The Parked Car


The Parked CarIt was a hot summer night, the kind that made the air moist and the indoor evenings dull. I got a call from Martin, he was bored, wondering if I was bored, and wanted to hang out again, this time at a shitty drive-in movie. It was too hot for real pants so I threw on an old cotton dress and climbed in his car and onto the bench-like front seat. He smiled, we kissed, and the car pulled away from the curb, heading towards the waiting dirt lot with the giant movie screen.About half an hour into the movie, we both agreed that the plot line was terribly dry and the characters were stale. “Sheila,” he said after a few moments of silence, “I really like that dress on you.”“It’s ancient,” I replied not looking at him, “it was sitting at the bottom of my closet.”I made eye contact and noted the sparkle in his eyes, the light from the screen reflected on half of his face, turned squarely to face me. We leaned in and our lips met, gentle and soft. We kissed more, and our tongues collided. His tongue was on the inside of my teeth and I could feel his hand moving down my back. After a few more seconds of heavy mariobet güvenilirmi kissing I felt his fingertips at my knee, and they slowly grazed up my thigh. My legs relaxed. He reached the outside of my underwear, and two of his fingers were cradling me, rubbing gently, and I could feel myself getting wet. As we pulled each other closer, he began to rub harder, until I was moaning.I pushed him away, “I want you, but I think the people in the other cars would notice if we were having sex.”“Remember that place on our third date that we stopped at?”I remembered that place perfectly. It was a half finished housing development abandoned by the financial recession. We fooled around in this exact same car in that exact same place on our third date.I nodded and he grinned.The car pulled out of the drive-in theatre and Martin sped down the right streets to the spot, the fingers on his right hand still dancing on the inner part of my upper thigh. At every stop, we kissed, sometimes getting so star-crossed that we wouldn’t know the light had turned green until the noisy honking of a car stuck mariobet yeni giriş behind us shook us free. We pulled into the neighborhood and Martin threw the car into ‘park’, nearly pouncing on me in eagerness. I pushed him away again.“Sit still,” I told him, “From what I remember, it’s my turn.”Martin sat back in the driver’s seat as I undid his belt buckle. I looked back at him and we kissed, his arm dr****g over my shoulder as I worked my hand through his boxer shorts. He grunted quietly when I got to his cock, and he shifted a little to move his pants and boxers out of the way. I stroked him, slowly, and then he began moving his hips into the motion, never letting his lips leave mine. I pulled away from him again and moved my mouth down to the tip, following the preferred blowjob directions he gave me months ago. I felt his hand at the back of my head, intertwining with my hair, and moving my head slowly up and down. I sat up after a few minutes and he motioned for me to lean against the other door. He moved forward and his hands crawled up my legs again, and he slid off my underwear. mariobet giriş He pushed my knees open and kissed up thigh, his hands and arms wrapping around my legs and part of my ass. He blew a bit of air at my exposed, sensitive clit and watched me grin. His tongue began the motions, and I closed my eyes, my fingers running through his soft hair. I could feel myself moaning now, one of my hands reaching around the seat to grip onto. I reached an orgasm, nearly ripping the hair off of his head. I reached down and pushed him up by his shoulder, he was smiling, his chin glistening. I made him move back into the driver’s seat and straddled him, pushing him slowly into me. I gasped again at the feeling of having him in so deep. He held me close, one hand on my back, one on my hip, and his face nearly pressed sideways into my chest, his beard stubble ticking me. I moved slowly, his hand partly controlling the movement of my hips. “Yes…” he groaned under his breath.It was the relief of an itch I could never scratch, he was in deep, moaning, as was I. The movements became faster and more exaggerated as I reached this incredible orgasm that seemed to last for several minutes. I felt him come too, the warm liquids dripping out of me and down him. We kissed deeply for a few minutes until I climbed back to my side of the front seat, letting his fingers play at my thigh the whole way home.

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