The Secret Game Part 3

Dildo Machine


CHAPTER 7: The Bukkake Finale


-Ladies and Gentlemen! The time has come for our men and myself to cum!

K says.

Everyone applauds. It’s time for us to wrap up the game with Cutie’s Bukkake finale.

-Ok Everyone! Let’s all get on stage. Cutie, you’ll make yourself comfortable on the big tarp set up for you. Let’s go!

K says.

All the participants follow K onto the stage and gather around the tarp. Cutie gets on her knees in the center of the tarp as Bob, Ted, and I stand around her.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen! Here’s how we’re going to go about doing this. I’ll have Cutie suck and jerk off our men until they’re ready to cum. I’ll need a volunteer to be my fluffer and suck my cock until I get the urge to splurge,

K says.

Lola immediately raises her hand and volunteers. K then instructs Cutie to get ready as we circle around her. Cutie is like a little deer as we stand over her like hungry predators. Lola gets on her knees preparing to suck K’s cock.

-Are we all ready?

K asks.

Once we all respond we’re ready, K officially commences the Bukkake.

-Lets begin!

Cutie jerks Ted’s cock in her left hand and jerks me with her right. Bob stands behind her jerking his meaty cock and stroking her ginger hair. Cutie leans into my cock to kiss my tip. She extends her tongue and swirls it around my helmet while jerking Ted off. I look at K who has her hand placed on Lola’s head, holding her hair. Lola has her mouth under K’s sack, flicking her tongue up and down. K leans her head back moaning from the sensitive sensation of Lola’a tongue on her lower genitals. That’s exactly what K did to me at the glory hole that drove me wild. Cutie then opens her lips to accept my cock into her mouth. She salivates on my cock looking directly into my eyes. I lean forward to grab one of her small perky tits. She groans, sucking my meat and taking her time, enjoying the flavor. Ted steps out of the way for Bob to get in on the action. Cutie begins to jerk him off as she bobs her head back and forth with my cock in her mouth. I grunt out loud as I feel the familiar sensation of my balls boiling with my seed. Cutie takes that as a sign to switch places with Bob. She removes my cock from her mouth and jerks me off. She graciously accepts Bob’s fat rod into her mouth. Ted jerks himself off staring at the pale redhead teenager sucking off a grown Black man.

K moans out loud. Lola has her cock deep down her throat. Lola then pulls away from K’s rod and sucks her off at a steady pace, shoving K’s six inch meat in and out of her mouth. After a couple minutes, K releases her shaft from Lola’s mouth and makes her way over to Cutie. Cutie sees K coming over to her and takes Bob’s cock out of her mouth and stops jerking me off. Bob and I stand back as K closes in on Cutie, stroking her cock rapidly.

-Get ready!

K moans with a higher than usual pitch in her voice.

K hits her orgasm, spewing her loads onto Cutie’s forehead and hair. She spurts her cum, releasing five or six gooey ropes of her seed. Cutie giggles, enjoying the mess that K makes onto her. K then steps away from Cutie with a sigh of relief. Ted takes her place and shoves his cock into Cutie’s mouth. Bob and I jerk ourselves off as we’re both close to our climaxes. Ted aggressively shoves his meat in and out of Cutie’s mouth as she chokes and gags. He grunts loudly in the process until he’s unable to go any longer. He pulls himself out of her mouth. With a loud growl, he spits out his massive loads onto her face hitting her nose, left cheek, eyebrow, and forehead. Cutie moans as he spills his milk all over her face. Once done, Ted steps to the side breathing heavily.

-FUCK YEAH! I’m so relieved!!

Ted says walking away.

Bob takes over Ted’s position, continuing to stroke his own dick. He grabs Cutie by her hair with his free hand and then slaps his meat onto her face a few times before grunting aloud leaning his head back. Bob’s arrival first hits Cutie’s forehead and then her hair. He spits out seven or eight spurts of semen and then wipes his tip on her lips as she moans softly.

-Mmmmm, yummy!

Cutie says smacking her lips, tasting Bob’s seed.

With that, Bob walks away. I then take his spot. Cutie grabs my cock and begins to milk me, stroking my thick rod with both her hands.

-Give it to me Smitty! I want it all on my face!

Cutie looks into my eyes, staring at me with thirst for my cum. Her face is drenched in semen, dripping from her hair, forehead, eye lid, and nose. I close my eyes trying to enjoy the last few moments I have before I reach paradise. I try to think about this teen’s face, imagining I’m still fucking her. But someone else comes to mind. I envision K’s face as Cutie jerks me off. I open my eyes and I look straight ahead at K standing directly ahead of me. She looks at me with a smile. I stare back at her with lust in my eyes. I’m then flooded with the feeling of orgasm taking over my body. K watches as my mouth drops and I lean my head back with a groan. Cutie continues to stroke my rod as my milk gushes all over her face. My cock spits out massive loads into her hair, her cheeks, nose, and lips. I don’t even know how many times my cock erupts as it convulses and throbs even after adıyaman escort I’m completely drained with no semen left inside of me.

-Wow! What a load!!

Cutie says with a giggle, standing up in front of me.

She reaches up to me to give me a quick peck on the lips, giving me a taste of my seed. Cutie’s face is soaked in cum. The loads were all massive, after each of us weren’t able to cum all night until the very end. Everyone applauds and cheers for Cutie as she wipes away the loads off her face and licks her fingers, swallowing it all.

-And that concludes our game ladies and gentlemen!

K says clapping her hands as we all applaud.

Everyone walks around kissing and hugging each other. K thanks everyone for playing and then announces her departure.

-Thanks for playing ladies and gentlemen! I hope you all enjoyed my game! It was an absolute pleasure and thrill to play with each of you!

K says.

Everyone thanks her for being an amazing host and inviting us. She makes her way around giving each of us a big hug and a kiss. When she reaches me, she gives me what feels to be an extended hug. She kisses me softly with her plump juicy lips for the first time. It felt like she wanted me too. K looks at me and thanks me for coming, and then walks away.

-I must be going! But please feel free to stay as long as you’d all like! Make yourselves at home and get some drinks at the bar next to the refreshments. Enjoy yourselves!

K says, making her way up the stairs, leaving the bonus room.

I grab a glass from the bar and pour myself some whisky. This has been one of the best evenings I’ve ever had by far! And yet, I can’t help but get that same feeling of a void before I saw the ad online for the glory hole. The sense that something was missing. And this time, I knew exactly what it was. Who it was, more accurately speaking. I can’t stop thinking about K. I was enticed by her beauty and I lust for her. K is the first transgender woman I’ve personally met. To me she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Nothing would make me happier in this moment than to find her.

I stay and lounge with Bob, Ted, and the rest of the ladies for a good hour or so. We all share drinks by the bar and talk about how amazing the game was we played. Nikki and I talk before she leaves and heads back to her hotel. She gives me her number and adds me on social media, telling me to hit her up whenever she’s in town. Shortly after, Amy leaves saying goodbye to everyone. Ted and Bob are still horny as they both take Cutie and Nancy to a couch and continue their sexual activities. Ted fucks Cutie roughly bending her over the couch with one hand clamped to her neck and the other spanking her ass. Remembering how Ted has a fetish for teens and how she has a fetish for older men, they’re a perfect match. Bob has Grandma Nancy riding his big cock on the other end of the couch. His arms are pressed tightly against the sides of her large thighs with one hand against her booty, fingering her asshole. Aries and Lola head out together, saying their goodbyes to the remainder of the participants still present. I finish my cocktail before I say my goodbyes to Bob, Ted, and the remaining ladies as they continue their fun.

I put on my clothes and make my way up the stairs to the main level. I’m still incredibly horny with my erection feeling uncomfortable, pressed tightly against my pants. The pill was still in effect and has me rock hard. I walk by the stairs near the main entrance and see a light turned on upstairs. Taking a chance, I decide to head up hoping to find K. I sneak my way up the stairs quietly. The light is on in the hallway. I make my way down the hall to what I believe to be the master bedroom. The door is slightly open as I peek inside. The room is dark but is illuminated with lit candles all around. I am able to see a familiar figure standing by a desk facing away from me. I slowly open the door enough to slide right in and make my way over to K. She doesn’t see or hear me coming behind her as she looks out the window in front of her, sipping a glass of wine. She stares at the lake where the reflection of a full moon shines bright. K no longer has her kinky outfit on. She is dressed comfortably with a simple black top and sexy dark panties. Taking a deep breath, I stand close behind her and inhale deeply, taking in the scent of her sweet fragrance. She gasps, a bit startled turning her head over her shoulders to catch a glimpse at the sudden intruder in the bedroom.


CHAPTER 8: A Night with “K”


After a few moments, K recognizes my face and her body eases up. She turns to face me, putting her wine glass down on the desk. Her mask is still on her face.

-You’re still here Smitty?

She asks me with a smile on her face.

-I never left. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

K laughs softly to my response.

-I thought you’d stay behind. I saw the way you stared at me all night with lust in your eyes. You want me bad, don’t you?

I respond with a nod and reach forward, grabbing her waist and feel her soft skin. I pull her close to me and stand face to face with each other. I feel her breathing get heavier.

-I want you too. I was actually akkent escort getting ready to come find you, hoping you’d stay the night with me.

K tells me with a soft moan.

-Well tonight, I’m all yours.

I tell her as I lean into her.

K leans her body closer to mine and our lips meet each other. Our lips collide and rub against each other. I grab K’s ass with both my hands as our lips explore each other. Her plump and juicy lips make my heart skip a beat. She opens her mouth and slips her devious tongue into mine. I kiss her deeply savoring the flavor of a sweet Cabernet as she soaks the whisky flavor off my tongue, into her mouth. We continue to make out as my hand wanders off to her lower body in between us. I reach her womanhood, grabbing her stiff cock that stands erect, poking out of her panties. K grunts while I play with her cock, gently rubbing my hand up against the material of her lingerie. K pulls away from our kiss out of breath.

-Take off your clothes.

I happily oblige, quickly stripping down naked in front of her. K takes off her black top and pulls her panties down in the process. We stand facing each other completely naked. I admire her entire naked body before me for the first time.

-Turn around,

I tell her.

K turns her body around, showing me her bare ass. I stand with admiration staring at her curves and big ass. Her body has an hourglass shape. K bends her body over and spreads her booty to show me a gleaming object in her asshole. She has a butt plug inserted.

-Did you have that plug up your ass the entire night?

I ask her with a chuckle.

-Yup! I was wishing someone would pull it out for me and replace it with a big fat cock!

K says cheerfully.

-Well, I’ll gladly make your wish come true!

I get down on my knees and get close to her behind, latching onto her plug with my right hand. I lean in close and kiss her soft, warm bottom as my hand slowly pulls her plug out of her rectum. K grunts as it pops out, making her hole to gape. K grabs my hand from behind her and takes the plug away from me. She puts it into her mouth and sucks on it, savoring her ass juice.

-Mmmm so tasty!

I stand up and grab K by her hand. I take her to the large bed and climb into it with her.

-Let me taste your juicy asshole,

I tell her.

K lays down onto her back and spreads her thick legs wide. She arches her butt higher for me to get a better angle to slip my tongue deep into her bum. I lean down and kiss her shaft slowly making my way down to her tight hole. K moans softly, rubbing her breasts together as I swivel my tongue all around her sack and scrotum. I slowly stroke her six inch shaft up and down as my tongue glides down to her puckered anus. With a groan, she splits her legs wider for me. I grab her legs and dive into her as she strokes her rod up and down. I spit multiple times into her ass before slipping my tongue up into her tight passage. K begs me to eat her ass while jerking herself off. I do my best to shove my salivating tongue into her butt, deep as I can. I rotate my head around in a circular motion, feeling her tight hole squeeze my tongue in the process. I taste her, with my tongue absorbing the tangy flavor of her asshole. I pull my tongue in and out of her anus and then lick my way back up to her scrotum. K then pulls my head away from her, sitting up and looking to me.

-Can I be honest right now?

She asks me.

-As much as I love foreplay, we have all night to do so. Right now, I just need you to drill my ass. I’ve been horny all night during the game, craving a good fucking. Can you do that for me Smitty?

-Say no more!

I sit up as K turns herself around, getting ready for a doggy style pounding. She reaches over to the nightstand and hands me a bottle of lube. I pour some around her anus and then onto my dick. K strokes her cock with one hand underneath, preparing herself for my entrance into her tight hole. I press my tip against her sphincter and force my way inside her. She groans, enjoying the sensation of my meat sliding deep into her, inch by inch. It isn’t difficult for all eight inches of my fat cock to get swallowed up into her asshole, thanks to the plug she had inserted all night.

Using slow motions at first, I take deep thrusts in and out of her ass. I pull out just until my helmet is still inside and then slide my way back into her, balls deep. I can’t believe I’m finally fucking this beautiful transgender stranger! Just last week I was at K’s glory hole getting one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever received, not having a clue to what she even looked like. Now I’m here fucking her from behind after lusting for her all night during the game. And the fascinating part is that I still don’t know what her face looks like under her mask. I’m tempted to pull it off to catch a glance at her face. But I respect her anonymity. It is what she loves best about her sex life. Refocusing on what I’m doing, K begs me to fuck her harder. I grab onto her thighs and pick up my pace, slamming deeper into her ass.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling of sexual ecstasy I feel as I thrust my meat deep into K’s back door with all my might. I take my hand and spank her ass cheeks repeatedly. Showing no mercy, she yelps each time I do so gaziantep anal yapan escort with all my strength. I need her to know that she’s my property at this very moment. I own her ass, thrusting deep into her bowels completely dominate with aggressive force. She needs to know that I’m in control. I decide when I’m done with her gorgeous body. Most of all, she needs to know what I’m doing to her.

-Tell me what you want K!!

-For you to fuck me harder!!

She yells with her voice beginning to break.

Her ass is pink, transitioning into a bright red color with my hand prints embedded into her skin as I spank her.

-And where am I fucking you??


K screams out loud.

She loves the pain. It hurts so good, she wants more. Though her trembling body and facial expressions cry that they’re in agony. She begs for me to shove my meat deeper into her asshole. After some time, I switch positions. I want to avoid cumming too soon. Seeing how wild K is driving me, I know I will approach an orgasm sooner than later.

I pull my cock out of her anus and sit back onto the bed. K turns herself over and looks at me out of breath, drenched in sweat.

-New position?

She asks while I nod.

She lays down on her side and asks me to lay down with her.

-This position makes me cum every single time!

K tells me.

I follow her lead and lay down parallel with her. I guide my dick to her ass and find her tight entrance, using my hips to slide my way back into her anal tunnel. Once my cock is deep inside her bowels, I take my lower arm and place it underneath her body. I wrap both of my arms around her waist, thrusting in and out of her asshole. K plays with her cock, jerking herself off as I pick up my pace fucking her. While she moans, I lean into her and plant kisses on her neck. With one hand, I begin to fondle her large breasts, squeezing each of them tightly.

-You’re going to make me cum!

She tells me.

I push myself deeper into her ass with my cock sliding in and out at a quick velocity. I press my body further against hers and reach below to her cock. While I continue to fuck K on her side, I stroke her penis, filling her up with mine. She moans begging for more as I stroke her rapidly, trying to milk her.

-Fuck! I can’t! I’m going to cum!

K shouts, taking over for me and stroking her shaft.

I slow down my thrusts, taking my time to slide deep in and out of her ass. Raising her leg with my hand, I push myself deep inside her tight passage. K cries out, finally hitting her orgasm. She strokes her cock up and down as she splurges her cum all over her hand, lower stomach, and thigh. She turns her head up and smiles at me. I continue to drill her asshole slowly.

-Thanks dear! That was wonderful!!

K says to me with a kiss.

I push myself deep into her bum and stay there with our lips locked. We enjoy our intimacy as I gently squeeze her breasts continuing our lustful kiss. I knew my orgasm was near. I pull out of K and tell her to lie down. I get on top, spreading her legs apart. With one hand, I easily insert my dick back into her ass. I slowly shove my way up into her warm, tight hole. I grab K’s cock, thrusting myself in and out of her butthole. I then use my hand and scoop up her seed from her thigh and stomach. I shove my fingers coated in her semen into her mouth. K graciously accepts, tasting herself and sucking my fingers as I fuck her with calm deep motions. I stare at her masked face as we moan together. I’m at the point of no return with my imminent arrival.

-I’m going to finish inside of you K!

I blurt out with a grunt.

-Cum inside me Smitty! I want to feel your warm gooey mess deep inside my ass!!

K yells out.

I lean in and kiss K, fucking her in missionary position. K holds my left hand, squeezing it tightly each time I thrust deep into her ass. My body is swept away by the sensation of orgasmic bliss once my loads spit out of my cock. My cock throbs, releasing my milk deep into K, spurting out multiple ropes of my seed. K groans with each load I unleash into her asshole. Once my orgasm subsides, I stay on top of her until I’m able to calm down. She strokes my head and gently caresses my back while we both catch our breaths.

-You’re amazing!

K whispers into my ear.

I lean into her face and we kiss once again. My face presses against her mask as our lips collide with steaming passion. My cock slowly shrinks inside of her, eventually plopping out of her arse with my leftover spunk spilling down to the bedsheets. We relax for a bit and kiss for a lengthy period of time. K then sucks me off with her talented oral skills. We go for a couple more rounds of sex after until we’re both drained.

We spend the last few hours of nightfall satisfying our sexual urges until we fall asleep together just before the crack of dawn. I wake up before noon in bed by myself, K nowhere to be found. I put on my clothes and head out, leaving her private location on the lake. I don’t hear back from K for more than a month after the night of the secret game and our intimate time spent with each other.

One evening in the middle of the week, I get a Cik notification on my phone. I had just gotten home from work. I’m thrilled to read it and see that K’s reaching out to me!

“Hello Smitty! Let’s play another game! Shall we say….this Saturday @11:30PM?



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