The Rendezvous P4

The Rendezvous P4) I stand and walk to get a drink from the small fridge. I grab cold water and open it to drink. You come to stand next to me and ask me to share. I rub the cool bottle over your breasts making sure to roll over your nipples you pull back and say that’s cold. I raise my eyebrows as I stare at how hard your nipples get. And say yea I know… I walk towards the window and stand in front of it my cock half erect. We are on the top floor in the back so nobody can see us standing there naked. As I slowly drink the water you walk up behind me and reach around to grab my cock and rub my chest. You ask me what I’m thinking. I look at you and say would you really want to know…yes you say. I am wondering how often someone comes to this side of the building and gazes up this way and how many people have had been seen in this window having sex. As your listening to me you have stroked my cock to full mast. I turn and kiss you along your neck and slide my tongue to your ear. I whisper to you to stand in front of the window. You’re a bit nervous but I assure you nobody will see and if they do they won’t say a thing. You look at me then turn to face the window. I push you forward so your tits are against the cool glass. It’s dark internet casino out so we are just a silhouette in the window. I kneel behind you and kiss your ass slowly as I rub my palm over your pussy. My cock is waving in the air anxious to be back into your pussy. I turn you around and have you lean on the glass and put on leg over my shoulder. I smell your sweetness and I can’t resist. I reach from underneath and us my thumbs to open your pussy wide, it’s so wet and slick I just have to taste it. I slowly spread my tongue out flat and wide and I start to lick…slowly from the bottom of your pussy I start. Moving up I curve the tip of my tongue to scoop into your pussy as I drag upward toward your clit. All the while I’m doing this I’m moving my thumbs up n down on your outer pussy lips. I gaze up to see your eyes closed and you squeezing your nipples. As I get to your clit I stop to suck it into my lips and roll it between them. I release your now erect clit and purse my lips on the tip and suck air over the tip. With this you lift your leg around my neck pushing me into your pussy and I hear you moan, holy crap… as you ease back I say what you didn’t like that, and I do it again. You grab my hair and force my face güvenilir casino to your pussy. In doing so my tongue drives into your pussy and I lick deep n slow. As you ease back I reach for the bottle of water. I see your eyes are closed so I take a large drink and hold the cold water in my mouth to cool my tongue. I suck some air to chill my tongue even more then I lean in and flick across your clit with the tip. I feel you jump so I hold you firmly and again do a wide slow lick over your clit. I hear you gasp as I do this so I suck more air and go again several times. When I’m you’re your breathing is labored .I stand and spin you to face the glass I push down at the small of your back forcing you to shove your ass out and lean hard on the glass smashing your tits to the glass. Now behind you and your pussy fully exposed and dripping I slowly slide my cock ever so slow into your soaking wet pussy. It so hot it’s steaming my cock. Your breath is fogging the window and your hands are clawing at the glass. I shove deep into you going very, very slow in and out so you feel every single inch. I gaze down to watch my cock vanish and reappear like a magic act of now you see me now you don’t. My cock is so hard and shiny from casino firmalari your juices and so very, very slippery. I keep going very slowly all the way from the tip to my balls deep. Pressing upward and into you, I ask you to look to see if anyone is out there and as you do I go a little faster. You look and say no nobody I see. Good I say so I guess we can go a little faster… I start to grind in still going full stroke but stepping up the speed. I hear you breathing get faster and you start to push back on my cock. I notice headlights outside so I start to jackhammer your pussy and tell you we have an audience. You look to see the headlights and I tell you to cum for the people. You say no you can’t so I pump hard saying sure you can just let go and relax. I go faster and harder. You find it hard to let go but finally as I’m hammering you do. You spread your legs wide in a firm stance and lean deep on the window. You gain strength and shove back saying fuck me harder. I see how hard you want it so I grab your hair and reach under to finger your clit as I long stroke your pussy. Your knees get weak as you are about to explode. I see and feel the wetness running down your leg. I lean back and shove deep and that does it for you. You let out a scream and cry, o my god. Your cum is oozing down your leg coating my cock. My hand is soaked from your juices. We continue to fuck slowly and finally stop. From outside, we hear the car horn blow in approval of the show….

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