The Sibling Code Ch. 03




I was wearing a pair of black Calvin Klein sport briefs with a grey USMC muscle shirt and was getting ready for bed on Friday night when I got the text.

Sabrina: What you doing?

Me: Getting ready to sleep.

Me: Why?

Sabrina: This is Trish.

Sabrina: I’m using Sabrina’s phone right now.

Suddenly the phone rang with facetime. The contact image showed it was Sabrina. I answered and saw a mass of red curls that quickly turned into Trish’s laughing face in my sister’s living room. I heard Sabrina and Crystal in the background.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hey paddy, what you doing?” she asked in her cute Irish brogue.

“Just getting ready for bed, we have an early day tomorrow.”

“I know, I’m super fecking excited.”

“Me too.”

She looked at me slyly, “So you have to drive over here tomorrow anyway right…” she trailed off.

“Of course.”

“Sooooooooo what would it take for you to drive here right now?” she asked.

“A nuclear bomb.”

She gave me a little pouty look and I heard laughing in the background.

She looked to the side where I couldn’t see, “Shut up… no… shut the feck up… let me try… I don’t fecking care…he will, I promise…”

Wondering what the hell was going on I tried to get her attention back, “Are Sabrina and Crystal there? Why aren’t they on the phone?”

She looked back at the phone, “Huh? Wha… yeah, they’re right here. I’ll let you talk to them in a second.”

“Okay, look Trish, we have to be up pretty early so maybe you guys should get some sleep.”

“Funny you should mention that. We’re having a girl’s night and we planned on going to sleep early to be ready for the race.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“Who said there was a fecking problem?”

“You’re calling me and asking if I could drive there right now, that indicates a problem.”

I heard more laughter.

Trish glanced away and glared, “Fecking shut it!”

The laughter subsided and she looked back at me smiling, “We may have made some appletini’s and are a little too drunk to drive don’tcha know.”

Oh god, here we go, I had a bad feeling about this.

“Trish, we’re running a race tomorrow. I am not going to drive there now to chaperone you all out to clubs or anything. Go to sleep.”

“Just a second paddy, I promise that’s not what we want.”

I was starting to get irritable, they were keeping me awake and I sensed I was about to get used. I wasn’t stupid, I knew Sabrina and Crystal were right next to her and the three of them were about to combine their will and use it to get me to do them a favor. I was hoping if they thought I was in a bad mood they might decide to forget it. Apparently, I wasn’t scowling hard enough or they didn’t care because I sensed the only option of escape I had was to hang up the phone and then ignore it the rest of the night.

I was fucked and I knew it but I put up a fight for form’s sake. At least if I made them work for it I’d get some kind of return favor in the future, time to find out the punchline to this joke.

“What do you want?” I asked.

Her eyes gleamed, she must’ve sensed the kill, “Donuts.”

I knew the second I acknowledged whatever the hell it was they wanted I was done, but I had to admit it still came as a shock to hear that particular request.

“Donuts,” I said drily.

I heard my sister’s voice yell out, “Krispy Kreme.”

Then I heard Sabrina yell, “Jelly filled.”

Trish’s green eyes flashed and she looked off screen again, “Fecking bollocks, shut the frig up while I’m talking to him…

I heard more laughter and then she looked at me with a very fake innocent smile.

I rolled my eyes and sighed, I couldn’t believe this was happening, I tried one last defense.

“You do know I’m forty-five minutes away right?”

Still smiling, “Of course paddy.”

“And yet you still want me to get up and come down there and take you to get donuts.”

“Of course not,” she replied. “We want you to get up and get donuts on the way here. Nobody wants to wait for you to come pick us up don’tcha know.”

“Of course, how stupid of me,” I said sarcastically.

She nodded and I heard more giggles, she chose to ignore my sarcasm.

“No,” I said.


“That’s right, no!”

I heard ohhhhh’s in the background from Sabrina and Crystal. Her wild Irish charm had failed to work on me and they were letting her know it.

Her eyes narrowed, I waited for a womanly tirade. As I watched the screen I saw Trish turn around. Now I could see Sabrina and Crystal sitting on the couch behind her, wearing white t-shirts and grinning.

Trish looked over her shoulder at the smirking pair.

“Told you it wouldn’t be easy,” Crystal said.

“I’m not done yet,” Trish said.

“Make her pay,” Sabrina yelled at the phone.

Trish looked back at me, I was starting to feel confident, maybe my big sister wouldn’t get involved, maybe I’d defy the three of them.

“Alright paddy, pay gaziantep escort bayan reklamları attention. First, exactly how long does it take for you to get here?

I shrugged, “Forty-five minutes or so.”

She raised an eyebrow at me, “I fecking said exactly.”

I frowned but did the quick mental calculations, “At this time of night… I could be on your doorstep in fifty minutes with donuts.”

“Good enough, as I said, we’re having a slumber party.”

She got out of the way and pointed the camera at the girls, “Show him what we’re wearing.”

Both of them were sitting sideways on the couch and hugging their legs. As Trish talked they each pulled up their shirts to show a side view of lots of bare skin and cute panties. After a second they pulled them back down.

“Now paddy, I tried to be nice. If you had done as I asked it would have been a guaranteed show but since you want to put up a struggle here’s the deal. You have 60 minutes from the time we hang up to be on our doorstep with one dozen donuts…”

“At least half jelly filled,” interrupted Crystal.

Trish glared at her then continued, “With at least half jelly filled, and the rest plain…”

“And a Boston crème,” Sabrina interjected.

“Feck,” Trish rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. She stopped and looked back at both of them, “Is that fecking all? Can I finish now?

Crystal and Sabrina giggled and nodded.

Looking back at me Trish said, “And a Boston crème. If you make it in that time you get a reward, but if you don’t make it in time…” she smirked as she trailed off.

“What’s the reward?”

Her smirk became a predatory smile, “Three girls wearing three shirts and three pairs of panties equals six items of clothing. If you’re here in 60 minutes we’ll make it three articles of clothing. Mind you if you had come when I asked the first time it would have been six articles of clothing.”

My jaw dropped, “Uh… which three?” I squeaked.

“Dealer’s choice don’tcha know,” she said and hung up.


Forty-nine minutes later, with a box of donuts in my hand and out of breath I knocked on Sabrina’s door. As soon as I knocked I heard a shriek followed by laughter. I strained to hear what was going on as I heard light music, scuffling and voices. I quickly picked out Trish’s Irish brogue.

Trish opened the door with Crystal and Sabrina crowded behind her. Seeing me standing there in jeans and black t-shirt she gave a big smile. Her flaming curls were pulled back in a ponytail with stray curls in wild disarray framing her face in a cute way.

“Fecking yes,” she cried. “I knew you wouldn’t let me down paddy.”

She grabbed the box, opened it, and looked up at me.

“You beautiful man.”

She handed the box to Crystal and launched herself at me, before I could react she had wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine.

Her kiss was all fiery passion as her fingers ran through my hair. Her manic energy was evident as she pressed her tight muscular body to mine and squirmed, never still her lips and tongue played with mine and she let out small animalistic growls. I looked behind her and saw Crystal and Sabrina watching with giant smiles as Trish mauled me.

I cupped her ass and gave it a tight squeeze and she moaned, one of her legs came up and started rubbing up and down against my thigh. Abruptly she broke the kiss and stepped back while putting a hand on my chest. I stood there a little stunned at her sudden change. She winked and reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She half turned and threw it on the couch and then turned back to me.

“There you go paddy, how’s this for a reward?” she said as she quirked her eyebrows up and down.

I swear these girls took lessons from one another on how to keep me off balance. Her tits were the smallest out of the three but the most firm, she was on the smaller side of a C cup and her nipples were dark pink against her pale skin. Her body had much more definition than either Crystal or Sabrina as her stomach and arms showed ripples of muscle. It was still feminine and sexy as hell.

She watched my face as I did a frank appraisal of her body. She was wearing a red lace boyshort and as I watched she did a half turn and looked over her shoulder at me as she wiggled her butt.

“You like?”

“Very much,” I nodded. “Somebody works out.”

“I do ballet and dance classes like they’re an addiction.

I nodded my head, “Outstanding.”

I looked over at Crystal and Sabrina. They had been watching me the whole time. Crystal winked at me as she pulled her shirt off and tossed it onto the couch, leaving her wearing a simple grey cotton boyshort. She sat down on the carpet and spread her legs giving me an eyeful, her lips were pressed tightly against her panties and the material dug into her pussy a little causing the sides to be slightly visible. She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned at gaziantep bayan escort reklamları me as I stared at her.

Then I glanced at Sabrina.

She had been watching Crystal but looked up and met my eyes. I lifted my eyebrows in a questioning manner.

“What?” she asked.

I cleared my throat, “I believe you owe me your shirt.”

She screwed up her face with a yeah right look, “I don’t think so. I’m your big sister perv, I’m not taking off my shirt.”

“Hey, a deal’s a deal. I brought donuts so I get three shirts.”

Sabrina looked to the other two for help.

“We did agree,” said Crystal. “You wanted him to bring donuts, you said whatever it takes.”

She looked back and forth between all three of us, with an exasperated look she pleaded her case.

“But it’s not fair, they’re wearing boyshort’s, I’m wearing a freaking g-string,” she wailed.

Shrugging my shoulders, “Not my problem sis.”

She gave me an offended look, “God, you’re such a … such a boy sometimes,” she sputtered.

She pulled her shirt off and tossed it at my face while covering her tits with her free hand.

“There baby brother, happy now?”

I grinned, we both knew she wasn’t upset about having to show me her tits but she needed to play a role in front of her friends so I played along and didn’t say anything.

I kept her shirt and took a seat on the couch and the next few minutes were spent listening to music and watching the girls devour donuts and get comfortable. My sister kept her hands somewhat covering her tits but after she lay face down on the grey carpet she began to act casual. I studied all three girls as they ate their treats. Sabrina used her elbows to keep her propped up with her legs pulled up behind and her ankles crossed, she wasn’t lying, all she wore was a black and pink trim g-string and every few seconds my eyes were drawn to her ass. She studiously ignored me as she talked to the other girls. Crystal sat on the carpet and used the couch to lean back against, she met my eyes every time I looked over at her and she seemed to love the attention that I gave her because she kept smiling and shifting to give me a better look. She kept one leg pulled to her chest and the other bent out lying on the carpet, her pussy lips straining against her panties as the material pressed into her sex and forced her lips to be slightly exposed on the sides. Trish kept the donuts and sat cross legged on the couch, she happily chatted away as if nothing was out of the ordinary about the scene.

Eventually I noticed they all had glasses with ice cubes in them.

“What are you ladies drinking?”

“Sugarland peach whiskey,” said Trish.

I looked at all three incredulously, “You do realize we’re running a race tomorrow, right?”

They giggled, “Of course we do Paddy, lighten up.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“Why don’t you freshen our drinks up?”

“I don’t think so,” I said.

“Pretty please,” Trish said in a little girl voice. “If you get our drinks you can keep us from getting out of hand Paddy… and I’ll show you my butt when you get back.”

I grumbled a little but it was more for effect than anything. So far, I was quite happy to do whatever these girls wanted since the rewards were obvious, but I had to keep playing the reluctant hero or they’d stop offering bribes.

Forgetting she was supposed to be shy, Sabrina hopped up as I went to the kitchen, “I’ll help.”

When we got into the kitchen, she looked over her shoulder to check that the coast was clear then faced me as I poured the drinks. “You know you’re going to have to sleep with her?” she whispered.

My eyes snapped up in surprise from the drinks to meet hers, “Who? Trish? No I don’t.”

“Uhhh, yes you do.”

I looked back at the drinks I was pouring, “Uhhh, last I checked I’m pretty sure I don’t,” I said sarcastically.

She pursed her lips, “I’m being serious right now.”

My eyebrows came together and my voice went lower as I spoke, “So am I,” I said. “You know who I want and it’s not her. Yeah, she’s totally hot but I want you or you and Crystal, not her.”

“I know you do but we’ve been talking you up to her for months and she knows you’re not seeing anybody so if you don’t hook up with Trish it’ll look suspicious.”

I gave her my best ‘who fucking cares’ expression as I said, “To who?”

“To Trish, to Crystal, that’s who.”

I snorted and rolled my eyes as I spoke, “The same Crystal that had you tied to a bed naked and had me pretending to be her while I went down on you? That Crystal? That’s who it’ll be suspicious to? I think you’re being a bit delusional.”

“Okay, maybe not so much Crystal but definitely Trish.”

“So what? Like I care if she’s suspicious,” I snapped.

“I care.”

I gritted my teeth and looked directly into her eyes as I said slowly, “And I don’t.”

She gave an exasperated shake of her head, “Yeah, I got that. Look, it matters to escort gaziantep bayan reklamları me okay. I’m still working out stuff mentally. I’ll make this simple for you. Hook up or no more messing around.”

“Are you serious?”

Her face went hard as she stared at me, “Don’t test this baby brother.”

I really felt weird about this whole conversation but I didn’t want to upset Sabrina and she seemed to be genuinely worried.

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this.”

Sabrina’s face softened and she smirked, “I can’t believe you’re putting up such a fight about it.”

I paused and looked at my sister, I set the bottle in my hand to the side as I pointedly looked her up and down. She had stopped covering her tits with her hands so she was on full display and her nipples were erect from excitement. Her hair hung free about her shoulders and her face was natural and beautiful. “It’s only because I think I have something better,” I said softly.

She flushed pink at the compliment and looked down. “I know, and I love you for that baby brother. Just do this favor for me though, okay?”

She looked up at me with a shy smile.

I closed my eyes and gave a small nod of acquiescence. She picked up a drink in each hand.

“Fine but you’re going to owe me.”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something,” she grinned and winked.

“I’m thinking of something right now,” I said as I stepped up to her. With the drinks in her hand she couldn’t fight me as I reached out and pulled her close, I moved in for a kiss before she could resist or complain.

She gave a small whimper as my lips met hers, both of our eyes were open and I saw her hands fluttering about trying to decide what to do, she couldn’t put the drinks down anywhere so she couldn’t push me away or stop me as my lips stayed pressed against hers and my tongue darted between her lips. Finally, she gave up, closed her eyes and kissed me back. My hands cupped her ass and I tugged her panties over her butt and down to mid-thigh. When she felt her panties pulled down, her eyes flew open and more whimpers escaped her lips and her hands went back to fluttering the drinks around in protest. I ignored everything and continued to kiss her forcefully while holding her panties at mid-thigh. I knew the girls were waiting so I kept it short and broke away.

She pressed her lips together and glared at me, “Hurry up and pull my panties up,” she growled.

“I kind of like hearing those words off your lips,” I joked.

I looked down and took my time slowly putting her underwear back in place. Afterward I stepped back and grabbed the other drink and a coke for me and looked at her.

She shook her head, “God, you’re so bad…I think I’ve created a monster.”

I shrugged and followed her back to the living room.

As soon as we got back both girls looked up at us. Crystal had a knowing smirk on her face as I handed back her drink. Trish took a drink from Sabrina and set it aside. Then she hopped up and turned her back toward me.

“Ready Paddy?” she asked as she looked over her shoulder.

I nodded. She slid her fingers under her panties and slowly wiggled them down her hips exposing her butt. She paused to watch my reaction.

Not being stupid I know she wanted attention and even though I was crushing on my sis and Crystal it would be impossible for anyone not to appreciate the fact that Trish had an ass that looked like it was sculpted by god. She had well-defined muscle and just by looking at it saw how firm it was. I admired it for a long time, finally I looked up into her eyes and nodded.

“I think you should stay like that for a while,” I said.

Wiggling her ass, “Oi, you just want me to leave me friggin panties hanging below me arse?”


“You’ll have to get me drinks the rest of the night don’tcha know.”

“No problem.”

She pulled her panties up then rolled the backside down and tucked it under the dimples on her ass, then plopped face down on the couch.

“Oi, how’s that?”

I nodded my approval and sipped my coke as I sat down on the carpet and put my back against the far wall.

Sabrina grabbed her iPhone and seconds later rock music played through speakers on her television. Then the girls asked me about the race we were planning on running tomorrow.

“It’s pretty simple really. Just a three-mile obstacle course,” I said. “There’ll be walls to climb and pits with water and pipes to crawl through, by the end we’ll all be muddy and soaked and grinning like idiots.”

“How many of these have you done?” Crystal asked.

“A few.”

“I’m a little scared,” Crystal said. “It’s kind of intimidating.”

“I know, lots of people think that at first but once you do it you’ll laugh at how nervous you felt.”


“Promise,” I replied.

We kept talking about the race as the girls asked more questions about what to expect. After a while I noticed their drinks were low so I sprang up to get everyone a refill. This time Crystal stood up with me.

“I’ll help,” she said.

I grabbed Trish’s glass and she grabbed Sabrina’s and we walked into the kitchen together.

As soon as we were out of hearing, “You know you’re going to have to sleep with her?” Crystal whispered.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, you two need to get new material,” I muttered.

Crystal’s face registered confusion, “What?”

“Nothing, just thinking to myself,” I replied. “I assume you’re talking about Trish.”

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