The Salon Ch. 02



Claire is introduced to the Salon by a friend, and is intrigued enough to look into it. She discovers a discreet service for busy people who need a little help getting off. In order to help the Salon to tailor a program that is suited to her needs, Claire is required to complete a practical introduction for a camera. This ‘homework assignment’ proves to be a lot of fun.


“Matt will be along in a moment to introduce himself and take you through your first session. Welcome aboard!”

Like everything else to do with the salon, Matt was not at all what she had been expecting. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, exactly. But the 6’3″, tousle-haired specimen with a killer smile was a welcome surprise. He was lean and well-muscled, comfortably well dressed and in another setting could have been her personal trainer. Even without thinking about what was about to happen, Claire felt her heart skip a beat as he led her down the hall. As they walked, the sounds of pleasure were unmistakable behind every door they passed, which only served to heighten Claire’s sense of anticipation.

They entered a small but beautifully appointed room, not unlike a nice studio apartment in a resort. Dark blues and reds were off-set by small down lights giving it a feeling of warmth. Claire’s professional brain noted the design and approved. Other parts of her brain were beginning to react to very different signals.

“If you don’t mind,” Matt asked, “we spend some

time getting to know new clients first. I really enjoyed reviewing your practical. I think we’ll have some fun together.” She blushed.

They began to talk, and within moments Claire felt wonderfully at ease with Matt and soon they were laughing together. This must be one of the more crucial parts of this process, she thought. In order to feel relaxed and open to being ‘serviced’ – this was the word that seemed to sum it up – the client would need to have a certain rapport.

After a while, Matt stood up.

“Right! I’ll be back in a moment. You can take your clothes off and slip into the robe provided, and then we’ll get started.”

Her heart was thumping so loud she felt sure that the young lady at reception would be able to hear it. She quickly stripped and pulled on the crimson silk gown hanging behind the door. A reclining lounge was the dominating feature of the room, and she tentatively sat down on it. It looked like a first class equivalent of a dentist chair. The leather was soft, comfortable and warm. She let the robe fall open and hoped this wouldn’t be inappropriate, and immediately smiled at how ridiculous that thought was.

Matt came back into the room. Without a word, he walked over to her, and in one fluid movement slipped an eye mask over her face. Plunged into sudden darkness, she gasped. She sat back, breathing hard, heart thumping, trying to ascertain what he was up to. She strained her ears for the movement of his body, but heard nothing. Was he watching her? The seconds stretched out. Her mind began to conjure images of what was bahis firmaları happening, or going to happen. She became aware of scents in the air. Soft aromatics, warm and spicy and arousing. She was aware of the warmth of the room, and now she could hear him, moving quietly around the room. His movements stirred the air and she could feel it across her exposed skin. The fine hair on her forearms stood up. She was aware of the texture of the leather beneath her. She reflected that usually her own pleasure was a rushed process, hurried and ill-prepared. This imposed patience was just another layer added to the feelings now coming alive within her.

The seconds ticked by and still he made no move towards her. The anticipation was delicious, and she found that the initial tension raised by the deprivation of her sight was replaced with the tension of the how’s and why’s and what’s. She was becoming aroused as her mind’s eye continued to play out ever more explicit scenarios. Were there people watching, like she had fantasised during her practical? Perhaps Matt was getting himself off while he looked at her? She pictured her own pussy, her lips beginning to glisten. She felt like she could even perceive the folds of silky flesh within her parting and sliding. She found herself squirming in the seat. She was incredibly turned on, and still Matt had not even touched her. She loved to use her imagination while she masturbated, but again she thought about how rushed everything usually was. Now, she indulged it, letting each scenario build and take shape.

Finally, she could stand it no longer. Anticipation and patience were one thing but such was her desire to come she decided she couldn’t wait. She moved her hand over her belly, her fingers seeking out her throbbing, pulsing clit. But just as her fingers reached the spot she longed to touch, strong hands seized her wrist. She gasped. Her wrist was moved back to her side, and swiftly restrained. A second later the other wrist was similarly held. Now she was deprived of both sight, and the use of her hands. This served to ramp the tension to another level. She had never been tied down before, though it was an idea she had used in her fantasies.

Claire expected that this change in mood would mark his beginning to touch her, but again he immediately stepped away. She was almost overwhelmed by now. There was a small amount of give in the bonds holding her wrists, but nowhere near enough to let her touch her swollen clitoris. She was on fire, desperate to feel something, anything. Her hips ground against the chair, and she tried crossing and uncrossing her legs, but to no avail.

“Touch me,” she whispered. “Please”.

“Touch me.” This time the plea was louder, more insistent.

Finally, after she thought the anticipation would become too much, his strong hands held her ankles, and slid upwards. There was warm oil in his hands smelling of the same aromatics she had sensed before. Where he touched her skin, she tingled. His hands rubbed up over her thighs and hips, over her belly, then upwards and outwards kaçak iddaa towards her shoulders. Her hips had stopped moving, such was the delicious sensation his hands were delivering. Her skin tingled all over as he rubbed and massaged her arms, shoulders, neck, then smoothed his hands back over her tummy.

His hands slowed as they moved down her body. She was holding her breath as they crept lower and lower. Her legs parted as his thumbs moved over the tiny patch of hair between her legs. He very carefully parted her lips, letting the air play across her inner petals. Her mouth opened in a soundless gasp as the acute awareness of her body heightened the sensation. For the briefest of seconds, one delightful moment, the pad of his thumb barely grazed her clit. This time she cried out and moved her hips, trying to prolong the contact, but he was already gone. His hands never left her body, but slid up to trap a nipple each. He rolled them in his fingers, increasing the pressure slowly until she felt like bolts of electricity were shooting up and down her body.

Suddenly he stopped.

“NO!” she yelled. But again he stepped away from her and left her begging. She was just about to scream at him when all at once he returned. A hot tongue enveloped her clitoris at the same time his fingers parted her wet lips and slid inside her.

Behind the eye mask she saw bursts of light. His tongue felt serpentine, weaving over and around her clit as his fingers gently parted her pussy. In her state of sensory deprivation she could feel the contrast between the heat of his mouth and a channel of cooler air that drifted over her most intimate flesh. Every exquisite movement, each tiny manipulation felt amplified. She felt as though she could discern every bump on his tongue, every microscopic ridge on the pads of his fingers.

She strained against the bonds that held her wrists, longing to add her own touch to his. Her tummy felt hot and tight and she could sense the distant rumblings of what would soon consume her. She could perceive an avalanche of pleasure tumbling and roaring towards her. She moaned and panted as his fingers and tongue fell into rhythm, pumping and flicking, sliding and stroking.

She sensed the power behind the climax. This was not a pleasant little afternoon shiver. This was not a hurried fumble when a spare moment arose.

This was building and growing and rushing. It was doubling itself as it gathered in her lower belly. Then she felt a microscopic moment of falling.

She came. The orgasm surged through her as the flat of his tongue traced circles over her clit. The pleasure rolled through her in wave after wave after wave. It pierced her and spread to every nerve ending, every millimetre of skin. She became aware that the loud moan that she could hear was her own.

His tongue circled slower and slower around her

clit until her body went limp and a languid heaviness spread through her. He removed the mask, and he smiled down at her. She realised in a haze that while her vision was restored, her hands were kaçak bahis still held fast. His hand was still resting on her lower stomach, his fingers splayed. The feeling was quite lovely. He began to very gently massage the still slippery skin there, manipulating the area in slow, gentle circles. She felt peaceful, and she smiled at him.

She looked back at Matt’s hand on her stomach, and even as she watched, his finger slid between her swollen lips and into her soaking pussy once again. He was careful to avoid her clitoris, which felt too sensitive to be touched. Once inside her his movement stopped.

Claire looked back at him, and their eyes were glued to each other as his finger turned, gently stroking the front wall of her vagina. Already her breathing was speeding up as she contemplated what he was trying. She had never tried to have multiple orgasms, as her clit was always almost painful to touch after the first.

But he continued to probe inside her, his movements slow and deliberate. A second finger joined the first, and together they stretched her open. The cool air against her soft skin felt amazing, and he paused, taking his sweet, torturous time. He went back to searching for that little bundle of magic just inside her. This was uncharted territory for Claire. She had stimulated this spot in a fumbled and incidental way during her self-exploration, but he distinguished it with a practiced ease that made her tremble.

She also revelled in the sensation of surrender; he was in control, he was the expert, he was the professional. She whimpered beneath his searching fingers, and loved it. His fingers traced circles around that spot, and with each circle, her arousal grew. He changed direction, stroking with long slow movements from inside to outside. As she threw her head back and closed her eyes, his other hand gave her clit the gentlest brush. This caused her to start, but not shy away. Inside her, Matt’s fingers rubbed more firmly, while outside his pressure on her clit increased with every stroke. He seemed to sense the right pressure she needed, keeping the contact less direct than before. The effect was exquisite.

Finally, his fingers found a rhythm, stroking, rubbing. She lifted and parted her knees, spreading herself further for him. She felt so utterly aroused that she didn’t care how brazen this might appear. Her eyelids fluttered, and the room seemed to fade away as her second orgasm erupted. Her pussy gushed over Matt’s hands as they scissored back and forth. White hot pleasure seared every cell in her body until she almost couldn’t take it.

Then she was floating. Her hands were across her body, hugging herself as she floated out of a warm cloud of delicious sensation. Matt was pulling the silk robe over her, though she was barely able to focus on him. He whispered something in her ear, and the feeling of his breath on her neck made her shudder. He smiled and left, closing the door quietly as he did so.

After a while, she stood on shaky legs and dressed herself. She could feel her cheeks were flushed as she walked back to the reception desk. The girl behind the desk asked her if she had enjoyed her first session. All Claire could do was nod. She’d done more than enjoyed it. Clearing her throat, she made another booking.

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