The Potting Shed


Susie wanted to get the plot dug over whilst the weather was good. Despite wearing the bare minimum that was deemed “decent”, she could feel the perspiration sliding down the nape of her neck and was dying to rip off her shorts and crop top.

The afternoon was hazy, warm and sultry. She hadn’t seen many people down at the allotment that afternoon and had hoped to bump into Julie. A much better gardener, Julie was a bit of a mystery to Susie. She came a few times a week to the small but tidy plot that she keeps a few rows on from Susie’s, and on a couple of occasions, Susie could have sworn that she’s caught Julie staring at her.

Julie was gorgeous. Tall, slim with long wavy brown hair. She looked like she worked out a bit, nicely toned, superb legs, tight arse and an amazing bust. If Susie didn’t know better, she had developed something of a crush on her – at the very least, she had become fascinated by this illusive green-fingered goddess. She certainly stood out amongst the somewhat advancing years of her peers on the patch.

Susie looked down at the richly manured earth under her feet and wondered momentarily how she was ever going to get it ready for planting. Plenty of hard graft was in order to get the ground ready, which certainly works up a real sweat.

As she pushes a stray hair away from her face, Susie notices from the corner of her eye a tall figure standing in the distance looking in her direction. They’re not moving, simply standing. Staring. It unnerves Susie momentarily but she continues pushing her spade into the ground.

Within a few moments, as the lowering sunlight starts to cast long shadows dancing across the allotment, the person has now moved closer to where Susie is working and she quickly realises that it’s Julie. Susie’s heart quickens slightly and she’s surprised at the apparent moistness that is developing in her panties.

“Hi, you’re certainly working hard there” she says, catching Susie slightly off-guard. Susie immediately blushes and almost drops the spade on her foot.

“Well, yes I suppose you could call it that. I think it’s more a case of digging for Britain at the moment”. Digging for Britain? Great one, Susie she thought trying not to get any more red.

Julie smiled. Very quickly, Susie noticed her eyes travelling up and down her body taking in every inch of her body. Susie also had a lovely figure, much the same as Julie’s. In fact the only difference between them was probably two or three years and Susie’s short bobbed blond hair.

“I expect you’re getting quite a sweat on working out in this heat – why don’t you join me in the potting shed for some lemonade.

It should be nice and quiet and I know for certain that it’ll be Bycasino cool ‘cos it’s in the shade” – Julie was asking Susie to down tools and join her. It was too good an invitation to turn down, despite the fact she wouldn’t complete her tasks for the day.

After putting her spade into the boot of her car, Susie followed Julie towards the communal potting shed, a small wooden outhouse tucked neatly to one side of the allotment. And true to her word, it was beautifully cool nestled underneath a huge mature oak tree.

Susie noticed as they went through the wooden door that there was already a large flask and a couple of beakers set on the table. Various pots, seed trays and other potting paraphernalia was strewn around the comfortably sized building and Susie wondered why she had never noticed it before.

At one end was a small two seater sofa – a little shabby and covered with a throw, it looked comfy nonetheless. Julie poured the lemonade from the flask into the beakers and made her way to the sofa. Susie followed, sitting very closely next to her. Dirt was smeared along her thighs, calves, and smudges of brown could be seen on her face in places, much to Julie’s amusement.

Susie could feel her heart pounding within her chest and couldn’t help looking at Julie’s gorgeous bustline, which she couldn’t help noticing beneath her low-cut top. Julie noticed that Susie was looking but didn’t make any comment. They both took a sip of their drinks, and despite the cooler temperature, the atmosphere was hotting up.

“Why don’t you step out of those clothes, eh? You must be baking” said Julie, gently stroking Susie’s thigh. You could almost feel the buzz of electricity in the air and Susie nearly choked on her drink.

“I haven’t got anything to change into” said Susie rather lamely, although Julie took it to be quite coy and she smiled. “I’ve got a spare set of clothes in my bag over there”, and Julie motioned towards the back of the chair.

Without uttering another word, Susie set her drink down, stood in front of Julie and started to unbutton her shorts. She wriggled them over her hips and they fell to the floor. Before she knew it, Julie’s hands were helping her out of the crop-top and exploring the lacy top of her bra, gently brushing against her hardening nipples. Suddenly, Susie was aware of Julie’s right hand making it’s way down along her stomach to her panties, the thin fabric between her legs becoming unbearably wet whilst she yearned for her touch.

Susie caught her breath as Julie’s fingers reached her pussy. She probed gently but firmly, first along the outer edges of the fabric making little circles along the uppermost bud of her clit. She kept flicking Bycasino giriş it gently but rhythmically, feeling Susie’s body respond to her touch. Soon her fingers were moving further down along the intimate fold of Susie’s outer lips. Julie felt how damp the panties were, which immediately heightened her arousal. She knew that she wanted Susie. Badly.

“I want you, Susie, I want to explore your wet pussy with my tongue. Let me”, begged Julie. Susie couldn’t quite believe how turned on she felt and whilst a little apprehensive, she knew that she wanted Julie to touch her, taste her, bring her off.

Susie slid back onto the sofa, pulled off her panties and spread her legs apart, her feet resting on the edge of the sofa. Julie quickly pulled off her dress to reveal her amazing figure. She stripped off completely. There they were – both completely naked, desperate to pleasure each other.

Julie knelt down in front of Susie and lowered her face to Susie’s crotch, starting firstly at her perfectly smooth mound. Susie was on fire – she couldn’t wait for Julie to start licking her most intimate place.

She soon felt a single slender finger inserted into her pussy, sliding in and out so incredibly slowly as to almost bring Susie to climax immediately. However, she was able to concentrate her mind on where Julie had her mouth and she was able to sustain the momentum and save herself a while longer.

Julie kept working her finger in and out, and quickly progressed to two fingers. At this point, her tongue had now worked to the very tip of Susie’s clit, alternately flicking and sucking the sensitive bud like a snake. Susie was in heaven and now gyrating in time to Julie’s finger fuck. God, she was going to explode.

The warm, experienced tongue had now progressed to sliding ever so slowly up and down along the inner folds of Susie’s clit. Up and down, ever so slowly. Susie was amazed at the rhythm. It was so steady, so firm. She’d never known anything like it.

Three fingers had now worked their way into Susie’s now dripping pussy and Susie was really struggling to keep the orgasm from taking over her body. Julie now placed a finger on Susie’s peritoneum, just lightly adding pressure between her clit and her arse. The fucking, the licking and the additional pressure was too much to take – Susie arched her back as the spasms took over her body, pulsations of pleasure surging through every inch of her.

Julie didn’t stop. She pushed an additional forth finger into Susie’s ejaculation-filled pussy and kept pushing long and slowly in and out. She kept licking up and down, up and down, and within seconds, Susie came again, more waves of intense pleasure crashing Bycasino deneme bonusu over her. She had to hang onto the arms of the sofa whilst her body writhed to Julie’s expert touch.

Julie looked up to see the expression on Susie’s face. “You’ve had it nice so far, nice and gentle. Now we get a little nasty. I want to fuck you hard, and I’m going to find something to fuck you with.” Susie was a little shocked but desperately wanted more, wanted to be treated like a sex object, and was prepared for Julie to do anything to her, experiment with her. Her body was now hers to do with as she wanted.

Julie hopped up and quickly moved to her bag. She brought it over to the sofa and brought out a large, wide strap-on dildo.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless,” she told Susie. She tied the strap-on around her waste and ordered Susie to turn round. Susie did as she was told. She was kneeling on her knees, still on the sofa, with her hands clinging onto the back of the chair to steady herself.

Before she knew it, Julie had found her wet pussy opening and had guided the end of the large, hard dildo into the hole and was sliding into her. She started slowly again but quickened the pace. One of Julie’s hands had a tight grip of Susie’s right hip, the other was reaching beneath her to tease her clit.

It didn’t take long for Susie to come, over and over, the rhythm and firmness of that dildo pumping her was too much. Her knees quivered beneath her and she could hardly keep herself up.

Julie pulled herself out of Susie and untied the strap-on. She thrust it in Susie’s face telling her to suck her juices, which she did. She gave the dildo a blowjob. Julie then ordered her to strap it onto herself, tie her to the upright beam to their side with baling twine, and fuck her senseless.

Susie found the twine, separated Julie’s legs apart and tied them to the sofa and a table-leg, and tied her hands above her head. She remained facing Susie. Susie couldn’t resist sucking Julie’s nipples to start with, and she couldn’t wait to feel the fleshy mounds between her hands. She buried her face between them, gorged her mouth on them. She then worked her way down Julie’s stomach to her also freshly shaven pussy.

Susie wanted to be mean, though. She flicked her tongue very fleetingly against her pussy, which sent Julie mad and then quickly found her very moist clit. With fingers guiding her, she slid the dildo into her pussy and started to fuck her. Hard. No gentle slow rhythm, just hard banging. Julie came very quickly. Susie carried on, she wouldn’t stop. She started touching Julie’s clit as well and Julie came again and again.

Julie was untied and they both collapsed onto the sofa, the smell of sex and sweat in the air. They both looked at each other and smiled.

“Digging for Britain, eh? I reckon you were fucking for Britain!” said Julie completely exhausted. Susie smiled and drank her lemonade. She hoped that this was the start of a very special past time in the potting shed.

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