The Photographer


The set had been made up to look like a harem with silks and satins shiny in the light. Cushions of all sizes were scattered around and lying amongst them was a voluptuous young woman, Annie. Her breasts filled her large cupped red satin bra and she lay there with a small smile of satisfaction on her face. Her auburn hair was curled and framed her plump face and her curled eye lashes fluttered at the long lean photographer who was bent over his camera.

Peering through his lens he took in her whole pump body, the small roundness to her naked stomach, the matching ruby red satin panties and her long smooth legs that were curled slightly for the pose. With a small smile of his own he clicked and the picture was taken. She adjusted herself and he peered through the lens again. There was something about her, her awe of confidence in her body; that was getting to him. He normally never felt anything when it came to models but there again maybe it was because it was most of them were skinny things with no body to grab and play with. He could imagine his face buried between Annie’s breasts taking in her womanly aroma. For a split second he thought about himself lying between her legs and thrusting himself deep into her. He wondered how tight she was.

Taking another picture he stood straight, “Thanks, get the next one on. We are doing well today. Won’t be long till we’ve finished.”

Annie sat up and stretched and the photographer let out a silent moan. For once he felt like he was heading to heaven especially as she swayed pass him evocatively. She gave him a smile as she passed, “Will be back soon.”

His eyes followed her bare swaying buttocks in the thong she was wearing.

Before long she was back in a black satin corset that was pushing her boobs up and only just covered them this time. The black knickers she wore were tied up on the sides with large fat bows. As she walked past him he actually felt his cock swell and fight the fabric of his jeans. She lay on her back on the bed with her head hanging off the edge and her hands covering her breasts looking saucier than ever. His breathing became more ragged as he bent to look through the lens. All he saw was her illegal bahis looking very seductive and he knew then that he wanted her, but how? He snapped pictures as he thought about it, watching her change her pose. As he finished he remarked, “all done. Have you ever considered glamour modelling? You would be really good.”

“What, take my bras off?” She asked back.

“Well, yeah, and made be the bottoms as well.”

“I’ve thought about it but I think most would just laugh me out of the office. Who would want me, I’m a bit on the fat side.”

“Well we’ve finished the catalogue shoot, do you want me to take a few photos and you could always see.”

With a grin of fun, “hell, why not? What do you want off?”

“Hang on, let me get rid of your supervisors with their photos.”

“Ok. I’ll be out back getting out of this. I don’t think they’ll let this lot go. Will my undies be ok?”

“We can see.”

She bounced off the bed to get changed out of the catalogue clothes while he went to check that everything was fine for the catalogue people.

Coming back once he had got rid of them she found Annie lounging on the bed in her own clothes. Her own bra and knickers were more daring then what she had been wearing. The black knickers were all lacy and through them he could just get a tantalising glimpse of her pussy. Her lacy black bra was the same and he could see her nipples peeping through. He asked with a tightness in his voice, “ready?”

“What you want me to do?”

“How about starting with the bra?”

“There’s no one going to suddenly appear is there?”

“There’s just you and me.” He said with a reassuring smile.

“Good.” She held her breasts in place as she undid the bra and let it slip off her shoulders. She lay back and he took the camera off its stand to stand above her on take the picture of her holding her large bare breasts with a nipple just peeking through. He couldn’t help it, it slipped from his mouth, “God you are gorgeous. How about another pose?”

She rolled over and put her legs in the air, crossing them at the ankle. He stepped down from the bed and took a picture from the front, glancing at the photo once illegal bahis siteleri it was done. He suggested, “What about a really sexy pose, you know like how they do it with the chair but without it.”

“Sort of like this.” She sat on the edge of the bed her legs spread as if they were going round a man’s body, his body. Where were these thoughts coming from?! He shook his head to get them out of his brain but they weren’t going especially as she leant back supporting herself with her hands leaving her magnificent breasts exposed, taut nipples and all. He set the camera up on it’s stand as his hands were shaking. She teased, “you want some don’t you?”

“You don’t know how much.” He remarked with honesty.

“You are just as gorgeous you know hone.” She smiled welcomingly. He took that as an invite and stepped back over to her. She asked, “How long?”

“Since that black corset, maybe before.” He replied as she undid the belt and zip of his jeans. They fell to the ground, shortly followed by his boxers, letting his member spring up level with her smiling mouth. She took his cock in her hand and leant in so that it slipped into the wide O of her mouth. He watched it go in and grabbed her hair as he felt his knees go weak. Her head moved back and forth over his cock and then her tongue found the tip of it and gave it teasing licks. He moaned and held on to her hair even tighter. It had been a long time since he had had a blowjob.

He stopped her, pushing her head back before he came. He want to feel her pussy and cunny wrapped round his length. She slipped further on to the bed and he followed, pulling his t-shirt off so he could feel his skin rubbing against her nipples and smooth skin. He kissed her as his hand ran up and down the side of her body until he found one of her large breasts and rolled it in his hand, feeling the nipple rubbing against his palm. She moaned as her nipples had become sensitive in the chill of the room. She felt his cock pressing against the top of her knickers and she rubbed against it. The lace rubbed against her clit turning her on and she felt them become damp from her sex juices. She gasped as she came, not expecting canlı bahis siteleri it at all. She wanted more now.

She took his hand and guided it down and under her panties. His finger crept over her clit and then found her wet opening. He slipped the finger in making her moan again at the feel of her body clinging to his finger and wanting something thicker and bigger then it. He pushed his finger in and out. By now he was getting to the stage where he wanted her. But which way? He wanted her breasts bouncing in his face. He wanted to see himself take her and treat her like a bitch. He wanted to just ride her hard and fast. She solved it for him by pushing him off her and getting on top. She pushed her panties to one side and slowly sat down on his cock. He moaned at how tight and wet she was as he slid deep into her. She put one of her fingers in her mouth as if was a cock and played with it until it was coated with her saliva before beginning to rub herself. He just watched, eyes wide, as she used him. He didn’t care. There was something about watching her that was even more erotic then doing it. Her eyes closed as the pleasure mounted in her from her clit being rubbed and her insides as well. She moved slowly up and down him while he held tight to her thigh with one hand and fondled a breast with the other. Her breath was short and sharp until she stopped breath suddenly. Her breath came out in one sudden gasp and she lay down his length with his cock still in her. He didn’t dare move guessing that she had just had an orgasm.

She continued to move back and forth over his cock but he took charge and taking hold of her hips pushed her firmly onto his cock. They moved together hard and fast, her breasts bouncing over his chest and face. He grabbed one and sucked at the nipple. She moaned as he sucked hard on it and then he let go as with a loud moan of his own he felt himself come inside her. He shivered as his cock shuddered in her until he felt as if Annie had wrung him dry. They lay still, his limp cock slowly slid out. He whispered, “you were better then I thought you would be.”

“Your cock was amazing. I’m going to need you again.” She teased back at him.

“Give me a few minutes. How about some more photos?”

“So I can arouse you all over again.” She smiled at the thought.

“Maybe.” He kissed her fully on the lips and their tongues danced together before they both had to stop to get a breath.

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