The Roommate


The RoommateThis is not necessarily fiction. I hope my friend girl never sees this story lol.The Roommate-I had recently moved to North Carolina by way of Atlanta GA. I had just got laid off of my job in Atlanta and one of my best friends Dametra was telling me of a place that was hiring and that if I got hired I could live with her and pay her a small amount for room and board until I get on my own.So I decided to drive there and visit for a weekend since its only a 4 hour drive. So when I arrived I called Dametra and she directed me to her place. Prior to me coming she had told me about her roommate that was moving out the same weekend I was coming so I though nothing of it.When I saw Dametra we hugged and everything and she walked me inside of her apartment. I then saw her roommate Delaney and Dametra introduced us. When I saw Delaney I wanted her right then and there. This sista was so fine: 5’5 with a Serena Williams body. Even though she did have a little gut stomach she was still fine. Long hair, pretty brown skin complexion with the chubby cheeks that make a girl face so cute… I mean don’t get me wrong Dametra is fairly attractive herself but Delaney just had that freaky swagger about herself that just made you wanna get freaky with her. So after I met Delaney she welcomed me to Greensboro and said If I need anything to just holla. Although she was being innocently friendly I was already devising a plan to approach her when I had the chance. I told her thanks and that I won’t be a stranger. She just had no idea of how serious I was.Anyway, I then begin to interact with Dametra for a while and then Dametra ordered some Chinese food and informed me she was going to be gone for like a hour because she had choir practice. She asked me if I wanted to come but of course I declined. After she left I then went to Delaney’s room and knocked on the door. “Its open.” She said sounding so sexy to me. So I open the door and she was just standing there with her panties and a t-shirt that barely covered her stomach completely. I was momentarily froze by her body. “Oh I thought mariobet güvenilirmi you was D.” She said referring to Dametra. I then told her that Dametra had gone to choir practice but had ordered Chinese food but that it was enough for all of us to eat. Delaney then suggested she put on some clothes before she come out there to get something to eat. And here’s when my courage finally surfaced. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all if you didn’t put anything on.” I said. I could tell that my boldness caught her off guard by her surprised look on her face. “Are you hitting on me J?” She asked with a very slight smile. “Delaney I’m gonna keep it real with you. You sexy as hell to me, and I know that I probably don’t have a chance to have you so I’m pleased with looking at you.” I answered. “Um oh wow. Um I honestly don’t know what to say.” She said. Then I just looked directly at her eyes and asked her direct “Can I taste you?” And looking right in her eyes I knew that even if she said no it wasn’t gonna be because she didn’t want me to but because of Dametra. “Um, I don’t think we should do that. I mean Dametra would probably kick both our asses. Not to mention I don’t even really know you.” So then I said well can you at least leave little to my imagination when you put some clothes on. She laughed and said okay. So she later came out the room with some pink tights on that fit like knickerbockers but was made out of cotton, kind of like gym tights. And with that she had the same sky blue t-shirt she was wearing with her panties. So I decided to take the time to tell her about myself and find out some things about her as well.Later that night me and Dametra was in bed and Dametra told me that she had a half day at work the next morning. So then the next morning came and I got up and went in the front room and put on some music with my labtop and started doing push ups and sit ups. After about 45 minutes of working out Delaney comes out of her room and is headed to the kitchen. She actually didn’t even notice me doing push ups in the corner as she passed mariobet yeni giriş the front room. Delaney was again only wearing her panties but this time a white tank top, and the way her ass was basically jiggling out of her panties made me rock hard. I then finished my set and turned the music off the labtop. I then went and knocked on Delaney’s room door already knowing she was in the kitchen. Delaney then said from the kitchen “I’m in the kitchen Dametra.” Oh I said. I then heard her say to herself. “Oh shoot.” I knew she was saying that because she thought I would think something of her in her panties again. “You alright I asked. “Yeah I’m fine did you need me, I’m kind of undressed. I didn’t think you would be up this early, I’m so used to being here by myself on Saturday mornings.” She said. I then waited a moment to allow my dick to go back down some and walked in the kitchen with my shirt off and chest and abs pumped up from my workout.She had a cup of hot cocoa in her hand when I met her coming out the kitchen. “Did you need me for something?” She asked again. I then said if only you knew what I would do to you. She laughed as she walked passed me. I then laughed and said in a low voice but loud enough for her to hear me “All you got to do is let me come in, I promise you won’t regret it.””C’mon.” She whispered. My dick got rock hard immediately when I heard that. I then followed her to the room, looking at her ass jiggle out her panties some more. And when we got in the room I closed the door behind me. She turned around and I walked up to her and lifted her shirt off of her. She then backed up to her bed where I slightly pushed her on the bed and dropped my shorts and my boxers and allowed her to see my 9 1/2 inch dick at full attention. “Damn you packing.” She said. I felt so good when she said that but I stayed calm like a soldier ready for battle. I then got on my knees and pulled her panties off and started licking and sucking on her clit. She started moaning as I continued to lick and suck on her clit and all over her pussy. I then mariobet giriş start putting my finger in her pussy as I licked and sucked on her clit. I did it until she came. And then I stood up and pulled her by her hands up to me and she began to suck the skin off my dick.I mean I felt she had some freak in her but I didn’t think she had skills like what she showed. First off she nearly deep throat me right off the bat. I mean she got all the way down, with probably only like 1/4 of a inch of my dick left outside of her mouth. Then she begin to lick and suck with so much saliva I thought she was a water fountain. And while she was sucking she was massaging my dick and my balls with her saliva. I was about to just cum in her mouth but I wanted her pussy to bad. I stopped her, and pushed her back on her bed and grabbed her legs and pulled her toward me. I then stuck my dick as far in her pussy as I could and began to fuck the shit out of her. I could tell by her moaning and groaning and at times trying to stop me from hitting it hard that she wasn’t used to guys my size. That turned me on even more and I went to going fast then slow and deep and fast again and slow and deep. Her pussy was feeling so good that at one time I almost slob out of my mouth. Then I start rubbing on her tits as I kept pounding her pussy. She then came on my dick. I was about to turn her over and hit it from the back but when she came on my dick her pussy start throbbing so hard it made me cum. I pulled out but not before I had already skeet some of that cum inside her. She didn’t care much though. Or if she did she didn’t say anything. I picked up my shorts and put them back on. She sat up in her bed and said “You wasn’t lying, I don’t regret it.” I laughed but felt so proud. I bent over and kissed her on the lips and told her anytime she want it she could get it. She smiled and said “I like the thought of that.”I left out the room and even though she stays on the other side of town now I never seen her again. I later found out that her and my good friend Dametra who is now one of my top 2 friends actually had a disagreement about a couple personal things and that’s why Delaney moved out. Because of me and Dametra close friendship now I kind of feel bad for having sex with Delaney because I feel like she did it more so to feel like she got the best of Dametra. Oh well.

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