The Plan


Hope you like it. Everyone is over eighteen.


I trudged, sleepily, up the stairs, with heavy feet. I don’t know why I was tired, as it was only six thirty in the evening; maybe I was just getting old. Well, I wasn’t old, only forty years old, but it was just that working full time and being a parent since I was 21 was getting to me. As I reached the top of the stairs, I noticed movement to the left of me. I turned my head that way and saw my daughter.

She was completely naked. And wet. She had just gotten out of the shower, so water was cascading down her body, flowing on every curve, dripping off of the bottom of her large breasts, and running down to her shaven pussy. Her hair was damp, clinging to her back. I noticed her eyes meet mine.

“Oh, sorry Daddy,” she said, when she noticed I was there, before casually placing her hands in front of her pussy and nipples, “There weren’t any towels left.” She explained as she quickly shuffled into her room. I watched each ass cheek wobble with every step, before the door closed and ended my trance. ‘My daughter certainly grew up!’ I thought to myself as I headed back to my room to read.

I never did read. I just got into bed and stared at the wall, the image of my naked daughter burned into my brain. I never even noticed my wife, Clara, walk into the room until she was pressed up against me in bed. I felt her hand make its way to my cock, and she began to stroke it.

“Ooh, you’re already hard, good, I need it.” I think that was the secret to our relatively long-lasting marriage; Clara was eternally horny. She looked up at my blank expression.

“What’s wrong? You’re normally in me by now.”

“Clara, I need to tell you something.” She had a slightly worried expression on her face, but she was still stroking my cock, now an automatic action in our relationship. I was struggling with how to tell her, so I just came right out and said it.

“I think I’m attracted to Poppy.” Silence.

“As in, Poppy, our daughter?” I took a deep breath.

“Yep.” I was prepared for Clara to slap me, call me a pervert or for her to just leave, but she did nothing, she just kept on stroking my hard dick. There was another few seconds of complete silence.

“Why?” She asked, looking at me in the eye.

“I saw her getting out of the shower. She was naked, and she looked-”

“She has a name; we gave it to her, so use it.”

“Poppy looked amazing, exactly like you.” I tried to turn this into a compliment. Clara ignored it.

“How did Poppy react to you seeing her?”

“She just covered herself up.” Clara spoke immediately, and it felt as if her stroking was speeding up.

“How quickly?” I tried to remember, but it seemed as if time stood still while I was staring at Poppy.

“Quite fast, but she probably could have been quicker.”

“Maybe she wants you, Daddy,” I could her pure lust in her voice now, “Maybe she wanted you to see her body. For you to see her large beautiful tits,” As she said this, Clara pulled down the bed covers and exposed her breasts. They looked exactly like Poppy’s. “Does Daddy love my big tits?”

“Daddy loves your boobs, Poppy,” I was getting into this role play now, however perverse it was, “They are so big and amazing.” I caressed them, squeezing them gently. Clara moaned softly.

I flicked her hardened nipples, and Clara cooed.

“Mmm, Daddy, that feels so nice. Suck my nipples, Daddy; make your daughter feel good!” She was getting louder now, so loud that Poppy might actually hear, but at that minute all I focused on was getting her nipples into my mouth. I hastily brought my tongue to her breast and licked around her areola, before dragging my wagging tongue over her hard nipple. I sucked harder, driven by pure lust from our role-play. When my tongue finally slipped from her nipple, Clara slapped my face with her tits. While doing this, she lifted herself over me, and dropped onto my dick.

She was completely soaked, and instantly I was all the way inside her. My wife had never been so drenched in her life. She bounced up and down on me with an intensity I had never seen before, and she was screaming at the top of her voice.

“FUCK ME DADDY… FUCK YOUR SLUTTY DAUGHTER… AAH… FUCK… SO GOOD… FUCK MY WET CUNT… I’M SO FUCKING HORNY… SUCH A GOOD COCK, DADDY… UHH… I’M GOING TO CUM… FUCK ME,” Somehow, she got even louder as she neared orgasm. “FUCK… I’M GONNA CUM… CUM IN ME DADDY… CUM TOGETHER!” With that, she exploded, and I came with her flooding her cunt with a massive load.

Clara slumped forward and smothered me with her massive tits.

Through my muffled hearing, I heard her speak.

“That was so fucking hot!”

And with that, we promptly fell asleep.

I woke up early next morning. Clara was still on top of me, asleep. I just watched her beautiful face as she softly breathed. She had a small smile on her face, and her hair flowed all around us. My cock started to get hard ataşehir escort bayan just watching Clara, and came to rest on in between soft ass cheeks. I resisted the urge to stick it in her right now, but instead just watched the woman I loved.

At around mid morning, Clara and I were in the living room, her on the laptop, and I watching TV. I caught a glimpse of Poppy poking her head around the corner, but she didn’t look at either of us.

“I’m going out with friends.” She spoke with a mumble, and before I had a chance to respond, the front door had slammed shut. Clara chuckled.

“Do you think she heard us?” She asked.

“I think the whole street heard. And it was you, not ‘us’.”

“I wouldn’t have been screaming if it wasn’t for you,” she looked at me with a grin.

“I don’t think you were screaming because of me,” trying to hint at our role play. Clara didn’t get it, or she was just playing dumb.

“Well what was it then?”

“I think you got off on me being ‘Daddy’, because I don’t remember you ever being as wet as you were last night,” I said, being playful, poking her in the ribs. She jumped back slightly.

“Hey, don’t do that,” she spoke while attempting to poke me back, “And maybe I did. So what, you obviously liked me being Poppy.”

“I know, I told you before we fucked that I was attracted to Poppy. You didn’t say anything about getting off on the idea of me being Daddy.”

Clara let out a deep breath, similar to the one I did yesterday evening. She had a serious expression on her face. I could tell this would be big news.

“Okay, you have been honest, now it’s my turn. The reason why I wasn’t disgusted by you telling me that you were attracted to Poppy and why I was soaked when you were ‘Daddy’ is because ever since I turned eighteen, I have been, regularly, fucking my father,” My jaw dropped, “I know that you may see me differently now, but I just want to let you know that I will always love you.”

“I still love you too,” reassuring her, we cuddled each other for a few minutes, “so, how did this begin between you and your father?” I asked carefully.

“Well, I was in the back garden a couple of weeks after my eighteenth birthday, when I weirdly got the urge to masturbate. Being young, I just got myself off when I felt the urge to. So there I was, in the garden, legs up in the air, fingers shoved up my pussy, going at it, when I see my Daddy attempting to hide behind a tree. I could tell by the movement of his hand that he was stroking his dick. Naturally, I was curious, so I asked to see it. He was reluctant at first, but he eventually relented. It was the first ever dick I had seen, so I wanted to grab it. Next thing I knew, I was on my back, getting pounded by Daddy.”

“So, you lost your virginity to your father?” Yes, I am quite slow sometimes.

“Yep,” She looked me straight in the eye, “You don’t think I’m a creep, do you?”

“Not at all. In fact, that story has got me a bit worked up,” I said, pointing to my rock hard cock.

“Good,” Clara replied, “Because my panties are drenched.” With that, she stood up stripped of her shorts and panties in one swift movement, and got on her knees on the couch. She wiggled her ass at me, and looked over her shoulder, “Come fuck me, Daddy.”

I fished my dick out of my trousers and got behind my wife. I could feel the heat from her pussy, and the smell of her sex wafted around the room. I thrust as hard as I could into her dripping folds, almost knocking Clara of the couch. She was already screaming.


I couldn’t hold it any longer, and covered my wife’s pussy in my cum. The ‘Daddy, daughter’ role play really got to us; we were only coupled for half a minute.

We ended up lying on the couch, both of us naked from the waist down, our feet intertwined, me lightly stroking Clara’s vagina. Her head rested on my neck.

“So, important question,” I asked, “me or your father, who has the bigger cock?” We both laughed and Clara gave me a gentle slap on the arm.

“Men, all the same,” she jokingly scoffed, “You, but only by about half an inch, so don’t get too smug.” She looked at me with a sly smile.

“Also, you said you ‘regularly’ fucked your father. How often?”

“Every three months when I go visit them. You’re lucky they don’t live closer, because it would be much more often.”

“And the last time was?”

“Just over two months ago, so the next time is soon; just a couple of weeks.” I felt her pussy clench at the thought of fucking her dad soon. I continued to lightly rub her cunt for a few minutes.

“So,” Clara spoke softly, “Is our role-play just a fantasy, or are you doing it for my pleasure, or yours?”

“I’m not sure. I find it hot, pretending your Poppy, and I’m glad that you get extra pleasure from me being Daddy. But escort kadıöy I don’t know if I could ever actually fuck Poppy.”

“Why don’t we find out?”

“I’m not asking my daughter if she wants to fuck.”

“Not asking, stupid,” rolling her eyes, “maybe you could be a bit more open with her. Touch her a bit more, kiss her a bit more; be friendly rather than being her dad. ‘Accidentally’ walk in on her getting changed, we could even try and get her to sneak peeks at us when we’re having sex.” I gave her a look, as if asking if she was being serious.

“Oh come on, I bet you must have secretly watched your parents doing it at least once.” I nodded.

“Hey, I’ve had an idea,” she jiggled about in excitement, causing her breasts to shake, “I’m visiting my parents in a couple of weeks. That leaves just you and Poppy alone for a few days. That’s when you’ll fuck her.” She seemed supremely confident.

“Are you sure this’ll work.”

“Positive. Fucking my father was the best decision I ever made,” I raised an eyebrow, “Apart from you.” She gave my dick a squeeze. I prepared to roll Clara over.

At this moment, the door to the front room swung open. Both of us turned our heads towards the door. Poppy walked in, and then stopped, completely still, looking at us. Her mom was on her knees on the sofa, with her dad holding his cock towards her mom’s vagina. Her eyes went wide before she swiveled her head away.

“You have a fucking bedroom, guys!” Poppy shouted as she left the room and went up the stairs.

“This shall be easier than I thought,” Clara said as she grabbed my hand and started pulling me behind her.

“Where are we going?”

“Clara was right; we have a fucking bedroom, don’t we? A stupid grin spread across my face.

Not five minutes later, I was gently thrusting into Clara’s pussy with my softening dick, watching her bask in the afterglow of two powerful orgasms. She continued to moan slightly as I continued to push into her.

“What did you mean by ‘This shall be easier than I thought’?”

“Mmm,” her eyes flickered open, “oh, well, I could see it in her eyes; there was a wanton look on her face. She wanted to be in my place, to be with you,” When Clara said ‘you’ I gave a quick, hard stab with my cock, “ohhh, yes”.

“Really?” Suddenly, Clara reached up and put her hand over my mouth. I tried to speak but my voice was muffled.

“Ssh, Ssh, Ssh.” I kept quiet and listened carefully. Through the wall, I could hear faint moaning. Poppy was masturbating! The sounds of the quiet cries were rhythmic and beautiful. My dick responded, and I started to become hard again inside Clara’s cunt.

“Mmm, oh yes… fuck my pussy Daddy,” Clara whispered, so I could still hear Poppy’s moans. I rocked my hips back and forth, listening intently to my daughter’s cries as she got louder. Clara spoke.

“Cum in me Daddy, cover your daughter’s sweet cunt in your juice.” As I could hear my daughter’s moans reach a peak through the wall, I did exactly that. For the second time in ten minutes, I flooded my wife’s pussy.

“Mmm… I cannot wait to watch you and Poppy fuck.”

“But, I thought you were going to your parents to leave us alone.”

“For the first time, yeah. But after that, you are going to have to keep both of us satisfied.” I laughed.

“I can barely keep up with you, how am I going to handle you and Poppy?” I wondered if Clara would help Poppy stay satisfied. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a bit of Poppy’s pussy.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way,” she spoke with a smile, as if having the same thoughts as me, “Anyway, I’m tired, hold me.” I ended up spooning Clara, my dick nestled inbetween her ass, my hands draped across her chest.

“So, if I end up fucking Poppy-”

“Not if; when.” Clara interrupted.

“When I end up fucking Poppy, will you get jealous?”

“Probably not. I’ll just have to make sure I get more of you than she does. Are you jealous that I have sex with my daddy?”

“I’m not sure. I’d be pissed if it was some random guy, but he’s not, and you were already banging him before we met, so if anything, your father should be jealous of me.”

“He is. He says you’re lucky to get my sweet cunt every day. While he’s eating me out, he gets me to tell him about the sex between you and me, how many orgasms I have, how long we fuck, everything. Once he’s finished licking me, he then sticks his dick in me and fucks me; daddy always tries to do better than you.” My face lit up with an idea when I heard this. Clara noticed.

“You have an idea?”

“Next time you come home from your parents, we are doing that.”

“Mmm, sounds fun. I can’t wait, but right now, I can’t stay awake any longer; I am so fucking tired.”

“Goodnight.” I said as I kissed her neck.

Next morning I was sitting at the table in the kitchen, flicking through the newspaper, but not really paying that much attention to it. Clara was making breakfast, omelettes, maltepe escort which, at the minute, smelled delicious. She was naked. I watched her ass jiggle as she moved about from side to side, a gentle sway that she normally had when she cooked, or washed or ironed. I would normally help her with the household tasks, but sometimes I just stared at her.

I heard the thud of Poppy’s sleepy footsteps as she walked down the stairs. Clara heard too, and she turned to face me. I was still staring at her ass.

“Hey,” she made a gesture for me to move my eyesight from her butt to her face, “So, she’s finally up. God, Poppy could sleep through anything.”

“Yeah, I know,” taking a sip of coffee. Poppy entered after I said this. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt that stopped just below her waist. Even with the bagginess of the clothing, her tits pushed the material outwards. When she walked, I could see a flash of her pink panties. I decided that I should start my plan to fuck my daughter now.

“Hi, dad,” she said, rubbing her eyes.

“Hi there, sweetie. Sleep well?”

“Yeah, a bit.” I opened my arms and motioned for Poppy to give me a hug. She rolled her eyes, but still sauntered over to me. She bent down to reach me in the chair, causing her big tits to strain against the t-shirt she was wearing. As we embraced, I moved my hands gently on her back. Our hug lasted a few seconds longer than our normal hugs, and as we parted, I let my hand fall across her ass before leaving her body. She either didn’t notice or didn’t mind, as she gave no reaction.

Poppy turned around, and saw her mother for the first time this morning. Her jaw dropped.

“Mom! Put on some clothes!” Poppy diverted her eyes away from her mother’s body.

“It’s my house; I can do what I want. Anyway, they’re just boobs,” she said, grabbing them, “You’ve got them too. It’s better than having your father naked. You wouldn’t want that monster flopping around in your face,” Clara paused, “Well, I would but-”

“Mom!” Poppy’s face was bright red from embarrassment.

“Calm down, Poppy.” Clara laughed at her daughter’s reaction, before she put the omelettes on a plate and walked over to the table. She placed a plate in front of Poppy and me, and then sat on my lap.

I let out an exaggerated “oomph” as she sat on me. Clara gave me a quick elbow.

“I’m not fat.”

“Mom, there is a perfectly fine chair there.” Poppy pointed to the left of me as she took another bite of her omelette.

“Nah, I like this one better.” Clara ground her ass on my hardening cock. I gave her a sharp thrust upward, causing Clara’s breasts to shake a little.

We ate breakfast like that, at the table, Clara on my lap, and Poppy opposite. It wasn’t long before our plates were clear. I had a small bit left, and I decided to mess about. I draped it across Clara’s left breast. I felt Clara’s hair sway as she moved her head to look down at me, and I glimpsed Poppy’s eyes widen. I licked around my wife’s breast, and then chewed lightly on the omelette over her nipple. Clara held my head close to her and moaned contently. As I neared the end of my meal, my eyes darted to Poppy, and I saw then she was biting her lip, and her cheeks were still red. Not from embarrassment, but from arousal. I finished the omelette, and gave Clara’s nipple a parting suck.

“Sorry about that Poppy, I got a bit carried away.” I explained. I was grinning from ear to ear.

“No… that’s… its fine.” Poppy stumbled over both her words and her feet as she left the room.

“Fuck, I am so turned on,” Clara breathed sexily as she pushed her hand towards her pussy. She tried to grab my dick from my shorts with the other.

“No, sorry,” I spoke as I lifted Clara of my lap, “I’m going out with the guys, and I am running late.” Clara looked at me with despair.

“Seriously,” I nodded, “but Daddy…” She looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Really sorry, but we’ve been planning this for weeks. I’m all yours when I get back, promise.” I left the room in a hurry, with my wife naked and a grumpy look on her face.

I entered the house late that night. I’d been out with a few mates, reliving our glory days. Well if you consider us playing football, joking about with each other and drinking, the glory days, then that’s what we’d been doing. We didn’t meet up that often anymore, so I was glad I went, but I was annoyed at the fact that I’d left my wife naked and horny. Oh well, I’m sure she would have worn out the batteries in her vibrators. Yes, that is plural. When I’m away, she sometimes has one in her cunt and ass at the same time. And I like to watch her by herself sometimes.

All the lights were off in the house, so I struggled to see in the darkness. I kept on tripping over chairs and bumping into walls and doors. I suppose my slightly drunk state wasn’t helping. I heard a small amount of movement from around the corner.

“Hello,” I called out. My wife appeared from around the corner. She was naked; her hair was a mess, she was sweating profusely, and she smelled strongly of arousal. The aroma filled my nostrils, and my cock hardened slightly. She grabbed my and dragged me up the stairs. Walking behind her, I could see her cum dripping from her pussy, down her leg.

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