The Pink Summer Dress


As I get out of the car I see you by the door, that pink summer dress your wearing blowing softy in the night breeze. As I climb the steps I see you have that look in your eyes. As I step in and you shut the door I turn around wrapping my strong arms around you, my lips finding your sweet lips, mmm they taste so good, my tongue parts them finding, searching for yours. finding it they become entwined in one another. My hand slides down your back finding your sweet ass, you know I love the feel of it on them, as I gently squeeze them pulling you closer as your tongue follows mine back and I suck it, mmmm so hot, so wet and so good.

Breaking from your lips (damn I hate that) I walk with you back to the back room, mmm I feel the humidity, you have fired up the Hot tub. You sweet, sexy thing you. Looking around I see you have placed numerous candles around the room, and I see a chilled bottle of Sutter Homes White Zenfield Wine in the bucket, the soft sounds of erotic music playing in the background. As you pick up or glasses of wine we toast to a night of us being here, together. As the glass leaves you lips I lean over kissing you deep the sweet taste of your lips, mmm the wine on them.

As me thinking were else it could go. As you back up you turn and looking over your shoulder, those eyes burning deep inside me say “Can you help me out of this?” Are you kidding? I would love to. As I slide your hair from your neck I find the zipper, sliding it down slowly, listening as it travels the length of your back, as it passes I see you are not wearing a Bra. Sliding my hands into the opening of your dress, you soft skin so sensual to my touch. As they slide around you the come to your sweet breasts, cupping them in my hands I move closer to you and my hands caress them gaziantep bayan escort my fingers circling your nipples, wow they are so hard and erect, you can feel my cock growing against your sweet ass. Mmmmmmm I love it when your wiggle it back against me.

Your nipples between my fingers, gently rolling them between them, you don’t know how bad I want then in my mouth my lips around them. As I take my hands away from them pulling your dress forward sliding it slowly off your shoulders. As you lean forward a little my hands slide across your back my fingers lightly dragging across it, leaning down and kissing it all over. As I knell behind you, you lean over further as I slide the dress across your hips, mmmmm your wearing a Pink thong. WOW your sweet ass so sexy in this light.

As I left your dress fall the rest of the way my hands caress and slide up you legs. Drifting in between them brushing across your inner thighs and sliding across your sweet pussy, covered in pink. I can feel how hot they are. How Wet they are already As you lean over more, spreading you legs a little wider, you want to look between your legs as I knell there. Sliding your Thong down across your ass my lips kissing your sweet cheeks, my tongue sliding across them as I slide them down to the floor.

My hands caress your sweet cheeks as I continue licking and kissing you as my hands spread your sweet ass I slide my tongue across you dripping wet lips just barely touching them then parting them, your sweet juices flowing across my tongue, Dam you taste so good, reaching around I rub your clit gently feeling it throbbing under my touch as my tongue slides deep inside you, as I take your swollen lips in my mouth sucking them, pulling gently, rolling them between my lips, mmmm is this position my nose teases your sweet ass.

Taking my hands and spreading your lips, I slide my tongue along the inside of them, so soft, so smooth, and from how wet you are so enjoyable. As I slide my tongue out and on up across your ass, circling it, hot and wet you feel the sweet sensations. Your ass wiggles back into me as I lick and probe you, circling it as I slide my finger deep inside your hot pussy, so wet it slide deep into you. As I slide it in and out slowly I slide another in and continue sliding them between you as I tease your hot ass.

My tongue pressing against it, begging to be let in, as my tongue slides between you ass the feeling of it and my fingers triggers the 1st of many orgasms as you scream in pleasure, shoving your sweet ass back against me, and my fingers deep inside you, my hands and face covered with your hot cum and you let loose and flood me with your sweet juices, Mmmmm your so wet. As you stand and turn you tell me “your turn now” As your soft hands slowly slide under my T-shirt, God your hands feel so good, pulling me to you as you kiss my lips, your sweet cum still on them. As you slide my shirt up and off, kissing my chest as your hands slide behind me dragging your fingernails across and down my back. Your tongue teases and circles my nipples as you start knelling before me.

Undoing my belt and pants you unstrap them sliding my zipper down, my cock straining against my boxers, looking for the opening to be set free, I am sure you will help it. As you slide my pants down and off you soft hands travel up my legs, I have to tell you that your soft hands are electrifying. And as they slide up my leg and under the legs of my Boxers my legs about buckle, LOL as you slide them to the back and squeeze my ass.

Sliding them back around, your hand grabs my cock and gently squeezes it, you can feel the warm Precum covering the head as your hand slides over it. Your other cups and massages my balls, wow there goes the knees again, sliding them back out you hook your fingers in the band and slide them down slowly as the top clears and my cock slides out in front of you as your hands slide my boxers to the floor and off, mmmmmmmm I see you licking your lips as your soft hand wraps around the shaft and you lean forward kissing the head of it, WOW you tongue sliding around it, up and down the shaft as it throbs in your hands, as you slide it down the shaft you slide on down teasing my balls with the tip of your tongue, catch me Darlin I’m falling, sliding back up to the top I can’t tell you the sensations I felt and your lips circled it and engulfed it, disappearing between those sweet lips.

Mmmmm I am in heaven As your lips slide over it, your hand sliding up and down it also, pulling out to were it just touches your lips before engulfing it again and again, You hands massaging and caressing my balls is driving my crazy with those sweet lips and tongue teasing my cock. You feel my cock throbbing and teasing as the first load of hot cum hits you in the back of your sweet mouth, not only do you want to taste it you want it on you also so you slide it out and continue pumping it as load after load shoots across and on your sweet Breasts, mmmmmm you love watching it come out and spray across you don’t you? As the last of it shoots out you take the head dripping cum from it and circle your rock hard nipples with it, Wow feeling those nipples slide across It is something else.

Standing up pulling you against me I kiss you deep and passionate, our juices smashed between our hot bodies, as I pull you so close to me. Kissing deep, passionate the taste of warm juices mixed and so good…

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