The Parish Calendar

The Parish CalendarScene: The Vicars Office.Background: Mrs Jones has been asked to pop in to see the Vicar. She understands it may to do with her possibly featuring in the forthcoming parish calendar. Her best friend Lily had a chat on this with the Vicar earlier in the week. Afterwards Lily told Mrs Jones that she had a long and intimate meeting with the Vicar on the matter and said “As I have the best tits in the parish I was confident of a place but I did have to get my knickers down. And of course, the Vicar got his cock out”. Being mindful of this this Mrs Jones has taken particular care with her appearance today and is smartly dressed in her best summer frock and particularly smart under garments and new stockings. However, unbeknown to Mrs Jones both the Vicar and her husband are very keen posh MILF spankers and have agreed that not only should the Vicar fully explore Mrs Jones virtue as part of the meeting but he should also road test her bottom with a firm hand and a stiff cock.Vicar: Oh Hello Mrs Jones. I’m been meaning to catch up with you. How are you this morning?Mrs Jones. Very well thank you Vicar. And you?Vicar: Yes, very well. I see the weather is picking up.Mrs Jones: Yes, its been a bit blustery of late but looking better now.Vicar: Thankfully but we do need the rain for the garden. Vicar: Now Mrs Jones can we sit down.The Vicar and Mrs Jones sit down on the sofa. Mrs Jones crosses her legs.Vicar: Firstly, many happy returns my dear.Mrs Jones: Why thank you Vicar. Yes, I’m 65 today…..and don’t feel a day over 21….Vicar: And you certainly don’t look a day over 21 my dear.Mrs Jones: Oh thank you Vicar. You are lovely.Mrs Jones kisses the Vicar lightly on the check.Vicar: Now Mrs Jones, I’ve been meaning to ask you are you interested in being involved in our Parish ladies calendar. It’s to raise funds for the church roof?Mrs Jones. Yes, certainly Vicar if there is anything I can do to help?Vicar: That’s great Mrs Jones. It was the Bishops idea. Mrs Jones. What form is it going to take?Vicar: Well I thought we’d have a lady for each month. And maybe with a group picture on the cover. Mrs Jones. Has there been much interest in supporting it?Vicar: Oh, yes. I’ve already been approached by a number of Ladies.Mrs Jones. Excellent. Well if you want me to help I’d be very happy to in any way I can.Vicar. Oh, that’s very kind Mrs Jones. As it happens I am looking for someone for the July slot. Mrs Jones. Well I’d be very happy to help out. Vicar. Yes, Mrs Jones. I’m sure you are my dear. But we ought to do a little screen test first just to confirm.The Vicar places his hand on Mrs Jones’s knee and squeezes it.Mrs Jones. Oh, Certainly Vicar. What had you in mind? I’m entirely in your hands.Vicar: Well, could I maybe ask you to stand up maybe by the fireplace to check your deportment?Mrs Jones walks across to the fireplace wiggling her bum and turns around to face the Vicar with her arm on the mantelpiece and with her best leg forward.Vicar: Yes, that’s ideal Mrs Jones. Now for the calendar we will need to bring out your womanhood.Mrs Jones: Of course Vicar. Would you like me to remove my dress for that?Vicar: Oh yes, that’s a good idea. Can I help?Mrs Jones: Would you mind Vicar?Vicar: Not at all. It would be my pleasure my dear.The Vicar gets up and walks across to Mrs Jones to undo the back of her dress and lightly pats her bum.Mrs Jones: Oh Vicar you naughty boy…Mrs Jones then slowly removes her dress to stand in her underwear of white bra, pants, stockings and suspenders.Mrs Jones does a slow twirl in front of the Vicar and then gives the Vicar a deep kiss. The Vicar takes the opportunity to briefly insert his hand into the front of Mrs Jones’s knickers.Vicar. Oh very nice Mrs Jones your clearly a very suitable candidate for July. Shall we sit down just to talk it through?Mrs tekirdağ escort bayan Jones: Yes, lets.The Vicar and Mrs Jones sit down on the sofa. Mrs Jones crosses her legs and braces up her chest. The Vicar looks down at Mrs Jones tits and inserts his finger into her cleavage.Vicar: Well Mrs Jones I see you are quiet a big girl.Mrs Jones. Why thank you Vicar. I always get admiring glances in that direction from men in the parish.Vicar. I’m sure you do my dear.Mrs Jones: Would you like to have a closer look Vicar?Vicar: Yes, that could be useful Mrs Jones. It’s important to ensure we have the right lady for the calendar. But let me just get my cock out first as I hate having a hard on in my trousers.Mrs Jones: Of course vicar. Can I help.Vicar: That would be very kind my dear.Mrs Jones helps the Vicar get his cock out and gives it a few strokes to establish a full erection. Mrs Jones: Oh I say Vicar you do have a nice cock. I’ve always wanted to have a look at it.Vicar: Thank you my dear. That’s a lot more comfortable. Right Mrs Jones lets get your tits out.He then removes Mrs Jones’s bra. Vicar: Well Mrs Jones you certainly have an impressive pair. I’ve always admired them. 38DD I understand and all your own?Mrs Jones: They certainly are Vicar. Vicar: Would you mind if I had a closer look?Mrs Jones: Not at all Vicar……please be my guest….enjoy…. Mrs Jones then sticks her tits out in the Vicars direction.The Vicar then fondles and briefly sucks Mrs Jones’s tits.Vicar: Well Mrs Jones I think these will be ideal for our calendar and will show the parish in a good light.Mrs Jones: Why thank you Vicar. Ought you to have a look at my bottom and pussy for completeness?Vicar: I ought too Mrs Jones. If you wouldn’t mind?Mrs Jones: Certainly Vicar.Mrs Jones stand up, turns around with her bum towards the Vicar and bends over to slowly take her knickers down pausing briefly with her knickers round her knees allowing the Vicar to focus briefly on her fanny from behind. Then she straightens up and turns round to face the Vicar dangling her knickers in front of him.Vicar: Why thank you my dear. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching a parish lady taking her knickers down. All part of the job of course.The Vicar then takes and sniffs her knickers.Vicar: Excellent Mrs Jones you smell lovely. And your pussy looks very presentable.Mrs Jones: Would you like a closer look Vicar?Vicar: I ought too.Mrs Jones pulls up a dinning chair and sits down in front of the Vicar. She then leans back and opens her legs.Vicar: Excellent Mrs Jones. Let me just have a closer look.The vicar then strokes Mrs Jones’s bush, fingers her and has a quick taste.Vicar: Ideal Mrs Jones. Your bush is nicely trimmed I see.Mrs Jones: Yes Vicar. I like to keep it tidy.The Vicar lightly flicks Mrs Jones clitoris.Vicar: And a nice clitoris to… Now lets just have a quick look at your bum?Mrs Jones: Yes, certainly Vicar.Mrs Jones then gets up and bends over the chair sticking her bum in the air with her heels together.The Vicar then feels her bum and gives it a light smack. Vicar: Would you mind to move your legs apart my dear?Mrs Jones: Of course Vicar.Mrs Jones then arches her back further and moves her legs apart and puts her hands on her knees.The Vicar then squeezes her buttocks and moves then apart. He then goes on to finger both her pussy and bum hole.Vicar: Well, Mrs Jones all seems in order. I think we can put you down for July.Mrs Jones: Oh, thank you. It will be great fun and such a good cause.Vicar: Mrs Jones, on a different matter. Can I ask are you getting enough cock?Mrs Jones: Well, I’m glad you asked Vicar. I normally get shagged twice a week by Mr Jones but he has also to ride our nanny on Monday and Wednesday evenings when the c***dren are swimming.Vicar: Yes, Mr Jones did say. I understand your escort tekirdağ nanny is very good.Mrs Jones: Yes, I believe so. As I said my husband rides her twice a week in the lounge. She is very good but quiet demanding. He normally has her in there for a couple of hours. Rodger screws the arse of the stupid bitch and his balls are very empty by the end of it I can tell you.Vicar: Yes, your husband said. In fact he’s asked me if I’d like to help out with her.Mrs Jones: Oh you must Vicar. You’d enjoy her. Rodger said she’s asked him to shave her fanny again next week.Vicar: I must. She has got a very nice bum. I admired it in church last week. Its just getting the time to fit her in. Wednesdays are busy for me in that department but I haven’t shaved a fanny for some time. In fact the last time I did one was with Rodger for his secreatery. But what about you Mr Jones?Mrs Jones: Well I like to get some cock at least once a day. So I have an arrangement with our gardener who has an excellent cock on him and is very helpful. We have a good session once a week in our garden shed but I’m always looking for extra.Vicar: Oh, well in that case Mrs Jones maybe we could come to arrangement. As Mrs Vicar is away so much I have to look to the Lydia the Parish Secretary on a Wednesday afternoon after flower arranging. And she’s very good. She does an excellent blow job and has a very tight fanny.Mrs Jones: Yes, I’ve known Lydia for years. She’s very conscientious. Vicar: Yes, Lydia is very good. She takes her knickers down for me every Wednesday without fail. I’m not sure what I’d do without her.Mrs Jones: Well Vicar I’d be very happy to help out too. Indeed as we are here maybe we could have a go.Vicar: It would be silly not to really Mrs Jones.Mrs Jones: Indeed. Lets start with your cock Vicar.Vicar: Certainly my dear.The Vicar stands up to present a fully erect cock to Mrs Jones.Mrs Jones: Oh, Vicar I say you are a good boy. Very similar to my husband.Mrs Jones then licks the Vicars cock shaft, flicks her tongue on the pea hole and then proceeds to deliver a blow job. Meanwhile the Vicar fondles Mrs Jones’s tits and flicks her hair.Mrs Jones: Mmmmm just like a lollipop…Vicar: Very good Mrs Jones. I can see you are very experienced at this.Mrs Jones. Oh yes Vicar. I try to do my best.Mrs Jones then progresses to suck the vicars balls.Vicar: How’s your rimming technique my dear?Mrs Jones: Its not too bad. Indeed let me show you if you’d like to bend over.The Vicar walks over to the table and bends over and Mrs Jones follows. She bends down behind him and begins to lick and suck his bum progressing to stick her tongue up the Vicar.Vicar: Oh very nice Mrs Jones, very nice indeed.Vicar: Well Mrs Jones you’re very good at this. A bit of a find I think. Mrs Jones. Why thank you Vicar.Vicar: Well my dear I ought to give you some cock.Mrs Jones: Would you mind?Vicar: Not at all. It would be my pleasure. Lets adjourn to the bedroom. Indeed shall we do a few positions to get going.Mrs Jones: Why not. Lets.The Vicar fondles Mrs Jones bum as they walk through to the bedroom. Mrs Jones lies on the bed and watches as the vicar undresses and starts to masturbate herself.The Vicars stands naked looking at Mrs Jones fingering herself on the bed and starts to flex his cock.Vicar: Right Mrs Jones you randy old bitch I’ve always wanted to have a go on that fanny of yours.They both laugh and the vicar flexes his cock.Mrs Jones: Yes, come on Vicar lets see what you can do. Lydia says you’re very good at riding.Vicar laughs and says: Oh she did, did she I’ll have to spank her tight little bum for that after flowers on Wednesday.They both laugh.Vicar: Right bitch get your legs open…Mrs Jones lies back on the bed and opens her legs arching her knees. The Vicar then proceeds to climb on the bed, puts his head tekirdağ escort between Mrs Jones legs and starts to explore her fanny. Mrs Jones starts to moan and pant.After a few minutes the Vicar emerges from Mrs Jones crotch.Vicar: Mmmm Very nice Mrs Jones. Mrs Jones: Why thank you Vicar. Lydia tells me you’re a bit of a bum man……would you like to have a go at mine?Vicar. I suppose I could. After all you do have the best looking bum in the parish….Mrs Jones: Thank you Vicar that’s certainly what I’m told….Mrs Jones turns onto all fours on the bed sticking her bum in the air for the Vicar. Vicar: Oh I say Mrs Jones very nice.The Vicar then proceeds to tongue Mrs Jones’s fanny from behind and then moves his attention up to her bum hole. Mrs Jones moans in pleasure.After a few minutes the vicar emerges.Vicar: DeliciousMrs Jones: Now look Vicar I thought you were going to give me some cock?Vicar: Of course my dear. In fact I think its time we seen you perform bitch. Lets get you on top of the cock and see what you can do……Mrs Jones: Oh it will be my pleasure Vicar.The Vicar lies on his back and Mrs Jones climbs on his cock.Vicar: I say Mrs Jones what a tight pussy you’ve got. Its tighter than Lydia’s and she’s only 55.Mrs Jones: Yes, that’s what I’ve been told before…..Vicar: Right Mrs Jones go for it….Mrs Jones laughs and leans forward to deeply kiss the Vicar and then straightens up to begin riding his cock. The Vicar starts to fondle her tits and squeeze her bum. Mrs begins to pant.Vicar: Come on faster, faster bitch. Move your arse you old bitch…..After a few minutes…..Mrs Jones; Well Vicar I think its time your bum got some more attention.Vicar: Oh, that sounds interesting. What had you in mind Bitch?Mrs Jones: Well I think you need a good spanking you dirty old man.Vicar: Oh yes please bitch.Mrs Jones removes the Vicars cock from her fanny and gets off him to cross the room to sit on a chair.Mrs Jones: Right Vicar….over my knee now you bad little boy…….The Vicar lies across Mrs Jones’s knee and she spanks his bum with a firm hand.After a few minutes.Vicar: Excellent Mrs Jones. Now I think you need a little more cock my dear and as I’m a bum man lets give it to your fanny from behind.Mrs Jones: Oh yes Vicar! That my fav…..Mrs Jones jumps on the bed and sticks her bum in the air. The Vicar then mounts her and begins to pump her pussy.After a few minutes…..Vicar: Mmmmmm excellent. Right Mrs Jones I think we ought to move onto missionary….Mrs Jones: Yes, lets….The Vicar removes his cock from Mrs Jones’s pussy and she turns onto her back and the Vicar mounts her. Mrs Jones then wraps her legs around his back. The Vicar then begins to ride her and they kiss deeply. The Vicar then begins to pump Mr Jones vigorously.Vicar: Come on Bitch take the cock…..up your cunt….Mrs Jones: Oh come on Vicar…..put your back into it….you can do better than that……get it up…The Vicar continues to pump her.Vicar: You are a fucking randy old cow….Mrs Jones laughs loudly…Mrs Jones: Oh move your arse vicar…..Mrs Jones then sticks her finger nails into the Vicar’s bum prompting the Vicar to pull her hair.The Vicar then comes and both moan loudly.The Vicar then dismounts from Mrs Jones and cleans his cock.Vicar: Excellent Mrs Jones. We must do this more often.Mrs Jones. Yes, we ought to Vicar. Lydia was right you certainly know how to use your cock.Vicar: Why thank you Mrs Jones. Maybe we three ought to get together sometime…. We could easily spend an afternoon riding. I haven’t had two ladies together for years.Mrs Jones: That’s a great idea Vicar but do you think you are up to it? Vicar: Oh I think I could manage … would be a pleasure to empty my balls into you two…Mrs Jones: Lets get it in the diary…..The Vicar stands in front of Mrs Jones who lies on the bed legs open and he begins to flexw his cock again.Mrs Jones: Vicar there is on other thing. Could you do me a big favour?Vicar: Of course Mrs Jones. What is it?Mrs Jones: Could I trouble you to spank my bum?Vicar: It would be my pleasure my dear.The vicar sits down on the chair.Vicar: Right Bitch over my knee….

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