The Pool


It was one of the first days of summer and the temperature was climbing into the low 90’s. I decided that I should try out the pool in the apartment complex that I had moved into only a couple of months ago. I took my small ice chest with a few beers in it to have something cold to drink while I relaxed. I watched the neighbor kids splashing and having a good time. I thought it sure would be nice if one of those pretty single moms would show up so I would have something to look at. Man do I love looking at women in bathing suits. One piece, two pieces I did not care. I just adored a woman with a nice figure wearing tight fitting swimwear.

After I had been there about 20 minutes I noticed a woman with a beach towel wrapped around her breasts walking toward the pool. From the distance I could only really see that she had short blonde hair but I continued to watch until she walked around the front of me and toward a lounge chair on the opposite side of the pool. She dropped the towel revealing A nice toned body as she spread the towel over the chair. She turned toward me and surveyed the area as if to see if there were any other adults there. She looked at me and then gave me a quick short wave of her hand. Damn, I hoped she did not think that those kids were all mine or something.

She spread her legs and gently sat down in the chair. I thought how I really like the bikini she was wearing. A two piece outfit that was barely hugging her ass and the top did not have any shoulder straps. Her tits strained against the material and her 36c’s were overflowing around the sides. I stared at her while I sat in my chair in the shadow of the tree I was under. She on the other hand was in the full sunshine of the afternoon. She opened a bottle of sun tan lotion and squeezed a generous portion in one of her hands and began spreading it over her legs. Sliding her hands up between her thighs and lightly brushing her pussy. I began to feel a rise in my swim trunks and thought how nice it would be to spread the lotion for her all over her body.

I got up and stepped into the pool. I wanted to swim over near to where she was lounging so I might be able to get a better look at the area between her legs. I got there and I took a couple of passing glances to check her out. She was wearing sunglasses so I could not tell if she had her eyes open or closed. Boldly took a long hard look at her. Well, at her breasts and pussy area anyway. I just did not know for sure if she was watching or if she had her eyes closed. After several minutes of looking and lusting for her I got out of the pool and went back towards my chair opened another beer and admired her from the distance.

Just as I got comfortable in my chair she got up and dove into the pool. I thought, damn my luck and I just got out! She swam over to the side of the pool near me and the rested along the side. It was only about three feet deep and when she stood up I could she bursa escort bayan that the cool water on her body affected her cause her nipples were erect. My cock rose and I know I was flush thinking about those nipple being sucked into my mouth and flicking them with my tongue was a wonderful thought. Then I noticed it. She was looking at me well to be more exact at me crotch. She swam back to the other side of the pool and climbed out. When she got back into the lounge chair she held a hand over her face as if to block the sunlight and see better. She raised her knees up with her feet under her slight so that she could get a bit more comfortable in the chair. She thrust her hips into the air a little while she adjust her bikini bottoms. Using her fingers the pull the material away from her thighs and ass cheeks. This drove me crazy with desire. I wanted to fuck her in the worst way.

She reached for her bottle of lotion again and was trying to smear it onto her back. She was having such a hard time that I thought her tits were going to pop out of her top. I threw caution to the wind, got up and walked to her. I watched her the entire way struggle with the lotion. As I got there she looked at me and I asked if she would like some help. Of course she said yes and that her arms were hurting badly now. I took the lotion and began massaging it onto her back making sure I got every part of her back even under the thin strap that held her top on. I massaged with both hands around to the edges of her round firm tits. I heard a soft moan as she complimented me on the way I used my hands. She turned and laid face down on the chair and asked if I would put some lotion on the back of her legs. I quickly got more lotion and did as I was asked.

As I rubbed the lotion on the back of her legs I purposely got too much on her thighs and reach in between them the smooth it out. She opened her legs and allowed the easy access that I had wanted. I moved my hands in large round circles and moved closer with each round toward her pussy. I actually touched her a couple of times without protest from her. Afterward she turned her head towards me and we talked for several minutes about life in general. Her mane was Ann and she had only moved into the apartments a month ago and was really bored so she decided that she would come and tan for a little while. She began staring at the area between my legs and she must of got an eyeful cause my cock was hard and my trunks were bulging up. She rolled over and grabbed the lotion again.

This time she began rubbing the oil onto her legs and thighs again. I could not help but to watch and wish she would touch that wonderful pussy for me and then ask I could help her spread it. She suddenly spoke and commented that everyone was gone from the pool area except us and that now she did not worry about putting lotion all the way up her thigh. She began pulling the material görükle escort away from the inside of her thigh with one hand and rubbing the other hand slightly under the cloth. She open enough that I could see her pussy was completely shaven.

My tongue must have been hanging to the ground and asked if I wanted to do that for her. I said yes but she should be careful cause I might just forget the lotion. “What a bad boy you are.” She commented and said that she just might like that idea. We turned the chairs so that casual passers could not see me run my hand up between her legs and inside the bikini bottoms. DAMN she was wet. I realized that she wanted the same thing. I pushed a finger into the velvety folds of her pussy and got my first two fingers as wet as I could. I slid one finger into her twat as my other play with her clit. She began to raise her hips up and down fucking my fingers. Moments later under her breath I would hear her mumble that she was cumming.

She thanked me for the orgasm and asked if I would like to have dinner at her place with her. Of course I said. We gathered our things and walked to her apartment. As soon as we entered the apartment she closed the door behind me and jumped me. Our lips locked together and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I was in heaven. I pulled her hard against me so I could feel her tits rubbing my chest and my cock ached at wanting to be released from its torturous position of being crushed between us. I untied her top and it pulled it from between us. Taking hold of one of her tits and massaging it roughly. She moaned and whispered that she wanted me to fuck her mouth. She knelt down and pulled my trunks to the floor. When she looked back at my cock it was only about an inch away from her mouth.

She took me into one hand and began slow strong strokes. She stuck out her tongue and licked a stream of precum from me and vocally acknowledged her pleasure. She pushed the foreskin back and used her tongue to wet my entire length of manhood before opening her mouth wide and accepting my head in between her lips. She slid me in and out of her mouth slowly, as she would take a little bit more with each thrust. Finally I could feel her throat and was about to lose control with the sweet vibrations coming from her as she moaned. She felt I was about to cum also and said that she wanted me inside her pussy first. She wanted every bit of my cum deep inside her blazingly hot cunt.

She got up and walked me to her bedroom as she removed the last bit of her bikini and dropped it to the floor. She stood before me with her back facing me. Bending over the bed she raised her hips a little and I could see her juices flowing down her thighs. I knelt down behind her and spread her ass wide and then placed my tongue in the middle of her wet hole. She shivered a bit form the excitement and slowly relaxed as I guided my tongue to her swollen bursa escort bayan clit. Licking lightly and slowly. , in circles and up and down. I traced the entire opening of her pussy before I put a finger deep into her. Her legs began to shake a little when I started licking her ass hole while I fucked her again with my finger. She was boisterous in her pleading to make her cum now. No I thought I want her to cum on my cock while I shot my load.

Sensing the end was near I stood up and took hold of my cock and guided myself to her waiting pussy. She said to stick it in her and fuck her hard. As I reached her opening I slid in full force with no resistance. She was so wet that she engulfed my cock easily as she forced herself back onto me. I started with slow deep and even strokes while she reached a hand to scratch my balls with her fingernails. God that felt so good. I watched my cock glide out to its tip and then back inside her full force. Picking up speed like an avalanche I pounded her pussy hard and fast feeling my balls slap against her hand has she fingered her own cunt. Suddenly she began to tense as the first wave of her orgasm took hold of her body. She almost fell as she got weak in her knees. This caused me to convulse and start shooting jets of sperm into her. She yelled that she could feel my cum slamming against her insides and that she was cumming again.

Exhausted, we fell onto the bed and relaxed from the intensity of our releases. I held her tight in my arms and she began to kiss me hard on the lips. Feeling she was not going to be able to do anymore I thanked her for the wonderful time. She said that it was not over yet and hoped I could go at it again. Of course I wanted to and knew I could go a few more times if she wanted. She reached for my cock which was still hard and wet from our cum. She stroked me a few moments and then turned her head toward my dick. Now I want to taste all of you she said besides the thought of tasting my own pussy on your cock is wonderful. She lowered her head and licked our cum from my dick before engulfing my entire length into her mouth.

Her head moved up and down on me fast. I watched as she slid her lips down my pole and back again. I always loved the sight of a woman with my cock in her mouth. After about ten minutes of this I hardened to where I thought I would explode and then shot deep into her throat. So much came out of me the she could not swallow it all. I could see some of my jism escape from between her lips and stream down her cheek. Ann soon released the grip she had on me with her lips and even admitted that she had never swallowed a guy’s jism before. She said it tasted musky and sweet at the same time and that she liked the way my cock jerked as I came. She especially liked the feeling of the spurts against the back of her throat. She thought she would orgasm again just at the feeling.

We spent the entire evening together talking and getting to know each other. She confessed that she had seen me in the apartment office before and how she thought I was cute. She said the other day she even watched me as I washed my car and almost came out to meet me then but figured I would not be interested in her. How wrong could she have been?

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