the poor old man from the train station


the poor old man from the train stationA rainy day, I was walking through the park and decided to go visit my friend in the supermarket next to the train station. When I left, I met an old man, but with a good body, had his dirty clothes and was asking and begging for money to buy a BREADgave me very bad feeling to see how the was asking for money to eat but at the same time a feeling went through me perverse mind ….I asked:- Hello sir you hungry? – Yes miss, I am so hungry!- I saw how the poor was almost crying but also how he looked at my tits wet with rain in that shirt I was was wearing and to my very hard nipples.- ‘I can offer my help,Come to my house I can cook you a soup and can take a shower.As I said this, I started to feel like my clitoris was hard when I would see this man for 60 years and mariobet güvenilirmi thinking that I was wicked with just 29 years … We got home, I look for an old towel that I had, I gave him a toothbrush and prepare a bath (which I put chlorine), I gave him soap and a razor. I went to prepare his soup and bread. He left the bathroom wrapped in a towel seemed another man. clean and muscular body but the face of old shit … I saw his hands, imagine the size of the penis … I got hot … Looked like so hungry he ate all the bread, soup and when he finish and I took the plate to the kitchen, his eyes were greatful but looking at my ass … I saw that he had a cut on his hand, cure with bands and medicine …I saw his erection was getting better … but I was afraid so young to fall mariobet yeni giriş in the grip of a dirty old man begging for money …. the idea was so disgusting that I actually get excited …I said,- Want to sleep here on the floor?- you have been so good to me …I told- Yes but you need to do something for me,I drop my panties, I did not shave my pubic hair, and I was sweaty but I need a paying for my good charity to this old man looking like shit and said:- You can beg, but now you need to lick my brown, young totitoThe old man said:- No! no, you can be my daughter, also you can call the police, I’m too old andI am thankful but sorry I cant missI was angry to see how he rejected my pussy and all the help I provided… I told him:- If you leave old shit, I’ll call the police, take mariobet giriş and suck my totoThe old man, with disgust, grabbed my TOTITO brown and rich suck me, at first embarrassed, but then hard …That old as dirt, but that huge cock … lifted me like a bitch …I felt hot foully …just on my tits all his sperm ….the fact this man had full balls from 10 years and kept pumping out like an iceland warm water source with very thick white sperm, so compact you could grab it with two fingers. Then that he complained his balls did hurt like hell but that he had a rockhard erection not even 10 minutes later again.That he looked at me while he became like spiderman, producing a wire of transparante juicy liquid came out of his pulsating dickhead up to the floor.What a discovery this anonyme old man that did not see a pussy for many years ! End of story is that when his balls were empty I kicked him out of your front door and gave him a bus-card to go to beg again, some sandwiches and 10 Euro. Then I felt like the mistress of the universe but looking forward to a next kill.

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