the ride of a lifetime


As I stand waiting on the platform, my eyes are drawn towards the beautiful woman stepping down from the train. Her smile makes me stand up straight with a smile. As I watch her, the only way I can explain the looks she’s giving me is that she is undressing me with her eyesI look at her figure. Her sweet curves and tanned skin as she walks towards me, her short skirt brushing her thighs with her very tight white shirt fitting snugly around her amazingly big breasts. My smile grows with each passing second.I then walk forwards to close the space between us. Her arms wrap around my neck as I place mine around her waist, stepping back to get a better look at her gorgeous smile and her tight white shirt and breasts pressed against my chest. I then look at her sleek long legs while admiring her short skirt as I notice her take Acıbadem escort bayan a deep breath like she is smelling fine wine.”It’s nice to finally see you in person, Caitlin,” I whisper to her as I smile. My voice is slightly hoarse with excitement, as I watch her face light up from hearing my English accent. Her lips part as she softly says, “It’s nice to finally see you properly too, Charlie.” Her thick Scottish accent, sounding slightly out of breath, makes my heart race.”I hope you’re not bored of train rides yet baby, because we’re going on another one,” I say with a smile and look to her eyes for a hint of what she might be thinking.Her smile breaks into a grin as her cheeks flush, she replies “not at all, I love the train,” with a secret smile hiding behind her words. Escort Kaynarca As we walk to the other platform I place my arm around her waist. Placing my hand on her ass slightly, I let my fingers slip below the hem of her skirt as I brush them against her soft ass cheeks. I see her turn to me eyes locked onto my face as I give her a little smile.I turn to face her cheek pressing my lips to her neck and whisper, “Mmmm no panties, that’s my good sexy slut,” as my fingers rub against her cheeks, lust building in my eyes. She leans into me, her neck on mine as she breathes deep and then says, “So where are we going?” I wink at her and reply, “Wait and see.”The train is already at the platform when we arrive. We board the train and sit down in a busy carriage. We start to talk as I Aydınlı escort make her laugh at some of my stories. Gazing into her chocolate brown eyes I softly say, “Your beautiful eyes dance when you laugh,” as I place my hand onto her thigh, gently stroking.I smile to her when she releases a soft moan from her red lips, plump and soft looking. “You like that baby?” I ask huskily. She nods her head gently. I place my lips onto hers and kiss her softly, her lips part slightly, and I slip my tongue into her mouth.As her tongue meets mine our kiss becomes deeper and more passionate. She places her hand onto my thigh, fingers running over my already hard cock, making me groan. The look in her eyes tells me she knows that she’s turning me on and it’s driving her wild. She pulls away, our lips separating As she breathes hard our eyes lock onto one another.She glances around the busy carriage and looks to me with a fire in her eyes biting her bottom lip. Knowing exactly what she is thinking I give her a smile whispering, “You want me to fuck you right here don’t you my little slut?” close to her ear. “Oh yes,” she says abruptly.

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