The Party After the Party


My twin sister Janelle and I grew up very close. We grew up on a farm, moved several times with my Dad’s promotions and ended up in a small town for high school and everything beyond.

Every time we moved to a new town, I wouldn’t even bother trying to make new friends; I really didn’t have to. I would just wait for all the guys in the school to check Janelle out, develop insta-crushes on her and eventually they realized I was her brother and thought, as most anyone would, it would be a good idea to become friends with me to get closer to her. It was natural; she’s 5′ 6″ or so and around 110 pounds with nice sized tits. Her ass was a thing of perfection in both shape and dimension. I’d spent many days wishing she wasn’t my sister so I could spend a day or ten exploring that body.

Of course, they eventually found out I was pretty cool in my own right and I could very easily sort out who I wanted to hang out with and who I knew were the assholes after one thing they would never get. I say never get because as this unwritten process went on, I would fill Janelle in on who the cool guys were and who to steer clear from. She could always take care of herself and I was big enough that no one would ever dare try anything more than what she wanted for fear of either myself or those I became friends who usually became very protective of her because they did like me so much. It was really a great deal for both of us. No secrets were safe between my sister and I as far as guys and girls at school but we only shared them between the two of us so everyone told us everything because we didn’t have reputations as “talkers”.

We bounced around through five different schools between our move from the farm after 6th grade to our last move to where we ended up in high school. In that time, we were often subjected to my fathers’ obsession of buying worn out, tired houses with a dream of fixing them up himself and selling them at a profit. This almost never happened, by the way. But in the attempt there were many showers and bathrooms without doors, single-sized bedrooms with 2 or more beds, or other annoying living conditions that sometimes leant themselves to allowing me to catch glimpses of Janelle’s growing bodily assets. She was always beautiful, but when she started to develop for real, it was hard for me to find a lot of other girls good looking because I subconsciously compared them to my sister.

The moves I mentioned were actually good for our relationship but wasn’t so good for our grades and overall general behavior. With my Dad working literally all the time on either his sales job or whatever house he was trying renovate and my Mom having her hands more than full with running a business of her own, no one was left to monitor what we got into and what we got into fairly quickly after our first move was partying.

We had a full bar my Dad had built at the farm for bridge parties, barn parties, you-name-it parties that we hosted quite a bit. When we moved the first time, all the wine and liquor and mixers were all put into a wardrobe box and stored in the basement of our new house along with fifty other boxes that had stuff from our big farmhouse that wouldn’t fit in our ranch-style subdivision house. I was looking for my collection of comic books so I could reprice them and sell them for skateboarding funds when I came across that wardrobe box. That was the beginning of our partying days and the end of my straight A’s days.

We started having so much fun getting wasted every other day that summer, we really didn’t do much else. I was skating and hanging out with a bunch of good-spirited pranksters that got into a lot of trouble without really getting into trouble and Janelle was in the yuppier crowd that spent more time talking about their girl stuff than anything. That’s how it went for the next few years and next few moves…I’d mersin escort stopped skating but kept on partying and she kept on with the yuppies and we’d merge the two in the two in the middle whenever we could so we could impress the yuppie girls with our ability to take fun to its limit without actually doing anything harmful and hook up in the process.

When we got to high school and knew we were pretty much done with the moves, we did our thing, made friends quickly and picked up the partying almost as quickly. We had made friends faster there than anywhere we had been and there was a much easier gap to cross between her crowd and mine because the school we went to was so small. My Mom was still busier than most people should be with her business so we had our run of the place most of the time and we took full advantage.

All that led up to one night that I’m still not sure if either of us regret or if it was something that just happened…

We were seniors toward the end of the school year. Both of us having recently turned 18 (obviously) and knowing our high school party years were very close to being behind us, we had people over one night when my Mom was closing and wouldn’t be home until very late. There were probably 20 people there, all playing drinking games or smoking weed in small groups or just talking out on the deck. We lived out on a lake (not ON the lake…across the street from it) and it was a very clear, very warm night. We’d all been there a few hours and most, if not all, were pretty wasted when we got the phone call from my Mom saying she was on the way home.

Janelle and I freaked out equally about how we were going to get everyone out, all the beer cans picked up and the smell of smoke (both cigarette and marijuana) out of the house in the 20 minutes it was going to take for my Mom to get home. Everyone being used to the drill, getting the people out was no problem. We were done getting the beer cans picked up and were looking in the corners and hidden spots for stray cans when the phone rang again. It was my Mom again to tell us she was going to go have a few drinks with her friend and was going to crash over at her place and would be home first thing in the morning.

Janelle hung up the phone and flopped down on the couch. “Wonder where everyone ended up…Mom’s not coming home now.” she told me.

I set down my garbage bag full of cans and sat in a chair opposite my sister. “Man, even if we knew where they went, I’m too fucked up to drive…”

Janelle had a short burst of laughter at my comment, “No shit, I’m fucked up from the ground up myself!” she said, making herself laugh all over again. She always did claim to be a little more messed up than she actually was. A lot of people in our high school did that for some reason…I never could explain it.

“Ah well, at least we had till 1…coulda been worse, she could have called at 10 y’know?” I said trying to make both of us feel better.

“Riggghhhtttt…” Janelle replied, gazing into space with her arms limp at her sides.

I looked around a bit in silent thought of nothing and looked back at Janelle. Her legs were spread a bit as she just lay there and I could see right up her skirt to her lacy white underwear. My buzz must have kicked me in the head because I just sat there staring for who knows how long.

“You should take a picture, it’ll last longer,” she said, not making any attempt to hide the view at all.

I didn’t want to cause a scene and I didn’t want her to think her catching me checking out her crotch was in any way humiliating to me so I simply replied, “Ya know, I would…but pictures never really capture the moment as well as you would think.” I glanced up to her face while I said this but went right back down to her panties after I finished talking to prove my point that I wasn’t embarrassed escort mersin at all at being busted. I figured I’d ride out whatever comments were sure to come and gracefully exit the situation so neither of us would feel uncomfortable.

“I agree,” she said, “especially when something unexpected happens…” And with that, she slid her right hand up the side of her thigh, over the top of it and under her skirt letting her fingertips graze the outside of her mound. She kept her eyes right on me, possibly gauging my reaction, but with an expression on her face that seemed almost like a challenge for me to say or do something to keep this little moment going.

Part of my mind, probably the sober part, was screaming, “Holy shit, dude! Your sister is getting herself off right in front of you! I mean Holy ShiT!!” The

I leaned back in my chair as if relaxing but was really giving myself a better view. “See, that’s exactly what I mean…” I brought both my hands up to rest on the inside of my thighs, just off my cock, and kept staring at her hand. She had wormed her fingers inside her panties and I could see the back of her fingers pressing out against the material as she stroked her lips.

Her expression changed a bit and I got the feeling that she was feeling very horny from being buzzed all night and was going to get herself off whether anyone was there to see it or not, even if it was her twin brother! By now my dick was nearing rock hard and I began rubbing myself outside my shorts in pace with her hand.

“Seems I’m a bit ahead of you, bro…you got some catching up to do,” as her breathing picked up a bit. Her skirt had ridden up so my view was all but unobstructed now. I was catching glimpses of her fingers and there was more and more of a sheen to them telling me she was getting very very wet.

I unzipped my shorts and fished out my cock and let it lay on my lap as I continued watching. I could tell by the movements of her hand that she had at least one finger pumping in and out of her pussy. My heart was beating so hard and I had huge amounts of adrenaline pouring though me. This was by far the sexiest thing I’d ever seen in person and I wasn’t going to stop her if she didn’t.

“Oh fuck it…” I heard her say under her breath and she raised her ass off the couch and slid her panties down her long tan legs and off. Her skirt was pushed so far up, it was almost as if she didn’t have one on at all. “There, much better…” she said, as she moved her hands back to her pussy. Her right was stroking her lips while her left hand was rolling her clit in broad circles. Her moans were intensifying by the second as she played with herself and stared at my rock-hard dick.

“Take it out, Jon. I want to see it, she almost panted to me, never taking her eyes off my member. She glanced up to my face and repeated, “I want to see all of you…now.”

I stood just long enough to take off my shorts and boxers and sat back down, now slowly stroking my cock as I watched her. I didn’t want to go too fast because I wanted this to last. How often does a guy get to watch his model-beautiful sister get herself off right in front of him and ask him to do the same??

Janelle put her head back, moaning deeply as she plunged two fingers into her pussy now. I took this opportunity to slide forward on my chair and down to my hands and knees on the floor. I crawled quietly over to where she was on the couch and positioned myself between her legs. Once there, I brought myself up to my knees admiring her beautiful body and she lay there moaning.

I brought my cock up so it was straight out from my body and just leaned forward slowly until the head was brushing the back of the fingers massaging her clit. Her head shot up in surprise and her hand slowed almost to a stop but they did not stop.

Her eyes looked up mersin escort bayan into mine, almost pleading, “Jon, my God I want to so bad but we can’t…” the fingertips of her left hand were brushing the head of my dick and I leaned in a bit so the bulbous head was mashing against her clit, sending a jolt through her entire body.

Looking down at her the whole time, waiting for any kind of resistance, I let the fingertips that were tracing the head of my dick hold it down and I reached with both my hands and lifted her tight shirt up and off. I tossed it off to the side and reached to her waist and unfastened her skirt and tossed that aside as well, leaving her in just her white lacy bra and she looked so sexy like that, I’ll never forget it.

She actually leaned up and reached behind her to release the clasp and her gorgeous 36C tits were exposed to me. I leaned down and kissed her passionately, letting our tongues entwine in a sweet battle. By then I was hunching my hips forward and she was aiming my cock at her clit so it would slide against it on the way up and down on each pass.

We were both out of breath from french kissing so we finally broke the kiss and I went to work on those beautiful tits and she rested her chin on the top of my shoulder, moaning more and more loudly.

“Oh GOD, Jon! We shouldn’t…we CAN’T…Oh my God…mmmmMMM…Oh I want to put it in so BAD..mMMMMM!!” she was saying over and over again.

I kept hunching against her clit for a few minutes before I leaned back away from her a bit. I looked down at her gorgeous body, lowered the angle of my hip-thrust and slid right into her hot pussy, watching her mouth open in a silent “OH”. Her eyes fluttered shut as her entire body shivered more and more with every inch of my dick sliding into her pussy. I pulled out at about half-way and slid it back in all the way to the hilt and held it there, waiting for her reaction.

Her breathing didn’t slow down but she opened her eyes, “Oh my God, your dick is in me…you’re fucking me…we’re fucking!” She locked her ankles behind my back, right above my butt and pulled me in even further if that was possible. I took that as my cue and drew all the way out before plunging back in and falling into a nice slow rhythm.

“MMMmmm…Oh shit! We’re fucking, Jon! Oohhh shit, you feel good…your cock feels so good! Keep fucking me, fuck the shit outta me! FUCK!”

I don’t really talk all that much during sex so I just kept pounding her silky pussy before leaning down and saying, “Turn around, I want to fuck you from behind.” She looked up at me as if “you little devil!” and unlocked her legs from behind me. She put her knees on the edge of the couch and held onto the top edge of it. Talk about your centerfold shots…this was it!

I moved behind her and lined my cock up and slid it all the way into her in one long stroke. She helped by pushing back against me until my stomach was up against her perfect ass cheeks. I rested my hands on those perfect globes and watched as I started pumping my cock in and out of her at a faster and faster rate. I could tell I wasn’t going to last long now.

“Ahhhhh Jan, your pussy feels so fucking good…” was all I could say. And all I could hear was the slapping of our bodies as I fucked her and she humped back against me.

All of a sudden, she raised up on her knees and stopped moving, “Oh shit, I’m CUMMMMmmminnngg!!! NNNnhh…Oh oh oh YESSSSsssss!!!”

I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled out and started sliding my cock up and down between her butt cheeks and started cumming hard.

“Arrgnn!! I’m cumming!” I shouted as my first jet landed on her lower back and the rest piled up all over her ass. I was spent and had a completely different kind of buzz now as I’m sure she did too.

I was trying to catch my breath as I looked at the puddles of cum on my sister’s back when I saw her pick her head up and turn back to look at me. She said, “Why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last longer…”

I just smiled, knowing this might just be the beginning of a wonderful summer…

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