The Peanut Butter Game


THE WHOLE THING STARTED INNOCENTLY ENOUGH. Barbara and I had been going out for a couple of years; we weren’t quite engaged yet but it was on the cards. I’d already moved into her place, then her company transferred her to a new office the next state over. Instead of giving up a great place, I held on to it for us, for the yet-to-be-announced happy date. In the meantime her old roommate, Naomi, moved back from overseas and she needed a place to stay. She was still on the lease, so she moved in to where I was condo-sitting.

Did I mention that Naomi is absolutely beautiful? Silky-straight black hair cut shoulder length, perfect almond shaped eyes, and a wide, bright flashing smile. She’s got an all over body tan that’s golden brown. Naomi is unusually well-built for a tiny little Oriental girl; a narrow waist, a tight round ass that is heaven to regard and a lovely pair of well-shaped legs. Nice, muscular thighs, pretty calves that narrow down to a pair of dainty ankles that are usually strapped into a pair of buckle-on stilettos. I’m sure her tits are no larger than 34Bs, but on her tiny body they seem to stick out like a pair of 44DDs.

Barbara and I have a great relationship. I wouldn’t have considered the long-term commitment with her if she weren’t the coolest one under the sun. Barbara trusts Naomi, and she trusts me. I have faith in myself, and besides Naomi and Barbara have known each other since they were kids, so blood is thicker than water. Everything was going to be on the up-and-up.

I learned about Naomi’s absence of tan lines early on; the condo had a rooftop sundeck suitable for solar worship au naturel. And, no, I didn’t peep on her like a perv or anything. I didn’t have to. The first time I saw Naomi naked I was already up there, lying on my belly getting the sun on my ass. Naomi came up in a white terry-cloth robe, said hello, spread her towel on one of the rubber air mattress we keep up there, then peeled off her robe.

It was the most natural thing in the world to soak up some sun. We were both adults and mature enough to handle nude sunbathing. There was nothing out of control going on. I was wearing sunglasses, conveniently enough, so I allowed my eyes to roam Naomi’s uniformly tanned body; her round breasts looked like a pair of golden orbs. My eyes wandered southward; her nether hair was straight, shaved and trimmed into a dainty black triangle that narrowed to a sharp point right above her slit. I think she saw me involuntarily purse my lips out of sheer approval.

* * *

You can only imagine the heavy vibe that started going down over the next few days. The Peanut Butter Game was an innocuous game that Naomi and I came up with as a way to cut through the incredible sexual tension that was going on in that apartment. It’s a game involving playing practical jokes on each other. The rules are simple; Naomi always initiates a round, I always finish it. Other than that everything was on-limits. Everything short of full-on sexual intercourse, of course.

It was Saturday morning. I’d just got out of the shower, was standing in front of the mirror shaving with my towel wrapped around my midsection. Suddenly my towel was ripped off of me from behind and I received a sudden SNAP!!! on my ass. And it hurt! I turned to regard the perpetrator – Naomi, standing there like a mischievous Oriental imp – wearing a wide grin on her face and nothing else – all five foot three inches, eighty-five pounds of her stark naked, slinging my towel all rolled up rattail fashion. “PEANUT BUTTER GAME!” she shouted, and then she zoomed out of the room.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the game was always played in the nude? That was the only other rule . . .

I chased my tormenter out the bathroom door and down the stairs to the living room, my dick hanging out and swinging in the wind. We dodged around the sofa a couple times, which gave me a total full-frontal view of Naomi’s hot body, until I charged over the sofa and finally headed her off into a corner of the room.

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?” she asked, laughing but fearful at the same time.

“I just want to ask you a couple of questions,” I said. We were both breathing hard from laughing our heads off while we were running all over the place. Remember, we were both stark naked. I felt pretty exposed and vulnerable so you can only imagine how Naomi felt.

“Uh, okay,” she said, waiting to see the catch. She was bent over in a semi-crouch, ready for any move; her hands were out like a wrestler’s.

“You know what’s worse than a hurricane?”

“I dunno. What, a typhoon?”

“A TITTY TWISTER!!!” I hollered, reaching out fast to grab and pinch her nipples.

“OOOHHH!!!” She managed to swat my hands away and then she held her tits. When she moved her hands back out to be ready for whatever was coming next I could see her tiny brown nipples were pointing out like a pair of little Chinese hats. There was a sheen of sweat on her ümraniye escort skin that shined like a golden aura when she moved in the light of the huge bay window. I was sweating too. I could even feel the sweat building up on the sack of my balls, hangin’ free and swingin’ in the wind. Right down there with my Johnson, swinging back and forth while we played.

“You trick me, Dougie-san,” she muttered. In her amusing Oriental accent, ‘Dougie’ sounded like ‘Doggie’.

“Oh yeah? Hey, you know what my favorite football team is?

“I dunno?” she said. Sounded like ‘I-unno?’ the way she pronounced it.

“THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!” I announced, reaching out to tickle her armpits.

“OOOHHH!!! YOU TRICK ME AGAIN!” she wailed, laughing as she swatted my hands away. I still had her covered from escape. She’d make a move in one direction and I’d cover her, then she’d make a try in the other and I had her covered there. There was no escape. Naomi was starting to get a look on her face like a cornered animal.

“What you gonna do, Dougie-san?”

“Nothing,” I said. “We’re friends. Let’s shake hands.” I held my hand out. Naomi regarded my hand suspiciously, sensing it was a part of the game. Of course she was right. She eventually decided to take my hand, figuring the game had to go on, I guess. She squealed when I grabbed her hand and pulled her around. Before she could react I reached down with my free hand, grabbed her by the asscrack, and jammed my thumb right up against her tight little asshole.

Naomi was up on the balls of her feet trying to escape my thumb. All her wiggling around achieved was to further impale her asshole onto my thumb. I mean, I wasn’t really in there, but I was goosing her good. “OOOHHH!!! DOUGIE-SAN!!! DON’T DO THAT!!! DON’T TOUCH ME THAT PLACE!!!”

“Heh, heh. Hey, Naomi-san, you know why it’s called the Peanut Butter Game?”

“Ooooohhh! Noooo!” She sounded like a wailing alley cat as she dance around on the end of my thumb. “Why it called Peanut Butter Game?”

I pulled my thumb out of her ass and wiped it under her nose. “That’s why!”

“AAAHHHKKKK!!!” She really hollered this time, and I let her go as she made a beeline for the bathroom.

Like I said, I always get to finish it.

A few minutes later I poked my head into the bathroom. Naomi was leaning over the sink, her face covered in soapsuds. She stopped scrubbing like mad to look up at me from her washcloth. “I’m gonna get you, Dougie-san,” she said. She had that tone of voice the Orientals use; the tone of voice that when you hear it, you know you’re really going to get it.

Later, we sat on the huge leather sofas in the living room, around the TV, in our fluffy, white terrycloth bathrobes. There was a silence as we both considered what had gone down. Naomi finally spoke.

“So, Dougie-san. You like my ‘backdoor’, huh?” She looked over at me slyly as she asked this.

“Well, uh . . .” How do you answer a loaded question like that? I’ve got a normal, healthy interest in women’s asses, including their assholes, like any normal, healthy man.

“You wanna go into my ‘backdoor’ sometime, Dougie-san?”

“Well, uh . . .” I was coming across as a dimwitted boob, I know, and playing stupid wasn’t fooling this slant-eyed temptress.

“Yeah, right, like, figure the odds, round-eye! Ooooh, I’m gonna get you, Dougie-san!”

When she finally got me it was good, I gotta admit.

* * *

It was Saturday morning again. I was just out of the shower, going through my routine in front of the mirror. I knew the game was on when Naomi came into the room buck-ass naked. I looked at her face in the mirror. She had this dead-serious look on her face. “Peanut Butter Game,” she said in a deadpan monotone as she yanked my towel to the floor.

There was a metallic click and then a loud buzzing, which I felt as much as I heard because Naomi was palming a vibrator the size of a small flashlight right up against my crotch, behind my ballsack. The sensations were going right up into my prostate gland and I have to admit, it felt good. When she rolled the infernal thing around my ballsack and against the underside of my dick I became instantly hard.

“Oh, you like?” she asked sweetly. She fondled my dick, rubbing the buzzing contraption all along its length. It sounded like she said “You rike?” I had to lean onto the sink for relief; the little yellow bitch had me as hard as a policeman’s nightstick. “You rikee this?” she asked, rubbing the thing behind my ballsack again. “How about this, Dougie-san?” Now she was stroking my crank. I was living in hell, waiting for the hammer to come down. I didn’t have to wait long . . .

“You rikee THIS? Dougie-san!!!” Naomi said with a grunt as she shoved the vibrator right up my ass. I sucked in my breath and went up on the balls of my feet. There was a filling sensation, some pressure and pain, but the yenibosna escort buzzing and vibrating felt FANTASTIC back there. That vibrator must have been sitting right on my prostate; my dick was harder than it had ever been in my life and was point straight up at a forty-five degree angle. “OOOHHH! You RIKE!!!” she exclaimed as her eyes widened at the sight of my crank. You know how it is: to those little Oriental girls all of us round-eyes seem like Long Dong Silver.

Then Naomi pulled the vibrator out of my ass and with a quick flick of her wrist the thing was snapped off. She put her tiny hands on my crank, which was as hard as rock and quivering at her touch. “We gonna hav-a do something about this,” she said. Oh yes! Oh heavens, yes! I thought, she’s going to jack me off!”

Not quite. She enclosed one tiny hand about the head of my cock, then slapped down right on top of the head of my dick with the palm of her other hand. There was a POP!!! sound, and then: instant soft-on. My poor dick hung down like a limp noodle and the pain went right back to my prostate. Now I hung on to the sink to keep from collapsing to the floor.

” . . . you . . . . . . fucking . . . . . . bitch . . . ” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“Oh, poor Dougie-san,” Naomi said, staring down at my miserable dick. “I really hurt you.” I just looked at her hard, like when and if I ever got my strength back I was going to chase her to ground and wring her fucking neck. Naomi had this concerned look on her face as she regarded my poor, deflated dick. “Maybe I better do something about that.” She frowned like she was deep in thought, which looked kind of cute because she was standing there next to me, buck ass naked. “I tell you what, Dougie-san. I’m gonna give you sudsy.”

I had no idea what Naomi was talking about, but when she directed me to get into the shower I was too weak in the knees to protest, even though I’d just had a shower. Maybe the hot water would help restore my manhood. Naomi left the room while I was soaking up the steam, then she returned with one of the rubber air mattresses, from up on the sun deck. She finished inflating the thing and put it down on the bathroom floor, then she took a small plastic basin and started whipping up a thick froth of soapsuds, using my special bar of shaving soap. When she had a thick lather of foam worked up she opened the shower stall and reached in to turn off the water. We were face-to-face and closer than we had ever been when naked, even though her face came to my chest. She took me in her hands and began spreading the thick soapsuds all over my dick and balls.

It didn’t take long for my Johnson to begin twitching to life. I mean, here was this perfectly miniature Oriental Barbie Doll standing naked in front of me with my dick in her hand, stroking soapsuds all over it. In fact, I was just about as rock hard as I’d been a few minutes before. The fact that she was rubbing the underside of my cock up against her belly as she pressed her firm, round tits against me and sucked on my nipples didn’t hurt either. For the second time that day I wondered if she was going to jack me off, but the memory of what she’d done to my hard-on a few minutes ago kept my ardor in check.

“You lie down here,” she said, indicating the rubber air mattress. It sounded like she said, “You rye down heah.” I lay down on the rubber air mattress, face down like she told me. My dick went between two of the cylindrical air chambers, like it was lying in the valley between Naomi’s tits. Then I felt Naomi climbing on me from behind; she was straddling me, I could feel the flesh of her neatly trimmed pussy on my lower back.

Naomi proceeded use her bald pussy to rub down every square inch of my body. This was an interesting development. I wondered where it was going to lead.

“Now you turn over,” she said. I did, and my front part got the same treatment.

My brain was in a state of confusion. On the one hand the sight of this beautiful naked Oriental chick sliding her smooth pussy all over my soapy body was tantalizing enough, never mind how awesome it felt. On the other hand was the still-vivid memory of how fast she’d turned off my hard-on only fifteen minutes earlier, and a nagging sense of distrust that had come out of that event. What kind of Oriental mind-game was this slant-eyed she-devil concocting now?

In the meantime my dick was getting harder than Chinese arithmetic. Naomi even rubbed her pussy along the underside of my swollen dick; like I said, everything was on-limits. Everything, except going all the way. Between her gently stroking my rod and balls with soapy lather, and now rubbing her tiny, bald clam all over my body, I was straining at the starting blocks, if you get my meaning. I began openly begging her to jerk me off: “Please, Naomi-san, please! Play with it! Please stroke me! I need to come! I need to come!” She wouldn’t do it.

Finally yeşilköy escort she dismounted and let me up. My cock was pointing straight up in the air, at a higher angle than it had ever been since High School when I used to beat off to fantasies of my favorite cheerleaders. Naomi helped me up and led me to the shower where she rinsed me off. She toweled me off; still no relief for my poor, raging boner. Then Naomi wrapped one tiny hand around my rock-hardness and led me by the cock into her bedroom.

The curtains were drawn, not so much to keep prying neighbor’s eyes away, rather for the muted effect of diffused light coming through the amber silk of the drapes. Naomi directed me to lie on the bed. We were both still naked and my cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling.

I began to experience a strange state of consciousness. I mean, sure, we’d been in each other’s company naked before. But sunbathing was quite innocent. Then there was the Peanut Butter Game, but there was a kind of innocence about that, too. This was different. I was fully hard now and my erect penis was the single object of all sensory awareness in the room; it was swollen twice it’s normal size, and it was RED, HOT, and THROBBING!

What happened next was totally blew my mind.

Naomi bent over and began to lick little cat-licks all up and down the entire underside of my shaft, and about the ‘secret spot’; the sensitive flesh where the base of the cock joins to my ballsack.

It was torture. It was all I could do not to grab her head and impale her mouth on my rod, but I figured we were still playing it by the rules; in my tortured state I rationalized that her just licking my dick wouldn’t be considered going all the way. Taking me in her mouth probably would. As I was considering this Naomi parted her lips and engulfed my cock with her mouth.

Her mouth was wet and warm as it wrapped around my cock. I would have come then and there, but as fast as she had engulfed me, she released my cock from her mouth. To my amazement I looked down to see my dick was now fully wrapped in a condom! Naomi had done that Asian whore trick where the girl wraps your dick in a condom with her mouth! I hadn’t even noticed her taking one out of the wrapper.

So here I was, flat on my back with a huge, raging boner pointing up to the sky that was now tightly wrapped in a rubber. Naomi did yet another amazing thing when she straddled me and impaled her pussy on my rock-hard dick. She moved her hips back and forth once, twice and again, holding and squeezing her tits and pinching her tiny nipples. Her pussy was hot and tighter than a set of vise-grips on a walnut. Her slanted eyes went to mere slits; she moaned and sighed as she did her dance on my rod.

My cock exploded.

Later there was a long period of silence as we snuggled into one another and enjoyed the afterglow; I was staring at the ceiling, she was resting her head on my chest and staring at some point far off in space; the thousand-yard stare. I finally spoke up, “I thought we weren’t supposed to go all the way?”

There was a pause, and then she replied.

“Rubber no count.”

* * *

Next weekend Barbara showed up. I was happy to see her, although I couldn’t figure out the dynamic that was going on between me and her, me and Naomi, or for that matter her and Naomi. There was a lot of happiness between Naomi and Barbara at seeing one another, lots of hugs and girl-kisses, but I was REALLY curious about Barbara’s underlying feelings. The whole thing just seemed to me like a train wreck waiting to happen. Never mind how catty women can get; if Barbara decided to go off on me over what Naomi and I had been up to, I would deserve it. We went to bed but she was tired from a hard week and the trip up; between work and the Peanut Butter Game, I was pretty worn out, too. We had sex, but it wasn’t one of the more memorable occasions, and afterward we both crashed.

Saturday afternoon rolled around and Barbara and Naomi and I went out shopping. Later I puttered about the place, doing chores. When I was finally finished with my work I went up to the roof where I was presented with the pleasant sight of not one but two beautiful ladies to feast my eyes upon. Two sets of tits, two neatly trimmed pussies to consider; Naomi’s jet-black landing strip and Barbara’s neatly trimmed golden pussy-fur.

I regarded the scenario laid out before me and filed it away to cherish at some future time. Then, I took my place on the sundeck, trying to appear nonchalant about it all. A little while later I cracked out a bottle of wine and the girls hung around in their bikinis while I got the grill up and running. It was a pleasant afternoon, a good stress-buster.

Later Barbara and I indulged in a better form of stressbuster that involved a lot of sixty-nine. I finally rotated her around to the normal missionary position and threw her the gaff. I rammed it home the way she likes it; Barbara is a strapping American girl and she can take it hard and fast. She clung to me, pulling me in even deeper still as I unloaded into her pussy. It was better than the night before but I felt I still wasn’t at the top of my game; something was on my mind and I knew what it was. The Peanut Butter Game was somehow interfering with my love life.

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