands together extended straight from her shoulder. My cock was pressing hard against her mid and lower back and she was resting the side of her head against my sweaty, somewhat broad chest. I was glad my heart wasn’t pounding with barely contained lust.

“Okay,” I began; “sweep our left arm up and over until the points of our fingers touch the top of your head.” We completed the series of gestures until she got the principles of the slow, fluid hand movements. From there, we moved onto the steady, gentle footwork so that she was comfortable being against me.

“Wow,” she looked over her shoulder and up at me, “this is fun.”

“You are fun to teach, Hotness,” I smiled back. For a moment she bristled at the name but she softened and muttered playfully,

“I guess it is my fault for not letting you use Mom, Mother, or Zuiko,” she confessed.

This was the first mistake she’s ever owned up to.

“Let us move our hands so that each rests on the hip — like so,” I renewed our routine. “Fingers down, palms against the side and push up as high as you can to the underarms.” She liked that one as it brought both our hands along the sides of her breasts so we repeated it.

Every time we lowered our hands, I led them farther down along the crease of her thigh and torso. I wondered why Zuiko wasn’t stopping me; instead she began pushing up with her toes while pressing her body, namely her ass, against mine?? [against his crotch?]. Her hair was drawn together in a loose bun so when she rose up I was able to kiss her lightly on the neck.

Again she reacted positively, trapping my cock between her deliciously ass cheeks. I could not help myself from pressing my luck. I took my right hand from the hip across the belly button and up to the top her sternum then retreating down to her diaphragm once more. I repeated this move multiple times and each time I dragged her wrist over her tit. It was her own wrist so how could she claim I was molesting her?

I was moving our right hands from her right hip to her left, just below the belly button. Going ‘what the hell’, I made a lower circuit each pass until I dipped pasted the faint outline of her panty’s waistband and could feel her pubic mound.

“You feel very tense,” I lied. “Why don’t you lean forward and I’ll take care of the upper body movement.

“Okay,” she moaned. Hotness didn’t waist a second in starting to lean forward. I wrapped my right hand and forearm just below hips while my left kept up the sternum movements but slightly adjusting the path until the heel of my hand was making gentle, teasing movements over the now highly aroused left nipple.

Hotness let her body dangle down, her fingers almost on the mat.

“Oh, this stretching feels so, so good,” she panted. “We should have done this…” she regaled me until I started rotating both of us at the hip. My cock is pressed tightly into her ass-crack.

She made these little ‘humph’s’ as I wedged her panties and yoga pants deeper and deeper in and I began to man-handle her left breast.

“I — we should stop,” she panted, flushed and desperate.

“I understand,” I said softly. “Take my left hand first,” I directed so I could better balance us. Then I reached out with right so that she was completely perpendicular to my crotch. I let us rock back and forth three times with Hotness’s breathing becoming more labored.

“I’m pulling you up, moving you from left to right,” I informed her. She humped me backwards and I decided not to notice. We made it to the 270 degree mark when she was slightly against me. At the same time her feet gave out and she slid down my body until my cock was once more brushing her lower back.

“Now arms out to ninety degrees — 180 degrees — 270 degrees,” I went on. Now I had her totally wrapped up in my arms in a huge bear hug. I kissed her on the top of her head then let her go; my arms going to my side and I backed away.

“That was fantastic Zuiko,” I grinned. “Now I need to take a cold, cold shower or I’m going to be a very irresponsible boy…and it is entirely your fault.”

“What?” she mumbled as she turned to face me and my cast-iron friend. “Oh,” she looked at my package. I turned, walked up to her, barely giving Zuiko time to put her arms to her side. I leaned in, Zuiko took a half-step back and bent her back as if she was avoiding me but I was more interested in grabbing two handfuls of ass cheek and lifted her face to mine.

“Dad would want me to take care of you and protect you Zuiko,” I whispered. “I can’t protect you if I don’t know what you need, do you understand?”

“Yes,” she gulped. “We need to get to know each other better.”

“I am glad we can agree on that,” I quietly responded. The first kiss fell on her jawline close to her left ear. I kissed my way down her jawline toward her chin then descending her neck to the scoop of her shirt.

“I really need that shower,” I informed Zuiko as I put her down and turned away.

“Oh…okay,” she stuttered. I made my way up to my cold shower but I had a feeling that she’d be running off to a cold shower of herself as well. Breakfast was amusing as Zuiko kept sneaking looks my way when she thought Maria wasn’t looking.

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