The Show Must Go On


(Writer’s Note: What I plan to do with each future Part is to fit each Literotica story category/theme. Part 1 is “Toys & Masturbation”, this one is “Incest”. It will be challenging to do so in the categories I have no interest in, such as Gay Male, Sci-Fi, etc., but I will give it the old college try. Thanks in advance for all feedback. Hope you enjoy my tale.)

So as I was saying in part one of my journey to becoming a male stripper, my accidental foray into the world of erotic performing for women was going fantastic… until my gig last night, that is.

To make a long story short, I had accepted another job just a few minutes from my home. I really was not crazy about the close proximity, but I had my eyes on a complete D.J. turntable system and needed the infusion of cash to get it.

Normally I try to stay as far from home as possible, seeing as how I live in a relatively small town where the risk of running into someone you know does exist.

It was a Divorce Party, a new experience for me. Some girls were throwing a bash for a woman who was recently divorced and feeling kind of down in the dumps about it. I often get requests to be dressed as a cop, firefighter, courier, you name it. Given the fact this woman more or less hated men, I was supposed to dressed in a leather mask with a leash around my neck and basically be a male slave who dances and jacks off for the women’s amusement.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the entire slave aspect, but maybe given my mom’s anger and sadness over her divorce last year, i might have felt a bit sorry for this woman her so I decided to go with it.

I showed up at the residence of the woman who booked me. Right off the bat this was proving to be a bad night, the first ominous omen coming when the woman explained the plans had changed. The party would be at the divorcee’s home since she was down and had no desire to go out. She had no idea she was ruining the surprise party her girlfriends were throwing for her.

Kathy, the one who booked me, explained the situation and said she’d add another $50 for the inconvenience. The divorcee’s home was just a few minutes away, so I figured why not? Kathy asked me if she could ride with me and I agreed.

Bad omen number two made it’s ugly appearance just as we pulled out of her place. “You look familiar, you from escort ataşehir this area?” she asked.

I quickly and maybe a bit rudely said no! I quickly changed the subject. The rest of the ride was small talk and her telling me when to turn. I got so caught up in it the chat I hadn’t realized what street we were on: mine!

As she said it was “number 187 on the left up ahead,” I thought I might drop dead right then… in fact at that moment, I kind of wished I would.

I sped up and drove right past 187, or as I like to call it, “MY FUCKING HOUSE!!!” I broke into a sweat as Kathy yelled at me that I missed it. I pulled around the corner and stopped. The divorcee, it couldn’t be, but it had to be… my mom?

“You said we were going to the home of the divorcee?” I asked, dreading the reply.

“Yes, didn’t you hear me telling you that was it?” she said pointing back.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry. You’ll have to find someone else and to make it up, I’ll give you $100 and I’ll even try to call a few agencies for you. I’ll even give you a free one-on-one show sometime if you’d like, but I can’t perform tonight.”

“What the fuck!” She yelled. “You can’t just decide at the last minute you’re pulling out!”

I should’ve come up with a better excuse, but instead I just offered up that I knew Eddy who lived there, the divorcee’s son. I didn’t add that I knew him very well because he in fact was me!

Kathy stared at me and like a light switch, her face changed from a stunned, angry customer, into one of recognition. She opened my glove-box and before I could slam it shut, she removed my ownership certificate and as I tried to rip out of her hand, I heard her read my name out loud. I just felt as if I’d been shot, I could barely protest, much less move. I just slumped back in my seat and stared out into space.

“I knew I recognized you, I saw you that time you picked up your mom at work. Us other ladies in the office were quite taken back by how handsome and muscular Nancy’s boy was.” I was too flabbergasted by the evening’s events to acknowledge the compliment.

“Tell you what Eddy, I’m normally a very understanding woman, but tonight I’m stuck and have no choice but to be a bitch. I have to provide a stripper and quite frankly, I am curious about your masturbation kadıköy escort show, so you either perform tonight or I tell your mother about your little job that she is unaware of.”

I began to argue but she cut me off. “Obviously you do not want your mother to know, and if you’ll calm down a minute and think rationally, you’ll realize the plan is for you to wear a mask. So she’ll never know it’s you. You do your show, pocket a bunch of money and it remains our little secret. Otherwise, you get nothing AND I break the news to your mother about her son’s extracurricular activities. What’s it going to be?”

As much as I tried to come up with an alternative idea, I truly could not. My only hope would be that she was bluffing, but that was a risk too great. Kathy went in first and make sure the coast was clear so that I could go undress.

After what felt like an eternity, Kathy finally opened the door and ushered me in. She began to tell me where the bathroom was when she stopped herself with the obvious fact I lived in that house.

As I undressed, I tried my best to focus on the money and that I was wearing a mask. Luckily I didn’t yet get the tattoo like I wanted, so I should just be a naked, masked stripper and no one would would distinguish me from another man with the same physical attributes, or so I hoped.

I heard Kathy speaking loudly to my mother and the group of her friends gathered downstairs. “Men are dirt, Nancy, as you found out, but like the dogs that they are, they can be trained if you show them who’s in charge.”

With that she whistled. My cue. I came downstairs wearing nothing but my mask, a chained collar and a cock-ring at the base of my shaft.

I heard the all-too-familiar voice of my mother screeching, “Oh my goodness, Kathy, what have you gone and done this time?” If not for the cock-ring, I may very well have gone soft that very instant at the sound of her voice.

My mother — Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! I had to get it in my head that she was Nancy the divorcee otherwise I’d likely mistakenly call her mom. Anyhow, she was looking at me, ignoring my naked body and hard cock, but instead as if she was looking into my eyes. My fear made me wonder if she knew, but Kathy whispered into my ear, “Relax, she has no idea.”

I tried to convince myself she was right and maltepe escort bayan when Nancy said, “So what’s your name, dog?” I froze and looked over at Kathy, who stuttered before blurting “Brett”.

“Well, then Brett, what is it you’re going to do for me tonight? The ladies say you do some type of show, well let’s see it.”

I couldn’t believe that not only was I about to perform in front of her, but that mom, err Nancy, was so eager to see a naked man jack off.

“Brett does an amazing jack off show, don’t you?” said Kathy. I nodded, quite frankly not knowing what else to do.

At the urging of the ladies, I began my dance, working my way up to the jerk-off part. These ladies were really into it, including Nancy, which surprised me.

When it came to that point, I was so focused on her being just another client, and I became caught up in the excitement (plus the dozen or so jello shots the ladies were feeding me throughout helped. I began to really play up the act towards the guest of Honor.

At that point, it didn’t even feel strange that I was waving my cock just inches away from my mother’s face, and when she took a brief hold of it and gave it a quick stroke, it didn’t even faze me. In fact, the applause and hollers from the women just made me get into it more. I tugged it a bit and nodded for her to take it. She took the bait and as her fingers wrapped around my shaft, something inside me went haywire. I suddenly became overcome with desire towards her. I saw her for the first time as a woman, not as my mother. She was suddenly a gorgeous 43 year old, blond woman with eyes as blue as the ocean. Her 34D breasts and slim waist gave her the body of a woman 20 years younger.

I lay of the floor and removed her slippers and exposed her feet. I began licking her toes while I stroked my cock as fiercely as I ever have. She rubbed my balls with her other foot.

In the background I could hear screaming, clapping and faintly, one woman explaining to someone else what was going on, probably on a cell phone with a friend.

I stared at Nancy, a part of me wishing she would recognize me. The thought of her knowing it me was what did it as I shouted, “I’m cumming!” not even caring if anyone recognized my voice.

I collapsed back and felt dizzy from the ecstasy and from the booze. I could feel Nancy rubbing her toes around in the cum on my stomach. She brought her toes up to my mouth and I greedily licked my own cum off them. That was the last I remembered until this morning… When I woke up… Hungover… On the couch… Naked… Not even wearing my mask…

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