The Rise of the Ponygirl Transport


The Rise of the Ponygirl Transport System in the World

The following is a story based on predictions of global oil producers and what a loss in oil would mean to the future of transportation in the world. It is not the only solution, but it could be one possible scenario. This is still just a work of fiction, but it would be interesting to see if it comes to pass.



Scientists and world leaders are facing a crisis. Within the next 40-50 years, all predictions seem to indicate that world oil supplies will drop dramatically. World governments could wind up going to war over oil, and even if they do, the supplies would only last a few years afterwards. How then, would the world’s population commute? A simple and cost effective system of Ponygirls and Ponyboys being used to move people around, of course distances traveled would be less then they currently are. What follows is a short story, base don the observations of Kristy, a 21 year old female in Orlando, FL about to become a ponygirl after failing to find work.

Chapter 1 — Life in a ponygirl world

Kristy was nervous. Today was her final day to find a job, before she was automatically designated to become a ponygirl. When the world supplies of oil dropped below 50% ten years ago, the United States instituted the Emergency Oil Preservation rules, along with all the other countries in the world. It was required that upon completion of school, all people had 60 days to secure a job thru the government’s job centers, or be reclassified as livestock. The designation change was necessary to help prevent waste of fuel and to help curb pollution. Within hours of the law being passed, army and local police units were on the streets, taking those who did not have a legal job off to the training facilities to learn how to become human ponies. Some people fled from the country, but soon, these learned that although their status had changed, they still had the best protections in the world. Unfortunately for them, they could not return once they fled.

Within a week, prostitution, STDs, HIV, and a host of other city problems had disappeared, thanks to the medical advances offered to the new ponies. Jobs had been created to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the human pony herd, and the quality of life started to increase across the country. . Teams of Ponyboys were used to pull the heavy mass transit systems and large delivery carts, while ponygirls were being used for family transportation and taxi services.

In all, life was getting better. Kids were educated at the local schools, and those who wanted to go on to college could do so, while those who had job offers could take them. Volunteers were always accepted into the pony community, and instead of the drafted ponies, these could actually earn a wage and be offered a job during interviews setup with potential employers.

As Kristy marveled at the world now, she was reminded that time was running. Still, she had to weigh her options. On one hand, there was the possibility that the employment agent working her case would be able to place her, but as the hours passed, she grew less hopeful. Finally, with only one hour left before her classification was officially changed, she walked down to the local job center, and volunteered for ponygirl service.

Chapter 2 — Dressing out

Kristy stood at the back of the job center, waiting for the transport to take her to the ponygirl training facility outside of Orlando. She and about 10 other girls and 5 boys were waiting in the volunteers’ area, while trucks of converted humans were waiting in holding bays to be taken as well. Kristy talked with a few of the girls around her, and most volunteered because they were in the same boat. Some of the boys, predictably, thought they would be able to have some fun with the fillies, but the colts were destined for a different facility, and would not be housed together.

As the trucks arrived for the volunteers, the small group was split up, girls on one truck, boys on the other. Larger capacity trucks were brought in Escort bayan for the rest of the waiting people, again, splitting them up with boys on one truck, girls on the other. As the trucks left, Kristy could see the police units leaving the job center, ready to go collect the unfortunates. Kristy smiled to herself, thinking she had at least made a good choice.

The trucks carrying the girls left the city proper, and within a half hour, they came into sight of a large corral and training facility. The trucks entered the compound, and came to a stop, and then workers approached each of the trucks, and began to unload the girls. The volunteers were taken out first, and led to a room, where they were ordered to undress, and then to prepare to be ringed and chipped, so they could be identified as volunteers.

Kristy and the rest were a little nervous at first, but after a brief pause, she began undressing. Soon, all the girls in the volunteer group were nude, and they were passed on to a trainer, who had the group enter a white room. A bright flash followed, and then the lighting returned to normal. Kristy wondered what had happened, till she looked down at her body. All her hair had been removed, from every part of her. The girls were a little nervous about this, but the dressing out had only just begun. The trainer led the girls to the marking room, where each girl had a small chip implanted into their right forearm. It hurt a little, but the girls all knew the chip would be keeping their credits and also their personnel information, so they figured it was worth the small pain. The group then followed the trainer to the harness room, where each girl was fitted for a leather harness, bridle, tail, and hoof boots and mitts.

The harness had 2 leather straps that went over the shoulders, and connected to a ring, just below the breasts. There was a strap that ran under the breasts, with little half cups to hold and separate the breasts, as well as a small strap that ran over the breasts and connected with the shoulder straps, to act like a bra. Below the breast strap, the central leather ran to a second ring located at the belly of each girl, where other straps met. One was a waist belt strap, to allow carts to be harnessed to the girls. There was a crotch strap, which had a dildo and anal plug on it, which passed between the girl’s legs, and a set of suspender straps for stockings that would be worn under the pony hoof boots.

As Kristy was closest, the trainer harnessed her first. She giggled a little, when she first saw the harness, and then gave a muted gasp of pleasure as the dildo was inserted, then a small squeal as the anal plug was likewise inserted. As the straps were fastened down, Kristy was told to put on the white stockings, signifying her trainee status. Once the stockings were on, Kristy put on the hoof boots, and the trainer laced them up tight, making them one with her foot. Kristy teetered on them for a minute, and then she settled down. To her, it was like wearing a pair of 5 inch heels.

The trainer next began to fasten the elaborate head harness about Kristy’s head. There were straps that went below her chin, around her head, and one over her head. All these were tightened down, made snug, then the final bit of gear was added, the bit. The ponygirl bit, by design, kept the pony muted, but protected her teeth. The bit was leather with a small metal curb which rested on the tongue, preventing speech, but allowing the girl to make pony sounds. Finally, the trainer connected a set of reigns to the bit, and tied Kristy to a hitching rail, to wait for the rest of the volunteer girls to be prepped.

Chapter 3 — Training

Kristy stood at the hitching rail for nearly 2 hours, as the other girls were similarly harnessed. She admired the other girls and thought about what her new life was going to be like. When all the girls had been harnessed up completely, the trainer came to the hitching rail, and untied the rest of the girls, taking their reigns and leading them to the initiation room. Kristy and the rest were Bayan escort led into a separate building, where each was hitched onto their own platform. Kristy was a little nervous, but as the lights dimmed, she saw a movie come on, so she settled in to watch it.

The movie was all about how to be a proper ponygirl, and covered everything from reign signals to proper posture. Kristy was surprised when during the movie the subject being taught was actually demonstrated to her live. The other girls all experienced the same things that were happening on the movie. The final bit was a surprise, however. The screen showed a dirt road, and the girls heard the movie command them to prepare for a run. They felt the booths begin to move, and soon, each girl felt like they were hitched to a cart. The drivers flicked the reigns, and the girls obediently began to march step. The screen showed the path moving, and the girls felt the tugs on the reigns as the road twisted and turned. This lasted for over an hour, and by the end, each girl had become exhausted.

As the trainer took Kristy out of the booth, he reported to her that for her fist time, she was a natural, and seemed to be ready to move on to real life driving training, then she would be ready to be sold. Kristy was surprised, but eager to move on.

As the weeks passed, Kristy continued to impress the training staff, and soon, she had offered from buyers to purchase her for their use as their exclusive ponygirl. Kristy was happy. The money being offered was more than enough for her to return to graduate school, and even to begin her own business selling some sex toys and ponygirl training tips for volunteers and play ponies. Finally, however, came the day of the sale.

Chapter 4 — Sold

Kristy was taken back to the harnessing room, and dressed out in all the finest as she waited for the sale to begin. She sat there feeling the trainer fix a feather plume to her head harness, then giggled a little as he rubber her down with some tanning lotion, and finally added some glitter to her skin. Kristy was loving the attention the trainer was showing her, and she was pleased she was taking her time with this soon to be sold pony. Kristy didn’t know it, but the trainer was fixing on buying her, if she could afford the highly sought after filly.

Finally, the time came for the sale, and Kristy was led, along with about 30 other ponies, to the sale blocks. The volunteers were kept till the end, so that the individual families could purchase them, while the taxi services bid on the converted ponygirls. The converted ponies were bought in groups of ten, and while all the ponies were highly trained, the converted ponies hadn’t been as pampered as the volunteer ponies, and also they knew there was no return possible for them to the human world, unless they were freed by the discovery of some extremely vast supply of oil.

As the taxi ponies were sold, they were taken away by the buyer’s pony powered trucks, to begin their service as taxis and shuttles around the local areas. After the business buyers had bought what they wanted and left, the volunteer ponies were brought up on stage, to be auctioned off to the remaining bidders. Kristy was slated to be the last one, since she was the most likely to draw in the bucks. Each of the ponies would receive the final bid price, minus the cost of harness and such, which still left most of the money to the ponies. The lowest bid allowed had to give the pony $4,000.00 so when she opted out, she could have something to start out on, although the opt-out wouldn’t be offered till the ponygirl had served for over 5 years.

Kristy heard the bids, and as the amounts kept going up, her eyes budged. She knew ponygirls were highly sought after, but some of the final prices were in the millions. Kristy’s turn finally came, and she was led on the block. The auction started at the traditional $4,000.00 mark, and very quickly had climbed to over $500,000.00. Kristy couldn’t believe it. The bids still kept coming, but finally, the gavel banged down, and Kristy Escort was sold, for $1.3 million dollars. As she was taken by her new owner to her horse trailer, Kristy couldn’t help but smile behind her bit.

Chapter 5 — Life as a family ponygirl

Kristy’s new owner took the newly acquired ponygirl back to the house and unpacked Kristy from the horse trailer, to place her in her new home. Kristy looked around the stall, and was suitably impressed. There was fresh straw on the floor, a huge window she could look out of, and even a working indoor toilet. Kristy turned and beamed at her owner, then like a good pony, she knelt down, to receive her new pony name.

Kristy’s owner looked on with pride, as Kristy knelt there on the straw, looking like the proudest pony in the city. Sandra and Ken Michel, great grandson of Tom Michel who penned the first ponygirl laws, looked at the sun shining on Kristy’s body, and then gave her the pony name, Sunshine Glory.

Sunshine Glory smiled behind her bit, and couldn’t help but feel glad she was being offered this chance at a possible future. Sandra and Ken then sat down with Kristy, at a small card table, to discuss how long she would like to remain with them. Ken removed her bit for the discussion, and Kristy felt obliged to tell them how proud she was that they had bought her, especially after all Sandra had done during her training to help her. Kristy told them that she would like the opportunity to begin her own small ponygirl business, and both Ken and Sandra said they could help Kristy do this, if she would agree to serve them as their exclusive pony for 5 years as nothing but pony, and for a further 10 years and part time pony, with the option to return as a full time pony if the store didn’t make it, or if Kristy wanted to return on her own. Kristy agreed, and signed on the line, signing both her legal name and her new Pony name.

So life began anew for Kristy, a.k.a Sunshine Glory. During the day, she would take Sandra and Ken to their jobs, dropping Sandra ff at the training grounds then continuing on to Ken’s office, where he worked to make the lives of ponygirls safer, as well as to help promote the idea of ponygirl powered transportation. While they were at work, Sunshine Glory was hitched to a rail in the building’s ponygirl parking lot, where she watched the comings and goings of the other pony teams, learning from observation what equipment owners wanted for their ponies.


After her five years as a full time pony, Kristy began her ponygirl outfitters store, with the help of Ken and Sandra, and soon, she had a nice business going. Drivers would come in, and buy all sorts of things, from plumes to crops to fancy harnesses to new hoof boots. Kristy sometimes missed the life of a ponygirl, but she thought fondly of the weekends when she still donned her pony harness and became Sunshine Glory for the Michels’.

After her store had been up and running for over 20 years, Kristy had enough money to go buy herself her own pony, which she did, and soon both she and the Michels’ were driving their proud fillies around the town.

The world continued to get better, and soon, the big oil guzzling cars were things of the past. Hover technology soon replaced the airplane as the principle long range transportation devices, and instead of every home with a garage, it soon became every home with a stable. Hover technology also made huge teams of ponies unnecessary, thereby allowing more families to afford ponies. Soon, volunteers were so prolific, that forced recruiting was not necessary, although the laws were not changed just to help control the unemployment figures.

Volunteers were still allowed to keep funds they generated, but the auction prices soon dropped back to sensible levels. There were no longer the Million Dollar ponies being sold at auctions. The typical price of a pony now was about $15,000.00 for a five year commitment. Ponies could offer themselves for longer, once the bidding was done, and the owners could renew the contract at the amount paid at auction, adjusted for inflation. The end result was that about 30 years after the world ran out of oil, there was no need to go looking for more, since now, any family that wanted, could afford a ponygirl or ponyboy for their personal transportation.

The end

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