The Pin


The PinIntroduction:Cindy meets Scott, but who is he and what does he really do?This is a long story over 26,000 words.I changed the name of the dead guy, who has a very minor part in the second half of the story, because I don’t like saying his real name.This story is total fiction, which means this is not a true story. I made the whole thing up… well most of it. I have more thoughts at the end. I hope you enjoy the story.The PinMy name is Cindy; I’m twenty one years old and in my third year of college. I’m about five foot six and weigh about one thirty. I have hazel eyes and natural chestnut hair which changes to auburn when I’m in the sun a lot. I don’t want to sound vain but a lot of my girlfriends say that I’m very pretty. I go to school about twenty miles from my parent’s house and I’m still living at home. My father is a retired Army full bird Colonel and when I was a c***d I lived on an army base for my entire life. I enjoyed the life, always going to different parts of the United States and overseas. While overseas we spent time stationed in The United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, and Germany during my c***dhood. During the course of my father’s career he had to sometimes go overseas by himself and being an only c***d it would be just me and my mother. shortly after I graduated high school my father retired and we moved into a large house just outside of San Diego California. I enjoyed the perks of being the daughter of a high ranking officer. One of the things I enjoyed was driving through the gate onto the base and watching the guards at the gate salute the car as it passed through. It didn’t matter who was driving, even if I was by myself they would always salute. I would always give the guard a big smile and blow him a kiss which they enjoyed. During the early summer after my junior year in college my innocent carefree life style changed. My parents were hosting a barbeque at our house in the back yard. Mother asked me to please be there and help with the preparations. I took in a large sigh and reluctantly said yes. I had been to these functions before and I knew that the back yard would be filled with old salty sea dogs who would be talking about the good old days and their battle scars. Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge amount of respect for these men and women who put their asses in the line of fire just so I can live the lifestyle that I am used too. But, being a twenty one year old single unattached girl I could think of at least a dozen other places I would rather be. On the day of the party mother and I were busy in the kitchen preparing the dip and snacks when our guests started arriving. Mother had just carried a tray of snacks out onto the back deck when the front doorbell rang again. I was drying my hands off as I ran to the door and quickly snatched it open. To my surprise there was a young man about my age standing there. He stood just over six feet tall with a short cropped military hair cut. He was wearing a body hugging tee shirt that showed off his bulging chest muscles and tight six pack AB muscles. He wasn’t muscle bound but I don’t think I’ve ever seen biceps that big before. He was clean shaven with commanding deep blue eyes. He was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen in my life. I felt a flood of moisture hit my panties and I was embarrassed as I realized I had checked his body out as he stood there looking at me. I quickly closed my gapping mouth and smiled at him as I attempted to recover. “Hi,” he said as he reached his right hand out to me, “I’m Scott; I’m here for the party.” I was still in recovery mode as I reached out to shake his hand. I then realized I had the dish towel in my hand and had to quickly transfer it to my other hand before I could shake his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Cindy, please come in.” I stepped aside and allowed him to enter. “Everyone is out back, please follow me.” He said, “It’s nice to meet you Cindy.” as he walked out the back door and onto the patio deck. My mother was walking to the door and stopped to greet Scott. “Hello Scott, I’m so glad you could come.” She said as she hugged him and went up on her toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She looked at me and turned Scott around with her arm and said, “Have you met my daughter Cindy?” He looked at me and smiled and answered, “Yes ma’am, we met at the front door.” “Good,” she said, “go on out and have a good time.” My mother came into the kitchen and I said to her with an irritated voice, “Who is that? You could have warned me that someone like that was coming!” “Oh that’s Scott;” she said as she smiled at me, “he’s a very nice young man, he works on the base. We met him at a… ah… social a couple of weeks ago.” “Ahhh, mother look at me!” I said as I looked down at what I was wearing and gasped as I pulled out my tee shirt out away from my stomach and saw water stains from standing at the sink and a couple of chili stains. “Ahhh!” I said as I ran back to my bedroom to change. I pulled off my shirt and looked into my makeup mirror and touched up my makeup. I pulled off my shorts and panties and dug through my drawer until I found a white thong and quickly pulled them on and adjusted it. I found my tight white shorts and a green low cut top that showed off a little cleavage. I put on a pair of dress sandals that had two inch heels and turned around to look at my ass in the floor length mirror. I adjusted my thong and quickly brushed my hair and went back to the party. I opened the back door and stepped out onto the patio and looked around. I saw daddy standing on the other side of the pool talking to Scott so I nonchalantly walked around to them and said, “Hi daddy,” and gave him a kiss in the cheek. “Hi princess,” he said as he returned my kiss with a kiss to my forehead, “Cindy this is Scott, he works in the Navy base. Scott this is my daughter Cindy.” I was under control this time and shook his hand again and said, “Yes, we sort a met at the front door.” Scott grinned at me and said, “yes, we met at the front door,” Scott glanced down at my cleavage and said, “You look very pretty.” “Sorry about the way I looked at the door,” I said, “some first impression, I had just finished making the dip when the doorbell rang.” Daddy put his hands on Scott’s and my shoulders and pushed us a little closer together as he said, “There’s Joe, and I have to go say hi to him. You two have fun.” Then he quickly left Scott and me alone.I thought that was a little unusual for daddy to push us together like that. It left me with the feeling that he wanted Scott and me to get to know each other better. He has always been very protective of me, especially when I’m around men, and here he was pushing me towards a man that I had met just ten minutes ago.I looked at the beer he was holding and seeing that it was almost empty I asked, “Do you want another beer?” “Yes please,” he said, “But only if you will drink one with me.” “That’s a deal,” I said, as we slowly walked around the pool to the ice chest. He retrieved two beers and opened mine and handed it to me. We walked to a small two seat table at the end of the patio; Scott set his beer on the table and pulled my chair out offering me a seat.“Thank you,” I smiled, “Quite the gentleman.” “You’re welcome,” he answered, “anything for a beautiful lady.” ‘Wow’ I thought, he was very charming and very flattering. I was enjoying the way he was talking to me and the way he was hitting on me. This was going to be a very interesting day. We talked for the rest of the afternoon, not being away from each other for just a couple of minutes at a time. Scott was one of the last people to leave the party, I held his hand as I walked with him to the door and he asked, “Would you like to go to dinner with me next weekend? Maybe Friday night?” “Yes,” I said, “That sounds nice.” “Will seven-o-clock be ok?” He asked. “Sure, seven will be good, call me.” I said as I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. I closed the door, turned around and leaned my butt against it and let out a long deep sigh and I know I had a silly grin on my face. After a few seconds I looked up to see my mother looking at me. I quickly stood up straight as she grinned at me and walked into the kitchen without saying a word. I followed her into the kitchen and helped clean up everything from the party. After a few minutes mother nonchalantly said, “Do you like Scott? He seems to be a very nice young man.” “Yes mom,” I said, “We got along quite well, we seemed to have a lot in common.” I caught moms gaze and continued, “He asked me out to dinner next Friday.” “That’s nice Cindy; your father and I think the world of him. He really is a very nice young man.” As we continued to clean up I began to think of why they had invited Scott to the party. Had this been a subtle way to set me up with him? I didn’t know for sure, but I thought that I didn’t mind it if they did.Scott called me the next day and told me that he enjoyed talking to me during the party. We talked on the phone for about an hour and told each other about some of our life. On Wednesday Scott called me again and confirmed our dinner date and told me where we would be going. It was a very nice high class restaurant and after I hung up I went to my closet to pick out the clothes I was going to wear. I decided on a dark blue low cut evening dress that showed some cleavage with thigh high stockings and high heels. Thursday afternoon the doorbell rang and a few seconds later I heard daddy say, “Cindy, it’s for you.” I went down stairs and saw a florist standing inside the door with a large bouquet of a dozen pink roses in his hand. I immediately lit up with a huge smile and hoped they were from Scott. I took the flowers from him and said thank you and quickly looked for the card. I opened the card and it read: Cindy; I’m looking forward to dinner; see you Friday at seven, Scott. I giggled as I looked at daddy and said, “There from Scott.” I arranged the roses in a vase and set it on the table by the front door so Scott would see them tomorrow when he picked me up and I could thank him. On Friday I got dressed and was ready a few minutes before seven when I heard the doorbell ring at exactly seven. Mother had told me to always make them wait a few minutes before I went down. At five after seven I walked down the stairs expecting to see Scott waiting for me by the door but he wasn’t there. I heard talking and laughing in dad’s study so I walked over and opened the door. Daddy was in the middle of telling Scott a very animated story, and then he stopped in mid sentence as soon as I came in. They both turned towards me and Scott’s mouth dropped open. ‘Good’ I said to myself, I got the reaction from him that I was hoping for. Scott closed his mouth and said, “Wow Cindy, you look very beautiful.” Scott was dressed in a dark blue tailored suit that fit him very nicely. The suit accented his broad shoulders and tapered down to his slim waist. I walked over toward them and said, “Thank you Scott, and you look very handsome.”When I reached them I gave daddy a kiss on the cheek and then turn to Scott and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Every date that had ever picked me up at the house, daddy had always read them the riot act. He would glare at them and speak in his deep Colonels voice and usually say something like; ‘you treat her with respect do you understand me, and make sure she is home by whatever-o-clock.’ I reached under Scott’s arm and held it, looked at daddy and prepared for the speech. Daddy walked around behind us and patted a hand on each of our shoulders and said, “You two have fun.” That’s it? Why wasn’t daddy going to put the fear of God in him? I quickly moved Scott with me and headed out the door. I stopped in the foyer and smelled one of the roses and said, “Thank you very much for the beautiful roses.” He said, “You’re welcome, beautiful roses for a beautiful lady.”I smiled at him and kissed him full on the lips for several seconds and then Scott opened the door and we left for the restaurant. We had a very nice romantic candle lit dinner that lasted well over an hour and a half. Around nine-o-clock Scott asked me if I would like to go into the adjoining bar for a drink and some dancing. I was all smiles and said yes. He escorted me into the bar and we found a small empty table on the edge of the dance floor and sat. We talked for several minutes before the band started to play. Scott stood and extended his hand to me and asked me to dance. I smiled and accepted his hand. We danced to two fast songs and then the band played a slow number. Scott held me at a respectful distance but I wanted to show my appreciation for the nice time that I was having on this date plus I wanted to let him know that I liked him. I moved in closer and pressed my breasts into his chest. He responded and held me tighter in his strong arms as I lay my head on his shoulder. After a few seconds I looked up into his eyes and beckoned for him to kiss me. We kissed several times as we danced to the next two slow songs. Scott was a very good dancer. We stopped and rested for a couple of songs. Scott bought another round of drinks for us and we sat and talked again. He told me a lot about his family but I noticed he didn’t say too much about his job on the Navy base. He just told me that he was an instructor and spent most of his time in training. Another slow song started and he stood and offered me his hand and we danced again. This went on for the rest of the night until we left the bar arm in arm laughing and talking at around one-o-clock in the morning. He parked in front of the house and got out and came around to my side of the car. I sat and waited as he opened my door and extended his hand to help me from my seat. Scott was always the gentleman and I liked the way he was treating me. On the porch I thanked him for dinner and dancing as I put my arms around his neck and pressed my breasts tight to his chest. He held me around the waist and we kissed. The first two kissed were short kisses but on the third I held the back of his head and relaxed my mouth and we exchanged a deep passionate kiss. After we kissed Scott asked, “Do you water Ski?” I answered, “I don’t know, I’ve never tried it. Why?” “A friend of mine, Mark, his wife Janet, and I are going Water Skiing Tomorrow afternoon and I would like you to come.” “Sure,” I answered, “What time? And what should I wear?” “Great, I’ll pick you up around eleven in the morning, ah… Janet usually wears a bikini.” We kissed again and I said, “Good night, I’ll see you tomorrow at eleven.” “Good night Cindy, I had a real good time tonight.” The next day at exactly eleven-o-clock the doorbell rang. I waited about two minutes and walked downstairs and looked for Scott. Once again he was in daddy’s study and they were talking. I walked in and asked, “Are you ready to go?” “Yes,” Scott said as he turned back to daddy. They shook hands and Scott walked with me out of the study and out the door to his car. We parked in the marina parking lot, retrieved out bags and walked out onto the pier. Scott always being the gentleman carried my bag for me. I enjoyed the way Scott treated me. He always opened the car door and building doors for me. I saw a man and a woman down farther on the pier and when they looked our way they both waved. Scott waved back and said, “That’s Mark and Janet.” When we approached them Scott and Mark high fived each other and he grabbed Janet in a tight hug and kissed her forehead. He pulled away and said, “Mark, Janet, this is Cindy. Cindy these are my good friends Mark and Janet.” Mark and I politely shook hands and Janet hugged me and said, “It’s so nice to finally meet you, Scott has talked nonstop about you for the last week.” “Thank you,” I said grinning at Scott for a second, “It’s very nice to meet you.” We were standing next to a nice looking twenty five foot speed boat with an inboard engine. It had a walk-through windshield with wrap around padded seats at the bow. Behind the windshield there were four captains’ seats with a bench seat across the back in front of the engine compartment. Mark jumped on board and took our bags then offered his hand to Janet as she stepped on board. He then offered his hand to me as I followed suit and stepped on board. I picked up my bag and followed Janet to the cushioned seats at the bow. Mark started the engine while Scott untied the boat and jumped onboard. As we idled out of the marina Janet and I talked. I found out the she had been married to Mark for three years and she had known both Mark and Scott for about four years. When we cleared the marina Mark brought the boat up to about half throttle for a few seconds then went to full throttle. It was an extremely powerful boat and I was a little nervous. I had never gone this fast on the water before; I estimated our speed at sixty or seventy miles per hour. I had a death grip on the boat and looked at Janet who looked calm and relaxed. We made a couple of wide sweeping U turns and then Mark slowed down and brought it to an idle. Janet stood and slipped out of her shorts and shirt. She was wearing a hot pink string bikini that did a poor job of covering her B cup breasts. Both men gave her wolf whistles as she struck a sexy pose then blew them a kiss. When she sat back down I stood and stripped out of my clothes revealing my somewhat modest bikini. Both men followed suit and gave me wolf whistles as I gave them a shy little girl pose. I blew them a kiss and sat back down. Janet reached across to me and grabbed my arm and whispered, “Get ready, here it comes.” Both men grabbed the bottom of their tee shirts and lifted as Janet said, “Wait for it… wait for it.” When their shirt cleared their bodies Janet squeezed my arm and yelled ‘whoop whoop.’ We both cheered as they struck a strong man pose. ‘Oh my god’ I said to myself, both of them had chiseled bodies and everywhere you looked you could see the underlying scalped muscle tone. Janet whispered to me, “I never get tired of looking at those bodies.” When they finished posing Mark gestured to Janet that she should take her top off. I quickly looked at her and saw her shaking her head no. “Did Mark want you to take off your top?” I whispered. “Ya, the pervert,” she whispered back, “I usually do but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” I was a little surprised and whispered back, “You mean you would take your top off in front of both of them?””Sure, why not?” she said, “Scott is a perfect gentleman and would never touch me without my permission.” “Has Scott ever touched your boobs?” I asked. “Absolutely not and he never will. I love him to death but it’s a brother-sister kind of thing. They may gawk at me but neither one of them would ever embarrass me.” “Well,” I whispered back thinking that she would never do it, “I don’t want to be the party pooper, so if that’s what you normally do, then don’t let me stop you.” “Are you sure it won’t bother you?” Janet questioned.“Go for it.” I whispered. By this time both men were working in the back of the boat getting the ski equipment ready. Janet stood and said, “Oh Mark.” She reached around her back and pulled the string on her top. Both men turned as she pulled her top off and twirled it over her head a couple of times. Both men let out loud whoops and began applauding her.Scott looked at me with and embarrassing grin and shrugged his shoulders. Mark said, “Thanks honey, I love you!” Both men looked for a few seconds then turned back to the ski equipment as Janet sat down next to me and laughed. She spread her arms out and rested them on the backs of the cushions giving everyone an unobstructed view of her breasts. Janet’s body had all of the right parts in all of the right places. Her arms, legs, and stomach were well toned with girlish curves. I thought that my body was nice but it was a little soft. It looked like Janet had worked out and it showed. At that moment I made a mental note to start going with my mom and dad when they went to the gym on base.I looked at her while smiling and said, “I don’t believe you did that.” I looked at her breasts as she relaxed in her seat. Her nipples were hard and she had absolutely no modesty. I continued looking at her breasts and thought that my B cup breasts could be an exact matching set to hers. I suddenly got the crazy idea of taking my top off. I began to blush and put my hand over my mouth. Janet looked at me and asked, “Are you ok?” I said in an excited whisper, “Oh my god, I’m thinking about taking my top off in front of a strange man that I met less than a half hour ago. I don’t believe it.” I grabbed my breasts and squeezed and massaged them for a few seconds and then whispered to Janet, “Oh god, I don’t believe I’m going to do this!” I put my hand over my mouth again and giggled. I looked around to make sure there weren’t any boats around and stood up. I reached around my back and undid my top and said. “Oh Scott.” Both men turned and I pulled my top off and twirled it above my head like Janet had done. Both men whooped and applauded as they smiled at me. I suddenly became shy and put my hands over my breasts and covered them as I began to blush a deeper shade of red. Both men laughed at my embarrassment then Scott said, “Please don’t hide them they look absolutely beautiful.” I thought for a second and released them so they could see them again before I sat down and laughed with Janet. They looked at me for a few seconds then Scott jumped overboard with one ski and swam to the rope trailing behind the boat. Mark went to the controls and as soon as the rope was tight with Scott at the end he hammered the throttle. Scott was on his ski an instant later. He began doing wide sweeping S turns while holding the rope in one hand. As he was at the outside of his turn he leaned in and touched the water with his free hand.I couldn’t believe it; he was flying across the water at seventy plus miles an hour with a huge grin on his face. I on the other hand was holding on to the boat for dear life and was scared to death that he was going to fall and get seriously hurt. After a few minutes Mark held up his arm and as soon as Scott was on the port side of the boat in his turn Mark began a slow sweeping turn to port. Scott slowed down a little but as soon as he crossed the boats wake he began accelerating quickly like he was shot out of a sling shot. When he was on the outside arc of his turn he was going much faster than when the boat was traveling in a straight line. As the boat straightened out I thought that Scott had probably been skiing at over a hundred miles an hour. When the boat straightened out I realized that I was half way standing watching to make sure Scott didn’t fall. I sat back down and my heart was beating in my throat and I was out of breath. Janet touched my shoulder and I looked at her as she said, “Exciting, isn’t it?” I smiled as I put my hand on my heart and said, “Yes, that took my breath away.” Scott began skiing straight behind the boat and had his hand in the air. When Mark saw this he cut the throttle back down it idle. Scott’s forward momentum was enough for him to ski right up to the boat before he dropped into the water. He handed the ski to Mark and pulled himself into the boat. I began to applaud and said, “I’m impressed, you are a very good skier.” He smiled and said, “Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” He then slapped Mark on the shoulder and said while smiling at me, “I’ve got a fan club.” Mark jumped into the water and did a very impressive show of his skills. He could ski just as well as Scott. I wasn’t as nervous this time as I was when Scott was skiing. In fact, I would watch Scott sometimes as he drove the boat. One time when I looked at Scott he was staring as my breasts. I looked down and realized that every time the boat hit a wave my breasts would bounce. I looked over at Janet and hers were doing the same thing. I leaned over to her and said, “Those perverts, their watching our boobs bouncing when the boat hits the waves.” Janet laughed and said, “Of course, why do you think they wanted us topless.” It was all good clean fun but I thought I would give Scott a hard time about it. When I caught Scotts gaze I rubbed my index finger over my other index finger and mouthed the words, ‘shame on you.’ He let go of the steering wheel for a second and shrugged his shoulders and gave me a ‘what did I do?’ expression. I smiled at him while I shook my head and pretended to be disgusted with him. Even though I did this I continued to sit and let him watch my boobs bounce. When Mark climbed on board after his run Scott went to the ice chest and opened two beers. He had one in each hand and was bringing them up to us. He asked me, “What was that ‘shame on you’ for?” Janet laughed out loud and answered, “It took her that long to figure out that you two perverts were watching our boobs bouncing.” We all smiled and laughed at Janet’s humor. When Scott stepped through onto the bow with a beer in each hand I saw an opportunity to give him a bare breasted hug without the possibility of him touching me, which at the time I didn’t want to happen. I jumped up and hugged him around the chest pressing my hard nipples into his chest and said, “I’m not mad I was just picking on you, I’m the one who chose to go topless.” He bent his head down and kissed me. I released him and sat back down next to Janet on my side of the boat and Scott handed us each a beer.We stayed at idle and talked and joked with each other for about fifteen minutes. I was relaxed being topless and was having a better time than I had in a long time. I realized that the shot of adrenalin that I got while watching Scott Ski really picked up my energy and I was having a real good time. Scott, Janet, and Mark were talking to me like I was an old friend that they had known for years. After we finished our beers Scott and Mark each took another turn Skiing. I wasn’t nearly as nervous this time as I was the last time that Scott was skiing. In fact, while Scott was skiing I looked at Mark several times while he was driving and noticed that he was no different than Scott. When Mark wasn’t watching Scott ski he was watching our boobs bouncing. After a couple more turns, the boat was running low on fuel and we had to bring the boat back to the marina. We started toward the marina and both Janet and I got dressed. Scott tied the boat back to the dock and offered his hand to Janet and me and helped us make the transition from the boat to the dock. Janet pulled me aside as they stowed the equipment and whispered to me, “Scott is sweet on you, he has dated a few women but I can tell by the way he talks about you that you’re special. I know you have only known him for a week, but if you are looking for a lifelong partner you won’t find anyone better that Scott. Trust me.” “I know what you mean, “I whispered, “He has been nothing but sweet and courteous to me and the way that he and my daddy get along I know he is special.” We walked down the pier toward the parking lot and before we separated to go to our cars we stopped. Janet and I hugged and she said, “I enjoyed your company, I hope we can get together real soon.” “I enjoyed it too. Maybe we can have dinner next weekend?” “Yes that sounds nice,” Janet said, “I’ll take to Mark.” Scott hugged Janet and she kissed her on the cheek. Janet looked up at Scott and said, “She’s a keeper, I really like her.” Mark and I looked at each other for an awkward few seconds when he opened his arms and asked, “May I hug you?”I smiled and said, “Well, you’ve seen my breasts. I think it will be ok if you hugged me.” Everyone laughed at my little bit of humor as I walked into his arms and he hugged me. When he released me I kissed him on the cheek and said. “I enjoyed your company. You and Janet are nice people.” We said our goodbyes and we walked back to the car hand in hand. As we were driving back to my house I said, “Gawd, I don’t believe I did that!” “Did what?” Scott asked. “I took my top off in front of you and Mark. I feel kind of slutty for doing that. You don’t think any less of me for doing that, do you?” “No, of course not, it was just good clean fun.” He chuckled. “In fact, I gained a lot of respect for you. It took a lot of guts to do that… I like people who have a lot of guts.” He reached out with his right hand and I laced my fingers in his and kissed the back of his hand. “Please don’t say anything to my parents about what happened today.” “Don’t worry; I would never do anything that would embarrass you.” We were quiet for a few minutes when he squeezed my hand and asked, “Have you ever been skydiving?” I laughed out loud and said, “Are you serious?” as I looked at him. He wasn’t laughing so I thought for a moment and said in a serious tone, “You’re not k**ding are you?” “No, next Sunday Mark, Janet, and I are going and I would really like for you to join us.” “But I don’t know how. I’ve never done it before, isn’t it kind of dangerous?” “No not really. I’ve done several hundred jumps and we would jump in tandem. I’ll strap you to my chest and I’ll be in full control of the chute and landing, all you have to do is enjoy the ride.” My heart was pounding in my chest just thinking of the possibility of jumping out of an airplane. “You would go with me and I wouldn’t have to do anything?” “Yes, that’s right. We would get there early and you will need an hour or so of instruction, I’ll be right there with you helping any way I can.” “Can I think about it for a little while? Can you call me tomorrow and I’ll let you know?” “Yes that will be fine; I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon.” We pulled into the circle drive of my house but instead of stopping in front of the door Scott drove a little further and stopped so that the back of the car was facing the house. I smiled to myself when I realized that Scott didn’t want anyone inside the house to see what he was planning to do while we were sitting in the car. Right on cue he reached over and put his right hand behind my head and his left hand on my waist and gave me a very passionate French kiss. I felt his hand slowly moving toward my breast. He didn’t have to take his time as far as I was concerned but I knew he was just seeing how I was going to react. When his thumb made contact with the bottom of my breast. I sighed long and loud into his mouth as he kissed me, giving him the green light to fondle my breast. He wasted no time and cupped my breast in his strong but gentle hand. In between kisses I purred to him and sighed into his ear as he kissed my neck. I put my right hand on his thigh and began rubbing the inside of his leg up and down stopping just inches short of touching his penis. After a couple minutes he broke our embrace and said, “I better get you inside before they come out looking for us.” He once again came around and opened my door for me and offered his hand and helped me out of his car. I enjoyed this extra attention that he was lavishing on me. He walked me to the door and he kissed me goodbye.Inside the house I ran into mom and she asked, “How was your date?” “I had a good time. Scott and his friend Mark are very good water skiers.” “Mark?” she questioned, “did Mark and Janet go with you?” I was puzzled how she knew who they were. I suspiciously answered, “Yes, Mark and Janet came with us. How do you know them?” I asked. “Oh your father and I met them at a social a few weeks ago. Scott and Mark are very nice young men. “That’s the same thing she said when I first asked her about Scott last week. Somehow after seeing how hard they liked to play I was having a difficult time picturing Scott and Mark sitting at some swank ice cream social. I thought I would drop a bombshell on her to see how she would react towards Scott. “Scott asked me out on another date next Sunday. He wants to take me skydiving.” “Skydiving?” she asked, “That sounds like fun. Are you going to go?” What? I said to myself, I tell her I’m going skydiving and she isn’t going to talk me out of it? I thought that something smelled fishy about that. “What are you saying mother? You don’t mind if I go?” “I’m sure it’s safe, and besides, I don’t think Scott will let anything happen to you.” “He’s going to call me tomorrow and I’ll let him know if I’m going.” “That’s nice honey, why don’t you invite him to dinner one day this week. You can show off some of your cooking skills?” That was it. I looked at her with surprise and realized that inviting Scott to the party last week was no accident. Daddy came out of his study and saw us talking. He gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and asked, “How was your date with Scott?” “It was nice daddy; Scott and his friend Mark are very good water skiers.” “I’m happy you enjoyed yourself,” he said hugging me again, “that Scott is quite the young man.” I thought I would try and get a rise out of my father and see what he thought about me going skydiving. “Scott invited me to go skydiving with him next Sunday.” I said with a smirk on my face waiting for daddy to explode. He thoughtfully nodded his head and said in a calm manner, “I’ve had a few mecidiyeköy escort jumps in my day; I think you’re really going to enjoy the experience.” Unbelievable! I thought to myself. Had I brought this subject up a few weeks ago I’m certain that he would have exploded and threatened to ground me even though I’m twenty one years old. Something was defiantly wrong. I would have to get to the bottom of this and find out why they put so much trust in Scott. Both my mother and father had set me up to meet him. Whoever he was, and whatever his job on the Navy base was they both trusted Scott with my life. I was having serious doubts that they had known him for only a few weeks. Scott called me the following afternoon and I accepted his offer to go skydiving with them. I also invited him to dinner at my house on Wednesday night. On Wednesday I took mothers advice and cooked for Scott and my parents. I made lasagna, French garlic bread, and a garden salad. I chilled two bottles of wine and waited for Scott to arrive. I had decided to question him more at dinner on exactly what he did on the Navy base and how he met my mother and father. Scott arrived right on time as usual and I went upstairs to change. Once again Scott and daddy were talking in his study when I went in and announced that dinner was ready. Scott had always been a gentleman opening doors and carrying things for me so tonight I returned the favor and served him his dinner. Daddy was my biggest cheerleader, announcing to all at least four times, telling me how good the dinner was. After dinner Scott offered to help clear the table but I said in a firm voice that that was my job. After clearing the table I refilled Scotts wine glass and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I giggled when I looked at mom who was giving me that ‘aww that is so cute’ look. I sat down and said, “So Scott, you said you were an instructor in the Navy. What do you teach?” “Ah… mostly military training and things like that.” “That’s nice,” I said, “Who do you teach?” He looked a little nervous as he glanced at daddy and said, “Mostly Navy personnel” “Oh I see,” I continued, “So you work for the Naval Training Command?” He glanced at daddy again and just before he spoke daddy boomed in with his Colonel’s voice and answered, “Yes honey, he works for the Naval Training Command. Navy personnel come in from all over the country and Scott trains them in care and use of firearms.”Daddy’s jumping into the conversation didn’t seem right to me. If what he said, that he only knew Scott for three weeks was true, how would he know so much about what Scott did? Every time I questioned Scott about his job on the base he always gave me vague answers and never volunteered any extra information. And when daddy boomed into the conversation I began to think that maybe what Scott did may be classified. I was about to ask another question when mother abruptly changed the subject. It was frustrating, I wanted to know more about Scott and I was being stonewalled by everyone at the table. I let it drop and let the conversation go on to other subjects. Friday night Mark, Janet, Scott and I went out to dinner at the same restaurant that he had brought me to last week. After dinner we danced and had a very nice time. All of the questions I asked about what Mark or Scott did on the base were answered with the same vague answers. Saturday night I had a difficult time sleeping thinking about jumping out of an airplane the next day. Scott picked me up at nine in the morning and we headed to the airport. True to his word Scott sat next to me for my training and assisted me into my jump suit. Mark and Janet arrived and began the suit up process.I asked Janet, “Gawd I’m so nervous, how many times have you done this?” “I’ve got about fifty jumps under my belt.” She said,” I’m qualified to jump solo but today Mark and I are jumping tandem so we can fly down with you.” When we were dressed Janet checked all of the gear I was wearing, then Mark checked it, then finally Scott checked it. When I saw the airplane my heart began beating in my throat. Gawd I said to myself, I’m really going to do this. My next fear came when the plane was in the air. I hoped that I wouldn’t embarrass myself by crying or refusing to jump. Scott held my hand the entire time until we were ready to jump. My heart stopped beating in my throat and moved up and started beating inside my brain. I watched Janet move in front of Mark as I felt Scott hooking my harness to his. Mark and Janet waddled over to us and he checked all of the harness connections then Scott did the same checking all of theirs. We waddled over to the open door in time to see the five solo jumpers who rode with us jump out. We moved in front of the door and a strange calmness came over me. I thought about my parents and all of the confidence they had in Scott. At that moment I realized that no matter what happened Scott would protect me with his life. Scott said into my ear, “Are you ready?” “Yes” I yelled over my shoulder. “Ok, here we go, pick your feet up off the floor.” The instant that Scott felt my weight we were out the door. The wind hit us and after a few seconds I realized I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I stopped screaming and looked down at the ground until I saw movement to my left. When I looked it was Mark and Janet. Janet had an excited look on her face and was waving at me. I waved back and noticed that Mark and Scott were slowly closing the distance between us. Janet held out her hand and I grabbed it and held her hand for a few seconds. We let go and moved away from each other. I was amazed, I thought we were in a freefall but then it occurred to me that Mark and Scott were in full control and could fly us anywhere he wanted us to go. Scott yelled in my ear, “Here goes the chute.”I looked up to see the chute unfurl and, when the air caught it I thought I was going to come out the bottom of my harness. When the chute opened fully Scott said, “The chute is open and I have control, enjoy the ride.” We slowly descended and I saw an X in a grass field at the edge of the airport. Scott began doing wide sweeping S turns as we glided toward the X. We were just a couple hundred feet above the ground and were gliding away from the X when Scott banked us into a hard turn and we floated toward the X. I remembered the training and thought about bending my knees and rolling when we hit the ground. Much to my surprise we floated to a stop hovering just a few feet in the air. We closed the distance to the ground and then I realized that Scott was standing on the ground. I put my feet down and could feel Scott unhooking my harness.When I was free I began jumping up and down whooping and hollering. Scott was gathering in the chute and said, “I guess you liked it.” I ran to him and grabbed his face and planted at least a half dozen kisses all over his face. He laughed and said, “Yup, I guess you liked it.” I looked up to see Mark and Janet glide to a perfect landing only a few yards away from us. I ran to them and when Janet was released from the harness I grabbed her in a hug and began jumping up and down while squealing. I lost my balance and Janet and I tumbled to the ground. Janet looked up at Mark and said, “I think she’s hooked.” Mark laughed and said, “Are you ready to do it again?” I had a huge grin on my face and said, “Really? We can do it again?” “Yup, it’ll take an hour or so to repack the chutes, we’re scheduled for three jumps today.” I started pounding my fists and kicking my feet into the ground saying, “Yes, yes, yes!”All three of them were standing over me laughing when I heard Janet tell Scott, “She’s hooked Scott.” Scott pulled me to my feet and we walked to the waiting van to take us back. I felt more alive at that moment than I had felt in my entire life. After all, I had just gone one on one with death and won. The rest of the day was like a fantasy come true, we jumped twice more and each time I enjoyed it even more. On the ride home I was feeling tired coming down from my adrenalin high. I held Scott’s hand and kissed it several times. I looked over at Scott and thought that I was falling in love with him and if he ever asked me to marry him that I would accept. I chuckled to myself when I realized that I had only known him for two weeks.On Tuesday of the next week Scott asked me to eat lunch with him at a small diner in the city. I accepted and he drove us to lunch around noon. It was a small hole in the wall mom & pop diner that was part of a much larger building on one of the city’s main streets. It had a long narrow dining area with small two chair tables lined up against each wall with one row of four chair tables lined up down the center. We chose a two seat table about half way back.We just finished eating when I looked at the front door when I heard the small bell that was attached to the door ring. I said ‘damn’ under my breath and immediately tried to hide behind Scotts head. It was an old boyfriend of mine Brad and his two shadows. He wasn’t really an ex-boyfriend; we had gone on one date a couple of years ago when I was in my first year of college. He had asked me out to dinner and had brought me to this diner. The only problem was his two shadows Pete and Ken. Neither of them two had a date so it was the four of us. It was a strange relationship that those three had, Brad was the leader and the other two did whatever Brad said. Needless to say, I didn’t get a chance to get to know Brad very well with his two shadows sitting at the table; they were there the whole time. When he took me home he tried to kiss me and feel me up in the front seat while his two shadows sat in the back seat. I was disgusted and pushed him away and went into the house. He called me several more times and asked for a date but I refused every time. When he saw me in pubic he became very possessive trying to put his arm around me and he became a problem for me. He acted like I was his girlfriend and he thought he could kiss me every time he saw me. Today is the first time that I had seen him in over a year. When he saw me I said ‘shit’ under my breath. He and his two shadows walked over to the table completely ignoring Scott and said, “Hi Cindy, what’s shaken.” I said in an irritated voice, “Brad leave me alone, I have nothing to say to you.” He didn’t say anything but I could tell he didn’t like my answer. Brad glance at Scott who just sat there quietly and let me deal with Brad verbally. Brad said, “We need to talk,” and grabbed my wrist trying to pull me to my feet. I struggled and tried to pull away. In one quick motion Scott stood and grabbed Brad wrist with one hand and pried his thumb up causing him to lose his grip. Scott stepped between Brad and me and said, “The lady said she has nothing to say to you.” pushing him back a step as he released his wrist. I stood as the other people sitting close to us began moving away. Brad was bigger than the average man but I knew that Scott was a lot stronger than him. If Brad started a fight I was afraid the other two would jump on Scott making it three against one. Brad looked angry and was sizing up Scott as Scott said, “Look I don’t want any trouble so I think it would be a good idea if you leave.” Brad snickered thinking that Scott wouldn’t fight and turned to leave then turned back and quickly threw his fist at Scott trying to catch him off guard. Scott grabbed his wrist as it flew by his head and twisted his arm behind his back then swept his legs out from under him. Brad hit the floor with a thud. Scott needed more room as he carefully watched the other two. He put his left hand behind his back until he touched me and guided me back a few steps. Brad was on his feet in a few seconds. He looked at his two shadows and said, “What’s wrong with you.” I could tell what was wrong with them, they looked scared to death. Brad had an evil grin on his face when he turned and faced Scott and me. He put his fists up in a classic boxing stance. I backed up a couple more steps when Brad threw his right fist as Scott. Scott blocked it with his left arm and hit Brad hard in the stomach. He doubled over and Scott brought his knee up into his face. Brad’s head flew backwards and I saw blood flying through the air away from his nose. His eyes were glassy and I knew he was out cold before he hit the floor. Shadow number one threw a punch at Scott which he blocked. Scott once again punched him hard in the stomach then kneeing him in the face causing him to flutter backwards and he fell to the floor u*********s. Shadow number two had his hand on Scott shoulder trying to get his other arm around his neck from behind. Scott grabbed his wrist with one hand and his fingers with his other and twisted away from him until he was facing him. He bent his fingers back and I screamed when I heard the fingers break. Scott punched him hard in the side of his jaw which spun him around and he landed on a nearby table then rolled off onto the floor. Scott checked the room for more threats, finding none, he looked at me. The wild eyed look on his face scared me for an instant and I gasped and flinched. He softened his face and asked, “Are you ok?” I was still in a daze with tears running down my face and all I could do was nod. I thought to myself, who was this man I was dating? I looked at the three u*********s bodies lying on the floor and realized that it took Scott no more than ten seconds to knock three large men out cold. Had there been six more men I had no doubt in my mind that they would be laying on the floor with them. I sat down to gain my composure and saw that most of the other customers were leaving. Just a few minutes later the police and paramedics arrived. I sat in my chair and watched as the older of the two policemen went to the men lying on the floor while the younger officer talked to Scott. After a minute or so Scott pulled his wallet out of his pocket and gave the officer a white card. I wondered what it was. I knew what a driver’s license and a military I.D. looked like and that was neither. The younger officer called the older officer over and showed the card to him. They talked for a few more seconds then gave the card back to Scott. The younger officer wrote something in his notebook and Scott shook hands with both of them then walked over to me. “Are you ok?” he asked me again. “I guess so; I’m still a little shook up. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a real fight.” “I’m sorry you had to see that,” Scott said with sorrow in his eyes, “I wish they would have just left.” Scott extended his hand to me and said, “Let’s go, I need to get you home so you can rest.” We stopped at the register to pay our bill. Scott handed the waitress a twenty and said, “Sorry about the mess.” The waitress was smacking her chewing gum and looked genuinely pleased and said, “I saw the whole thing sugar, you didn’t do nutn wrong. Brad has needed a good ass kicking for a long time. Good job sailor.” Scott told her to keep the change and we left.On the drive home I began to think about Scott. It began to scare me as to how fast that he knocked out those three men in the diner. If he ever got mad at me he would be able to kill me in a matter of seconds. I glance over at him a few times and wondered what he was thinking about. He seemed to be able to turn on and off his aggressiveness at will. I was quiet, looking out the side window thinking about him when he touched my knee. He startled me and I jumped. I know I had fear in my eyes when I looked at him. He removed his hand and sighed. “Cindy,” he said in a low calm voice, “I’m very sorry that you had to see that side of me. I’m usually not like that especially in front of a lady. I know that seeing my aggressive behavior has probably frightened you but please rest assured that under no circumstances would I ever turn my aggression towards you… Please don’t be afraid of me I will never hurt you.” I felt some relief because of what Scott said but in the back of my mind I still wasn’t one hundred percent sure. Scott parked in the driveway and once again helped me out of his car. When we walked in the house I went to the kitchen and found my mother. She saw my expression and asked, “What’s wrong honey?” I hugged her and told her what happened at the diner. I was sobbing on her shoulder when daddy and Scott came into the kitchen. Daddy asked, “Princess, are you ok?” I went to him and sobbed on his chest while he rocked me in his arms. After a few seconds passed Scott said, “Well, I had better leave.” He turned and headed to the door. “Wait, Scott!” I said as I ran to catch up to him at the door. I hugged him and said, “I’m sorry for being such a baby.” “That’s ok,” he whispered, “That was an intense scene at the diner. It’s normal to show a lot of emotion after witnessing something like that.” I realized that my parents were standing behind me so I gave Scott two quick kisses and said, “Call me?” he nodded and I heard daddy say, “Thanks Scott, I owe you one.”Over the next few weeks we went to dinner every weekend and he came over to my house at least once a week to eat dinner with us. We went waterskiing and skydiving, I enjoyed it much more the second time than I did the first time I went.After we had been dating for about six weeks, Scott came over for dinner on Wednesday night again and we cooked steaks on the grill and ate in the patio. Scott asked me out for dinner again for that Saturday night and I accepted. On Thursday Mom told me that she and daddy were going to spend the weekend in Los Angeles visiting the museums and taking in a show Saturday night. Friday Janet and Mark invited Scott and me over to their apartment for dinner and a movie. The dinner conversation was great but I had other things on my mind. With my house empty for the weekend I was going to invite Scott in after dinner on Saturday night and if he wanted sex, I was going to give it to him. On Saturday I decided to wear my low cut little black dress with the thin spaghetti straps. I would also wear black lace panties with a black lace strapless bra. To finish it off, I would wear garters with black thigh high stockings and high heel shoes. When Scott rang the doorbell I was ready to go so I hurried him out the door closing the front door and went to his car. I didn’t want him to know the house was empty so I could surprise him when he brought me home. After dinner and dancing I cut the evening short and we were heading back to my house by eleven. On the way home I put my hand on his inner thigh and told him, “I had a real nice time tonight. Thank you for dinner.” I continued to rub his thigh as we pulled into the driveway. I moved my hand up higher until my hand was pushing against his penis and asked, “Would you like to come in for a drink? My parents are away in Los Angeles.” “Ah… yes that would be nice.” I smiled as I realized that I had caught him off guard. I unlocked the front door and locked it behind us as soon as we were in. I kissed him hard in the dark foyer and I asked, “Do you still want a drink or do you want to take me upstairs?” “Ah… I need to go back to my car.” I was disappointed, thinking he wanted to leave and asked, “What for?” He was stumbling for the right words to say and finally said, “I need to get some condoms.” I was relived and chuckled, “Silly boy, you don’t need any condoms, I’m on the pill.” With that said Scott scooped me up in his arms and carried me up the steps two at a time. Scott set me down in my bedroom and I picked up a lighter and lit the three candles that I had placed around the room earlier in the day. I turned the lights off and kissed him as I pushed him back towards the bed. When his knees bumped against the bed he was forced to sit down. I backed up a couple of steps and looked at him in the dim candle light. I slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let my dress fall to the floor. I stood in front of him in my bra, panties, and black thigh high stockings. He slowly examined me from head to toe and whispered, “Wow, very beautiful. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”I reached out and took his hand pulling him to his feet and said, “I’m all yours and you can do anything you want with me.” Scott stood and we kissed as his hands roamed around on my back as I unbuttoned his shirt. When his hand finally stopped at the hooks to my bra he pressed them together with his finger and thumb and my bra unhooked. Hmmm it thought, practiced hands. I moved my breasts away from his chest and let the bra fall to the floor. I pulled his shirt off and lifted his tee shirt. He assisted and pulled it over his head dropping it on the floor. He hugged me tight and lifted my feet off the floor turning me around. He gently laid me on the bed and began kissing my neck.His hands went to my breasts as his kisses went lower and lower down my body toward my breast. He massaged my breast and teased my nipple with his thumb and finger. My mouth was open and my breathing became ragged. I couldn’t wait for his kiss to get to my nipple so I gently but firmly pushed his head to my breast. When his lips and tongue finally touched my nipple I felt a flood of moisture between my legs. I squeezed my legs together and let out a long high pitched open mouthed sigh. He continued to suck, lick, and kiss my nipples switching back and forth giving equal attention to both. After a few minutes his strong hands gracefully slid down my ribcage, past my stomach to my hips. He lifted himself up and unfastened the garter belt from the stockings. I lifted my butt off the bed and allowed him to slide the garter belt off. He wrapped both hands around my ankles and slowly slid his hands up my stockings toward my hips, when his hands were above my stockings I spread my legs wide giving him full access. He slid his hands to the inside of my thighs and I exhaled another long high pitched sigh. I threw my arms out to the sides and grabbed hand full’s of the bed spread, my pussy was soaked and I could feel my juices running down the inside of my legs. His hands slid softly up and over my mound as I rose up trying to make more contact with his hands. Much to my disappointment his hands move away from my pussy up to my hips. He grabbed the sides of my panties and I lifted up as he slowly pulled my panties down and off my legs. As he stood I watched as he quickly undid his belt and zipper and removed his pants. The outline of his cock through his boxers told me he was hard. I held my breath as he removed them showing me his manhood for the first time. I wasn’t a very good judge of size, only having had sex twice before, both times while in the dark. As I gage his size I became concern with how much pain I would have to endure as he penetrated me. This thought flew out of my mind as he picked up my left leg and began kissing my ankle while sliding his hand back and forth on my inner thigh. As his hand came closer and closer to my sex I heard myself exhale another long high pitched sigh.I suddenly became embarrassed as I realized he had lowered my leg back to the bed and was kissing my inner thigh. I became self conscious of his eyes looking at my exposed pussy. No man had ever had this much access to me and I felt my face flush with embarrassment. He continued his forward progress toward my sex as I squeezed hand full’s of bedspread and arched my head back in ecstasy. When he slowly licked my pussy for the first time and brushed against my clit I exhaled a long, loud, high pitched squeal. I lost control and began humping his face as I grabbed his ears and pulled his head tighter against my pussy. My orgasm hit full force as he locked his lips tight around my clit and sucked it into his mouth while his tongue circled around it.After my orgasm subsided my clit became super sensitive and I said through ragged breaths, “Oh god, oh god, stop, stop, please.” I was having a difficult time catching my breath while my heart pounded in my chest. Scott face glistened as I saw a drop of my juices drip off his chin. I held my arms out to him and whispered, “Come here.” He lay down on top of me and I hugged him hard and gave him a very deep passionate kiss. He lifted his pelvis and lined his cock up with my pussy when I said a little panicky, “Scott… I’m not a virgin… I’ve only had sex with one other person so please go slow.” He smiled and slid his arms under my shoulders and rolled us over to the center of the bed with me on top of him. He whispered, “You’re in control; take all the time you need.” I sat up and put my palms on his chest and pushed back until I felt his cock. I couldn’t get it to line up and realized that I would have to touch him. I had not touched a cock before and felt the flush of embarrassment as I reached down with two fingers and lined it up with my pussy. It went in about an inch or two and I grimmest in discomfort. I went back and forth a few times hoping the pain would go away but it didn’t. I hoped that Scott wouldn’t lose patients with me and I said while somewhat embarrassed, “I’m sorry… “He smiled and whispered, “You’re doing fine, just take your time and go slow.” Scott, always the gentleman, I remembered his words on the ride home from the diner when he said ‘I will never hurt you.’ I was disgusted with myself for making him wait; I took a couple of deep breaths, held it and gritted my teeth. I plunged down and buried him in me to the hilt. I cried out, “owww, owww.” As he held onto my hips keeping me still. I collapsed down onto his chest and absorbed the pain. “Oh gawd, “I whispered, “I’m sorry, this isn’t very romantic is it?” “Just take your time, it will get better.” He whispered. I rested for two or three minutes then lifted myself up and slowly slid in and out of him until the pain subsided. I lay back down on his chest and whispered, “I’m ok now, the pain is almost gone. I want to be on the bottom please.” He arched his back and lifted me moving us to the edge of the bed and slowly rolled us over until I was on the bottom. I spread myself as wide as I could and raise my knees. “Go slow at first.” I whispered. Scott slowly pumped in and out until it started feeling good to me. I whispered, “Ok you can go faster if you want.” My climax quickly built as he began pumping faster and faster. He pushed hard a couple of times and buried his cock in me as far as it would go. I heard him groan as I felt the warm flood of his sperm inside me. I had sex with a boy in high school twice before. It was a wham bam thank you ma’am kind of thing with me getting no pleasure out of it. This was the first time that anyone had ever made love to me and it was a tender glorious night for me as we made love twice more before we fell asleep. I woke in the morning naked, finding myself cuddled tight to him with my head resting on his chest. I quietly rose and went to the bathroom and got dressed. I went downstairs and made coffee and started breakfast. Scott came down shortly and walked up behind me while I was standing at the stove. He massaged my breasts and kissed my ear and whispered, “Good morning.”I leaned back into him and purred, “Good morning.” Scott was as hungry as a horse. He polished off three eggs, six pieces of bacon, two pieces of toast, and two full glasses of orange juice. After breakfast I walked him to the door and we said our goodbyes after I kissed him.The following Wednesday Scott came to dinner at my house again. I showed off my cooking skills by cooking him pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy. I also made a green bean casserole with blueberry crunch for desert. I hadn’t seen him since last Saturday night when we made love for the first time. As soon as he arrived I knew something was wrong. Oh gawd, I thought to myself, was he the type of guy, who as soon as he had sex with a woman, was ready to move on and look for his next conquest? I sighed and tried to put that thought out of my mind. Mom and I were putting the finishing touches on dinner as Scott went into the study to talk with daddy as usual. I went into the study to announce that dinner was ready when I saw the look on Scotts face. I thought he would be in a better mode after we made love but his eyes told me that something was defiantly wrong. I said in a neutral voice, “Dinner is ready.” Neither of them said anything as they just followed me to the dinner table. The conversation at the table was somewhat strained as we ate. I cleaned away the plates after dinner and brought deserts. Scott complemented me on the dinner but he didn’t seem to have his usual enthusiasm in his voice. When it was time for him to leave I walked him to the door and gave him a very passionate kiss hoping for the best. He was subdued and sighed. “Cindy, I have to leave for a little while.” He looked at me to gage my mode. “Oh,” I said somewhat surprised, “Where are you going?” He said with a sad grin, “I don’t know yet.” “How long will you be gone?” I asked cheerfully. “Ah… I don’t know.” Shit! I said to myself. Here is comes, he’s probably had his fun of me and is ready to move on to another woman. I frowned and asked “Will you call me?” “I’m sorry,” he said, “Once I leave I won’t be able to call you.” Damn it I said to myself, I give him my heart and a piece of my ass and now he’s going off and I’ll probably will never see him again. “All right,” I said in a stern voice, “why don’t you get your sorry ass out of my house and never come back you worthless bastard.” I was so pissed at him that I slapped him across the face and screamed, “GET OUT! I never want to see you again.” I was pleased with myself when I saw the tear run down his cheek. At least I hurt him a little before he walked out on me. I opened the door and he slowly walked out and I slammed the door behind him. I leaned against the door and cried until I saw daddy walking down the hall a few seconds later towards me. He grabbed my arms at my shoulders, lifted me up, shook me and yelled in his booming Colonel’s Voice, “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO!” I was frightened, daddy was pissed off big time. “Scott is going off to god knows where, to do god knows what, and will be in god knows what kind of danger! He doesn’t need to be thinking about you in the back of his mind while he’s gone! You get your sorry little ass out there GIRL and apologize to him and tell him that you love him and will be waiting for him to come back to you… hopefully in one piece! DO YOU HEAR ME!!!” Holy crap! Daddy was really pissed. I had never seen him in this bad of a mood before. I thought to myself, Scott must be going on a classified mission or something and can’t tell me anything about it. I looked up into my father’s piercing eyes and I realized that I had one option and one option only. I said “Yes daddy.” I through the door open and yelled “Scott! Wait!” He was opening his car door as I ran down the front walk towards him. He stopped and turned to me as I ran into him and plastered my arms around his waist. “I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” I looked into his hurt eyes and apologized again. “Scott I’m so sorry that I slapped you, please forgive me. I… I love you and know you would never do anything to hurt me. Please come back to me safe, I’ll be waiting for you to come home to me.”I buried my face in his chest and began crying. He put his arms around me and rocked me. When my crying eased Scott said, “I know it’s tough on you but I’m not allowed to talk about it… that’s just the way it is. If we are going to be together, there has to be a lot of trust. Talk to Janet, and your mom & dad. They should be able to help. ” I gave him a big kiss and told him, “Hurry home, I’ll be waiting.” I cried as I watched him drive away. I ran into the house, up the stairs to my room and through myself on the bed and cried. After just a few minutes I felt the bed move and a hand on my back. Mom said in a low sympathetic voice, “There there honey, everything will work out. Scott will be home soon, you just wait and see.”I pulled myself together as best I could and faced her.I sniffled and said, “Mother, what’s going on? Nobody will talk to me. I know that you and daddy know what’s going on, why won’t you tell me?” “I’m sorry honey,” she said with sympathy, “That’s just the way it is… You just have to trust Scott.” Damn it! Trust me; trust Scott; trust, trust, trust! It was frustrating when everyone around me knew something and no one trusted me. I called Janet on the phone and cried, “Janet, Scott left me!” She heard the strain in my voice and said, “Yes Cindy I know… Mark has to leave with him.” “Do you know when they’ll be back?” I asked hopefully. “Ahh…,” Janet stammered, “They are leaving in a few hours. Why don’t you come over here tomorrow and we’ll make a day of it? We can go shopping, and eat dinner together?” The next morning I went to Mark and Janet’s apartment. When I saw her we hugged, I was a basket case. “Janet,” I demanded, “what do you know that you’re not telling me?” She sighed, “Cindy, I’m in the same boat that you’re in, I don’t know where they are or what they’re doing. Cindy you have to be strong… I pray ten times a day that mecidiyeköy escort bayan they’ll be safe.” I couldn’t help it; I was a nervous wreck that day and I clung to Janet like a small c***d. Every time my phone went off I looked at it to see if it was Scott. The shopping helped, we went to Fredrick of Hollywood and we giggled for a couple of hours picking out new lingerie that we would wear when they got back. The days dragged by slowly; every time the house phone rang I jumped and ran to see if it was Scott. Finally on the tenth day I was helping mom cook dinner when the phone rang, I ran to daddy’s study and watched him while he was talking to someone on the phone. “Uh hah… yes… yes… ok thanks, I’ll pass it on… ok… Good bye.” “Daddy who was it?” I asked impatiently.He hung up the phone and sighed, he looked at me and smiled and said in a calm voice, “They’re on the way home; they’ll be landing at four tomorrow morning. Everyone is ok.” I squealed with excitement and jumped up and down and ran and jumped on daddy’s lap and gave him a big hug and kiss. “Call Janet,” he said, “She probably doesn’t know yet.” I quickly pulled out my cell phone and punch in her saved number. It took forever for her to answer. When she answered I squealed and said, “Their coming home! Their coming home! Daddy said they’ll be here at four in the morning.” I pulled the phone away from my ear as I heard Janet squealing. Janet asked, “Do you know if they’re ok?” “Yes! Yes! Daddy said everyone is ok!” After I hung up I ran to the kitchen were mom was cooking dinner and screamed, “Scott’s coming home! He’ll be here tomorrow morning!” We hugged as I squealed with excitement then she said, “That’s great news honey, that’s great! … Watch dinner for me while I talk to your father.” During dinner I was talking a mile a minute being so excited that Scott was coming home. After I cleared the dishes, mom nonchalantly remarked. “Honey will you be ok by yourself tonight? There is a Broadway show in Los Angeles that your father and I have been dying to see. We thought that we would spend a couple of days up there.” It was difficult to keep from bursting out laughing as I looked at the smirk on my mother’s face. I couldn’t believe it! At the last minute mom and daddy were driving to LA so that I could be alone with Scott. I gave daddy a knowing grin and I watched him blush, he knew that I knew that they were vacating the house so I could have sex with Scott. It was at that moment that I realized the amount of respect and trust that daddy had for Scott. Daddy has always been fiercely protective of me as I grew up, I was his princess, and I now understood that he was willing to pass the torch of being my protector to Scott. Mom and dad packed and left for LA shortly after dinner. I tried to get some rest setting my alarm clock for two a.m. I woke and got ready to drive to the base to get Scott. I dressed in a very sexy low cut dress with matching panties and bra. After I put on my high heels I looked in the mirror and giggled, I looked like a high priced hooker.I drove to the base and was at the debarkation building at about three forty five. I met Janet and six other women that were there all waiting for their men to come home. The flight was a few minutes late but we talked to pass the time. We all waited impatiently as the jet taxied up to the terminal and we all stood by the single door trying to get a glimpse of our men. When we saw them we backed up to the center of the room. As Scott came through the door I bounced up and down with excitement. When he saw me I threw my arms open and he ran to me. He picked me up off the floor and twirled me around in a circle as he kissed me. After our initial greeting I ran to Mark and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. We talked for a few minutes then headed for the car. Scott put his bags in the trunk and I handed him my keys so he could drive. I held his hand while he drove then asked, “So, where did you go?” Scott sighed and said, “Please Cindy don’t ask me, I’m not allowed to talk about it.” I was frustrated, I didn’t know what to say so I sat there in silence until Scott said, “I really appreciate you being there to meet me.” “Of course I’m going to be there.” I snapped, “Why wouldn’t I?” “I didn’t mean it like that.” Scott sadly said, “It’s just that in the past I had no one to meet me when I got back. Sure Janet and some of the other wives would hug and kiss me but I always left the building alone. It’s really special to me that you were there.” “Ahhh honey that’s so sweet, I’m glad that I made you feel special. I love you.” Scott looked at me and said, “I think I’m falling in love with you too.” I sighed and kissed the back of his hand and changed the subject, “Guess what?” I started to laugh out loud.“After I found out you were coming home yesterday, I was sitting at the dinner table last night with mom and daddy. Out of the blue mom says ‘her and daddy are going to LA for a couple of days’ with this funny smirk on her face. I had all I could do to not burst out laughing. And poor daddy was blushing, it was priceless. He knew that I knew that they were leaving so I could have sex with you today.” We both laughed and when we calmed down Scott said, “I really like your father, he is one hell of a man. He’s told me some stories that… well he is one of a kind and you should be proud that he’s your daddy.”Scott parked my car and we walked arm in arm into the house. We kissed after I locked the front door and Scott picked me up in his arms and carried me to my bedroom. I kissed him as he slipped his hand under my dress and lifted it up and over my head. I unbuttoned his shirt as he reached around my back and unhooked my bra. I pushed his shirt off throwing it towards the chair and reached for his belt and undid it. We continued kissing as we discarded the rest of our clothes. Scott scooped me up in his arms again and gently lay me on the bed. He kissed and fondled by breasts as I stroked his hard manhood. His hands slid off my breasts and slowly moved down my rib cage as his kisses went lower and lower to my dripping wet pussy. When he was in position and kissed my mound I spread my legs wide and gave his full access to my sex. I arched my head back as he teased me by kissing my inner thighs and blew cool breaths at my now aching pussy. I flinched and let out a long sigh as his hot tongue made light contact with my outer lips. “Oh please please,” I begged as I pulled his head toward my pulsating wet pussy, “I’ve missed you so much; please don’t make me wait any longer.” I squealed out a high pitched sigh as I felt his tongue separate my lips and gently tickle my clit. I sung out another sigh as he circled my clit a few times then clamped his lips around it and sucked it into his mouth. He sucked my clit in and out of his mouth gently tickling the sensitive end as I held onto the bedspread with both hands. I arched my head back and squeezed his head with my thighs as my orgasm hit like a bolt of lightning. He continued sucking faster and harder as I sighed out another high pitch squeal until a second orgasm struck me harder than the first. I raised my head up, trying to push his head away from my pussy and looked at him as I convulsed in wave after wave of pleasure. “Oh god oh god,” I begged, “please stop, please stop.” He stopped and grinned at me as I collapsed on the bed panting to catch my breath. I smiled and held my arms open and said, “Oh god I’ve missed you and your magic tongue so much.” He crawled up to me and I kissed him and licked my juices off his face. He reached under my shoulders and rolled us over until I was on top. I sat up on top of him and reached for his cock and easily slid him into me. I locked my fingers together behind my head and rocked us back and forth as he massaged my breasts. He squeezed my nipples with his thumb and finger as his orgasm hit and I clamped my pussy muscles around his throbbing cock as hard as I could. He groaned and closed his eyes tight as his orgasm released. He sighed and looked at me as I lay down on his chest and we kissed in the afterglow of our bonding. A few minutes later I heard his stomach growl and I asked, “Are you hungry?” “Yes,” he said, “I’ve only had an MRE on the flight back.” “Ok I’ll have breakfast ready in ten minutes. Are pancakes and sausage ok?” “Yes, I’d love that.” I got up and put on a robe and went down stairs and made him breakfast. After we ate we went back to my room for another round of love making. I brought Scott back to his barracks that afternoon so he could get his car. He followed me back to my house and spent the night.The following week I started my senior year at college and my life with Scott settled down to a routine of dinner on the weekends and sometimes included a day of waterskiing or skydiving every once in awhile. The Christmas holidays came and went and I was seeing Scott almost on a daily bases.On a Wednesday night in early March of twenty eleven I had invited Mark and Janet to dinner at my house with my parents and Scott. Scott arrived before Mark and Janet and I immediately sensed that something was wrong. He seemed nervous and had a faraway concerned look in his eyes. I remembered back to last year when Scott had to leave me. ‘Damn’ I said to myself, here we go again. After dinner Scott will probably break the bad news to me that he has to leave again. Scott and Mark were in the study talking to daddy when I pulled Janet to the side in the kitchen and whispered, “Have you heard anything? Are Scott and Mark leaving?” Janet seemed surprised and said, “No I haven’t heard anything. Why do you ask?” “I don’t know,” I said, “it seems Scott has something on his mind, he doesn’t seem to be all there tonight.” “Well, I haven’t heard anything, I wouldn’t worry, it’s probably nothing.” The dinner conversation was a little strained but I was determined to stay in a cheerful mood thinking this may be my last day with Scott for awhile. After dinner Mark and Janet said their goodbyes and left. I walked Scott to the door preparing for the worst. I kissed him a couple of times then noticed Scott look over my shoulder. I looked to see my mom and daddy standing in the hall looking at us. “Aaa… a little privacy if you don’t mind?” I said glaring at them. Then I heard the kitchen door open and close, I looked and saw Mark and Janet walk in and stop. I looked at them curiously and asked, “What are you still doing here?” They smiled but remained quiet. I looked back at my parents and said, “What’s going on?” Scott released me from his hug and cleared his throat taking a step backwards. I looked at him and said, “What’s going…” I stopped speaking in mid sentence when I saw him pull a ring box out of his pocket. “Oh my god, oh my god,” I quickly said putting my hand over my mouth to try and stifle a squeal. Scott opened the box, pulled out a huge diamond ring and got down on one knee. I began to shake as Scott said, “Cindy, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Every time we say goodbye and I have to leave you my heart feels sad. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you, if you will have me… Cindy, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?” I was nodding my head yes before he finished then I said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” And pulled him to his feet and kissed him.He placed the ring on my finger as I heard Mark & Janet and my parents applauding. After a couple more short kisses we were surrounded by everyone. I was passed around and hugged and kissed by everyone and showed my ring to mom and Janet. “This calls for a toast!” My daddy said as we all followed him into the study where there just happened to be a bottle of Champaign on ice and six glasses. After the glasses were filled my father lifted his glass and said, “To my lovely princess Cindy and my new son Scott, may you have many happy years and a house full of healthy c***dren.” We touched our glasses together and drank. After the toast Daddy said, “Scott, it’s time, give her the pin.” I watched Scott pull another jewelry box out of his pocket. He opened it and presented it to me. It was a very small solid gold pin. I had to bring it closer to my eyes to make out the tiny details. The top of the pin showed a soaring eagle, below that was a trident with a tiny seal in the center. It was a pretty pin but I didn’t understand the significance of it. I smiled at Scott with a questioned expression and said, “It’s very pretty, Thank you.” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and he said, “It’s a Seal pin.” “Seal pin?” I questioned. I looked at Janet who was speaking while pointing at an identical pin on her blouse, “Mark and Scott are Navy Seals.”“Ohhh,” I said nodding my head as things suddenly became clearer. Now I understood why Scott wouldn’t tell me last year where he went and why he couldn’t call me. I also understood, because of his training in hand to hand combat, how he so easily beat the crap out of Brad at the diner last year. I handed the pin to Scott and said, “Please put it on me.” He put the pin high on my blouse lapel close to my heart. I had a feeling of pride and was all smiles as I turned to show my pin to mom and daddy. Mom was smiling and pointing at a tiny silver pin that she was wearing on her blouse. I walked over to her and looked close at the pin. It was an oak wreath with a bayonet in the center. I looked at her face and she said, “Your father is a Special forces Green Beret. That’s why, when you were growing up, he was gone so much and I told you that I didn’t know when he would be back. I still don’t know where he went and what he did; it’s just the way it is.” Everyone was looking at me waiting for the gears in my head to finish spinning. “So that’s the big secret all of you have been keeping from me?” Everyone chuckled at my question, Scott gave me a hug and said, “It’s not really top secret, but we don’t wear our uniforms in the general public’s view. If outsiders ask us what we do, we keep the fact of who we are… quiet. Once they find out we’re Seal’s they want to buy us drinks and treat us like heroes. It personally makes me feel uneasy and I don’t like it. ” Daddy spoke up, “Princess, now that you’re an insider we expect you to keep this information quiet.”A sudden wave of emotion swept over me and I had to sit down. The realization sunk in that the three men in the room with me who I loved dearly were trained killers. I thought of all of the dangers, death, and mayhem that had passed before their eyes. I looked deep into Scott’s eyes, and then I looked at Mark, finally at daddy. The smiles had left their faces and they showed concern when I sat down. Have any of them ever killed someone? Have any of them been wounded? It was a heavy burden to carry and I wished I could go back to before Scott gave me the pin to my blissful ignorance. Scott knelt before me and asked, “Are you ok?” I nodded and asked, “Can I ask questions?” Scott was about to answer when daddy said in his Colonel’s voice, “Scott, its best that I answer her questions.” Scott quickly stood and said, “Yes sir.” I looked at the three of them and finally settled my gaze on daddy, “Have you ever killed anyone?” No one laughed, the room was deathly quiet when daddy answered in a low soft voice, “Princess, that’s one of the questions that you don’t want to know the answer to, trust me, it will just give you nightmares.” I sobbed as I nodded my head; I managed to squeak out, “Ok,” between sobs. I looked up at daddy with tears running down my cheeks, “Have you ever been wounded?” He held his arms out to me and I stood and went to him. He held me in his arms and gently rocked me. “Yes honey,” he whispered, “I have three purple hearts.” I began crying harder as I realized how close I had come to losing him. I calmed down a little and looked at Scott while trying to blink the tears from my eyes. He walked to me and put his hand on my shoulder and whispered, “No Cindy, I’ve never been wounded.” I gave him a half hearted smile and nodded, I then looked at Mark. Janet was blinking back tears and had him in a side bear hug resting her head on his chest while he had his arm around her shoulder. Mark softly said, “I’ve got one purple heart,” he sighed and continued, “Scott pulled my ass out of harm’s way a couple of years ago… I owe him my life.” I saw Janet squeeze him harder as I took in deep breaths trying to recover. Daddy released me and Scott put his arm around my shoulder and said with an excited voice, “hey! When do you want to get married?” That lightened to mood and the conversation turned to wedding dates and showers. I told mom and Janet, “Probably June or July, after I graduate.” Then I asked, “Janet will you be my maid of honor?” She smiled and hugged me saying “Yes, of course, I’d be honored.” We sipped on the champagne and had a light hearted conversation for a few more minutes. At the front door I gave Mark a tight hug and kissed him on the cheek. Janet and I rocked each other in a hug as she said; “Now you know why I love Scott so much. Cindy, I know this is tough, I was a mess when I first found out what Mark did for a living. I promise it will get easier and I will help you get through it… after all we’re sisters now.” I hugged her tighter and kissed her cheek, “Thanks Janet, I love you.” The next three weeks was a whirlwind of activity for me. We began planning for a mid July wedding and with only two months to go before finals I had to concentrate on my studies. On the last day of March my world as I knew it fell apart. We had just finished eating dinner when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and there stood Scott. The sad look in his eyes told me that he was leaving. Neither of us spoke, I grabbed him in a bear hug and sobbed into his chest. It took a few minutes for me to get a hold of myself. I took a deep breath and asked, “When do you leave?” “I only have a few hours before I have to report in.” He said in a solemn tone. It was then that I found out that my mother was standing in the hall. I heard her walk to the study door and open it and say to daddy, “Honey, let’s go, I want to go see a movie.” We stepped into the foyer and Scott closed the front door. When daddy walked into the foyer he looked at us. I still had my arms around Scott and he could tell I had been crying. He sighed and asked, “When are you leaving son?” “Scott answered, “I’ve only have a few hours before I report in sir.” His knowing nod told me he knew why he was suddenly asked to go to the movies with mom. I released Scott from his hug as daddy stepped forward and shook his hand and said, “Good luck son.” Scott answered, “Thank you sir.” Mom stepped up to Scott and hugged him giving him a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Be careful Scott and hurry home.” She picked up her purse, grabbed daddy’s hand and walked out the front door. I took Scotts hand and pulled him up the stairs to my room. I was sad and didn’t want any foreplay, I didn’t feel very sexy. I unbuttoned his shirt and went to my closet and put his shirt on a hanger. I went back to him and unbuckled his pants and carefully removed them and also carefully put them on a hanger. Scott asked, “Why did you hang my clothes up?” A tear ran down my cheek as I said, “I want you to stay with me as long as you can, and I want you to look nice when you report in.” I unbuttoned my blouse and pants and removed them. I unceremoniously removed my bra and panties and lay down on the bed. I held my arms up to Scott and said, “Hold me?” He removed the rest of his clothes and gently laid on me. I whispered, “I want you inside me.”I raised my legs up and crossed them around his hips as he slid in me. I whispered out a sigh and said, “Ohhh that feels so good, I love you.” I put my arms around his neck and we kissed deeply. He slowly slid in and out of me for more than twenty minutes as I told him that I loved him over and over. I could see in his eyes that his climax was building, he penetrated me as deep as he could finally releasing his seed into me. At that moment I wished that I wasn’t on the pill. I was worried that he wouldn’t come home to me and I desperately wanted his baby.“Stay inside me,” I whispered, “and lay on me. I want to feel your weight.”I kept my legs spread and my knees bent but rested my feet on the bed. We kissed continually as I told him over and over that I loved him. I began to feel him growing inside me and I wanted him to have me anyway he wanted so I asked, “Do you want me on top? Or do you want me on my hands and knees?” He smiled and whispered, “No, I like it just the way we’re doing it right now.” He slowly kept sliding in and out of me only about an inch or so at a time. It was just enough to give me the feeling of making love to him. He lasted a lot longer this time. We lay in the afterglow in the same position until he sighed and said, “I’m going to have to leave in a half hour, will you take a shower with me?” I was a little worried that mom and daddy would come home but thought that when they saw Scott’s car still in the driveway that they wouldn’t come in. Even if they did come in I would deal with it when and if it happened. I picked up his clothes and said, “Come on, the master bathroom has a much bigger shower.”I washed every square inch of him; concentrating heavily on his penis even though I was a little nervous handling him. I stroked him to orgasm constantly worried that I might hurt him. After I was finished with him he washed me making sure that my breast and sex were extra clean. We dried each other off and I stayed naked lying on mom’s bed watching him dress. I went to my closet and carried a house coat down stairs with me just in case mom and daddy came home. I set the housecoat on the table and kissed him goodbye.I told him, “I love you and I will be waiting for you when you get home.” As he reached for the door knob, I wanted to tell him that I would be faithful to him, so I held my arms out away from my body and said, “This is all yours and only yours, don’t forget what you’re fighting for.” He slowly looked at my naked body from my head to my toes and sighed. “I love you and I’ll be home as fast as I can.” He looked at me again, turned and walked out the door. I took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself down telling myself, ‘be strong.’ That weekend I stayed with Janet both Friday and Saturday. We went shopping and ate together and we did a lot of hugging, but we didn’t talk about Scott and Mark. She also came over to our house two or three times a week to have dinner with us.After about ten days I began to get a little nervous thinking that I should hear something soon. I began pestering daddy two or three times a day asking him if he heard anything. After Scott had been gone about two weeks I was becoming a nervous wreck. One morning when I asked daddy if he had heard anything he said, “Princess come in here and sit down please.” He leaned forward in his chair and looked me in the eyes, “Look, two weeks isn’t a long time for a mission. I can’t go into specifics but chances are he isn’t in any danger right at this moment. If they’re on a rescue mission or a kill mission there is a lot of practice and rehearsal involved. Sometimes we build an exact copy of a building and practice over and over until we can do the mission in our sleep. Chances are good that he may have a support role; he may guard the exterior or drive something or handle communications. I’ve seen a complicated mission last for months. Try not to worry too much; those guys are very good at what they do… Does that help any?” “Yes daddy that helps a lot,” I said as I stood and went to me and gave him a hug and kiss. “Is it ok if I tell Janet what you said?” “If Janet needs to talk you tell her to come see me, I’ll do whatever I can to help her. I conceder her to be part of my family.” The next time Janet came for dinner daddy talked with us and it seemed to take the edge off her too. I concentrated on my school studies to help pass the time. The third week passed then the fourth week passed with still no word. After five weeks I was becoming a basket case again. The slightest little thing would set me off and I would start crying. The phone rang one morning while we were eating breakfast and daddy answered it, after a few seconds he said, “Let me put you on hold for a few seconds.” He left and went to his study. I prayed that it was good news about Scott and he was coming home. Daddy came back into the kitchen a few minutes later, looked at me and said, “I think the mission is over or it will be shortly.” I squealed with excitement as he continued. “Whatever it is, it’s big; you need to pack your clothes for four or five days. You’re flying to Washington, all expenses paid by the government. You’ll probably be meeting Scott there.”I called Janet and gave her the good news and ran upstairs to pack. Mother came up to help and I suddenly stopped and looked at her, “What should I pack?” “Everything.” she said,”The only reason I can think of why you’re going to Washington is you’re going to meet someone there besides Scott.” “Do you mean…?” She shrugged her shoulders and I started pulling things out of my closet. “Pack at least a half dozen dresses plus a couple of floor length gowns. I’m guessing that there is going to be some type of reception or ceremony. ” When I finished packing I had four full suitcases plus a large dress bag. Daddy and I went to pick up Janet and her luggage and brought her back to our house. I was taking care of last minute details when mom looked at me and said, “Where’s your pin?” I had forgotten all about it so I ran up the stairs and got it out of my jewelry box. I was going to pin it on my blouse then I thought, ‘no I’ll let daddy do it.’ I ran back down the stairs smiling from ear to ear. I handed the pin to daddy and with a great feeling of pride said, “Daddy please put the pin on me.” He smiled and put the pin on my lapel. I hugged him and said, “Thanks daddy, for everything, I wouldn’t have made it through this without you.” “You’re welcome princess,” he said then kissed me on the forehead, “Come on let’s go! We’re running late!” I kissed mom and we left in daddy’s car for the airport. We checked in at the ticket counter and made it through security and on to the boarding gate. The other six wives that I had met when Scott came home last time were already there. We all exchanged greetings and began talking to one another. Before my engagement to Scott I never noticed the little gold pins. Now that I had my own I became aware that all of the ladies were wearing them. We boarded the jet and landed in Saint Louis about three hours later. We all walked together to our departure gate and when we got there, there were eight more wives already waiting for the flight to Washington. Janet knew most of them and she made the introductions. We sat in the same area close together and talked to each other in small groups. Everyone was puzzled and didn’t understand the real reason why we were flying to Washington. This was something new for all of them and had never happened in the past. A few of the women looked terrified and I overheard one of them whisper, “What if something has gone horribly wrong and their bringing us here to tell us the bad news?” Oh god, I wished I hadn’t heard that. Up until that moment I was happy thinking that I would be seeing Scott before the end of the day. Now I was almost sick to my stomach sitting in lonely despair thinking of all of the horrible possibilities.I sat there in my own little world getting more and more depressed when suddenly my phone went off; it startled me and I looked and saw it was a text from daddy. I read the message and it said, ‘bin hide-n is dead, no American causalities, daddy.’I instantly snapped out of my depression and squealed with delight and showed the phone to Janet, she squealed and pounded her fists on her knees when she read the message and we both stood and hugged each other. The other girls were looking at us and Janet motioned for them to come to us. When everyone was in a circle around us Janet whispered, “Cindy just got a text from her father, he’s an Army Colonel. It said bin hide-n is dead, no American causalities! Our boys are ok!” All of the girls cheered and began hugging one another. We moved away from the other passengers as everyone in the boarding gate was watching us and it made me feel a little uncomfortable but that didn’t stop me from hugging everyone. It took a little time but I think everyone there hugged everyone else. Janet finally came back to me and whispered, “Well this is something new for me. I’ve never known what Mark’s mission was in the past but I think I know what our boys have been up to for the past five weeks.” “Do you think that our guys were involved in that?” I asked.She smiled and answered, “Why else would we be flying to Washington?” I thought back to what mom had said to me when I was packing for the trip about me meeting someone besides Scott in Washington. The only thing I could come up with is the president wants to meet our men. And maybe he wants to see us too, I was excited when I said, “It looks like we might be meeting someone in Washington besides our boys.”The events of the day finally started sinking in, oh my god, daddy was right, this was big! A huge feeling of pride washed over me as I realized that my Scott may have had a hand in this history making event somewhere. I thought about asking him what his part in it was. Then I sighed knowing that Scott wasn’t allowed to talk about it. The curiosity was killing me but I decided that since I was going to be Scott’s wife he would have secrets that I wouldn’t be allowed to know about. Everyone’s words came back to me, mom saying, ‘you have to trust Scott’, daddy saying, ‘trust me you don’t want to know that’. Yes, it all made sense to me now, if I was going to be happy being Scott’s wife I would have to trust him. I decided at that point that I would not pester him about it and just accept it as being a part of his job.About twenty minutes later we heard a cheer coming from the concourse and looked to see what the commotion was all about. Several people were gathered in front of a television monitor and it was showing the breaking news story of bin hide-n’s death. I smiled when I realized that everyone in the terminal had learned the news twenty minutes after we did. Somehow daddy had learned the news before everyone else had and sent the text to me. That reminded me that I hadn’t texted daddy back. I got me phone out and sent him, ‘thanks daddy we are all smiles here. Love you Cindy.’Minutes later we all stood and got in line when they announced the jet was ready for boarding. I was in the middle of the pack of us girls as we walked down the jet way. The line slowed down as we reached the jet and I saw two stewardesses and the captain welcoming all the passengers aboard. I chuckled to myself as I watched the captain greeting us then checking out the breasts of all the women. I was about to step on board when the captain opened his mouth and was blatantly looking at our boobs without at least trying to hide the fact that he was doing so. When it was my turn to be ogled by the captain I realized that he wasn’t looking at my breasts, he was looking at my Seal pin. This fact was confirmed when the jet was in the air and the stewardess came by to give us drinks. I had my money ready to give to her for my rum and coke. She didn’t take my money and said, “Your drink is compliments of the captain ma’am.” “Oh,” I said, “and why’s that?” “The captain said that he would buy all of the drinks for anyone wearing one of those gold pins ma’am” she said pointing at my Seal pin. I smiled at her, “Please thank the captain for me.” I said putting the bill back in my purse. It was a good flight and as I walked by the captain I said, “Nice landing captain.” He smiled and said, “Thank you ma’am, it has been an honor flying you here and please tell you man ‘good job’ for me.”I sensed that the captain was somehow an insider and he knew that we were the Seal team’s women going to Washington to meet them. I smiled and said, “Thank you captain, I will, and thank you for the drink.” He smiled at me then greeted Janet who was behind me. When I exited the jet way I was surprised to see several men and women dressed in black suits crowding around the exit. When one of the women saw me she said, “Please step over here.” Her arm was out pointing to my right. All of the girls traveling with me were waiting with two men in black suits in the corner of the boarding area. When Janet and I got there I asked one of them, “What’s going on?” He said, “We’re here to escort you to your hotel.” Then Janet asked in a matter of fact tone, “Where are they?” He looked at his watch, leaned in close and whispered to all of us, “They’re in route, about three hours out. They will be landing at Andrews. We’ll have them at your hotel thirty minutes after they land.” We were all smiling and we nodded to him that we understood.“Is everyone here?” the guy who seemed in charge said in a şişli escort bayan loud voice. We looked around at each other and most of us nodded that we were. “Please follow me.” He said leading us to a door across the concourse that said ‘private’. When everyone was inside the large conference room he held out an identification badge and said, “I’m Agent Watkins, United States Secret Service. We are here to escort you to your hotel. First, we need all of your luggage claim tags with your names printed on them so we can get your luggage on board the bus and then to your rooms, and second, we need to see you identification. “Two agents left the room with our baggage tags and we formed a line to show our identification. When this was complete they led us to a doorway across the concourse that went down to the tarmac to a waiting charter bus. The two other agents were watching about six baggage handlers separating our luggage from the other passenger’s luggage. We boarded the bus and had to wait about ten minutes for our luggage to be loaded on the bus before we left. When the bus hit the surface streets we picked up a police escort that took us to a very nice hotel. Seconds before the bus stopped in front of the hotel Agent Watkins stood and faced us, “When we stop, we will enter the lobby of the hotel and go into a conference room on the left side of the main desk. In that room please find your name on an information packet. Inside the packet will be your itinerary for the next few days and your room key cards. While in the hotel, all of your meals will be paid for by the government.” We left the bus and walked into a very plush lobby. To the right was an archway that led to the dining room. Right next to it was the main desk with two employees standing behind it. A long hallway was next to the desks with signs that pointed the way to, elevators, conference rooms, and the pool. Inside the conference room were several tables set up with large manila envelopes on them. I picked up my envelope which had Scott’s name and my name on it with the room number. I looked at most of the other envelopes and saw that we were all on the eleventh floor. Agent Watkins spoke, “Ladies you are free to go to your rooms or get something to eat, or just look around. There are agents stationed at all of the exits to keep unwanted people and the media out. Please do not leave the hotel until your… guests have arrived.” He looked at his watch and said, “Which should be in about three hours. They will enter through the main lobby which we will clear of other hotel guests and you may greet them in there.” Janet, me, and several ladies got on the elevator and went to our rooms to get ready. When the door opened on the eleventh floor we were greeted by another agent sitting at a table reading a book. She looked up at us and smiled, “Welcome ladies.” She then went back to reading her book as we walked to our rooms. I put the key card in the door and walked into the room. It was a standard hotel room with a single king sized bed. On the table was a large basket of fruit with an assortment of wrapped cheese and crackers by it. There also was a mini frig filled with an assortment of drinks and snacks. I opened the fruit basket and took an apple out. I ate the apple as I looked out the window to see that we had a nice view of the national mall. I was reading the itinerary when someone knocked on the door. I looked through the peep hole to see an employee with my luggage. She said in somewhat of a nervous voice, “I’m Jenny, I have your luggage ma’am.” I said, “Hello Jenny, Please bring it in.” She was a pretty young girl probably around eighteen years old. She pushed the cart in then unloaded the suit cases, then pushed the cart into the hallway and said, “What would you like me to do?” I was puzzled by her remark and asked, “What do you mean?” “The Secret Service has assigned me to you and told me to help you in any way that I can.” ‘Well isn’t this something,’ I thought, so this is how the rich people live. I looked at all of my suitcases and said, “Will you help me unpack? I may need some clothes ironed.” “Yes ma’am,” she said then opened my suitcase that had all of my sexy panties, bras, and lingerie. She opened a drawer and began putting them in while I hung up my dresses. She kept looking at me with funny looks. So I asked, “Are you ok? You seem puzzled.” “No ma’am, I mean yes ma’am, it’s just that… well the Secret Service won’t tell us who you are, they just called you VIP’s.” “Oh,” I said, “And who do you think we are?” I was smiling having a bit of fun with her. She looked at all of my lingerie then back at me and said in a low voice, “I’d rather not say ma’am.” I laughed out loud and asked, “Do you think I’m a prostitute?” She blushed and turned away from me and whispered, “No ma’am.” I thought about telling her who we were, Then I thought that the Secret Service doesn’t want our presents to leak out and it become a media circus around here. I smiled at her and said, “I’m not a prostitute that stuff is for my finance’. It’s best that we don’t say who we are, but you’ll probably find out before we leave.” I finished unpacking and Jenny ironed a few things for me. She helped me prepare the room and I told her thank you as I closed the door behind her. I looked at my watch a saw that I had two hours to get ready for Scott’s arrival. I showered and shaved spending a little extra time trimming my pubic hairs. Scott’s favorite dress was my short little black dress with black stockings so that’s what I would wear along with my Seal pin. With a half hour left before they were expected to be here I met Janet in the hall and we went down stairs. When we stepped off the elevator the lobby was empty except for six secret service agents standing by the doors and a few of the other wives. My heart was beating a little faster in anticipation as I said to Janet, “I’m so excited, I can hardly wait.” “Ya, me too.” She said, “You know they’re going to be wound up when they get here.” “No, what do you mean?” “Well they will look a little different. They will probably look a little wild. They’ve probably been running on pure adrenalin and testosterone for the last week. It will take them a few days to calm down into the men we’re used to seeing.” “Really?” I said somewhat surprised, “What should I do?” “Throw yourself into his arms and love him as hard and for as long as you can… he’ll probably wear you out tonight.” We both giggled. All of us were in the lobby talking when agent Watkins sad, “Ladies, they’re five minutes out.” Everyone either clapped or squealed and the conversation level lowered. We spread out into a semi circle in the center of the lobby and watched the doors. Two agents opened the double doors to the lobby as the bus stopped. I was taking in deep breaths to calm myself as the first man walked into the lobby. I kept watching and finally I saw him. I was bouncing on my toes as he scanned the room looking for me. When he saw me I held out my arms and smiled. He ran to me and picked me off the ground and kissed me hard. He set me back on the floor and I bear hugged him as hard as I could. “Oh Scott,” I cried, “I’m so happy your home. I love you and I’m so proud of you.” “I love you too Cindy. I’m so happy I’ve finally got you in my arms.” After a couple of minutes of intense hugging and kissing I found Mark and hugged him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and said, “I’ve missed you Mark, welcome home.” I went back to Scott and he put his arm around my shoulder as I put my arm around his waist. “Come on; let’s go up to the room.” I said as we headed to the elevator. An agent told us to wait for a specific elevator while other hotel guests that were getting off the other elevators and were directed to the back of the hotel. When our elevator opened we got on with a waiting agent. He turned the fire key and pushed eleven. We walked to our door and I took the key card out of my bra and opened the door. Scott closed the door and began kissing me. I gently pushed him backwards toward the bed as we continued kissing. When we reached the bed he put his hand under my dress and I pushed him onto the bed. “Not yet,” I smiled, “give me two minutes.” I went into the bathroom and quickly stripped out of my clothes except for my stockings and put on a black, very short see through silk nightgown. I quickly checked my make up and went out to Scott. He was sitting on the bed and I grabbed his hand and said, “Stand up please.” I rubbed myself against him and unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He slipped his shoes off as I unbuckled his pants and removed them. I then pulled his boxers off as he took his tee shirt off. I looked at his chest and ran my hand across it feeling all of his muscles and I worked my way to his stomach. I held each arm out and looked at them. I then turned him around and examined his back, butt, and legs. “What are you doing?” he asked. “I had to see with my own eyes that you aren’t hurt. You’ve passed inspection.” I smiled. I pushed him down on the bed and did a slow sexy strip tease for him as I worked my way out of my clothes. I crawled on the bed on my hands and knees and kissed him. I kissed his ear and neck then his chest. Over the past five weeks I had time to think about the way Scott made love to me. The very first time he made love to me he had orally pleased me and tonight I was determined to do the same to him. I wasn’t sure how to exactly do it so I looked at some porn websites and watched their techniques. Most of the videos ended with the man cuming on the woman face or her letting him cum in her mouth which I thought was totally disgusting. Then I remembered, while lying in bed that night that the first time Scott licked my pussy I saw the very erotic sight of my juices in his face and I realized that he had also probably swallowed some. So if he wanted to cum on my face or in my mouth I was going to return the favor and let him. I began stroking him as I slowly kissed my way down his chest working up the nerve to actually give him a blowjob. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or where the sensitive spots were. I slowly stroked him as I planted a quick kiss on the head of his cock. I licked my lips to see if there was a taste. Finding non I quickly licked the bottom. That time I noticed a salty taste but it didn’t taste bad to me so I put the head in my mouth and wiggled my tongue around like I had seen the porn stars do. Scott groaned a little so I thought I was doing something right. I slid down the shaft as far as I could go without gagging and back up. After awhile I found it easier to just wiggle my tongue against the bottom as I slid his cock in and out. I also realized I needed to suck a little bit to keep my lips in contact with him.Scott was encouraging me by sighing out, “Oh ya that feels nice.” I was proud of myself feeling I was doing a good job. Then Scott said, “Ohh… I’m going to cum.” I wasn’t sure what to do but decided to take a little into my mouth just to see what it tastes like. Unfortunately a little bit didn’t come out. I panicked when a huge stream hit the back of my throat and I began choking. I pulled off of him as the second hot stream of his cum hit my nose and splashed onto my cheek as I continued to cough. Scott finished cuming then took a pillow case off a pillow and handed it to me.”I’m sorry Cindy, are you ok?” Scott asked. I was embarrassed and didn’t look at him while I cleaned myself up then wiped the cum off his stomach. I swallowed the remaining cum that was in my mouth which I thought didn’t taste all that bad. I crawled up beside him and put my head on his shoulder. “Don’t apologize it wasn’t your fault, that wasn’t the way I planned for that to happen.” I sighed and confessed, “It’s the first time I’ve ever tried that.” Scott held me and stroked my hair and said, “Thank you that felt real good.” Scott slipped out from under me and said, “Now it’s your turn.” He began kissing my ear then my neck, slowly working his way to my breasts. Oh it felt so good when he kneaded my breasts with his strong but gentle hands. When he sucked my nipple into his mouth I felt a flood of moisture between my legs. My pussy tingled as I squeezed my legs together and arched my head back. After he finished sucking both my nipples he slowly worked his way down my stomach towards my sex. I spread my legs wide for him as he kissed my inner thighs. My anticipation was building as he teased my wet pussy. I grabbed his ears and tried to force his lips closer as he stayed inches away and blow soft cool breaths at my pussy. “Oh god, please please,” I begged. When his tongue finally softly touched my clit it felt like a jolt of electricity flowing through my body. I lifted my legs and squealed out a high pitched sigh. “Oh yes yes,” I sighed, “please don’t stop.” He circled my clit with his tongue and I pulled his ears harder. He latched his lips around my clit and sucked it into his mouth. He continued sucking and batting the tip of my clit with his tongue as I sighed out another high pitched squeal. I cried, “Oh…oh…oh,” and humped his face as my orgasm hit me hard. He held on to my hips as I tried to twist and squirm my pussy away from his tongue. He held on tight and continued sucking as another harder orgasm hit. My whole body went into convulsions and I pushed his head away and whimpered, “Please stop, please, please.” He stopped and looked at me as my body jerked with each contraction of my pussy. As my convulsions eased I smiled at him and said, “God, you’re so good at that, thank you… I love you.” I held my arms out and he came to me and lay down on top of me. I felt him line his cock up to my wet pulsating pussy and he easily slid into me. I lifted my legs while he knelt on the bed and put my feet above him shoulders. He leaned forward until my knees were touching my sides and pumped long, hard, and deep into my pussy until he came. Finally at three in the morning after he had cum in me four more times we both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The phone rang at eight thirty and I rolled over and answered it. It was our wakeup call telling me our private breakfast was in thirty minutes. I said thank you and sat up on the edge of the bed. “Scott wake up, breakfast in thirty minutes.” I said. He moaned ‘ok’ with his head still buried in the pillow. I was sore, my pussy was still tingling as I got up and waddled to the bathroom. I took a shower spending extra time cleaning the dried cum from between my legs. I was drying my hair naked when Scott came in and squeezed my breasts and kissed me on the neck, ‘oh god’ I thought, it was so good to have him back. I got dressed and put on a small amount of makeup while Scott took a shower. I told Scott about the itinerary which said there would be a private pool party at one p.m. We walked into the dining room and I saw Jenny and several other employees standing against the wall by the kitchen door. I waved at her and she immediately came to me. I said, “Good morning Jenny, this is my finance’ Scott.”She looked at him with a mixture of fear and awe on her face and squeaked out, “Good morning sir.” Scott mumbled something inaudible and pulled me toward the tables. I was a little irritated that he practically ignored her and released his arm saying. “I need to talk to Jenny for a second.” He walked to the table where Mark and Janet were sitting as I said to Jenny, “Sorry about that, Scott must still be tired.” She said, “That’s ok ma’am, shall I go clean your room?” “Yes please,” I said, “and please change the sheets. I also need you to get me something.” I whispered in her ear, “I need you to go to a store and get me some KY jelly; Scott wore me out last night.” I gave her a little smirk and watched her blush. Jenny left to clean the room and I walked to the table. I said good morning to Mark and Janet then asked Scott, “You were kind of short with Jenny, She’s the very nice girl who helped me unpack yesterday.” He looked at me with fire shooting from his eyes, “Did you see the way she looked at me? The frickin k** was scared to death of me and thinks I’m some kinda frickin hero or something.” He shook his head as he looked down at his coffee cup, “I don’t like that kinda shit.” Mark said, “Ya I noticed that too, they’re looking at us like we’re freaks or something, they must have figured out who the frick we are.” Janet was right, when she said yesterday, that they would be a little wild. I smiled at both Scott and Mark and I could see it in their eyes. I wasn’t afraid of either of them but I thought, to a stranger, they might look intimidating or even kind of dangerous. I didn’t want to push it and upset Scott, but I was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to answer him. I picked up his hand and kiss the back of it and changed the subject, “I love you and I’m so happy you’re back.” The rest of the breakfast went good, we talked mostly about getting home and back to normal. Scott had calmed down after his outburst when we first sat down. I was happy that we were spending a few days at the hotel under controlled conditions away from civilians. I would have been concerned that if someone crossed one of these men while in their current state of mind that they could possibly seriously hurt someone. At ten-o-clock we went back up to the room to take a nap and get ready for the pool party. My pussy was still sore so I hoped I could satisfy Scott with another attempt at a blowjob. My favorite video on the porn website was a man sitting in a chair holding the camera on his chest with the woman kneeling between his legs looking at him and I planned to act out that fantasy. As soon as I got him in the room I pulled him over to the chair and kissed him while I undid his pants. I pulled them down below his knees and told him to sit in the chair and knelt between his legs. I stroked him while looking at the smile on his face. I continued looking at him as I started sucking. He watched me and I smiled seeing his face contort into all sorts of different expressions of pleasure. He placed his hand on the back of my head as I made slurping sounds and continued to bob up and down sucking as hard as I could. His face contorted as he pulled in a deep breath and said, “I’m going to cum.” I nodded my head as he released several shots of hot cum into my mouth. I was better prepared this time and swallowed all he had to offer. I softly sucked on the head as I milked the last little bit of his cum out and swallowed it. He looked extremely relaxed as I smiled and asked, “Did I do a better job that time?” He stroked my hair and returned my smile, “you’re beautiful Cindy, and you did a very good job, thank you.” We managed to take a two hour nap and woke up just before the pool party was to start. I found my two bikinis; my blue one was more conservative with a padded bra that wouldn’t allow my nipples to poke through and a green skimpy string bikini that was not padded. I held them up to Scott and asked, “The blue one or the green one?” He smiled an evil grin and said, “defiantly the green one.” I replied, “Ok, just so you know, my nipples are going to show through with this one. Is that ok with you?” “Ya that’s ok with me if it’s ok with you?” he said, “You have a very beautiful body, Let-em drool.” I put the green one on then tweaked my nipples to show Scott what I would look like then put a terrycloth bathrobe over it. The indoor pool room was huge with a rectangular pool with a large seating area at the shallow end. All of the women were sitting on lounge chairs at that end while all of the men were on the other end of the pool making a hellish racket. Scott and I walked over to where Janet was sitting and Scott took off his tee shirt much to the delight of the women. Several of the women gave him cat calls while others did wolf whistles. Scott flexed his massive bicep’s and gave them a strong man pose. I squeezed his bicep and fanned myself while looking at him with a silly dreamy little girl look. All of the women laughed out loud at my antics. I turned around and faced the men who were looking in my direction and said, “Scott would you be a dear and help me with my robe?” I untied the sash and Scott stood behind me and slid the robe off my shoulders and the men responded in kind. Most of them applauded with a few cat calls and wolf whistles thrown in. I gave them a sexy centerfold pose with one hand behind my head and the other on my hip then threw them kisses with both hands. I sat down on the lounge and laughed with the other girls. Scott gave me a kiss and I said, “Go play with the boys.” Janet and I talked for a few second and then I asked, “Where did you get the drink?” She pointed behind us and I saw that Jenny and two other young girls were standing against the wall by the door that went into the bar. I waved at her and motioned for her to come to me. When she arrived I said, “Hi Jenny, will you please get me a rum and coke and a beer for Scott?” She returned and held out both drinks to me and I took the rum and coke and said, “Would you please take the beer to Scott?” She had a worried look on her face and said, “But ma’am… if I go over there they’ll slap me on the butt!”I was a little surprised and said, “Oh… Do you know why?” She answered, “No ma’am, I guess they just like slapping girls on the butt.” I smiled and said, “What do you think will happen if I bring the beer to Scott?” She thought for a moment as she looked at my bikini and said, “They’ll probably slap your butt.” I took the beer from her and said, “You watch, none of them will touch me.” With my sexiest walk, I walked around the pool and when I approached them they parted. They were watching my breasts bouncing as I walked among them and I said, “Hello boys are you having fun?” I handed the beer to Scott and kissed him on the lips while bending one knee up. None of them took their eyes off me nor did they touch me as I walked back threw them and back to my seat. I smiled at Jenny and asked, “Do you know why no one touched me?” She shook her head no and I continued, “Because I’m not afraid of them like you are. They knew that they would have gotten their face slapped if they touched me. Plus they know I’m Scott’s girl.” She seemed to understand as she nodded and said, “Ohh.” “Here’s what I want you to do.” I pointed at Mark, “Go get Janet’s husband Mark a beer and bring it to him. If someone slaps your butt you slap their butt or face as hard as you can and look them in the eye and dare them to do something.” “But ma’am, what if they do something?” “Look at them Jenny, they’re just big strong teddy bears. Do you think one of those big strong men would hurt a sweet little thing like you?” I was shaking my head no. “But you will gain their respect and they will leave you alone. It’s up to you; take their abuse of put a stop to it.” Jenny had a determined look on her face when she turned and headed to the bar. She returned with a beer in her hand and said, “Which one is Mark?” Janet pointed him out and she started walking with determination in her step. About the third man she passed slapped her on the ass. She stopped and slapped him in the face and glared at him. The two men next to him started playfully pushing him and soon everyone around him was laughing and giving him a hard time. She turned and brought the beer to Mark who gave her a high five and said, “Nice one honey.” She turned back towards us and we all saw the smirk on her blushing face as the men parted allowing her through. She ran the last few steps smiling at us girls who were all smiling and applauding for her. Jenny became the only one of the three waitresses that dared walk amongst them. She was now smiling at them and the boys gave her the respect that she had earned. She was carrying a tray full of beer at a time to them and collecting the empties. Watching the whole team together was amazing, twenty five of the most physically fit muscular bodies on earth. They were all fiercely competitive, when a challenge was issued that one could do it better than the others it had to be proven. So the contests ensued, who could swim underwater the farthest, who could do the fastest chin ups, who could hold their breath the longest under water, the room reeked with the smell of testosterone. The party ended around six and we all went back to our room to get ready for dinner. At eight Mark, Janet, Scott and I walked into the dining room. There were a few extra people walking around and talking to other Seal’s and their wives. “Aaa shit,” Scott softly said as soon as he saw them. He whispered in my ear, “It’s the big brass, that old guy over there,” Scott said pointing to him “is Admiral Mullem JCS.” “JCS?” I said, “What’s that?” “Joint Chiefs of Staff… holy shit,” Scott said under his breath after he surveyed the room, “They’re all here.” There were six of eight older men in civilian suits talking and shaking hands with the other Seal’s and their wives. We quietly walked to an empty table and sat down. A few seconds later Admiral Mullem came to the table and Scott and Mark stood up and introduced themselves. “Admiral,” Scott said, “This is my fiancée Cindy.” Then Mark said, “This is my wife Janet.” The admiral shook our hands and said, “Ladies, it’s an honor to meet you. You are the backbone of this team of men who keep them firmly anchored to the ground. Without your love and support they wouldn’t have been able to do the job that they did so well. That’s why we decided to fly all of you here so you could be with them. Your country owes you a debt of gratitude. Thank you.” All of the other men came to the table to meet Scott and Mark and we listened as they congratulated our men and also thanked Janet and me. When the dinner was over both Scott and Mark sighed in relief when the big brass left. We spent two more days in the hotel spending our days lounging around the pool. Those two days were greatly needed by our men to decompress and calm down into the men we were all used to seeing. I was happy to see that Jenny was enjoying her time around our boys. They laughed and joked with her as she served them beer around the pool and waited on us during our meals. The following morning we ate breakfast then returned to our room to pack for our flight home. We walked into the lobby where several employees were waiting to say good bye to us including Jenny. She hugged me and said, “Thank you for what you did for me on the first day. It made my time around them much more enjoyable.” “They really are nice guys,” I said, “and would give you the shirts off their backs if you needed it.” “It really was an honor serving them and someday I’ll tell my grandc***dren that I was here and had the pleasure of meeting them.” I smiled and asked, “So do you think you know who they are?” She looked around and whispered, “Yes ma’am, someone recognized your guests the first night at dinner and well… we figured it was them… you know… the guys that got bin hide-n. But don’t worry no one has said a word that you are here.”We said our goodbyes and boarded one of the two tour buses that were waiting to take us to Andrews and our military jet that would fly us nonstop to our home base in California. But first we would have the honor and privilege of meeting the President of the United States. The buses arrived at Andrews and drove onto the tarmac and into an empty aircraft hangar. Our luggage was unloaded and placed in a secure area of the hangar. We were all searched and our purses were placed on tables by the luggage. We talked to each other as we waited for him to arrive. Marine One landed just outside of the hangar and we formed into a receiving line. The president walked into the hanger followed by one of his aides who was carrying a box. As he walked in one of the men close to him yelled out, “Attention on deck!” Scott, Mark, and the rest of the men snapped to attention as the president smiled and said, “Stand at ease men.” He walked to a point where all of us could hear him and he said, “I won’t keep you long, I know you want to get home but I wanted to personally congratulate you on a job well done and give you your well deserved Silver Stars.” With that said he walked to the first man in line and shook his hand. I whispered to Scott, “What’s a Silver Star?” He whispered back, “It’s a military decoration. It’s the third highest behind the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross. This is my first; your father has three of them.” Scott came to attention when the President shook his hand, his aide handed the medal to the President and he pinned it to Scott’s civilian shirt. He shook his hand again and said, “thank you, your country and I congratulate you on a job well done.” Scott said thank you and he moved in front of me and shook my hand and said, “You had an equal part in their mission. Your love and devotion made it possible for him to do this job. Please accept my thanks and the thanks of our country.” I smiled and said, “thank you sir.” After he personally greeted everyone, several photographs were taken and he departed on Marine One. I went to get my purse and our luggage was loaded on the plane. We said our goodbyes to everyone and we boarded the jet for our flight back to California. I was amazed with Scott, Mark, and the other men. They seemed to have switches in their brains that they could turn off and they were all asleep shortly after we took off. Janet and I and the other ladies talked to each other being much too excited to sleep after having met the President. We landed on the base in California and were greeted, much to the displeasure of the men, by the base commanders. We quickly shook hands with them and entered the building where mom and daddy were waiting for us. I hugged both mom and daddy and Scott got a hug from mom. Daddy shook both Scott and Mark’s hands and said, “Well done men.” Life was busy for us for the next few months. I graduated from college in early June, Mom, daddy, Scott, Janet, and Mark were there to see me get my diploma and I accepted a good job with a marketing firm in downtown San Diego. In early July Scott and I rented an apartment in the same complex that Mark and Janet lived in. In mid July Scott and I took the final plunge and were married at the base chapel with the men in full dress military uniforms with swords. The invited guests included all of Scott’s team plus the base commanders. I was somewhat awe struck when I saw daddy in his full dress uniform for the first time. He had by far the most medals of anyone else there including the base commander. When he walked me down the aisle I was proud to be walking with him and that he was my daddy. Scott was very handsome waiting at the end of the aisle for me with my best friends Mark, standing next to him as his Best Man, and Janet on the other side of the aisle as my Maid of Honor. After the ceremony was over we greeted all of the guests as they filed out of the church. As we looked outside the chapel all of the men in full dress uniforms were lined up on each side of the walk with their swords drawn. As we exited the chapel they brought their swords up over our heads into an arch. I held Scott close and we slowly walked arm in arm under the arch. At the end daddy and Mark brought their swords down in front of us and Mark announced, “The price of passage is one kiss.” Scott and I smiled at each other and kissed. After the kiss they raised their swords and we continued walking. As we passed out of the arch of swords Mark lowered his sword and smacked me on the ass with the flat side of the blade. I squealed and smiled back at them as all the guests laughed. And so our life started together as man and wife.Life is good…THE ENDAuthors thoughts: This is a work of complete fiction. If you watched the news you know that this story isn’t even close to what really happened.I am not a Navy Seal but back in the 1970’s I was in the Navy and was briefly station on the island of Crete with a UDT Seal team. Our job was to build them a barracks and a couple of storage buildings. When I first met them I was extremely intimidated even thought I was a young tough twenty one year old back then.They were real nice guys and we became buddies with them and these are some of the memories I have of them. They had a twenty foot boat with twin 200 Hp outboards and they liked to water ski at 100 MPH. No frickn way was I going to do that. One of their own had just made a higher rank so they decided to tie him up between two trees and they stripped him naked and showed him pictures out of a playboy magazine to try and get a ‘rise’ out of him. He wasn’t happy when they untied him several hours later. Bottom line, they liked the adrenalin rush and they liked to play hard.They wanted to be regular guys and didn’t like to be worshipped because they were Seal’s, if you didn’t know them and bought them a beer because they were a Seal, they wouldn’t drink it. One afternoon when two Seal’s in uniform walked into the enlisted mans club, the club went silent, the Seal’s looked around and one said in a disgusted manner, ‘drink your fucking beer, pukes.’ If you know a Navy Seal chances are you don’t know he was a Seal. If you have a friend who brags about being a Seal chances are good he wasn’t a Seal. That’s just how they are or at least that’s how they acted when I was around them

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