The Party Favor


Shelly was getting ready to head out and meet her boyfriend’s friends for the first time. “One thing real quick…” Kevin said, as he pushed her down gently to her knees.

She knew what he wanted, and she loved to giving it to him.

Shelly opened his fly and pulled out his cock. Parting her lips, she started to engulf him. He was already hard. He loved being sucked, and new Shelly would go down for him almost any time. It kept his dick in a near state of constant arousal.

Some girls just say they like to suck cock, but Shelly really did. It turned her on more than anything. The worst thing about it, was that she was going to be horny for the whole party now, and having to wait for her own satisfaction was going to keep her on edge all night long.

Not wanting to be late, they worked together getting him to cum quickly.

But something was different. Unlike normal, he pulled his dick out of her mouth when he was ready to cum. Soon her face was covered in his cum.

“Hmmm. Good girl.” He said, giving her a wink, and running his hands through her hair. “I love seeing you like that. And I know my friends are going to like seeing you like that too my little cock sucker.”

She smiled just a little bit. Now she knew what the party was going to be like. Kevin and her had talked about what it would be like to be shared. şişli escort It was the source of most of their shared fantasies getting them even more worked up.

Shelly could always leave if she wanted to, but why would she? She loved sucking cock and this was one of her biggest fantasies. So why not her get kicks and knock this off her bucket list.

Sure she had shared this fantasy with her boyfriends before, but they were always too possessive. A smile crossed her face as she heard a knock at the door.

“I’ve not told the guys, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you offered it to them. If you don’t want to, and want to just keep it for our role playing…” but he was stopped.

Shelly put a finger up to his lips to quiet him.

“How about I go answer the door for you. I bet they’d love that wouldn’t they?”

Kevin just smiled and watched his girlfriend turn their fantasies into a reality.

She walked to the door and answered it. “Why hello boys,” she said as seductively as possible. “I heard you were all coming for me.”

It took them a few seconds to recognize what was on her face. While they had all wanted something like this, having a wet dream about it, versus actually seeing it was two different things.

The double entendre wasn’t lost on taksim escort them. They rushed in, and stood around her. Shelly got on her knees and released them from their pants. “My my… you all are glad to see me.” She looked back at Kevin “Thank you” she mouthed to him, before returning to his friends.

“I do love being the center of attention,” she said as she started going back and forth between the three guys.

She kept them all just at the edge to prolong the experience. “Now, do you big boys have anything for me?” Shelly sat back. Her hands found their way to her skirt. She lifted in, and started to play with herself. “Go ahead. Let me have it.”

They started to cover her face even more. As each one unloaded on her, it brought her that much closer to her own orgasm until she finally came as the last shot covered her face.

Shelly she had finished. She had just helped four guys get off in less than 20 minutes. Exhausted she sat down, smiled and revealed in her accomplishment.

Someone got a towel for her to wipe her face. “I’m sure I’m a mess. Not what you guys were hoping to see at all.”

“Oh, you were more than we could have expected,” answered one.

“Still, let me get freshened up a bit.” She stood. Kevin helped walk her back to the bathroom.

“That topkapı escort was fun,” she admitted to him. “Thanks for doing that for me.”

“Anything for you my dear.”


“Yes. Why? What are you thinking?”

“Well, that’s just part of the fantasy we’ve talked about.” Shelly paused. She seductively put a finger to her lips and sucked on it a little. “I’m thinking this party might not be over. If you’re OK with seeing your girlfriend getting fucked.”

Kevin just smiled. “I just might have to marry you.”

“One thing at a time.” She slipped out of her top. It had splatterings of cum on it and needed to be changed anyways. Topless, she pulled down her short skirt, and finally her panties. Dropping her panties at Kevin’s feet she turned to walk out the door. “Let’s get this party really started.”

Kevin followed her out. His pants tented in the direction he was going to go.

The guys had already gotten redressed thinking they were done when they saw her. A couple whistled. She had the effect on them that she had hoped.

“I hope you guys don’t think we were done already.” Shelly looked around the room. There were a couple of new guys. She winked at them. They had heard about the earlier exploits, and were kicking themselves for being late. But now they saw their chance.

Kevin stood behind her. His hands on her shoulders he pushed her down till she was on her knees. She got down further, with her ass high up in the air. Kevin dropped his pants and penetrated her in one swift motion.

“Come on boys. I can take more than one of you at a time,” she teased them. And soon she was proving it to them.

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