The Principal , Her Princess


I was sitting in the office at school waiting for my mom. This tiny blond girl came over to me.

“I know who you are,” she said excitedly.

I’d never seen her before. “How do you know me?”

Your picture is at the principal’s house. It’s on the piano.”

She’s definitely been in my house. Mom never mentioned having invited a parent over. She never mixes business with her home life. I decided to question the girl further. “Your mommy and daddy came to my house?”

“I don’t have a daddy anymore. But I have a mommy. She took me.”

“What do you do at my house,” I questioned.

“Miss Sarah gives me milk and cookies and takes me to the park. Sometimes we go shopping. I like Ms. Sarah.”

Sarah’s never said a word either. Why on earth would she take this little girl shopping? “What does your mommy do at my house?”

“She goes to the principal’s office,” she giggled. “Just like at school.”

“What is your name? Why are you in at the principal’s office today?”

“My name is Jill. My mommy called the principal because she will be late. I have to stay with her until she picks me up.”

I was totally puzzled. Why is Mom personally watching this little girl? Why would Mom bring a parent and her child to our house when she had a perfectly good office at school? Her private office was next door to her upstairs bedroom. I decided then to keep closer tabs on her.

Dad bought season tickets for the local college football games. We’d gone to a few before Mom began getting headaches right before it was time to leave. She begged out of this one, too. I told Dad I would come in my own car because I had some errands after the game. I could see our house from my friend Kate’s bedroom window. I didn’t let on to her what I was doing as I watched my house. When a cab pulled up, I got suspicious. Mom never said she was expecting anyone. Out stepped this blond woman carrying a large tote bag. The cab driver walked to the door and collected his fare from Mom.

I stayed at Kate’s for half an hour waiting for her to leave so that I could join Dad. While I was there all sorts of things ran through my mind. Mom broke weekend plans with us like today and she was always coming home late from work. Was Mom actually doing things with a woman? What about Dad and me? The blond didn’t come out.

On a Saturday when we planned to see an old double feature and have dinner out, Mom said she had cramps and just wanted to spend the afternoon courting a heating pad. While she was downstairs, I put my voice-activated tape recorder under her bed. I had a feeling the blond lady would be coming by for a visit. That night I sneaked into my parent’s bedroom and retrieved my recorder. I would definitely know if Mom was fucking that lady. After midnight, I rewound the tape, put on my headphones and prepared to listen.

“I konyaaltı escort thought you’d never get here,” Mom said breathlessly. “You know how bad I need my weekend pussy. I had to lie to my family again. Emily’s going to hate me. God, I’m so hot. I need to screw you right now. Hurry and get those clothes off. And take down you hair.” Mom was begging for it.

“Have you been a good girl?” said the blond, teasingly. “Only good girls can ride this big pussy.”

“I’ve been a fucking angel. Now give me some,” Mom crooned. She must have crawled on top of her. “Oh, yes, yes. That’s what I’m talking about. Your pussy is so hot and big and wet and…” She must be kissing her now since the talking stopped. I heard faint moans of pleasure. “I love how your pussy feels on mine.” That was Mom’s voice.

I turned off the recorder. I knew what Mom was doing. She was fucking. I could visualize her fit body digging into the blond. Their breasts would be pressed together, their tongues searching. They were humping and screaming and kissing as they sought orgasm. One day I would listen to the rest of the tape, but not now.

Mom was fucking a woman. I wonder if it was in our genes. Even though I’ve deen dating for three years, I still like to look at naked girls in the showers at school—-water beading and cascading over their perfect young bodies. Bodies just like my own. I find pictures of naked women on the internet late at night. Watching makes my pussy clench and my nipples rock hard. I can cum easily at night with my finger on my clit thinking about one of them.

Mom went on sudden leave for six weeks. She devoted her time to Dad and me. I suspected she gave up the woman. There was sadness in her eyes that only I saw. Then I began looking at her as a woman who’d fucked another woman and not just my mom. She was strong, beautiful and sexy. Men at the club congratulated Dad while ogling Mom. Women flocked to her instead of hating her.

When Dad wasn’t home, I’d wear practically no clothes around her. I saw her glancing at my 18-year old body that was as developed as a woman’s can be. Now that turned me on. Did she ever think about fucking with me? In my bedroom, the faceless girls that I fucked in my mind became my beautiful mother. I would cum so hard thinking about her.

I eventually played the rest of the tape. They liked to talk about what they were doing, how it looked, what it felt like, how it smelled, how it tasted. I heard Mom growl in agony and ecstasy as the woman slapped her cheeks and fucked her in the ass for the first time. The woman moaned deeply as she encouraged Mom to fuck her breasts with her pussy. It was all so sensuous and erotic.

One Saturday morning when Dad was golfing and Mom was sleeping in, I went into their bedroom in heat. I was wearing this black slip that I like to sleep in and no panties. kültür escort I crawled into bed with my naked mom.

“Princess, what is it?” Mom said sleepily. “Is everything alright?”

“Sure, Mom. I just wanted to be close to you.”

“Sweetheart, Mommy is a little naked. Don’t you want to wait until I’m dressed?”

“No Mom. Stay just as you are. I want to put my pussy on yours and fuck you like you did that blond woman.” I got on my knees and pulled up my slip. “See, Mom, I’m wet from thinking about it. Please Mom, let me do it. I’m going crazy with wanting you.” I straddled her.

“You know about her, princess? I’m so sorry.”

“I heard you on tape, Mom. You fucked that woman and you enjoyed it. I just want you to do it with me. I am so hot for it. Please, Mom, please put my pussy in your mouth. I think I’ll die if you don’t.”

My own daughter has been flaunting herself in front of me for weeks. I admit fucking her crossed my mind, but I never intended to act on it. But how can I deny her pleas? She’s begging me to fuck her. I haven’t seen her pussy in years, but here it was looming before me, all pretty, wet and pink, waiting for her mommy’s tongue. It’s been weeks since I fucked Mrs. White, so I seized the moment. “I had no idea you felt this way. Come, princess, let me help you.”

I held my slip up around my waist with one hand and held the headboard with the other. I lowered my pussy to Mom’s face. She began sucking it immediately into her mouth. “Oh, Mom, that feels so good. It’s just like I imagined.” Her tongue found its way inside me and I rode it as Mom squeezed my ass checks. I was totally into it, going up and down on her tongue, almost smashing into her face. Mom sucked my clit until I released what seemed like buckets of girl juice which she happily licked up and swallowed.

I slipped down and settled my charged, swollen pussy on my Mom’s. I did all the things and said all the things that she did and said with the blond woman. It was enough to send her rocket to the moon as I screwed hard on her shaved mound.

I had no idea Emily even suspected I was fucking Mrs. White. I thought I was being so careful. But here I am—busted. I’m glad it was her and not my husband who caught me. He’s as straight-laced as they come. Any man who only fucked when he was on top would never understand that I had a side need for female flesh. I miss her so much, but here is my daughter, offering me what I wanted and needed. She even tasted and smelled like me.

Emily’s always been a daddy’s girl, but now she has switched sides. My husband is pleased that I am spending more time with her. He loves it that I go into her room each night to “bond” before she goes to sleep. We can’t do anything heavy, but we share deep kisses and rub each other’s clits until we cum.

When Dad is away on business, we markantalya escort sleep together in their big bed. We make love to each other all night. She pretends to be reading when I go under the covers to capture her pussy. My mom pushes me away with, `In a little while, princess. Let me finish this chapter,’ but I persist and overpower her. Her book is forgotten as I fuck my tongue in her mouth, as I lavish my attention on her beautiful breasts, as I hold her legs wide while I eat her out none too gently. Mom likes to be fucked hard. Her stamina is as great as mine.

All day at school I daydream about the things she does to me in the night. I race home after school so that she can fuck me before Dad comes home. Once, she put these little gold balls in my pussy before we made dinner. They moved around inside me causing some very pleasurable sensations. When I needed to cum, she ate my pussy right there on the kitchen table. I can hardly wait until tonight.

I went into the city during the day while Emily was at school and purchased a nice gel dick like the one Mrs. White used on me, to take her cherry. We’d have to store it in her room. After much kissing and sucking, she begged me to please, please put my dick in her. She watched as I expertly slipped into the apparatus making adjustments. My princess was open and wet from my saliva and her own juices. Crouched above her, I slowly pushed an inch in, stroked her a bit and then backed out. I did this several times to acquaint her with its fullness. I pushed a little further and did the same. She was going crazy under me, enjoying the feeling of having her pussy penetrated and stroked. While she was writhing on the bed, I opened her in one swift stroke and lodged deeply inside her. I held still until I saw that she was alright, and then I began pumping into her with long, powerful strokes. She went insane. I knew exactly how she felt being impaled on the dick of a beautiful woman. Hard inside, soft outside. She was screwing and pushing up, pleasuring herself and me.

Mom stroked in my pussy forever. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. When my mom’s dick was deep inside me, she began screwing slowly and then leaned down to me and said, `Kiss Mommy, princess’ and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I simply couldn’t hold back anymore. It felt as if every part of me was cumming. My head buzzed, my feet and legs tingled, my pussy clenched, my arms tightened around Mom, my heart raced out of control. One orgasm after another invaded my body. My virginity was gone. It was totally awesome.

Even as I fucked my daughter at home, I encouraged her to continue to date her young men. I told her she could have the best of both worlds. And I did want her to have her own family some day. I secretly envied her the varied pussy she would have in her lifetime. Any girl will be lucky to have my princess fuck her. She is just that good. Emily will going off to college this year. No doubt she will find all the sex she needs in her co-ed dormitory while school is in session. But she’ll have her mommy’s loving on holidays and summers.

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