The Private World Of Uncle Joe!


What Uncle Joe wants, he gets.

I was laying on the couch in the living room. My knickers in my left hand and my right hand between my legs with eyes tightly shut thinking of Charlie Simpkins the man of my naughty dreams. He wasn’t anyone in particular. Just another figment of my crude imagination. Just another fantasy lover. I have an army of fantasy lovers. I think I was eighteen when I manufactured the first one to take my virginity. That was just over twelve months ago. Amazingly, I was still intact, where my fingers were so busy.

I am not that doggo that I have not had a troop of guys trying to get into my knickers. One or two had even got a finger in before I slapped them as hard as I could. I abhorred guys who came onto me in a cheap sort of grab a tit way. There were only two real men in my dreams and they were my Uncle Joe who is Dad’s brother and dishy Kelvin, our next door neighbour. I was in the queue for Kelvin. My Mum and my sister Sylvia both were on heat over him. I am sure my Mum has already done it with him. He looks at me and I know he wants to do it with me. He makes the crotch of my panties all wet and nicely uncomfortable. Those black smouldering eyes of his make my juices trickle!

Uncle Joe has told me forever and a day that he is waiting for me to be old enough to pluck. He is getting bolder every time he gets me alone which is more and more often these days because I make sure he does get me alone. The last time he was here he made me stand with my legs open and me gripping my left wrist tightly behind my back with my eyes closed. God! It made me feel so horny! He told me this was ‘The Position.’ He just used the tips of his fingers to touch my face and my lips. I opened my mouth and he pressed a finger into my mouth onto my tongue. I moaned, it was so sexual! He had wishing it was his big rocket-like cock!

My juices were flowing before he lightly, fleetingly flicked over my nipples and then on down to the mound between my legs. I flinched and then pressed forward onto his teasing fingers. He laughed and whispered, ‘Yes, Darling Enid. You are nearly ready. Like a ripe piece of fruit on a tree! I am going to pluck you!’

He left me standing there, until I heard the back door close, I had no idea he had left me. I burst into tears with frustration. I was desperate for him to have me. I was nineteen and still a virgin!

To my mates in school I had done it when I was thirteen. I was a convincing liar. I told them a man had come into the loo in the park and raped me. I hadn’t complained because I had wanted him to do it. They asked me a lot of personal questions, but I fielded them all, just telling more and more lies. I wrote it all down in my secret diary so I would remember every lie I had uttered. Now it is my number one fantasy. Sometimes I think it really happened, I have told the story that often to so many people. Even my own sister. I made her swear not to tell our Mum. Because of that she told me everything what happened when she went out on dates. Every sordid lovely detail. She loved to see me masturbating myself as she told me.

I remember one night she woke me up and she was in tears and she told me a man had put his Willy up her bum! She got me to shine a torch on it to see if it was bleeding. White stuff was oozing out of her puckered hole. She said it was his spunk. From that night on my fantasies took on a new aspect. I had also seen and touched my sisters bum and pussy. It had been very exciting for me. I will always remember the smell. Even now I know when she has had sex with a guy. The last time she had it up her bum she told me she has started a deep craving for it. She actually asked the guy to do it to her. She showed me a tube of stuff she used to make her bum-hole very slippery so he could get his dick up her ass easier. I asked her what it felt like? She asked me gaziantep bayan eskort if she could show me? I said yes and she rolled me over onto my stomach and put some of the gel-stuff into my ass and started to finger it in and out. When she asked me if I liked it, I said it was nice, then she used two fingers, then three. It started to get a bit sore then.

Sylvia had confided in me a lot over the years, telling me every single thing what happened to her in colourful detail. I found all this knowledge had made my fantasies more real. She also told me it paid to make men think that they are the first to have sex with you and to act very coy and immature. I laughed at that one because she thought that I was experienced. She still does not know different.

My thoughts were making me hot and aroused and I could feel myself ready to cum when I heard the back door grate on the kitchen floor as it always does. I panicked. Jumped up, straightened my dress and hid my soggy, smelly knickers under the cushion on the couch.

‘Anybody at home?’

‘In here Uncle Joe!’

I was standing over by the window with my back to it when he came into the living -room. I knew he could see the silhouette of my of my open legs against the light from the window. Could he see I had no knickers on?

‘You home alone, Enid?’

‘Yes, Mum and Dad have gone up the town. They may not be back until tea time, Uncle Joe.’

‘Sylvia at work?’

‘Yes, Uncle Joe.’

‘What you been up to then? Up to no good, I know.’

‘I’m a good girl, Uncle, you know I am.’

‘You will not learn much being good, My Girl. Assume the position!’

‘Oh! Uncle Joe, we mustn’t.’

He started to unbuckle his belt menacingly, I meekly complied. He demanded my total submission. Standing with feet well astride and gripping my wrist, eyes closed. I was excited because he would discover my pussy was bare. My heart was palpitating.

I felt him breathing on my face, he was that close. He was breathing heavy too and I knew he was turned on. He was going to do it to me. My nipples were already erecting and there was a tingling feeling in my pussy and he had not even touched me yet.

‘What do you want me to do to you, You saucy little Cherub?’

‘I am scared you are going to do something naughty to me, Uncle Joe!’

‘Like what?’

‘You know?’

‘I do not know anything until you tell me what you are scared I might do to you. Tell me, Enid.’

‘You touched me last time and I felt that you wanted to do other things to me and you didn’t.’

‘I do not know what you are talking about, you mean this?’

I felt his talon like fingers kneading my breasts and then gently pinching my already erect nipples. My pussy was throbbing and I felt secretions creeping from me and on down my inner thigh towards my knee. Knees which were getting progressively weaker by the second.

‘Oh! Yes! Uncle Joe, that makes me feel nice.’

His hand went under my skirt and cupped my wet pussy.

‘Has any other guy done this to you, Little One?’

‘Oh. No! No one!’

His fingers felt and prodded my sensitive vaginal lips

‘What about this? Where’s your knickers?’

‘Oh No! That is naughty, nasty, but it does feel nice Oh! Your finger! It is going inside me! My knickers are under the cushion! Oh! Yes! Oh! Uncle Joe!’

‘Is what I am doing satisfying you, Enid? Is this what you wanted me to do to you?’

I was gasping for air by this time. I was feeling so passionate. It made me bolder.

‘I thought you would put it in me this time, Uncle Joe!

‘Put what in you? In where?’

‘Your cock, in my pussy.’

‘Lovely words, where did you learn those?’

‘Sylvia, my sister, she is teaching me all about sex, Uncle Joe.’

‘What gaziantep eskort bayan else did she teach you? She must be a naughty girl too, teaching you things like that.’

‘You are making me feel all funny doing that!’


‘Fingering my pussy, you are making me all gooey and wet!’

‘Did Sylvia tell you what the word fuck means?’

‘Yes, she did.’

‘Would you like me to fuck you then?’

‘You can’t, you will give me a baby, Uncle Joe! Yes, she told me about condoms, the pill and the other way.’

‘What other way?’

‘She says her boyfriend puts his cock up her bum.’

‘Did she now? Does she like it?’

‘He has done it twice to her this week, Uncle Joe.’

‘She must like it then. Did she say who her boyfriend was?’

‘No, she wouldn’t tell me.’

‘She came indoors at ten minutes past ten last night and she told you her boyfriend had screwed her bum, right?’

‘How did you know that, Uncle Joe?’

‘That was the time I dropped her off.’

‘You are her boyfriend? Then you must know what I tell her?’

‘She told me that you told her that you want me to fuck you, Enid.’

I was mortified! Up to now I had not seen Uncle Joe’s cock. My sister had been fucked with it I don’t know how many times. I needed her with me now. He took my hand and we went up the stair to my Mum and Dads room. I held back, afraid.

‘It’s alright Little One. I have fucked your Mum and your Dad and your sister Sylvia in this room.’

‘You have fucked my Dad?’

‘Yes, I was fucking my brother long before he met your Mother. The guy next door gets his dick up your dad’s ass too. Your Dad fucks your neighbours wife and so do I. What’s their names I can never remember?’

‘You mean Grace and Kelvin? Have you had Tina?’

‘Their daughter? No I haven’t I was hoping you would sew the seeds for me there, Enid. She has a delightful shapely bum I would like to get this beauty into!’

‘She has fancied you for as long as I have, Six years. Since we were both thirteen.’

‘You have wanted me to fuck you for six years, that’s unbelievable?’

‘Yes, Uncle Joe.’

‘Get that dress off! You are not going to wait a minute longer. To think of all the time I have been waiting for you and the girl next door to ripen up and you have been wanting it all that time! I need seeing to.’

I slipped out of my dress, both relieved and excited that I was going to get it at last. I was not caring at that moment which hole he put it in. Uncle Joe didn’t know that both Tina and I had been on the pill for the last four years. It was obvious that Sylvia had not told him. Was she trying to keep him all to herself? I was embarrassed by the way he eyed me up and down and his eyes fastened on my moist pussy.

He got out of his clothes and for the first time I saw what had made Sylvia’s asshole so sore. I had not seen a lot of cocks. Maybe four or five. None as big as Uncle Joes. It was at least nine, ten inches maybe. My knees started to tremble and I was afraid of the pain he would cause me. The way my sister had cried the first time she was fucked up her ass, and I just knew that this was the cock which had caused her so much distress. Now I knew why she was keeping him away from me. She had been protecting me!

He picked me up and placed me on Mum’s side of the bed when he put me down he followed me down and buried his face between my open legs. He pressured them wider apart as I felt his wet tongue lick the inside of my thighs as he moved in ever closer to my pussy. I was embarrassed, I must be stinking down there. Then his tongue was lapping the lips of my cunt and I felt so happy. I felt older too.

Uncle Joe was making me his woman. A member of his harem. My Mum, my sister, my auntie, Grace eskort gaziantep bayan and now me and Tina next. I wanted to watch him fuck Tina. Especially when put it up her ass. We could lay on the bed naked side by side and Uncle could fuck both our asses.

There was a smell in the air. The same smell my sister reeked of at times. I knew at last it was the smell of sex. The smell of fucking! I opened my legs wider and tried to pull him up over me. I was ready. He came over me, not saying a word as I felt his knob pressure my pussy lips and then I felt it enter. It didn’t hurt a bit! I felt his balls hit my bum and his big cock filling me up and his loin hitting mine with a slap and the sex smell suddenly multiplied, it filled my nostrils.

I was so warm, so aroused and I sighed and shouted, ‘Yes! Yes, Uncle Joe! Fuck me good and hard. I am on the pill go for it! How did it go in so easily when Sylvia said it would hurt? I was only getting extreme pleasure from Uncle Joe’s cock. She explained it all to me in great savage detail. About the breaking in, about the blood loss onto clean sheets. Had I already been taken? How could anyone fuck me and I not know about it? Uncle Joe was having a great time and I was fretting as if I had lost the Crown Jewels. Did I put a notice in the papers or go to the Police? Lost, one cherry. Finder please return it. A reward will be given. My pussy!

It was obvious Uncle Joe wasn’t caring as he pressured his rod all the way in and out, the mushroom head of his prick acting like a scraper on the ridged walls of my pussy.

I felt the internal hosing, the sperm jetting, the pounding down to a halt and the final slip out. His flaccid wet cock on my thigh. I felt sad and robbed. I had expected a lot, lot more. Where was the glorious cum, Sylvia said I would get? The voyage to Heaven and back? He was laying his weight on me, inert, breathing hard. It felt uncomfortable. I was disillusioned! Sylvia had promised me so much! The pain, the maidenhead tearing, the rutting and the rapacious fucking!

I lay there underneath his heavy body and thought that I had lost a lot more than my Scarlet Pimpernel cherry. I had also lost my youth. I wasn’t sure if I had moved on into womanhood or I was betwixt in limbo? Do all women feel this way when they are fucked for the first time? I am in doubt, because my sister who is ahead of me in this womanhood thing seems to be just as lost as I am in The Private World of Uncle Joe. Was I to be like my sister? A lady-in-waiting for Uncle Joe’s pleasure?

We must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I know Silvia is in the room shouting at us both.

‘What are you two thinking you are doing? Uncle Joe! How could you? You have fucked my sister, haven’t you! You! You evil little man! Get off her and get out of here before I call the police!’

He got off the bed, his big slimy cock dangling, dripping juice onto the carpet. He went over to Silvia and thrust his hand up her skirt and she moaned out when his fingers got into her pussy. He held her and started to frig her quite fast. Then they were kissing wildly, tongues in each others mouths. I was laying back naked because Uncle Joe had dragged the covers off me when he had climbed off the bed.

He grabbed her hand and put is already hardening cock into it. She stroked it up and down until it was fully erect. Then he spun her around and ripped off her knickers and threw them at me as soon as she had stepped out of them. Now he had her bent over with her dress up over shoulders and I could see him fingering her pussy and transferring her pussy juices to her asshole. Sylvia was moaning passionately and gyrating her asshole and moving onto his probing fingers. She was loving it!

I lay there, staring at them, thinking about, Gorgeous Grace and dishy Kelvin and my girlfriend, Tina. Seeing Uncle Joe using my Sisters ass like he was, made me wonder if Kelvin and he would give me the double. My juices were running, just thinking about having two, maybe three cocks in me at the same time. I know it is wicked, but each day as I grow older I grow more wicked. I would also like a threesome with Grace and Sylvia. That would be nice and juicy! If Tina joined in, we could have a party.

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