The Restaurant Owner Ch. 2


This is the second of a series concerning Rick, who owns a restaurant and lives in a flat above. Rick is known for a very thick 9-inch dick and represent my real/fantasy self. Please read the first episode if you have concerns about literary consistency or Rick’s history. If you are interested in sex, you can start here. Do not read this work if explicit sex offends you, or explicit sexual erotica is illegal where you reside, or if you are under the age of 18. Oh, and be sure to vote for my story 🙂 .


Every morning, I woke as the lunch crew started to arrive below in the restaurant, usually about 10:00. Knowing that my brother and lunch manager Mike had things under control, I usually walked to the gym and worked out for an hour or so.

It was the same group of people every day , professionals and housewives who were taking the 11:00 aerobics class. Everyone nodded and smiled and said hello.

Several days after my night with Sharon (see The Restaurant Owner I). I noticed that one of the housewives in the aerobics class was staring at me. I had noticed her before because she was so petite — about 4’11” with a well shaped, although small, body. She rarely wore a bra and her nipples were always hard. She had a very nice tight ass. She also wore a wedding band and diamond. After the aerobics ended one day, she came into the gym and I could feel her eyes on me. That continued for a week or more.

Finally, after a week or so, she spoke to me in the lobby, “You must be Rick.”

“Yes I am, ” I said with a smile. “Have we met?”

“Well, not really, ” she smiled back. “I’m a friend of Sharon’s. My name is Lilly.”

I took her small hand in mine and smiled, watching her nipples go more erect beneath her blue Oxford shirt. She was a stereotypical soccer mom this day — blue Oxford, khaki skirt to just above her knees and tennis shoes.

She held my hand a little longer than necessary and told me, “I’d like to come eat at your restaurant one day after my workout. Sharon told me about you …and her” as she gave my hand a little squeeze.

I smiled and whispered, “How about today?” She smiled.


She drove us to the covered garage next to the restaurant. As I bent over to grab my bag out of the back of her mini-van , I felt her press her body against my back, her hard nipples boring into my skin. We ran up the back stairs and into my office. The desk was clean as I pushed her back upon it and began to twist her nipples with my fingers.

“Oh God, I’ve thought about this since Sharon told me about you — and your cock.”

I smile, bending my head down to kiss her roughly. Her lips parted willingly, and I felt her legs lift and wrap around my ass, her skirt around her waist. “So what did Sharon tell you?” as I rubbed my thick 9 inches against her hot mound.

“Oh god, ” as her eyes rolled in her head and her body trembled, “she told me how large and thick you are. And how you filled her ass….”

“Is that what you want? An anal fuck? Rough and hard? ” as I roughly twisted her nipples and bit her neck.

“Oh nooooooooooooooooo, it would tear me in half. I know it would. I’m so small. It would just rip me in half. But I do want to see if a large cock would fit in my pussy. My husband is average in size and I have always been small and tight” as she moaned with lust. “I ever since I talked to Sharon, I lusted for your large cock! I even came with my own fingers that afternoon!”

I roughly ripped her blue güvenilir bahis Oxford open, exposing her to the waist. She moaned as my lips sucked her hard, erect nipples into my mouth. At the same time, I felt her hands on my waist pushing my shorts down. My hands went to her skirt. Eventually, we were both naked and I dropped to my knees and kissed her wet pussy lips. Her juices ran down her thighs and onto my face and I sucked and nibbled at her skin, slowing making my way to her erect clit. Her hands grabbed my head as she implored me, “Oh fuck me, Fuck me hard. I want your fucking cock Rick! Now!”

I stood, cock in my hand, slowly stroking myself to my fully erect state as I smiled, “Beg me Lilly. Beg for it”

“Oh please, please fuck me. I want your large cock inside me now. I’ll do anything!” her legs spread wide before me.

“The tell me what you want me to do to you Lilly….”

Her hands went to her nipples, stroking and caressing them, as she moaned, “Oh ram it in my wet puss, then fuck me hard, my legs spread wide over your shoulders, as I scream!”

I positioned my cock head against her tight slit, rubbing it up and down against her shaved, wet skin. “Ummmm, nice and tight. But you want me to do what? Tell me again!”

She writhed on the desk, seemingly about to explode with lust, her skin already red with lust and excitement, “Oh FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME HARD WITH YOUR COCK!”

I rammed my dick hard into her pussy as she screamed the words “COCK!” and it faded into a gasping scream, “OHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH ARGGHGHHHHHHHH!” as I slid a hard 3 inches inside her. Her pussy was extremely tight, clutching at my thick cock even as wet as she was, and her eyes opened wide as her mouth with pain/pleasure as she began to gasp with every breath, “Oh….oh….oh….ah….oh….ah…ah…arghhhhhhhhh” as I pulled and drove another 2 inches inside her. Her juices flowed fast and hot, sliding around my cock and down my thighs, her feet pressing into my back as she tried to pull me closer, moaning “Oh more, fill meeeeeee!”

I pulled back, intending to thrust hard back into her, but her tight pussy clutched at my thick dick and her ass raised off the desk with me, bending her at her waist as she moaned, then her tight butt slammed against the desk with a *smack!* as I thrust again, driving my cock a good 7 inches inside her. “*Damn, she was tight and hot!*” and I felt her cum extremely hard, her head twisting from side-to-side, her body in spasms under me, her hands and feet flailing at my back and ass, her breath rasping, unintelligible, “Ugh…oh….argh….oh…ah….ha….ha….ha….”

“Ohyes….ohyes….ohyes….ohyes….” as I pulled her ass off the desk again as I prepared to thrust, her tight pussy bringing her with me, then drove down as hard as I could thrust, slamming fully inside her tightness and holding her there as she began to cum again, her hot breath against my chest, hand clutching the side of the desk, feet splayed wide. Tears squeezed from the corners of her eyes as she moaned, “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”

Her pussy was like a tight anal tunnel, silky and smooth and very tight, stretching slowing to accommodate my dick, her muscles spasming as I held myself deep within her. She went on an extended orgasm, moaning and writhing for several minutes until we lay there, deep inside her, feeling her tight walls relax and stretch as her juices ran on and on. I reached behind her and grabbed her tight ass, holding myself deep inside her until she gazed into my eyes türkçe bahis and, reaching for her ankles with her hands, begged me, “Oh fuck me Rick. Fuck me now.”

I began long slow strokes, taking my cock out of her until just the tip was inside her pussy lips, then sliding it slowly into her tightening muscles, watching her eyes widen with every slow thrust. After a few thrust, she moaned deeply, her voice rough and low, her head turning to the side, “Oh Rick, I’m cumming again. Oh damn, I’m cumming!” I felt her muscles tighten and her breath hot and gasping again as me moaned, “…ohyes….ohyes….ohyes….ohes!”

As she came, I began fucking her faster and harder, still long strokes but more urgent and rougher. Her ass came up to meet me as she responded to every thrust and I grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs even wider, pushing her feet up around her head. Her hands went to my ass, grabbing me and pulling me with every thrust, low moans and gasp our accompaniment.

Her body responded to me, moving with me faster and faster until I was slamming my cock deep inside her to her loud groans and gasps, her hands cupping my butt and pulling me even harder. I felt her start to go and she gasped, “Rick…..oh…..cum in me….give it to me!….oh!…oh!…oh!” as she felt my cock swell with my orgasm. “Uhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned and I drove deeper once, twice, a third time until I felt my cum shot up me and then splash deep inside her. Her finger went into my asshole, stimulating me and I felt her muscles clutch me, milking my cock, “Oh yes baby, fill me up. Give me all your hot cum!” as she pulled at my ass, holding me deep. I came and came, and shot long thick streams of cum inside her until we collapsed together on the desktop, my cock softening inside her.


We must have slipped into a light sexual sleep, our sweat-soaked bodies against each other. She finally moved under me, her pussy still tight and clutching against my now semi-erect cock, her muscles massaging me, both of us groaning as she smiled up at me, “Oh yes, Sharon was right. Ummmm” as she kissed me slowly, feeling my cock start to harden again inside her. “Oh God, ” she groaned.

I reach under her and her ass was resting in a pool of juices and cum, lubricated and slick. I held her ass tight and rolled her over on top of me. She arched her back, and my semi-erect dick slid inside her. My finger probed her tight ass and she just smiled. She began clutching and massaging my cock with her muscles, arching her back and smiling as she brought me to my full size.

She started gasping again as she began to ride me, first slowly (more a rubbing than a riding) her erect clit rubbing against my pelvic bone as my cock moved inside her. After several minutes, I thrust up against her and she came, “Oh Rick, I’m cumming” and she collapsed against me. Thrusting up against her, I fucked her with slow, long strokes, lifting her pelvis off of my body with every hard thrust. She bounced off of my every thrust until she began to lift and thrust back against me.

I heard her gasp sharply, and she murmured, “Oh shit, I’m cumming again” and she rested her hands on my chest and forced herself upright as she began to move up and down on my cock rapidly. Her head was rolling from side to side, her senses completely immersed in our sex, my hands under her ass lifting her and pulling her back down onto my cock, when the door opened and my brother Michael came in.

Mike usually walked upstairs to talk güvenilir bahis siteleri to me before he left the building after the lunch trade. He smiled, his eyes twinkling, as he saw Lilly’s lithe body from the door. He laid down the papers he was carrying and dropped his pants. As he walked around in front of Lilly she just smiled, immersed in another orgasm, and licked her lips, mouth parted. He leaned into her, and her tongue snaked out to lick the head of his erect cock. Average in size and thickness, Michael had occasionally engaged in a little threesome action with me. He thrust into her mouth.

She began to moan and buck, riding me harder, sucking his cock into her mouth. His hands went around her head, but she eagerly sucked him into her mouth. I could hear her lips slurping as she sucked his cock head, then the shaft. Michael reached his hand to her tits, twisting her nipples, then slid another hand down her small back to her tight ass, still slick with her juices. I could feel his finger probing at her asshole, and her moans indicated that she felt it, and her body responded with more thrusting, driving my cock deeper inside her. I spread her ass cheeks wide with my hands. The slurps of her mouth on his cock and the smack of her pussy against my body were the only sounds you could hear.

Suddenly Michael pulled out of her mouth, his cock glistening with her saliva, and quickly positioned himself behind her. I felt his hands on her ass pressing her cheeks even wider as she screamed, “Noooooooooooooooo!!!!” but he thrust accurately and firmly and his cock head entered her tight anal ring with a *pop*! “Oh God, Oh God, Oh Godddd!” she screamed as she felt the two of us inside her and shuddered.

I paused, feeling Mike’s cock rub against me, then even more stimulation as he pulled back and thrust again. Lilly was groaning, no words, only gasps and moans until he was fully inside her ass. Tears welled from her eyes, dripping onto my face and chest. Sobs wrenched from her throat. The feeling was incredible, her tight pussy had even less room for my cock, and I can’t imagine how Mike’s cock felt inside her tight ass. We both paused, letting her muscles stretch out and take us in, feeling her pussy walls spasm as she came again. Finally she raised her head, eyes glazed with lust/pain/pleasure and cried out, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” in a low guttural tone.

We started an alternating rhythm, one cock always inside her. Her body was like a rag doll, flopping between the two of us, her mouth open, guttural groans with every thrust, the groans running together to make a low guttural humming in the room. I felt her body sag as she came, pussy clutching at my cock, but we kept pounding and pounding her. As tight as she was, it was a wonder that we didn’t explode immediately. Especially Mike — I could see his red face and hear his groans, he was nearly ready.

We both thrust faster and harder, our cock rubbing through the thin skin separating us. Then Mike exploded with a groan of his own, filling her tight ass with hot cum. I could feel the heat radiate through her abdomen and her pussy, surrounding my cock. She screamed loudly, writhing between us, begging me, “Oh give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!” in a harsh tone. I came hard, exploding inside her tight pussy, my cock spasming inside her, rubbing against her tight walls, her muscles still able to clutch and squeeze. Cum and juices ran from her ass and pussy, smearing all over my abdomen and legs, and all over the desk. We all collapsed into a heap on the desktop.

I let Mike clean up the desk as I walked her out to her car, arm around her shoulder to assist her as she stumbled. I smiled and waved as she drove off.

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