The Prize Ch. 02

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Teel looked around at her people, her gaze resting on each face gauging the emotions of those still present. Teel’s searching glance came to a stop on her mother’s face, seeing a solitary tear run down her cheek. Overcome with sorrow that her people were suffering and that she had let them down, Teel devised a plan to save them and to ensure that her mother became no man’s servant.

“Rogue,” Teel whispered, catching the Black Rogue’s dark glare, “I would to strike a bargain with you.”

The Black Rogue glanced over at Teel as she was resting on her back looking back at him with passion glazed eyes. God, but she was desirable and lusty and . . . brave. He had just raped her in front of her people and still she tried to gain the upper hand. Despite the pleasure she had experienced, the end result had been the same, she had not come to him willingly, not desired to surrender herself to him; but she had done so, he had made sure of that . . . and would do so again.

The Black Rogue smiled at her latest attempt to bargain. As far as he was concerned she had nothing else to bargain with. He and his men had stolen every precious possession her people owned when they destroyed the village, but still, he was intrigued. Raising an eyebrow in query, the Black Rogue signaled his interest in further conversation.

Teel stood before the Black Rogue in all her naked splendor. Pressing her hands against his chest, she leaned up to whisper in his ear.

“Rogue, I know that I belong to you in every sense of the word from now until you tire of me; however, there is more of me to have that you will never be able to access or enjoy without my cooperation. Bedding a beautiful woman and bringing her pleasure is a joy all its own, but having that same woman come to you of her own free will and giving herself to you completely, giving you the same pleasures you have given her and more is even better.” Teel began to slowly stroke his nipples with her fingers as she continued to talk.

“I require a separate holding for my mother. That she be allowed to exist not as a servant or a love slave, but as a counsel to the remainder of my people, to help them settle into this new life. I ask that the holding be large enough to support her as well as those too old or too young to be of use to you. I ask that I be allowed to visit with her five hours a day to assist her in counseling and caring for our people.” Teel trailed her lips down his neck, licking and kissing her way along his chest until her mouth had fastened itself on his left nipple. Flicking her tongue over the burgeoning tip, Teel began to draw it into her mouth. Teel circled her tongue around the opposite nipple, before sucking that one into her mouth as well.

Teel nibbled her way back up his chest to his mouth and whispered against his lips, “I know I’m asking a lot of you and I don’t expect you to take me on the strength of my words. Allow me ten minutes alone in your private quarters with my mother.” She kissed the Black Rogue, allowing her tongue to invade his mouth and to tangle with his.

Although Teel initiated the game, she had not expected the Black Rogue to finish it, but he quickly took over the kiss and had her sighing her pleasure. Teel broke the kiss with a whispered promise. “Join me in ten minutes and I will show you how good it could be between us.”

Teel watched as the Black Rogue summoned one of his lackeys and commanded he show Teel and her mother to his private quarters. Teel walked through the crowd nude, keeping her eyes fixed in front of her, shoulders back, head held high.

The Black Rogue smiled to himself as he watched her go. She was the treasure he had been searching for and did she but know it, she would give all of herself to him whether he accepted her bargain or not.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Teel leaned against the door in relief once it was closed behind her mother.

Rushing to fill the silence, Teel spoke before her mother. “I have bargained my body for the security of our people. I don’t know if this is something I can do. Counsel me, mother.”

Lanie looked at her only child and smiled. “The tear you saw was not one of sorrow. Do you think I haven’t watched you blossom illegal bahis and worried over whom would make a perfect match for you. There was no one that was suitable and I feared that you would never marry. You have had no equal in all these years, but now I find you do. The greatest gift a man can give a woman is love, but pleasure is the second greatest gift and this man is the one that can give you both.” Teel opened her mouth to argue, but Lanie cut her off.

“A mother knows. I know. Your destiny lies with this man. Your people are not disappointed in you; they are only concerned over your welfare, as you are over theirs. They understand, as do I, that you must do what you must to save us, but we do not condemn you, we appreciate you, as we have always done.”

“Mother, I do not know that I have the skills to win his heart.”

“You were trained in the art of pleasing a man since you were fifteen. You have what it takes to win his body, and in so doing will win his heart. Do not worry Teel.”

Teel crossed to her mother and hugged her. It would be all right.

Lanie left Teel to prepare herself for the coming of the Black Rogue.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Black Rogue counted down the remaining minutes until he could join Teel, imagining what delights she would have for him. He would give her what she had asked; after all, it was the acquisition of her that would lead to the end of his raiding.

On her deathbed, his mother had told him he would find the key to his happiness on the Western shores, and he had continued to raid them looking for what his mother had described.

For years, he had not known if he was searching for gold or a friend, but holding Teel in his arms and thrusting into her warm receptive recesses made him feel complete and satiated.

The Black Rogue smiled in anticipation as he headed towards his quarters. Her time was up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As the Black Rogue entered his quarters, he noticed Teel sitting on his desk, not on the bed where she should be. He closed and locked the door behind him before heading for the bed where he began disrobing.

“Don’t,” Teel advised.

The Black Rogue stopped in the process of removing his shirt. “Why not?” he asked.

“Because you would be denying me the pleasure of doing it myself later and . . .” Teel paused for effect, “I like the thought of you taking me while fully clothed. Come over here.”

The Black Rogue insolently sauntered over and sat in his desk chair, inches away from where Teel was propped up naked.

Teel reached out to take the dagger from the Black Rogue’s waist scabbard. He grabbed her wrist before she could remove it more than half way. Teel smiled challengingly at the Black Rogue, daring him to trust her. Warily he released his hold on her wrist.

Teel trailed the dagger up to her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around the tip. Meanwhile, her other hand was busy stroking her pussy lips.

The Black Rogue watched while she inserted first one finger and then another, stroking them both in and out, causing the lips to swell with blood. Slowly Teel worked the handle of the dagger from her mouth to her vagina. Once there, Teel replaced her fingers with the handle of the dagger and began thrusting it roughly in and out, simultaneously licking the sweet juices from her fingers.

“Mmmmmmm . . .” Teel moaned as she sucked each finger into her mouth, deriving great pleasure from watching the Black Rogue watch her, and from the erotic heady taste of her own arousal. “I want you to taste me.” The Black Rogue moved towards Teel to do just that, but she stopped him with a raised hand.

“Not yet. I want to show you something first.” Teel removed the dagger from between her grasping pussy lips and set it on the desk. She spread the lips of her vagina for his viewing pleasure.

“I want you to know how stimulating I find you,” Teel whispered. “Whether you’re touching me or not, just thinking about you is enough to bring me to my knees.” Even as Teel was speaking, her pussy began dripping with her excitement.

“I love the feel of your hands illegal bahis siteleri on me. Your mouth. Your eyes,” she continued while holding his gaze, letting him see how much the thought of him was arousing her. Teel’s hands remained still, holding herself open for his perusal.

“I long to put your hot length in my mouth and to taste the essence of you. I want you to take me again and again and again in every way you can think of and then, when we are both so tired we can barely move, I want you to take me yet again. I want you to fuck me hard and fast. I want you to fuck me until I beg for mercy, and then I want you to fuck me some more.” The Black Rogue watched in silence as her pussy began to shake and throb and while she sat staring at him, thinking of him, she came.

“Now, taste me,” she offered, panting wildly, and the Black Rogue wasted no time in seeing to her needs. One moment he was standing in front of her fascinated by the site of her coming, and the next he was in between her legs licking up her juices, sucking her clit, stroking his fingers in and out of her, listening to her moans turn into screams.

Teel clutched at his back as he continued to bring her wave upon wave of ecstasy. Lost in the mindless experience, she could only scream his name over and over again. She began to scratch and claw at him in supplication for the orgasm that he was holding just out of reach.

The Black Rogue began to furiously lick her clit. His tongue lashing the delicate flesh in swift succession, forcing Teel into a violent climax.

Some minutes later Teel sat up smiling and slightly breathless as the Black Rogue continued to lightly lick her thighs. “Aren’t you glad you were dressed,” she asked. “I could have done some serious damage to your back just then.”

Teel pushed him from between her legs and stood up. She hurriedly began unfastening the Black Rogue’s garments. Teel moved to kneel in front of the Black Rogue, but he prevented her by grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her to her feet.

“What do you think you’re doing,” he questioned.

“Isn’t it obvious,” Teel answered. “I’ve already had three orgasms and you’ve only had one. I was trying to even the score. Make things fair,” she tacked on, as the Black Rogue continued to stare at her in disbelief. She was priceless. If he searched the seas for another hundred years he didn’t think he would ever find her equal. She was passionate, brave, funny, and now fair? Keeping score on orgasms?

He couldn’t suppress the slight smile that curved his lips. She wanted to be fair, did she? Well, two could play at that game.

“Yes, I suppose you do owe me some orgasms,” the Black Rogue supplied with a chuckle, “But as I recall it, I owe you a good fucking. So, what do you say we combine our debts and I get my orgasm while fucking you.” He continued to chuckle as he tacked on, “And you try real hard not to cum. I would hate for you to owe me even more than you already do.”

Teel was all prepared to make a snappy retort at his ill-timed humor, but he suddenly spun her around and pushed her over the desk she had earlier occupied. Without barely any hesitation, he slipped in between her legs and began thrusting hard and fast, just as she had asked him to. Teel’s moans filled the air.

“I needn’t ask if you’re enjoying this,” he laughed, “We both know you love it rough.”

Teel wanted to reply to his taunting, but she was engaged in a full fledged battle to keep her pleasure under some kind of reign. Each thrust he pushed upon her seemed designed to enhance and increase the previous burst of pleasure.

Teel knew she wouldn’t last much longer under the onslaught of pleasure he was gifting her, and she fought to think rationally of a way to push him closer to his own orgasm.

Teel found that squeezing her internal muscles added an extra ripple of pleasure to the experience for the Black Rogue, but it also came with the same cost to herself.

He smiled to himself. He knew what she was trying to do, and though it was pure torment trying to hold back, he promised he would push her over the edge before he took his own pleasure of her again. He began thrusting faster and reached around her body to provide direct clitoral stimulation.

Teel let out canlı bahis siteleri a small scream as she fought to hang on to her sanity. Somehow he knew all the right buttons to push to drive her crazy.

The Black Rogue felt her getting closer and closer to climaxing and waited until she was right on the edge of it before stopping all stimulation.

Teel panted underneath him, hating him for stopping at that crucial moment.

“Say please,” he demanded. “I believe it was you who said you wanted me to make you beg.”

Teel lay quietly under him, refusing to give him the satisfaction.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t mean all those pretty words you spouted earlier,” he teased. “You put on such a convincing show; I was sure you meant them.”

Teel bit her lip, refusing to give in to his provocation, but feeling tiny shudders chase through her at the memory of what she had done. Of how she had deliberately allowed herself to be stimulated and aroused and brought herself to climax just thinking about him.

“I agreed to fuck you, not to submit to you,” Teel spat in mutiny. “Now finish what you started or I will do it myself.”

Teel began the slight internal squeezes again and moved to put her hand on her own clit so that she could bring herself to orgasm.

The Black Rogue grabbed her wrist in anger at her refusal to submit. Yes, she was passionate, and brave and funny and fair, but she was also proving to be foolhardy and a hellion. She would submit. He would make her submit.

Slowly he withdrew from her tempting folds and turned her onto her back. He restrained both her hands above her head before thrusting back into her. Deep, deep, shallow. Deep, deep, shallow. He continued the rhythm at a breakneck pace, all the while sucking on her nipples, and nibbling on her neck.

Teel lay beneath him fighting the mounting pleasure, not understanding how he could make her body act against the will of her mind. As Teel felt herself close to the edge, the Black Rogue sat up catching her gaze, continuing to thrust.

“How can you deny that you are mine,” he asked. “Has your body ever responded to anyone else the way it does to mine? Does anyone else know this juicy cunt the way I do? Who else has tasted you and fucked you until you didn’t know your own mind?”

Teel turned her head away in shame. He was right. Everything he said was true. She was fighting a losing battle, because she already belonged to him.

The Black Rogue grabbed her chin turning her face back towards him as he continued to thrust faster and harder. “You don’t need to say that you will submit to me, because I know that it is already a forgone conclusion. I hold the key to your pleasure and to your happiness and I will hold you here until you know it as well as I.”

Teel let out a piercing scream as he brought her to another shattering climax. He withdrew from her and began to get dressed.

“Where are you going,” Teel asked. “You have not finished,” she noted gesturing towards his rock hard penis.

“I will not have pleasure of you until you welcome it. I know this is all going to play havoc with your sense of fair play, but there it is. And you may have the holdings for your mother, but you will not leave my chambers until you submit.”

“Then may I go now,” Teel asked.

The Black Rogue stared at her.

“You said I may go when I have submitted to you, and that time has already come and gone. You were right. I am yours. I submit,” Teel murmured.

“Then why? Why did you make me subjugate you, when it could have been avoided by those simple words,” he demanded.

“Because I was not ready to relinquish my power. I am a leader in my own right, and submitting to you is destroying me, but it is done,” she whispered in defeat.

The Black Rogue walked over to Teel and gently grasped her chin once again forcing her to meet his eyes. “This is not a weakness, as you suspect, but a renewal and a strengthening of power. You have more power over me than you can ever realize.” He leaned down and kissed the side of Teel’s mouth.

Teel thought back on what her mother had said. He would bring her happiness.

All at once Teel felt content. The Black Rogue saw the fire slowly begin to burn in her eyes again and wondered at it, but he did not comment.

“I am sorry for upsetting you,” Teel apologized grandly, “but I will make it up to you. If I am not mistaken I now owe you three orgasms.” She smiled slowly. “Surely, you will not deny me the pleasure of tasting your essence as well.”

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