The Protégé and the Mentor


This story is a continuation of the adventures of characters introduced in The Reunion. The story makes more sense if that short series is read first. All characters are at least 18.


We got back home on April 22. Things were the same; things were different. I actually appreciated how Susan got into the house and immediately covered up her nude body. This set a tone, “Hey, we had a great time this weekend but we are back to reality now.” I liked her taking that stand. I realized once again how well grounded she was.

She went online to subscribe, with my input, to a food preparation service. We did our research and decided to go with Blue Apron. We had to prepare all the sauces although all the ingredients were included in the box and there was a lot of prep work required. Some people who commented on their website viewed that as a negative, but we saw how that was going to allow us to get more involved in the preparation.

You may think this was a cop out, but Susan’s strongest skills didn’t involving getting involved in elaborate food preparation. As far as her promise to me to help me learn cooking skills was concerned, this was the wading pool rather than diving into the deep end of the pool.

I haven’t told you much about Susan. She is a voice-over actor, and, if I may say so, a very successful one. I’m sure you’ve heard her work. This allows her largely to control her own schedule, largely to work at home (she has a nice home studio) and to pursue a career that she loves.

We actually spent time Sunday evening talking and not buried in our computer and cell phones. And we didn’t just talk about Blanke Schande College. We discovered we had a lot more than that to talk about.

I told Susan I had decided to go to college. If it was BSC, that would be great, but if I could only get into Iowa State or Des Moines Community College, that would be alright as long as it would allow me to further my yet unwritten life plan. It was too late to get in now, but that was set up on the goals page for 17 months out. We worked backward and filled in college research and application deadlines and enhancing my resume so I would be an attractive candidate. This was the first time I had actually set any concrete goals.

When it came time to go to bed, there seemed to be no question I would go to my bedroom and Susan and Dad to theirs. We showered, I have my own bathroom and Susan came in to tuck me in, something she hasn’t done in quite awhile. I was wearing a snoopneck sleep tee with lace-trimmed cheeky panties. Susan was wearing a beautiful silk Emerald green nightshirt. We commented on the events of the last few hours without revisiting our trip home. When we were through, she said goodnight and gave me a motherly kiss.

Susan actually prepared waffles the next morning, I didn’t participate in the preparation, though. I asked Susan how she felt about my sharing what we did this weekend with my friend Kaley. If i told Kaley, her parents were going to know. They weren’t my parents’ closest friends, but it was a close friendship that they might not want to disturb with knowledge of what we all did.

“Sara, do me a favor and hold off. Let’s have the whole family over Friday and we can hit them all with it at once. I’m going to make up with the Dicksons and invite them over for supper Wednesday.”

I was practically bursting dying to tell Kaley what had happened but I had made Susan a promise. I must have had the silliest grin on my face all day at school.

After school we prepared a meal of broiled ground round steaks, broccoli and wild rice and mushrooms. Susan showed me knife and other prep skills, but she by her own admission was no Julia Child and we could learn a lot together.

Tuesday night, actually about 5:00 AM Wednesday morning, I received an incoming skype message. I leave my computer on in my room, and it was Stacy. “I’m sorry to disturb you so early, but I’m just getting home from The Absolute and this was about my only free time.”

“No, this is great. I’m glad to hear from you. Stand up, let me take a look at you. You look great!”

“I’m exhausted. I see you have on you night clothes.”

“Yes, we kinda went back to life as usually and didn’t just continue with the complete BSC thing.”

I explained how we had kinda agreed to keep the nudity of the past weekend a special thing. I brought her up to date and told her how I had applied at McDonald’s and Wendy’s. We exchanged some more small talk and expressed our mutual affections and ended the call.

Wednesday the Dicksons came over at about 6:30. “I wasn’t sure how you were going to be dressed”, Mr. Dickson observed sarcastically. Susan smiled and got right into it. This was new insight for the neighbors about their neighbors but they didn’t act shocked or outraged.

The meal was finished and Susan was satisfied that her diplomatic mission had been successful. The only question was how fast and how far the gossip was going to make it through the neighborhood. Susan escort ataşehir did not extract any promise from them to keep this information confidential.

Friday the Greene’s, Kaley and her parents, showed up about 7:00. Presumably that had no idea what they were going to hear. Dad set up his laptop and said, “Let me tell you how our weekend went.” She started a slideshow that quickly turned into a peep show. Ted and Alice didn’t know how to react, but Kaley started laughing uncontrollably. She sobered up when the pictures of all of us at the TSA station appeared.

Dad had been providing a narrative all along to give the disjointed pictures some context. “So what do you think?”

“Alice and I are going to have to process this information. We’re pretty good friends, we’re both members of the country club and the Rotary and Kaley and Sara are best friends. This, this – I won’t say changes things – but it certainly puts things in a new light.”

Kaley broke the ice, “Mom can I stay here tonight?”

Ted said, “You haven’t been invited and you haven’t brought any clothes.”

Alice piped up with a laughing, “Apparently she doesn’t need any!”

Susan said, “Of course she is welcome. She can wear some of Sara’s clother until she gets back home tomorrow.”

It was agreed and at the end of the evening Ted and Alice returned home.

“Mrs. Sussman, can I sleep in the nude? I actually do it a lot at home.”

“So little Kaley is a closet nudist”, exclaimed Dad.

“I don’t think I’m supposed to tell you this, but Mom and Dad usually sleep in the nude, too. If they have to go downstairs to get some water, they don’t always throw on a bathrobe.” Realizing that she had probably revealed too much, she quickly added, “But they never do that when Sara sleeps over.”

Sensing an opening, Susan pounced on it. “How would you feel if we all slept in the nude?” I was surprised she included Dad in that since the rules of BSC didn’t require it or even really allow it.

“I’d enjoy that. It would make me feel even more a part of your family.” She glanced at me and smiled.

We stayed downstair watching TV and finally we all started going upstains to our bedrooms. I have a queen bed in my bedroom. We have a guest room with twin beds. That’s available whenever any of my friends sleep over. When we were in elementary school Kaley used to sleep in my bed but when she reached puberty she asked if she could sleep in the guest room. I guess going throught normal body changes made her self conscious. That’s where she always slept, until tonight.

She followed me into my room, I was surprised but not alarmed. Neither of us said a word. She started undressing and I just lay on the bed enjoying the show. When she was completely naked she joined me on top of the sheets and said, “What are you waiting for?”

I smiled and started to disrobe. Just about the time I removed my panties, Susan knocked and asked, “Can I come in?” We had nothing to hide. Susan had set the dress code earlier and we were just complying.

“Sure, come in.”

Susan stood before us in her innocent nakedness. “Well, I see you two are ready for bed.”

“Maybe”, Kaley replied coquettishly.

Susan kiss me goodnight and Kaley asked, “Don’t I get a goodnight kiss?”

“Of course.” Susan kissed her, “Goodnight”, and left.

Kaley asked me, “How long have you been shaving your pussy?” She had a light tuft down there that matched her blonde hair. I told her about Susan and me shaving together last Saturday at BSC.

She said, “Wow, that’s really sexy. I could never see my mother and me doing anything like that.” Kaley and I slipped under the covers. There were several rounds of giggling but nothing more. Eventually we went to sleep, but Kaley crept over to my side of the bed and we spooned.

The next morning we dressed, Kaley in some of my clothes which were a little tight, but not uncomfortable for her. We went downstairs and Susan was waiting to prepare us all omeletts, “Well, lets tackle this one. I hope you won’t be disappointed in the result.”

I joined Susan in the preparation. Together we finished. They were messy but delicious. My first real sense of accomplishment in the kitchen. My first real sense of accomplishment anywhere in a long time.

I called Alice Greene to arrange to take Kaley home. While I was talking Kaley asked, “Can I please stay here tonight?” It was agreed that we would take her home Sunday.

We had a pool party that afternoon. Since Spring was upon us, Dad had had the pool guy come earlier in the week to get it ready. Susan and I fixed hamburgers, more elaborate than we normally do. We were all dressed in our swim suits. Finally, Kaley stood up, “Well, let’s get this party off the ground.” She dropped her bikini bottoms first and then her top. She jumped into the pool. When she came out, we are all still dressed and she came over and started wrestling with me to pull off my bikini. I offered token resistance but kadıköy escort soon I too was nude. Susan and Dad remained clothed.

When the party broke up, I went up to my room to get some clothes. Kaley came with

me. “Watching you dress is almost as sexy as watching you undress.” I thought it was a strange thing to say. She made no effort to get dressed.

We went downstairs to join Susan and Dad in the TV room. Kaley stayed nude all evening, the only one of us who was naked. “I think I’m going to enjoy spending time over here this Summer.”

When we went upstairs to my bedroom, Kaley jumped into bed. She was already dressed in her night clothes. I put on a nightshirt and crawled into bed.

Kaley asked me, “Aren’t you going to sleep nude? I thought that was our dress code for the weekend.”

“I’m good. I still think being naked should be reserved for special times.”

We talked for awhile, silly girl talk, and then we went to sleep, my clothed body in Kaley’s naked arms.

Stacy skyped me again about 5:00 in the morning. The computer was positioned so that she couldn’t help but seeing a close up of me in my night clothes and a naked Kaley in my bed. “Who’s your friend?” she casually asked. I got up and moved to my desk.

I explained and she apologetically added, “Oh, I’m sorry to disturb you. I’ll sign off.”

“No, no, don’t go. You weren’t disturbing anything.”

Stacy laughed, “Why not? She’s very attractive.” Kaley had gotten out of bed and was standing behind me. She draped her arms over my shoulders. I didn’t want Kaley to know too much about Stacy’s and my history.

When the conversation ended, Kaley asked me, “Did she think we were queering each other?”

“What do you mean?” I knew exactly what she meant.

“You know, doin’ the ole lesbo routine.”

“Kaley, shut your mouth.” Kaley kissed me, “Maybe the next time she calls we’ll really give her an eye full.”

Whoa, was this starting to get out of hand? Was Kayey seriously considering “doin’ the ole lesbo thing?” Maybe I better give you a little more background about myself. Last year I had a boyfriend, Kirk. Kirk, or Jerk as I now call him, only wanted one thing, well, maybe two. He wanted to stick his prick into my cunt and/or my mouth. One time he even crudely suggest if I was afraid of getting pregnant he could stick his prick up my asshole. It wasn’t that crude, but that’s close. I resisted as long as I could and finally after his alternating between annoying persistance and pseudo-loving affection I gave in and lost my virginity. I regretted it 3 seconds after he pulled his limp prick out of my sopping pussy. If only I had regretted it 30 minutes earlier. Well, when he got what he wanted, he moved onto new worlds to conquer. I wasn’t heartbroken; I was actually glad to see him go. But it jaded my outlook toward men, (boys?)

Yea, I dated a couple of other guys but I didn’t allow it to get serious. Even now I’m dating Logan, but he’s just a cool guy that’s fun to be with and a reliable companion for the senior functions that are going on. I don’t even think it has occurred to him to become a friend with benefits.

That’s probably why I was so receptive to Stacy’s advances, not to mention Susan’s. She fulfilled something within me that was missing. Plus she ignited and then satisfied those fires within my crotch. Hey, remember, I’m 18 and pretty much just an over-stuffed bag of estrogen.

I’m starting to realize I miss Stacy and I’m getting horny. Kaley was unknowingly appealing to those feelings. Yea, she’s my best friend, but I can’t really see us ‘doin’ the ole lesbo thing’. I just don’t regard her in that light, But then again. . . I wanted to banish that thought from my head. But those needs could be satisfied by her. And maybe I needed some practice for when I next saw Stacy. Was I considering doing to Kaley what Jerk had done to me, just using her to fulfill certain biological needs?

The next week was really uneventful. Kaley, when she talked to me at school despite my trying to avoid her without making it obvious that’s what I was doing, pressed for me to spend the weekend at her house. I did not want to do that. But finally I relented and I agreed to stay there Saturday night.

In the meantime, Stacy Skyped me again Tuesday night, Again it was actually 5:00 AM Wednesday morning. I was so glad to hear from her. I told her our graduation was going to be June 4. She said, “Oh I’m graduating June 5! BSC is going to stream the ceremony on their website.

“Great,” I told her, “I’ll make sure we all watch it.”

“This will be our last official function where all the women are naked.”

“No cap and gown? No mortarboard”

“Nope, all the women just naked as the day we were born! Just like Venus on the half-shell. Most of the women have a mortarboard, but we absolutes don’t even wear that.”

Other than the name of her restaurant, this was the first time I heard that term. “What’s an absolute?”

“About a fourth maltepe escort bayan of us are absolutes. We wear no clothes at all. We don’t use a towel, but when we shower we are allowed to dry ourselves with a washcloth. And there are no doors on the shower stalls or the toilets. We want everything to be as natural as possible. The college has even accommodated us by building an outdoor toilet which allows us to be as natural as possible.”

“You mean an outhouse?”

“Not a house. It’s just a concrete slab with a nine inch hole in the middle. There are no walls. Just a wooden box containing toilet paper for those who want to use that modern convenience rather than leaves. We absolutes, and even some of the other women, can use it. They come through and add enzymes and chemicals to help with decomposition.”

“Wow, that really is basic. Oh, what did you mean when you said everyone will be as naked as Venus on the half-shell?”

“Alright my young protege. Your assignment, if you accept it, is to research Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. It’s a very famous Renaissance painting. I expect you to explain to me what that phrase means the next time we Skype.”

I felt really involved. I had never anticipated any homework assignment as much as I was anticipating this one given to me by my lover. If it was interesting to her, then it was going to be interesting to me.

We ended the call and I went to bed.

That weekend I reluctantly went over to Kaley’s. We went to a movie and hung out and then came home. When we went upstairs to go to bed, I had no problem disrobbing infront of Kaley and putting on a camisole and shorts. Kayey proceeded to strip naked. Remember, her parents weren’t supposed to know that I knew what the family sleeping apparel was. I said, “Kaley, have you lost your mind?”

“I told you I usually sleep in the nude.”

“But your parents don’t know that I know that.”

Too late, her mother knocked on the door and without trying to conceal herself Kaley said, “Come in.”

Her mother was a little taken aback and said, “Do you need to finish getting ready for bed?”

“I am ready. Oh, Mom, you know I always sleep in the nude.”

“Sometimes. Sometimes. And certainly not when you have one of your friends over for a sleepover.”

“Sara is a big girl, she can handle it. Remember she walked through the San Francisco Airport naked.”

I didn’t demur, but I wanted Kaley to lose this argument. She didn’t. “Well, alright, if Sara doesn’t mind, I guess I can’t really object.”

Yes, you can. I thought it but I was afraid to say it aloud.

Her mother left and Kaley jumped into the bed with me and started kissing me, not passionately, but I’m sure that was to come.

“No Kaley, I don’t want this. This isn’t right.”

She was crestfallen and looked like she had just lost her best friend. That’s what I was afraid of. “Kaley, look, I’m just not interested in making out with you, or more. Come on, baby, let me cuddle you.”

That’s how we spent the evening. She tried to caress my breasts, but I pushed her hands away.

When I got home, I didn’t say anything to Susan and Dad. But that night, after we had all retired, I knocked on Susan’s door. “Can I come in?”

“Of course you can, baby.” Susan was wearing a pink sleep romper. Dad had on his customary pajamas, I was wearing a tank top and boxer pajama shorts.

I got into the bed. There was silence as I composed my thoughts.

“Susan,, what do you think of Kaley and me sleeping nude together last week.”

“I can only assume you now what you are doing.”

“What am I doing?”

Silence. “I don’t want to put words in your mouth. Why don’t you tell me?”

“Well, Dr. Benson told me the goal of all BSC women is to get in touch with who and what they are, to further their self-expression and with no apologies,”

“Well, that’s a noble sentiment. I’m glad she laid it all out for you. So, tell me, ‘who are you?’, ‘what are you?’ and what forms of self-expression do you want to achieve?

Silence. After what must have been 5 minutes, “Kaley wanted us to have a lesbian relationship.”

“How did you react to that?”

“I let her know I wasn’t interested.”

“So you let her know your weren’t interested in a lesbian relationship?”

“No, I let her know I wasn’t interested in a lesbian relationship WITH HER.”

“Does that mean that you would be interested in a lesbian relationship with someone?”

Silence. “Susan, I know you always know everything. Surely you realize Stacy and I are lovers.”

“Of course I knew. I didn’t say anything because I figured if you wanted to tell me you would do so at the right time. I guess this is the right time.”

“I miss her. I want to feel again the way she made me feel that Friday night.”

“She’s 2000 miles away.”

“You’re 2 feet away.”

“What are you saying?”

I move toward Susan to kiss her. She put her hand up to stop me. “No, if Stacy is 2000 miles away, then I’m 20,000 miles away. I’m halfway around the earth.”

“But we’re so close.” I meant that in two ways.

“We’re not that close. Sara, there are societal norms at play here.”

“Are you saying you don’t want to make love to me?” Silence.

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