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The PhotographerPixie Lott looked around the squalid studio and wrinkled her nose. It seemed strange that she had been sent to such a dump, given her celebrity status. Her agent had decided that some tasteful lingerie shots would boost her career, and had organised a session with a leading photographer. The guy stood leering at her now, a grotty little man, standing at least a foot shorter than her. She forced herself to shake his hand.Abruptly he took control, ordering her to strip to her underwear so that he could get a feel for what she would look good in. She looked around for a changing screen, and saw none. He clearly expected her to do it in front of him. This was not an auspicious start.Sighing, she pulled her t-shirt up over her head, revealing a tiny white lacy bra.”Cute tits!” exclaimed the photographer, who was then subjected to a withering stare from the blonde singer. She turned her back to him and began wriggling out of her jeans. They were almost at her knees when she realised that her panties had come down with them, giving the creep a perfect view of her cute little ass. “Shit” she muttered as she yanked them back up, then kicked her jeans into a corner. When she turned to face him again he was staring, slack-jawed.”Anyone would think you’d never seen a girl in her underwear before,” chastised Pixie, facing him with her arms folded. This was a self-protective stance, which just happened to press her little tits together in a very interesting way.”Shut up, I’m thinking,” muttered the photographer, eyeing her up.Pixie gasped in shock at his rudeness, then pouted as it became apparent that an apology was not forthcoming. She stood with one eyebrow raised as he walked around her, feeling her cheeks flush at his close examination. Finally he tossed her a pink satin teddy. “This’ll do for starters.”Pixie didn’t move. Eventually the photographer grumbled “You can change around the corner. There’s a mirror.” Then he busied himself with his equipment.Pixie walked around the corner, wondering just what she had gotten herself into. She momentarily considered leaving, but decided to give the man one more chance. He was supposed to be a genius, after all.She held the teddy up for inspection. It was open-backed bodysuit, consisting of a G-string bottom and a front that was little more than two strips of satin that fastened behind the neck. It looked way too small.She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, then shrugged it off. Her little tits sat high and proud, her nipples pointing slightly upward. Her nipples stiffened in the cold air. Pixie watched herself in the mirror as she rubbed the bra marks away, pinching and squeezing her breasts as she gently massaged them. Heck, if you were Pixie Lott, wouldn’t you do that?Down came her panties, exposing a neatly-trimmed tuft of blonde pubic hair. She turned from side to side with her hands on her hips, admiring her naked body. Such was the extent of her narcissism that the sight of her own reflection caused her to become a little turned on.Pixie stepped into the teddy, and pulled it up between her thighs. After adjusting the crotch and pulling the g-string snugly up between her firm, little ass cheeks, she bent forward and put the loop over her neck. When she straightened up she gasped as the material tightened up her bum and bit deep into her pussy. The thin strips hugged her breasts, and joined 1xbet yeni giriş together a long way down, just above her mound, barely hiding her pubic hair. She made an attempt to adjust the crotch again, but it was plain to see in the mirror that it was tightly clinging to every fold of her pussy.”I can’t wear this!” she called out.”Like hell you can’t”, came the reply. “Come out where I can see you.””But it doesn’t fit!” wailed Pixie.”I’ll be the judge of that. Now get the fuck out here and stop complaining!”Pixie gave herself another once-over in the mirror. She looked like a complete slut, but maybe it could work if the lighting was right and the angles were tasteful…Pixie stepped out, and the man whistled appreciatively. “Now get over on the bed!”Pixie later reasoned that it was pure shock at the man’s attitude that suppressed her ability to think and made her meekly do what he commanded. The truth was that, after years of being worshipped by everyone around her, she got a secret thrill from being treated poorly.The first shots were fairly innocent. He made her stand by the bed, then sit on it. She gave him her best aloof and untouchable expressions while trying not to show too much flesh.”Make yer nipples stick out more!” he commanded.”What?””Your nipples – I want them harder!””What? But… How…” she stammered.”Oh fuck, do I have to do everything myself?” He came over to where Pixie was staring with disbelief, and roughly pinched her nipples through the sheer satin. “Ouch!” she cried, and slapped his face.He looked at her for a second, spat on the floor, then gave her a stinging backhand that laid her out on the bed. “You’re gonna to do everything I fucking say, bitch!”Pixie lay there gasping, wide-eyed, nipples bullet-hard and pussy twitching traitorously. She finally mustered the courage to say “That’s Ms. Lott to you.”The photographer looked down at the beautiful singer on the bed. Pixie’s wide eyes were shiny with tears beneath perfectly maintained eyebrows. Her lips were slightly parted, and her nostrils flared slightly as she breathed. And as she breathed, her chest was heaving magically, her tiny breasts poking through the thin strips of satin. Her nipples and the outline of her areolae were clearly defined through the tightly stretched material.His gaze travelled lower. The carefully adjusted crotch of the teddy had gone awry, with stray curls peeking from the sides. Her pussy was threatening to eat it for lunch.”You’re gonna do everything I say, Ms. Lott,” he sneered. She could only nod.He took a multitude of pictures as she lay on the bed, commanding her to roll from side to side. She kept her thighs together and he seemed content for a time, but then the outrageous demands began again.”Squeeze yer tits together! That’s it! Now get on yer hands and knees. Let ’em hang. Now squeeze ’em and lick yer lips. Say cheese!””Cheese.””Say ‘fuck me'””What?””Just say it, bitch!””Fuck me, fuck me!””Yeah! That’s the look I’m after! Now kneel on the bed. Legs apart, that’s it. Now get those little tits out.””I will not!” cried Pixie emphatically. “This is just supposed to be a lingerie shoot!””Get your fucking tits out,” said the photographer, slowly and menacingly.Pixie bit her lip, then pulled the front of her teddy apart, exposing her perky breasts to his gaze. Her nipples stiffened even more when they hit the air, if that was possible.He 1xbet giriş took a flurry of shots from different angles, while he made Pixie squeeze her tits and make sexy expressions. She was leaning into the camera, boobs thrust before her, when he made his next demand.”Pull it up your pussy!””Absolutely not!” she gasped.”Alright, I’ve fucking had it with your attitude.” He roughly grabbed her and pulled her across his lap, then gave her bottom a slap that made her squeal.Words cannot describe the sheer perfection of Pixie Lott’s cute, little bottom. Completely exposed by the tight g-string, her cheeks were firm, tight and round. The photographer laid into her with a passion, giving her a thorough spanking. Her buttocks quivered and reddened beneath his ministrations, her bum bucking and heaving as she struggled in his firm grasp. “No, please no!” she cried, but the photographer was unforgiving. Finally she ceased her struggles, and he gave her one more stinging slap as she sobbed quietly.Pixie’s bum was bright red now. He started to rub and squeeze her cheeks and she let out an involuntary moan. “You like that, don’t you Ms. Lott?” he sneered, then slid his hand between her legs and felt her slit through the damp satin. She lay across his lap, unresisting, as he pressed the material between her swollen outer lips, and rubbed back and forth.He got up suddenly, and she fell to the floor. “Stand up!” he commanded. Pixie pulled herself to her feet, feeling her legs wobbly beneath her. She stood facing him.”I’m sick of that outfit” he said, then grabbed the teddy by the straps and pulled it down. It stuck briefly in her crotch before falling to the floor. Pixie Lott stood naked before him, her pussy just inches from his face. She could feel his breath on her pubes.Pixie was sure he was going to try to fuck her and prepared herself to run. But he simply got up and selected a white bra, panties, stockings and suspenders, then passed them to the stunned singer. She took them meekly and went back around the corner to change.Pixie’s mind was racing. She felt humiliated and terrified, but so very horny. The cruel treatment had really turned her on. She slid a finger into her pussy, and was amazed to find it soaking wet.”Pixie Lott, you get yourself out of here right now, do you hear?” she whispered to her reflection in the mirror. But the young woman in the glass didn’t move.Shaking her head, she pushed all her doubts to the back of her mind and began squeezing her naked body into the new lingerie.The bra was almost completely transparent. The sheer panties matched, and had a seam up the back so they hugged every contour of her cute ass. She attached the suspender belt, and pulled on the stockings.Pixie surveyed her makeup. After fixing up her smudged lipstick and teary mascara, she returned to where the photographer was waiting.The photographer looked Pixie up and down and grinned lasciviously. “Very nice, Ms. Lott. Now let’s try this again. Get back on the bed.”Her heart racing, Pixie did as she was told. As before, the poses that he ordered started out fairly tame but quickly became more and more lewd. She told herself repeatedly that she had the right to approve or reject all the shots.”Lie back and spread your legs!” he barked.Pixie almost refused, but her bottom was still stinging from the spanking earlier, so after a brief hesitation she 1xbet güvenilirmi complied. As he zoomed in on the crotch of her panties she was painfully aware that her pussy was clearly visible through the sheer material.”Jesus, you’re wet down there,” he laughed, and Pixie blushed furiously. She slid a hand down to cover herself.”Yeah, that’s it,” he said. “Stroke it. Let’s see you play with it.”Pixie’s head was swimming. She could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy against her palm. Almost against her will, her fingers started rubbing her slit through her damp panties. She squeezed her clitoris between two knuckles and felt it harden and poke out of its little hood. She closed her eyes and moaned softly.Lost in pleasure, Pixie slipped her hand down the front of her underwear and eased two fingers into her hot, slick cunt. Her breathing increased in pace with her finger-banging.After a while she forgot the photographer was there, but she was rudely reminded when he came over and tugged her bra up over her perky little tits. He pinched one erect nipple, then the other, while she continued to masturbate.”You’re a hot little slut, aren’t you Ms. Lott” he said, before grabbing the crotch of her panties and tearing them in two. Pixie flinched, then started frigging herself furiously. She didn’t care that her sex was completely exposed to the camera.”Here,” he said, throwing her a massive flesh-coloured dildo. Pixie Lott’s mind reeled, but she grabbed the obscene toy and worked its giant knob into her pussy, stretching her vaginal lips almost to their limit. It took both hands to squeeze it all the way in.The clicking of the camera accompanied the wet sounds of the dildo plunging in and out of Pixie’s cunt. The beautiful singer had lost all control and, quite frankly, was anyone’s at this point.She reached for her clit and found that with only one hand she couldn’t drive the dildo in as hard and fast as she needed. Her eyes pleaded with the photographer, and with a smug leer he came over and assumed dildo-pumping duties while she rubbed her clitoris and squeezed her aching breasts.His use of the dildo was hard, brutal and effective. Within thirty seconds Pixie Lott was screaming and convulsing in the throes of the biggest orgasm she had ever had.When she finally recovered and opened her eyes there was a slutty-looking woman in the room, regarding her with amusement.”Session’s over,” said the photographer. “Next appointment’s here.”Pixie went around the corner to get dressed. She caught her reflection in the mirror and was mortified at the sight of the just-fucked whore that she saw there. And what was that white sticky substance all over her breasts?A week later, Pixie Lott met with her agent in his office.”Now Pixie, what happened with the photo shoot last week?” he asked.Pixie cringed. “What do you mean?””They said you didn’t show up.””But I did!” cried Pixie. “It was horrible. I don’t want any of the pictures used.”Her agent looked confused. “Hang on, hang on. Where’d you go?””That warehouse on Arlington, just like you said…”He put his head in his hands. “Oh shit.””What? What’s wrong?”The agent looked very contrite. “Uh, I’m sorry Pixie, I think I sent you to the wrong place. That’s actually where I send my, er, other sort of clients…””Oh,” replied Pixie, feeling sick in her stomach.”You didn’t do anything, did you?” he asked with concern.”Maybe…” she replied in a small voice.He quickly turned to his computer and typed a quick search into Google. All colour drained from his face as the image results came up.”Okay, don’t panic. This could be really good for your career…” he said nervously.

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