The Picnic


Andy pulled up to the kerb and stopped his car. Gingerly he climbed out and walked the short distance to the red front door. He hesitated a second then rang the bell. As he waited he shuffled nervously; would she open the door or would it be her father coming to say she did not want to see him. He was so expecting to be told that she did not want him he was surprised when Helen opened the door. Andy smiled when he saw her in relief. Her smile back was a little cold. It took a bit of the wind out of his sails but not too much. After the cool reception he got at the end of their first date he was simply happy she was actually seeing him again.

The two of them had been set up by their mutual friend Rach. Andy had known her since uni; Helen worked in the same office as her. Rach had decided that the two of them would be perfect together, in spite of the age gap. He was twenty seven and she was just twenty one. So had set to work in order to get them together. Andy had tried to resist but knew from long experience that when Rach put her mind to something she usually accomplished it. So finally he had given in and had gone out on a date with Helen. It was not that he thought he would not like Helen, he fully expected her not to want him. After all she was small petite and very pretty. He was anything but small and handsome. He had always been large and no matter what exercise he ever did he kept a big belly and not a six pack. Her initial reaction on seeing him had not filled him with hope. She had tried to hide it but he had seen the flicker of disgust in her eyes. Not that he had expected anything else, every woman he had ever tried to date since uni had shown the same reaction to him. Helen had been polite during the date but always kept her distance from him. By the time he dropped her off at her home he had expected her to tell him she did not want to see him again. She had not done so, but he knew that was only because of her friendship with Rach. A pretty woman like Helen would not normally have been seen out with him. Then Rach had come up with the idea of them having a picnic she would be with Stephen her bloke and Andy could bring Helen. He was surprised when Helen said yes on the phone when he called her up. But again he heard the reserve in her voice and knew it was only because of Rach.

“Just wait a second while I go to get my coat.” Helen said to him and disappeared back into the house. Andy watched her as she walked away liking what he saw. Helen was he had to admit, a pretty girl. She had a slender, petite figure with small almost tiny breasts and was not even five foot high. Her short legs were shapely and not too thin. Her small round face was haloed by shoulder length dark hair. She had bright blue eyes that sparkled when she smiled. In one thing Rach was correct she was just Andy’s type of woman. Only problem was he seemed not to be her kind of man. He heard her saying goodbye to her parents then she came back pulling on a small black jacket over the thin white blouse she was wearing. Below that was a simple black short skirt. He smiled again and she smiled back this time with a little more warmth.

“Do you know where we’re going, because I have no idea.” She said. Andy nodded.

“Yeah it used to be a hang out during uni. Not too crowded which is good.” He led her to the car and opened her door for her. She smiled in thanks. Quickly he got into his side and started the car. The journey to the park was a short one, and a quiet one. Andy tried to engage Helen in some sort of conversation but each time it faded out of reach. After three failed efforts he stopped trying and drove in silence. As they pulled onto the car park Andy saw Rach standing next to her car with Stephen. She waved to them and smiled broadly. Andy smiled back just happy to see her. She was tall, with a full figure and long blonde hair. Not that Andy had ever considered her as girlfriend material. The two were more like brother and sister; the idea would have freaked him out. And probably done the same to Rach. As soon as he had stopped Helen climbed out leaving her coat on the back seat and gave Rach a hug. Andy got out a little more slowly watching as Helen said more to Rach in the first minute than she had said to him in the whole journey. As Rach looked over Helen’s shoulder at him he saw her reaction to the look on his face. He walked round to the boot of the car and pulled out a cool bag with food for the picnic. Rach walked over to him.

“What’s up?” She whispered.

“She doesn’t want to be with me.” Andy told her. “The only reason she’s here is because you’re here. If it had only been the two of us I think she’d have said no.”

“I thought the first date went well.”

“Not really, she only went out with me ‘cos you asked her to. A pretty woman like her would never want a guy like me.” Rach glared at him.

“Stop saying that, you’re funny, romantic, loyal…” She said.

“Fat, ugly, boring.” Andy finished making Rach glare harder at him.

“If you keep thinking like that you’ll never get a girlfriend.”

“Ever canlı bahis şirketaleri thought I’m not meant to, maybe I’m supposed to stay single.” Rach shook her head.

“I’ll try to find out what’s wrong and see if I can fix it. I know you two are perfect for each other.” She said and headed towards Helen. Andy stared after her shaking his head slightly. There was no way he and Helen were perfect for each other. She was way too pretty for him.

The four of them set off along the footpath through the woodland. Rach was leading with Helen beside her. Andy and Stephen followed behind carrying the bags with the food and drink. The two women chatted as they walked their voices too soft for Andy to hear. From the couple of glances behind from both of them he guessed they were chatting about him and Stephen. Andy did not really know Stephen, he and Rach had only been going out for a couple of weeks. The two men had greeted each other when Andy arrived but now the walked along without talking. Rach led them down a path Andy did not recognise. It was a side path from the normal route through the park. The walk lasted about fifteen minutes then they reached a large clearing in the woods. Rach took her shoes off and bounded into the clearing.

“What do you guys think, isn’t this the perfect picnic spot?” She said twirling around in the middle of the clearing. They all agreed that it was perfect. The four of them emptied the two bags out and soon they had a large table cloth covered in various food and drink. Rach and Stephen sank down next to each other. Helen sat close to Andy but with an obvious gap between them. Andy hid his disappointment.

“How did you know about this place?” He asked Rach.

“I’ve known about it for years, used to come here as a kid with my family. It’s off the main path so virtually no one comes down here.”

“You never brought me here and we used to go for a picnic at uni.”

“Hey I don’t want the whole world to know. It’d never be free for me and my closest friends now would it.” Andy nodded and smiled. At least Rach liked him, even if it was just as a friend. He was happy to take that.

They started eating and chatting. Rach and Stephen were obviously very close already. He had known Rach for years and had never seen her as relaxed with a guy as she was with Stephen. He hoped it lasted, and looking at them together he thought it probably would. He and Helen were a different matter. The few times the spoke together it was cold and impersonal. From the way Helen spoke to him you would have never thought they were supposed to be on a date. Once they had all eaten their full they lounged on the grass with their different bottles of alcohol. Rach suddenly laughed.

“Do you remember that picnic with Julian?” She said to Andy.

“God yes, he was a complete prick.”

“Tell me about it, but you pulled him down a peg didn’t you.” Andy nodded slightly embarrassed about the whole incident.

“How do you mean?” Helen asked surprising Andy as it was the most interest she had shown in him all day.

“Oh Julian thought he was god’s gift to women. And figure he had to share his gift with as many girls as he could.” Rach said. “I had fallen under his spell and then he had dumped me to go onto another girl. Andy set him up good to get him back.” Helen looked at Andy quizzically.

“The guy had broken Rach’s heart then was rubbing her face in it by bringing his new girl to the picnic.” Andy said.

“He never broke my heart!” Rach insisted. Andy laughed.

“Ok dented it then, you did have a thing for him when you first started at Uni.”


“So what did you do?” Helen asked.

“He managed to get Julian to dress up in an old fashioned woman’s swimming costume and got a couple of photos. Which somehow appeared on the students’ bulletin board.” Rach said.

“It was easy. The guy was a jerk who couldn’t handle his drink.”

“Yeah but you brought the costume and the camera.”

“He deserved it for what he did to you. I don’t allow people to use my friends.” Rach smiled in reply.

“One thing about you, you’re very protective of your friends.” She said. Andy nodded and smiled, then noticed Helen looking at him. She has a slightly quizzical look in her eyes.

“Did you do many tricks like that?” She asked.

“A few yes, but not many.” He answered.

“Who are you kidding, he was quiet a joker at uni.” Rach butted in. “I could tell you loads of stories about him. Most of them are against those who upset his friends.”

“I’m sure Helen doesn’t want to hear about my misspent time at uni.” Andy said nervously eyeing Helen.

“Oh no, I would be glad to hear all about your mischief making.” She replied waving to Rach to continue. With a grin Rach launched into another tale about Andy’s activities when the two of them had been at uni. Andy sat still embarrassed as all his darkest, most mischievous actions were spilled to his new girlfriend. To his shock Helen seemed to lap them up, urging Rach to tell another canlı kaçak iddaa tale as the last one ended. All the time she was giving Andy strange looks that he could not read. Finally she turned to look directly at him

“You do not seem to be the same person you were then.” She said, “you were very boring on our first date.” Andy spluttered for a second at her bluntness. “Rach had said you were a laugh to be with, I didn’t smile once all night.”

“I was nervous.” Andy said weakly.


“I’ve not had good experiences before with women and didn’t want to appear to flash.”

“Andy has a habit of going into his shell when he is nervous. He’s ok once you get to know him, but before that he’ll sometimes be too quiet.” Rach said emphasising the last two words as she glared at him. Helen laughed softly.

“I think I understand. I knew a pal at school like that.” As she spoke she shifted slightly towards him. Andy glanced at Rach his eyes wide in surprise. She smiled knowingly and Andy realised she had figured out what the problem had been with the first date. As they chatted Andy relaxed, Rach had told so many of his worst behaviour he did not have to worry about embarrassing himself any more. As he did so Helen seemed to thaw rapidly. She moved closer to him and soon began chatting with him happily.

The afternoon passed quickly as they sat, ate and chatted. The four of them relaxed and enjoyed each others company. They were having so much fun that they failed to notice the dark clouds that slowly filled the sky above them. The first warning they had of the impending storm was a loud clap of thunder. They jumped and Helen gave a sharp squeal. A second later the heavens opened and rain began to pour down on them.

“Where the fuck did this come from?” Steven snarled as they clambered to their feet.

“Never mind that, let’s get back to the cars.” Rach said. They all began to throw the picnic stuff into their bags. By the time they had finished the storm was raging over head. Bolts of lightning flashed across the sky and thunder roared with each bolt. The rain streaked down drenching them. Holding onto the bags they dashed back through the forest as fast as they could. Rach and Stephen soon pulled ahead as she knew the way. Helen was unable to keep up as well and Andy hung back with her. He hoped he could remember the route back should they loose sight of Rach.

He caught sight of Stephen disappearing across a clearing down the trail and dived towards the clearing. As he got close he felt a sudden tingling. Something at the back of his head warned him to stop. He did so stopping suddenly just before the clearing. Helen shot past him heading towards the clearing. Andy’s unease rose and he grabbed at her, catching her arm and pulling her back towards him. She turned to stare at him.

“What you doing we’ll lose…” Her words were interrupted as a bolt of lightning struck a tree at the other side of the clearing. With a sharp crack the tree exploded showering strips of bark across the clearing. Andy twisted round to protect Helen from any shards that might reach them. He felt her jump and wrap her arms around him in terror at the explosion. She looked over her shoulder at the remains of the tree.

“I would have been caught by that if you had not stopped me.” She said her voice shaking in shock. She was still clinging to Andy and he could feel her shaking in his arms. She almost sank to her knees as the shock of her near miss hit her. He looked around knowing instantly she could not continue. Through the trees he saw a small shelter for walkers.

“Come on let’s get under cover.” He said having to shout over the almost constant roar of the thunder from the storm. Helen let him lead her over to the shelter where she sank a bench. The shelter did not protect them much, but it did block the full force of the wind. The rain swirled around the shelter but did not hit them with its full force. Andy sat next to Helen his arms around her shoulders. She clung tightly to him and he could feel her gasping sharply for breath. Around them the storm raged, blasting the wood with its full force. The rain fell in streaks driven by the wind. Above them the sky was ripped apart by massive bolts of lightning that flashed wildly across the sky. Each bolt was accompanied by a roar of thunder so powerful it took Andy’s breath away. He felt as if the storm was pressing down on him, at the same time he could feel the power of the static electricity in the air. His skin tingled and he felt as if his body was being jolted by thousands of electric flashes.

“How did you know?” Helen asked her eyes wide as she looked up at him. Andy shrugged.

“No idea, I just felt it and knew something was going to happen. That’s why I grabbed you.” He told her.

“It was a good job you did, I could have been killed.” She shook as she spoke.

“It’s alright neither of us was hurt so no worries ok.” Andy told her squeezing her softly in his arms. She nodded softly then suddenly kissed him on the lips. Andy canlı kaçak bahis felt her lips pressing against his and after a seconds surprise began to kiss her back. Suddenly she pulled away and pushed herself away from him

“I’m sorry I did not mean to do that.” She said with a gasp her hand coming up to cover her mouth.

“Why not I liked it?” Andy asked.

“You did, I was not sure you would. I am not the most beautiful woman around.”

“What!?” Andy said shocked.

“Well look at me, I am too small and thin, my breasts are too small and I am not that good looking.” Andy looked at her as she stood in the rain. Her black hair was drenched by the storm the rainwater dripping down her face. Her thin white blouse clung to her body tightly. Her eyes flashed with the lightning and he could see a wild look in her eyes that matched the way he felt.

“You’re gorgeous and sexy Helen.” He told her.

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are,” he told her and pushed himself up. He took her in his arms and pulled her towards him. She looked up at him her eyes wide not sure what he was going to do. Holding her softly Andy lowered his mouth down to kiss her firmly on her lips. For a second she was tense then kissed him back softly then pulled her head back.

“You mean it?” She whispered looking up at him. Andy nodded. “You think I am sexy?” Again Andy nodded.

“Yes very sexy.” He told her. “I thought so the moment I saw you. I hoped that somehow you’d like me so one day I might be able to make love to you because you were so sexy.” Her eyes widened in surprise. Then she kissed him, harder this time. He kissed her back, as he did he felt her fingers tighten around his arms. Then she slid her arms around his neck and held onto him as she kissed him passionately. He felt her lips open to his probing tongue. The storm thundered around them and Andy felt his body reacting. He was suddenly breathless and yet powerful at the same time. His blood seemed to respond to the flashes of lightning, becoming like fire in his veins. He kissed her hard, wanting to almost devour her with his kiss. She clung to him sinking into him letting him hold her.

They had been kissing for nearly a minute when Andy felt her fingers rubbing against his groin through his jeans. He knew she would be able to feel how hard his cock was. Just holding her and kissing her like this had turned him on. He hoped that fact would not put her off. As her fingers pulled down his zip he knew it had not. Her fingers wriggled into his jeans and slid around his cock. They felt small wrapped around him as she began to slide her hand up and down him. Andy gasped softly as she began to wank him off. Softly she pulled his cock out still rubbing her small hand up and down him. Then she dropped quickly to her knees in front of him and slipped her mouth down over his cock.

Andy gasped as she sucked on him. His mind wheeled and he panicked for a second. What if someone came by and saw them, what would happen? Then as her lips slid up and down him sucking him deeply all his worries left his mind. He moaned softly at the pleasure of his cock in her mouth. Looking down he watched as she slid her mouth up and down him. His cock disappearing into her mouth was an even bigger turn on. She sucked hard on him, her lips moving rapidly up and down on him. Andy gasped and moaned at the feel. Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock holding him still as she moved her mouth up and down him. Soon he could feel himself getting close to cumming. Before she brought him to his orgasm she pulled away and stood up.

“I want to make love to you.” She hissed softly and pushed him back onto the bench. She climbed up to straddle his thighs and pulling her panties aside lowered herself down onto him. She gave a deep gasp as she took his cock inside her. Andy moaned as he felt how tight her pussy was around his cock. She felt so tight he wondered if she was a virgin, if she had let him take her virginity. But the way she had sucked on him and the way she was riding his cock indicated that she had experience and was not a virgin.

Andy could see her face in the flashes of lightning. Her blue eyes were half shut as she gasped riding his cock. Rain ran down her cheeks onto her blouse drenching it further. The thin white material clung to her chest showing her small breasts. He wanted to feel them, to take them in his mouth and suck on them. He clawed at the buttons of the blouse, in his need tearing some of them off. He ripped the blouse back over her shoulders and behind her back. He could see that she was wearing a thin pale pink teddy. Her breasts were held in the cups, only just big enough to push out the material. Andy slid the straps of the teddy down exposing her breasts. He stared at them, taking in their small form before reaching up to rub his fingers over them.

His nerves were so wired by the static in the air that he could feel every crease of skin, every small bump and ridge on her nipples. He ran his fingers over the nipples squeezing them firmly. Helen hissed at the touch of his fingers. Her motion on his cock increased, moving faster up and down on him. Andy gasped then lent forwards to take one tiny breast into his mouth. He sucked hard on it, drawing out the hard nipple and flicking his tongue all over it.

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