The Proposition Ch. 01


The summer of 2012 was remarkable for two reasons. There was the Olympic Games and the euphoria engendered by that four yearly spectacle of human achievement and then for me, there was Amy. While the former attraction was all over and done with in two weeks – not counting the paras – Amy hung around for a while longer.

I first met Amy in the July. She had got a job working in the café, at a local nature reserve. They did nice home made cakes and it was my habit to stop off there after my weekly ramble. The café tended to have a large turn over of staff, and there seemed to be a new face nearly every week. Amy was a little different. She was readily identifiable as a student, rather than one of the local girls. It’s hard to put into words how I knew that, but there was something instantly academic about her appearance. Bespectacled and alert, she was cute and attractive with long, dark brown hair. She was somewhere between petite and average height. As it happened she was free when I approached the counter to order my snack. That unmistakeable student accent confirmed my initial impression.

It is my theory that students, especially girls tend to have accents, which migrate towards a centre ground by a process known as accommodation. It was often hard to tell where they were from. Anyway, I gave her my order and I sat down as they weren’t too busy and she said she would bring it over. It’s normal for me to pass the time of day with people, particularly women and I asked how she was going on when she appeared with my coffee and walnut cake. She had started the day before and was doing two days a week. She proceeded to wipe down some tables, which gave me the opportunity to watch her lovely ass. She was wearing quite tight faded jeans and she had quite a tidy little booty, it had to be said. Her navy blue apron made it difficult to assess her breasts, but they made enough of a disruption through the layers of material to see that she had at least a half decent pair. I left with a smile and a glance in her direction, as I did with whoever had served me and I caught the train home.

At this point in my story, Amy was a bright if inconsequential player. Just another pretty girl, unwittingly teasing the forty something man, craving for some young flesh. It is true, since turning forty I had developed a predilection for students and twenty somethings. I don’t have a clue why that should be, other than the normal mid life crisis one so often hears about. I assumed as such, although I had no idea what the symptoms of mid life crisis were. I didn’t feel like I was amid any crisis. I had a decent job, my own home, a car. I kept myself fit. It just happened that I had become chronologically greater than my sexual aspirations.

The odd thing is, that when I was younger, in my teens and twenties I would always chase older women. I lost my virginity at seventeen to a girl of twenty four. When I was twenty nine, I dated a French woman of forty eight. There was the occasional girl of my own age in-between, but I was far from the serial dater. I wasn’t even that sexually active. I had one long term girl friend in my thirties, if three years is long term and she was a few years older than me too. I think I must have become single again at a critical time in my life. Still young enough to be as randy as a bull but old enough to not be a plausible catch to the kind of girls I wanted to date. I had a thing about students. I suspect I had developed an image in my mind of the carefree, sexually experimental, rampant hormone driven lovelies that might not be borne out in reality. It was those lovely, short denim skirts and the tights or pantyhose for any American readers. In the summer it was the same kind of hosiery or bare legs and short, frayed denim hot pants. It was one of the debits of living in a university town that one had to endure such things. Eye candy a plenty, but equally bucket loads of frustration.

When I first laid eyes on Amy I had been a year since splitting with Susan my ex, the one who I had dated for three years. I decided to go back to the reserve, where I had begun to survey a particular family of flowers and gambled that Amy would be there again. Not that it was important, but it added a little extra spice to my day, if only for a some pleasant fantasizing. As it happened I hit lucky with Tuesday, which was my day off, in lieu of Sunday. She greeted me with a friendly, “Hello again!” as I stood at the counter. I had deliberately fumbled with my change, so as not to attract the attention of her chivvy colleague, leaving the student to serve me.

“We must stop meeting like this!” I said.

“Yes, do you come here a lot then?” She said.

“About once a week, I’m a bit of an amateur botanist.”

“Oh, I’m studying biology.”

“Ah cool. You’re not local, how come you haven’t gone home?”

“My parents are in Corsica. I’ve an auntie nearby. Anyway, what can I get you?”

“Oh yes, just a cappuccino and that cake there,” I said, pointing to a messy peanut butter gateaux.

Amy İstanbul Escort was in a darker pair of jeans this time and when she turned, I could make out the outline of her breasts through the gap in her apron. I say apron, but I suppose it was a pinafore. I always get those mixed up. Suffice to say, she had very nice looking boobs. They looked ample but proportionate. She was an all round, cute little package without any hint of Daddy’s girl snootiness, which I’ve occasionally been aware of sitting near her compatriots on the train. To my surprise and delight she came and sat on the table next to mine, when it was time for her break. There were a few people in, but there were still lots of spare tables and she could have sat anywhere. She had taken her pinafore off and I was able to see her in all her glory, as it were. Her hair was rather long, though not quite to her waist. She had it long at the back; at the sides it was held away from her face by two hair grips. Her T shirt was a kind of speckled, grey-cobalt blue. She had nice slim girlie arms and her aforementioned boobs were hard to ignore. All in all she was pretty hot, but in a girl next door sort of way. She didn’t have a flirtatious demeanour and yet if she had, with her awesome ass and those exquisite tits she would have been a sex bomb. I liked her the way she was though. Self-effacing, I suppose you would say. Sexy without trying.

I asked casually what year at university she was in. The third year she said. I suppose that made her about twenty. ‘Just right,’ I thought. I suppose eighteen is fantastic and everything, but I do think a girl benefits from a little life experience. I had a niece who was eighteen in any case and well, it was just a bit too young. That’s not to say I would flatly turn someone down of that age. I mean, one wouldn’t but anyway, Amy was twenty. She was quite interested in my hobby and had done some essays in hybridization in trees. Having a common interest was good as it turned out, but at this point we were just chatting.

Amy had the best hazel green eyes I had seen and such a cute nose. It’s very important that. Girls have to have a cute nose, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just in the eye of the beholder. She finished her break and I decided to do another circuit of the reserve and also check out some orchids, which I had seen in 2011 and night be flowering again. In the end I walked miles, as far as an old lock on the border with the next county and it was tea time when I came back. The café was just closing and I bumped into Amy at the end of the path.

“Hi, you off then?” I asked.

“Yes, just finished.”

“How do you get home?”

“On the train.”

I had brought my car as it happened as I had to drop some stuff off at my sister’s.

“I can give you a lift home if you like?”

“Oh, if it’s no trouble?”

“No, it’ll save you some time and it looks like it’s going to chuck it down, looking at those clouds.”

It did look very threatening and it was five or six minutes walk to the station.

Amy belted up and I took the road over the level crossing with my young companion seated there with a contented look on her face.

“I like the train, but nothing like just going from A to B,” I said.

“I know. I still haven’t passed my test. Shocking really!”

“Well, I wasn’t driving till I was thirty!”

“Oh, there’s hope for me yet then?”

“Yes. Sorry, I’m Mike by the way,” I said, as we pulled up at some lights.

“Oh Okay, I’m Amy.”

“Amy. Lovely name.”

“Thank you.”

“So, do you live far out or…?”

“Oh town will be Okay.”

“You sure? It’s no trouble.”

“Oh well Okay. It’s Ambleton road, just past the big Co-op.”

“I know it. You’re only about a mile from me.”

“Ah Okay! That’s not bad then.”

“Yes, it’s cool. You off out later?”

“No, all my friends have gone home for summer. I spend most of my time sleeping, reading and working at the café.”

“Well, at least you’re not blowing it in like most students.”

“Nothing to blow in!”


“All the books and everything. At least I don’t have to pay rent with my aunt.”

“Student loans. I didn’t have that, in my day.”

“You’re lucky. It’s just ridiculous, what we have to pay!”

“I know, well I wouldn’t be a student now. Apart from the girls! Oops sorry. Didn’t mean to…”

“Ah no… it’s fine. I know, you’re all right.”

“Sorry, just me being a bloke.”

Amy was clearly comfortable with me, which was good and I dropped her off and waited for her to let herself in, which gave me the excuse to watch her superb ass, as she walked up her garden path. What I wouldn’t give to sink my teeth into those juicy ass cheeks! It was with such naughty thoughts that I sped off, bypassing my own house to drop the stuff at my sister’s and I ended up staying for tea with her and my niece.

I thought about Amy that night and pleasured myself with thoughts of taking her doggy style in the café when everyone Anadolu Yakası Escort else had gone home. I could imagine those gorgeous ass cheeks quivering as I banged her for all I was worth. I must have been more worked up than I thought and came quite quickly.

I woke the next morning and Amy was my first conscious thought. I became hard again as I imagined what she must look like naked. Ass, tits and pussy. Then it occurred to me. Good fortune had put temptation in my path. Now it was up to me to make the most of it. I held the answer to both our problems. It was totally inappropriate and not something that I had ever considered before, but then I thought, ‘Why not?!’ She was skint and I wanted a young fuck buddy to use to my heart’s content. Paying for sex was not something I was opposed to on moral grounds, but the idea of sharing a girl was off-putting. I dismissed my idea as ridiculous, but I thought about it on and off during the day and I knew I wouldn’t rest until I had given it a go. I was aware that some students became escorts, this was my way of having one all to myself.

I went over the scenarios in my mind, and wondered if I dared go through with it. She might have a boyfriend, although I distinctly had the impression that she didn’t. In my experience, girls can’t go half an hour without dropping out the B word. Often it bares no relation to the topic of conversation, but they do it as a kind of insurance against unwanted advances. Amy had had ample opportunity. I was confident she was single. My main concern was, what would be a realistic sum, assuming I went through with my indecent proposal. It had to be affordable from my point of view, but given that Amy was quality, I was prepared to make it worth her while. It had to be enough, partly to not make my offer derisory and in order for her to seriously consider not turning me down.

Assuming the price was right, I could still seriously mess the whole thing up, if I didn’t handle it right. Knowing women, it can be a lottery as to whether you catch them at the right minute. If I lit the blue touch paper at the wrong moment it might go badly. Amy though seemed quite chilled. I think the worse that could have happened was that she would have turned me down politely and we would probably laugh about it a week later.

So, the following Saturday I took my normal route in the morning. I took some photos of the flowers I was studying and even saw a Kingfisher. It was lovely. A brilliant turquoise gem as it darted down the river and then a vivid orange one as it came back the other way. Such a tropical looking bird for the UK. I was in a good mood when I took my midday break. I was worried Amy hadn’t come in for a minute, but she had just nipped into the kitchen and she smiled when she saw me. That kind, sweet smile. Those eyes, so bright and honest. It was still her hair I loved the best though. I mean, apart from the obvious, her hair was great. So long and feminine.

“Hi Mike.”

“Hi Amy, how are you?”

“Fine. Thanks for the lift the other night.”

“That’s Okay. Any time.”

“What will you be having?”

“The usual.”

“Ah an Americano and…”

“No, a cappuccino.”

“Yes! Sorry!”

“That’s Okay babe.”

She looked at me coyly. I didn’t mean to say babe, it just came out.

“Have you spotted any interesting flowers?” She asked.

“Still logging the Compositae. It’s a nightmare of a family. So many different species.”

“Compositae? Which one’s that?”

“Dandelions and all those with lots of little petals.”

“Oh. Dandelions. I’ve got a few of those in my garden. There you go, that’s two pounds please.”

“Okay. Ummm Amy, do have five minutes, when you have your break. I just wanted to ask you something.”

My heart leapt into my mouth as I set the train in motion.

“Oh. Can’t you ask me now?”

“Not really.”

“Oh I’m fascinated now.”

She looked round at the clock above the Panini maker.

“I’ll be ten minutes. Can you give me a clue?”

“No. Sorry.”

I sat down with butterflies the size of sparrows fluttering round my stomach. I had gone through any number of ways of saying what I wanted to say. I had ten minutes to go and I still hadn’t finalized my strategy. I had been for a hair cut and I had shaved the night before, which meant I looked quite presentable.

I reviewed the photos on my digital camera, mentally logging and identifying the various plants. I had one that I couldn’t quite nail, but might just have been a Rough Hawk bit. I looked up and Amy was walking towards me, discarding her pinafore/apron and gave me what I thought was a slightly cheeky smile.

“Shall we go outside?” I suggested.

There were a few wooden picnic tables on a kind of board walk, which over-looked a marsh and meant we would be away from any eaves droppers. My heart was beating quite fast as I threaded my legs through the gap in the table. I still had the option of aborting my mission but what alternative could I Üsküdar Escort come up with to cover the secrecy? No, it was all or nothing.

“It’s a lovely day Amy.”

“I know, I might go for a walk later.”

“So, I was just thinking the other day.”


“When I dropped you off. Well that night really.”


I drained the remnants of my coffee as I plucked up the courage to get to the point.

“I know it’s a university town and everything. But you’re the first student I’ve actually had anything to… you know, actually talked to.”

“Well, we’re still human. Just!”

“Ha ha yes I know. I didn’t mean that.”

“Are you asking me out Mike?”

“Eh? Well… yes. No. Sort of.”

“It’s Okay. I’m just quite happy as I am at the moment. Guys and stuff, I’m not ready for any relationships or anything.”

“Okay. Well. Wow! You’ve taken the wind out of my sails a bit.”

“Ah I’m just being honest. I don’t want to string you a long.”

“No. That’s good. Actually like I said. I’m not asking you out.”

“You’re not?”

“No. Not that you’re not lovely and…oh fuck this is tricky now.”

I was really keyed up to popping the question and my modus operandi had become totally unravelled.

“Sorry Mike. You’re actually quite attractive. I just think it would be a bit messy.”

“Okay Amy. So just saying. If all the messiness was eliminated. You know. If we could cut to the chase.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean. if we could sort of go out, but not go out and make things, so they were mutually advantageous.”

Amy looked at me and I could tell she didn’t really get my point. Who could blame her? To my relief she smiled and actually laughed a little as she sipped her coffee.

“I’m not making much sense am I? Amy what I’m saying is…I don’t want a relationship. I think there’s a number of reasons why that wouldn’t work. I was thinking more practically. Pragmatically, I suppose.”

“Okay, now I’m totally fascinated.”

“The thing is Amy, I really fancy you. I know there’s the age difference. I get all that.”

“I know you do.”

“You do what?”

“Know you fancy me!”


“Yes. I don’t think age is that big a deal. Anyway you’re fit and everything. You work out don’t you?”

“Six days a week.”

“I can tell from your arms.”

“Yeah, biceps curls and press ups that is. But anyway, I suppose what I’m saying is. What if we had an arrangement.”

“What kind of arrangement?”

“A good one. One where you’re happy and I’m happy and everyone is happy.”

“Okay and the arrangement is…?”

“I thought maybe you could come round now and again and I would ease your burden. Economically, so to speak.”

“Ah Mike! So what am I worth?”

Amy spoke with a comical tone. After going round the houses, I had reached my destination and she hadn’t thrown her coffee over me.

“It’s not about worth Amy. You’re a lovely, beautiful girl. It’s about reality. I fancy you to bits. But it’s not just that. You’re so down to Earth and intelligent. You’re not just some random student. I don’t proposition girls like this all the time. I mean I never…”

“But how much?” She interjected.

“I’m not going to insult you Amy. I was thinking two thousand.”

“Wow that’s a lot!”

“It’s not s fortune, but I thought it was a nice round figure.”

“Would you give it me all in one go?”

“Yes. Amy, are you considering this?”

“Yes. I’d be stupid not to consider it.”

“I know it’s unusual, but this way, it’s all cut and dried.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s clean. No messy relationship. No awkward break-ups.”

“Yes. Oh look, I’ve got to get back in a minute.”

“Ah. Well there’s nothing else to say really. Except, I understand if you think it’s wrong or unethical or whatever. I’ll still give you lifts home if you wanted.”

“Ah Mike. I do need to think about it a bit. It’s just so different! I don’t know if I’m shocked or what I am. It would be exciting.”

“It would be very exciting Amy.”

We said ‘cheerio for now’ and I left her to finish her shift and I came back and picked her up at five o’clock. The car park was full when I returned in the evening and there were birdwatchers everywhere. It was some sort of egret and had brought out all the local twitchers. Amy said the café had sold out of cakes. There was no mention of our earlier discussion and we chatted about the news and the Olympic torch relay, which was due to be in town in a week or so.

The thing about the Olympic torch was that it wasn’t meant to go out. Yet each and every night, the flame was transferred to a small lantern and kept locked in a security van or something. That’s a bit bizarre isn’t it. I bet it did go out, looking at the weather during some of the days when it was carried by the torch bearers. Amy thought the torch relay was a good idea but she wasn’t as cynical as me. I couldn’t help myself from imagining what little avenues of naughtiness we might take if she were to take me up on my offer. I had never done it outside. I liked the idea of going back to the reserve after hours and letting her suck me off in one of the bird hides. That would be fun, and there was always the chance of getting caught!

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