The Poke-Her Party


The doorbell rings and I run to answer it as my husband, Adam, finishes setting up the poker table. Steve, Adam’s best friend since college, is the first guest to arrive. He takes a moment to look me over and I enjoy the attention. I’m wearing this sexy German beer girl outfit that Adam bought me. Given that I will be spending the rest of the day serving beer and snacks, lighting cigars and keeping our guests happy, he thought it would be the perfect outfit for me. Plus it shows off my big tits which are my best asset. My black heels turning my normal 5’5″ height into an even six feet. My long dark hair is curled and frames my 36DD chest quite nicely. My arms and legs are toned and tanned thanks to years of working out at the gym and laying in tanning beds. I may be 37, but I look ten years younger, thanks in part to genetics.

Steve takes one last look at my generous cleavage and then goes to find Adam in the dining room as I attend to more arriving guests. All total there are 11 guys here for Adam’s monthly poker party. Some of them are old friends we’ve known for years and some are more recent acquaintances.

Josh, one of Adam’s co-workers, grabs my ass as I lean over him to put a bowl of pretzels on the table. I push away his hand and playfully chastise him. “Now, now, Josh. You know the rules. No touching allowed.” He winks at me, “That’s what you say now.”

While most men wouldn’t want their wives anywhere near their boys night events, Adam enjoys having me there. He likes watching men hit on me and how turned on it makes me.

“Well, gentlemen,” he says once everyone has arrived. “How about if we start off with a couple practice matches first before we get on with the real game?” The guys start betting a few bucks to start as I wander around, serving beer and refilling the snack bowls.

The bets are starting to get higher when Adam finally announces that practice is over and the main event will begin. The guys immediately get excited. Adam calls me over. “Honey, show them what they’ll be bidding on first.”

I start untying the laces at the top of my dress and unthread them about halfway down. Then I pull the fabric down to expose my tits. My nipples are hard and I’m excited at what will happen next. Adam tells the men, “For this first match, the winner will have a minute to play with my wife’s tits.” I notice some of the guys spreading their legs a little wider as they sit to give their swelling cocks more room. I’m wet already.

The first round goes quickly and Josh is the winner. He smiles at me. “Told you so,” he says as I straddle him and lean over to give him better access. As Adam starts the timer, Josh massages my tits with his hands, his thumbs flicking across my nipples making them even harder. I moan with pleasure. Josh starts sucking on one breast as he continues massaging the other and then switches. I feel a hand on my ass and then hear Adam say, “Hey, hey, Todd. No touching allowed. Not until you win a hand.”

The erenköy escort minute ends too soon and then Adam is announcing that I will be giving a hand massage to the dick of the next winner. Josh again wins and quickly unzips to expose his hardening cock. “Do I get to play with her tits while she plays with me?” he asks. Adam tells him no and Josh frowns, but once I start stroking him, he is in heaven, whispering me how much wants to bend me over the table and just fuck me right now. I don’t say it, but I secretly hope he’ll be doing that soon.

The timer goes off and I let go of Josh’s raging erection. I join Adam at the head of the table where he instructs me to lift my skirt. I expose my hairless pussy to the men as Adam tells them that the next winner will get to spend a minute fingering me and to let the other men know how wet I am. One of the newer guys, Chris, wins this round, much to Josh’s annoyance, and as I stand spread-legged in front of him, he runs his fingers along my lips, moistening them up before slipping a finger inside me. My back arches and I give out a gasp as he finger fucks me. He informs the rest of the men that I am soaking wet which excites them even more.

When Chris’s time is up, he pulls his hand away, licking my juices off them eagerly. When one of the guys asks him how I taste, he says, “Just like honey.”

“Well, since you guys are so eager to have a taste of her,” Adam says, “the next winner will get to go down on her until she cums.”

I’m excited now. For the past three days, Adam has made me abstain from sex and masturbation in lieu of this day. He’s wanted me horny and ready for this party and I’ve been going crazy. Finally I’ll be getting my first release.

Steve wins the round and, patting the table in front of him, tells me to hurry up and get my sweet ass over there. I sit on the edge of the table and spread my legs, leaning back so that my nipples point up to the ceiling. The other men eagerly watching, some of them absent-mindedly stroking their crotches while Steve dives in. He starts fingering me first, his thumb working on my clit. When it becomes more engorged he begins teasing it with his tongue while I whimper, enjoying the sensation. He slides a finger into my aching pussy and starts finger fucking me as he works my clit harder with his tongue. He adds another finger and then another until he’s got four in there. He twists his hand back and forth as he pounds me with a steady even tempo, all the while sucking and nibbling on my clit. Finally I feel the orgasm ripple through me and I cry out as I cum, wave upon wave of pleasure coursing through me. Steve eagerly laps up my cum and then helps me off the table. I kiss him on the lips, enjoying the taste of me on him.

“Now that my wife has cum, I think it’s time she made someone else cum. Next winner gets a blowjob.” Josh, a past winner of this round, tells some of the newer guys, “She can suck göztepe escort the chrome off tailpipe and boy does she love drinking cum.”

The round for this prize is fierce and people are trying to out bluff each other until finally a winner is called and it’s my husband. Adam, though, wanting to be a good host, decides to give his prize to Jack who is a first time player at the poker party. He seems a bit shy and fumbles a bit as he starts to undo his jeans. I kneel in front of him, take his hands off the zipper and tell him to just sit back and relax. I unzip him and take out this monster of a cock that startles me a bit. I decide to start by licking him first to get him harder. I run my tongue across the head, tasting the salty pre-cum, and then run my tongue up and down the shaft, holding it up with one hand while I start massaging his balls with the other.

I suck on his balls a bit while my hand strokes his now fully-erect member and I can hear him moaning. I’m finally ready to suck on him. I start with the head, teasing the end with my tongue while I take him partway into my mouth, my hand holding on to the base of his cock. Then I’m ready to deep throat him, wrapping my lips tight around him and sucking him all the way in and then back out again.

As I set the rhythm, I feel his hands take a hold of my hair as he starts telling me to suck harder and calls him his cock-sucking whore. I love the dirty talk and respond by working my mouth faster along while my hand squeezes tighter, acting like a cock ring. I can feel the orgasm even before he warns me and I time it just right so that his cock is deep in my throat when his jizz finally shoots out. I feel him shudder and call out and I wait until he’s finished before I pull his spent dick out of my mouth, relishing the taste of him.

Adam checks with me first to see if I’m ready for the next round and then tells everyone that the next winner will have his cock ridden by me. Ralph, a familiar face at this game, wins. Ever prepared, he opted to wear shorts to the game so he is quickly pantless and ready for me. I straddle his lap, guiding his cock into me as I sit on him and then I being to ride him, squeezing his cock with my cunt. He’s not very thick, but at eight inches long, he’s nice and deep in me. While I rock back and forth on him, moaning with pleasure, he plays with my tits and tells me how much he wants to feel me cum. His hands slide down my body as he takes a hold of my ass, pushing down on him so that he can bury himself even deeper.

My second orgasm is even more intense than the first and it is helped by Ralph suddenly pumping himself into my now sensitive pussy. He cums shortly after and I enjoy the feel of his juice shooting into me. I’m impatient now for the next game because I just want another hard cock in me now.

But Adam, knowing how much I’m aching for more, teases me by saying that two more games have to be played. “The kadıköy escort winners of both games will fuck my wife at the same time. One in her mouth and one in her pussy. The first winner has dibs on which ever end he wants.”

Josh wins the first round and immediately calls my pussy. The next winner is Shawn, a newer participant in this game. I get on my hands and knees in front of Shawn’s chair while Josh comes around from his, his jeans now discarded. Soon I’m being pumped from both ends while Adam’s other guests cheer them both on. Ever so often I feel an errant hand grab a breast and then Adam reminding people that they can’t play until they win.

Shawn comes quickly, but Josh is determined to fuck me for as long as he can. He slaps my ass as he pounds me deep. Without a cock in my mouth, I’m free to scream with pleasure. I can hear Adam’s friends just begging him to let them take Shawn’s place, but he tells them that they just need to be patient and they’ll have a turn.

Finally Josh lets out a roar as he fills me up with his seed. When he pulls out, I can feel it dripping out of me. The other men help me to my feet, mostly to cop a feel. Adam is calling for the next round, but the guys are impatient.

“Fine, fine,” he says. “Game’s over. Honey, I think it’s time for you to serve dessert.”

I’m so happy. I kiss him on the cheek. I climb on to the table, spread my legs and pull the closest man to me. I don’t even remember his name and at this point I don’t care. All I want is his cock in me. He starts to pound me while the other guys watch, cheer him on and reach out to grope me. I cum again and am filled with more jizz. Another man pulls me off the table, bends me over it and takes me from behind.

Adam gets the men to carry me off to the guest room. On the big platform bed it’s easier for me to pleasure several men at once. I lose track of who is who. All I see are cocks of various sizes and shapes. In my mouth, pounding my pussy or being put in my hand. The men fuck me more than once, taking a break while other guys pound me and then coming back. Steve and Josh at one point decide to see if they can fill my pussy up with both there cocks. I climb on to Steve as Josh straddles me and I feel both their stiff cocks slide into my pussy, stretching it out. It feels like one giant cock and I love it. With a third cock slipped into my mouth, I’m in heaven.

After a couple hours, the party ends with all the men, sans my husband, standing over me and jacking off any cum they have left all over my spent body. I love my bukaki shower and rub their seed into my skin and lick the rest off of my fingers.

As I lay there exhausted, happy and full of cum, Adam helps our guests find their clothes and thanks them for coming (both figuratively and literally). They all tell him how much they can’t wait for the next poker party.

Once they are gone, Adam comes to check on me. “How ya feeling?” he asks as he gently caresses me.

“Sleepy. I need a nap.”

“Well, you get some rest. I’ll clean up the place.” He gestures towards the hidden camera in the room used to record the events of the day. “Later we can watch our new movie and I can give you some more cock to play with. How’s that sound?”

“Lovely,” I tell him, excited that the fucking is not over yet.

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