The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 06


***** Writer’s Note: Enjoy!


Another night of summer gone.

She stretched in the morning sun, warm all over with a blush that covered her face, breasts, and tummy, as she kicked the covers back. She was almost smoothe as a baby down there with just the first hint of what her dad called “peach fuzz.”

The sun cut across the bed in small diagonal stripes of morning gold. Her supple young body was lit as she slowly opened her legs, keeping the sock covered feet together. Her hand cupped her sex modestly. Then, not so modestly, one finger and finally another slipped into her own warmth and wetness. She moaned a young woman’s moan as she let her fingers slip deeper in a game that she was sure she had just invented. She knew enough to know if it felt good she probably shouldn’t tell her dad what she had discovered. If there was one thing the Sisters at the Academy drilled into their young charges, it was a belief. If it feels this good, it’s gotta be wrong!.

That meant she probably should tell MacKenzie. That thought made her smile. Yeah, I should definitely tell, MacKenzie!

As her fingers entered and withdrew she heard a wet kiss like sound. Her back arched up off the bed at that simple thought as the tried to find a feeling that she had never had, like something she knew was possible but couldn’t identify. She was lost in trying to identify what she needed as her finger teased her now soaking little pussy and her palm cupped over her mound.

She raised her head, looking down across her tummy seeing the raised mound of her sex. She could even see the small hooded button that she teased. When she lifted her hips and squeezed her bottom, it pushed her mound up into a pout with the little hood disclosing its small treasure. Each time she did that it made her a little more wet. I don’t have to even touch it, just moving my hips like this squeezes it so good!

She took her hand from her pussy and brought it to her lips, tasting herself. “hmmmm”, salty and something else. She was on fire! A blush covered her and she could not keep her hips from moving against the sheets. God, is this how he felt in the dark, before he shot all over my hand?

She turned her head and looked at the wall. The proof of her father’s late night visit was all over it. It’s still there, so, it wasn’t a dream. He was really here! We really did that.

Secret doings are powerful things. And, the alchemy was already changing the little alchemist.

Breakfast was quiet. That was unusual. Nikki was usually bubbly during breakfast.

Jack thought it was probably just his guilt. It seemed strange that Nikki wasn’t asking for lunch money or talking about classes. Then he remembered. It’s the first week of summer. She doesn’t have classes anymore. She graduated. Jesus, she is growing up fast!

“Got to go!” Jack grabbed his keys from the table and kissed his daughter goodbye. “Be good!”

Nikki walked him to the door, stopping him just long enough to make sure his tie was straight. As he opened the door, he heard a screech of tires and a small red mini Cooper ‘drifted’ into the entrance to the driveway and slid into place behind his Jeep.

“Morning, MacKenzie,” he said passing her as she literally exploded from the small car.

“Morning, Uncle Jack,” she almost laughed and stopped him just long enough to adjust the tie again, fiddling with the knot. “You get to work. You and my dad need to earn lots more money, ’cause Nikki and I are gonna be spendin’ it. We wanna be stylin’, shoppin’ till we drop.”

He cocked an eye at her. It was the ‘evil-eye’ of a father thinking of spending an as yet unknown amount of money on ‘clothes’ for his daughter.

Holding him captive with the tie, she looked him straight in the eye, the evil-eye. Undeterred by its fearsome power, she went on,. “Uncle Jack, you and my dad sentenced us to the fashion hell of a Catholic Girls School for four years. Your only expenses were for ‘school uniforms.’ Upon graduation, Nicole and I were freed from our bondage; we’re now officially young women. And no one thinks school uniforms are sexy.”

Jack’s eyes twinkled, betraying his thoughts. I kinda think school uniforms are sexy!

Impishly, MacKenzie gave the tie a quick jerk. “Except maybe, middle-aged guys with school-girl fantasies and dirty old perverts.”


Batting her eyelashes, she smiled innocently. “If you and my daddy ever want your two exceptionally wonderful daughters to have a chance at normal lives– boyfriends or possibly even husbands–you’re simply gonna have to fork over some of that hard-earned cash. If we’re gonna rock, we gotta look good and that equals sportin’ some new threads!”

Mac’s image of those two girls ‘rockin’ and ‘sportin’ immediately sent Jack’s blood pressure soaring. Adrenalin dumped into his system, and his stomach twisted in knots. Nope! Nope! Not gonna happen! No way!

He scowled, shifting from the ‘evil eye’ to the güvenilir bahis standard look of parental disapproval; but, Mac was having none of it. She was on him faster than a speeding ticket. Taking his head in her hands, she turned it to face Nikki.

“Just look at that. The poor little thing looks like a poster child for Fashion Retards-R-US.”

Right on cue Nikki let her shoulders slouch a bit, offered him a feeble little smile, and topped off her pose with pathetic puppy-dog eyes. To her credit, she almost managed to look plain.

“Jesus, girls. MacKenzie, if you will quit talking like a hip-hop rapper, and if you,” he pointed at Nikki, “will quit trying to look like a bag lady, I will consider it.”

Happy with Nikki’s performance, Mac continued her spiel, “Really, Uncle Jack, I think even she could get a date if she just had some decent clothes.” She still held his tie prisoner. “Listen, we’re going to college this fall and we’re not going in sweatpants and tartan skirts.” She tugged on the tie to get his attention again, “Got it?”

She thought for a second. Maybe this will work. Her voice softened, she was clearly concerned for him, “Jack, if you ever want to have a sex life again, you have to get us some clothes so we can go out and find some young men. If you ever hope to bring a date back to your home, you need for us to not be there. Good dads can’t get laid when their daughters are in the house. It’s icky!”

Jack could feel their concern like a physical force in the universe, pushing him to make the right decision. He raised his hands. “I surrender. That’s way too much information. Your dad and I will make as much money today as we can. Deal?” Jack held out his hand.

MacKenzie took it and shook it. “Deal.” Before she released his hand, she reached out with her other palm up and wiggled her fingers.


“We need an advance on our allowances!”

“You don’t get allowances.”

“That is why we need an ADVANCE on our allowances.” The hand was still out.

“You want me to come along?” You know, you could probably use a man’s opinion of what you’re trying on.

MacKenzie laughed out loud. In your dreams! No a credit card will do fine, it not like you are gonna get to watch us try stuff on, Uncle Jack.

Jack Grant placed the American Express Card in MacKenzie’s hot little hand. She smiled. “You going to let go of the card, Uncle Jack?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

Nikki stepped up next to them, snatching the card out of a surprised MacKenzie’s hand. “We’re rich!”

As Jack pulled away, he glanced into the rear-view mirror. He saw them watching him as he left the driveway, and smiled as he saw Nikki lean over to whisper something in MacKenzie’s ear. Mac’s reaction was instantaneous; she slapped her hand over her mouth, then burst out laughing. It seemed to take forever before both girls turned their heads back towards the receding Jeep.

Jack found himself vaguely uncomfortable. Jeez, what was that all about? More importantly, what are those two up to?

Once at work, he spent most of the morning wasting time as he thought about the previous night in Nikki’s bedroom. What’s wrong with me? I’m a lawyer, but that isn’t an excuse for lacking a moral compass

He resolved never to do anything like that again with Nikki. He got at least half a day’s work done before he realized it was quitting time.

His cell phone started playing “Oops, I did it again,” Nikki, she had somehow programmed the tone into the phone. Jack didn’t know how to remove it. He secretly liked that song anyway, and he suspected she knew that. It was kind of a joke about his musical tastes. Or, as she always told him, ‘his lack of musical tastes’.

“Hey, I know you don’t need me to pick you up from school, so?” he paused.

“Daddy, we need a ride. We are at the Mall.”


“Yeah, we, ” she giggled.

“Five minutes, I was just leaving anyway.

He found them at the Main entrance to The Mall. Nikki hopped in.

“Do you need a ride, too, Mac?

“No, I’m sure daddy won’t forget to pick me up on the way home from Hooters.” She rolled her eyes and smiled.

“Where is the Cooper, getting brakes replaced again?” Jacks sarcasm was dripping so MacKenzie could not possibly miss it.

MacKenzie leaned into the open door of the Jeep and pointed. “Uncle Jack, there are two pedals. One makes it go fast. The other makes it slow down. Both together make it interesting. You should play Grand Theft Auto 5 sometime. How I drive is called ‘drifting’!”

“How you drive is called ‘dangerous’!”

“What ever ” she gave her best imitation of being too cool to explain it to an old guy from another generation.

Adjusting the sunglasses on his nose, he said ‘buckle up, little lady’ with his best John Wayne imitation. Nikki was probably the only girl in her whole school including most of the teachers, who had seen enough old movies to know who John Wayne was. He gunned the engine and peeled out of the parking türkçe bahis lot, eliciting a squeal from her and then a giggle.

He yelled back over his shoulder “Its called “peeling out!” He watched her flip him off in the rear view mirror.

Mac watched them go. She liked Nikki’s dad, a lot.

Once home, Nikki fixed dinner as he worked on a brief for a divorce case. While she cooked, Nikki spent the time on her smart phone with Mackenzie. There were plans to make. Schemes to hatch. They fired selfies back and forth, each posing for the other. Nikki in the kitchen. MacKenzie in her bath. Very domestic.

Jack wrapped it up, joining her when she called him to supper. They ate while she told him about her day at the mall. He couldn’t help but look her over as she talked.

She was wearing the white shirt and a pair of jeans. The knees were fashionably warn, and she had on cowboy boots. He could see a small white strip of cloth where the two cups of her small bra came together inside the shirt. Nice!

She didn’t seem to notice his gaze as she shrugged bringing her breasts together then apart.

He hadn’t really seen her breasts the night before. As he thought that he cursed the thought. She stretched almost yawning, lifting the breasts higher. It was innocent. It was natural. It was sexy somehow. He tried to look anywhere else. He failed. Fuck me, where did those come from?

The next thing he felt was her fingers under his chin lifting his gaze to her face. “Look me in the eyes, Daddy. I’m going to go take a bath. OK?.” Were you looking at my boobs? You were!

“Sorry, ummm OK. Is that shirt missing some buttons?” he swallowed hard.

He watched as she left while he put the dishes in the dishwasher. He went first to his bedroom and switched into a pair of boxers then to the den while the dishes washed themselves.

Game time!

Jack sat down at the desk. He turned his chair to the side, setting two large realistic controllers on the desk and pulled the set of foot pedals forward under chair. He slipped on a set of headphones with a small device clipped to it. The little attachment to the headphones told the game where precisely his head was looking. The effect was that if he turned his head at his desk, his head turned inside the cockpit of the plane. He could, in effect, look around in the game. Cool! Totally cool!

Jack brought the high powered computer on his desk to life. He hit the icon on the desktop for Falcon 4.0.

Ninety-seconds later, Captain Jack Grant was sitting on an air field somewhere in South Korea in the cockpit of a Falcon F-16 Block 50. He was running thru a pre-flight check as he cleared for take off with the flight tower. Flipping switch after switch, he brought the engine online. He turned the plane’s radio to the tower frequency. He brought the navigation suite online. Checked his weapons loadout. And, finally looked at his fuel. I’m tactical! I am a weapon!

He was third in line as he turned onto the tarmac.

He turned his head left and right checking the control surfaces and brought the engines to three-quarter power as he held the brakes. The sound system came a love as the base made the floor shake under him. He could even feel the jets engines. Captain Jack smiled! I am death!

“Cowboy 51, you are clear for take off!”

Jack released the brakes and hit the afterburner as the agile aircraft shot forward down the runway. Air speed 140. He pulled back. Her nose came up and Jack looked back through the canopy as the air field dropped away.

Computer games were ‘his thing” he sometimes joked with Nikki. This one was called Falcon 4.

An hour later, he was working on refueling the jet mid air, bobbing up and down behind the tanker when Nikki suddenly appeared beside him in the darkened room. He jumped, and on the screen his plane fell away from under the tanker!

He had not heard her come into the room. She almost never interrupted his flight time.

She was smiling as she lifted the headphones slightly so he could hear her. “I said, goodnight, I love you, Iaddy.”

“Jesus, Nikki, I can’t talk to you and do this at the same time.” She just giggled.

“Daddy, you lead a rich fantasy life. My dad, the famous fighter pilot” He’s cute sitting there in all his toys. Like a little boy!

He blushed almost angry since his wife had thought these things were a waste of time. Maybe they were but they were also just plain fun. Nikki watched as her dad maneuvered the plane back behind the tanker.

She leaned in from the darkness, “Who are you defending America from tonight, Daddy?”

“Your dad, Captain Jack Grant, veteran of a war we haven’t fought, yet, is over North Korea. I am trying to get my battle damaged F-16 behind this tanker and fit the refueling boom into the top of this plane so I can take on fuel in mid-air. But, holding it steady is the hard part.” He looked over at her as she was intently looking at the screen. She has on one of my old shirts. Cute! Your güvenilir bahis siteleri mom liked wearing my shirts as well. I got used to seeing a woman in one of his shirts. I miss that!

He continued, “If I don’t get fuel on board soon, very soon, I’ll fall from the sky like a flaming rock and plunge to my fiery but heroic death, again.”

Then he muttered almost under his breath, “And, if that happens when you turn on this computer in the morning it will be in Korean. The South Korean Government will fall. And, I don’t know maybe the North Koreans will attack Seattle. So, as you can see, a lot depends on me.”

She watched her dad’s hands work the throttle and the stick, making gentle adjustments as he neared the plane.

Nikki had to smile as she looked at her dad, “I didn’t know pilots got to fly in their underwear, daddy. Don’t you have an actual uniform as part of your ‘simulation’?”

“You know, Captain’s bars, a flight helmet, really cool glasses, and maybe a ball cap that says “Top Gun” or something?”

At last, someone who understands me.

“Are there any girl pilots, daddy? I mean fighter pilots.”

Jack Grant thought, actually there were. “Yes, there is one female Tomcat pilot, and some foreign air forces have female pilots. I think Pakistan has a female F-16 pilot.”

He thought, “There are even a few female gamers who fly Falcon 4.0, this flight simulation online. Not many though.”

“Why only a few?” I could do this! I’m good at games. Play Station not computer but a game is a game!

“Seems to be a middle aged guy and boy thing. Flight simulations. And fighter pilot stuff.”

She asked, “Can you show me how, daddy?”

He nodded his head, taking his hand from the stick to let her into the circle of his arms. “Sit on my lap, Nikki” She slid onto his lap between his legs. He felt her hand cover his on the stick. He let go, taking her smaller hand, wrapping it around the stick. She giggled, “These things are big, huh? Built for a guy’s hands?”

“Yeah” he cleared his throat. Her hand barely wraps around it! Jesus, get your mind out of the gutter, Jack. Still, it’s called a joystick for a reason.

She placed her other hand inside his on the throttle. It was like teaching your daughter to drive by having her sit on your lap and steer while you shifted gears for her. Very fatherly. He had to admit she was awfully cute like that. He felt himself stir, swelling slowly under her, but she didn’t apparently notice because she was wrapped up in trying to get the plane lined up with the fueling boom. Fuck! I don’t remember that happening when I taught her to drive. Shit! Shit! Shit! Just take a deep breath and think of something else. Easy.

“Daddy, my hand won’t fit all the way around this ‘stick’,” she looked back over her shoulder.

As she twisted the stick gently, he moved her to the side, then back, as she released it. She giggled and tried to move the stick again. This time he moved under her again simulating the motion of the aircraft under her. I’m getting a freaking boner. She’s got to feel that.

She lifted her feet placing her legs outside his so as he moved the rudders her legs opened and closed. “I’ll work the pedals for you. Like when I showed you how to drive the first time.” He opened his legs slightly, and she let him force her small legs apart. She looked back over her shoulders before he chided her, “Eyes forward, Nikki.” Eyes on the road, little girl!

She went back to looking at the screen but she definitely felt her dad under her. His hands left hers and she felt him place them on her hips as she sat on his lap. He didn’t move except for the movement of his hips under her. Her father pushed his hips forward as she neared the boom, then gently upward as she pulled back gently on the stick. He heard her gasp as he lifted her up. She finally felt what was under her. She nosed down and he pulled back from her. She wiggled ad she laughed, “This is hard, daddy.” You’re hard, Daddy!

He smiled, “Yes, baby, it is.” Yes, I am.

She gently pulled back on the stick and felt him move up under her. Captain Jack Grant imagined that her hand was on him, barely fitting around his joystick! He laughed. She jumped.

He worked the rudders for her, opening his legs a little. She felt him move the rudders and looked down to see her legs open slightly then wider. She felt his hands on her waist. Then slowly as she flew she felt him move his hands under the white shirt on her hips.

He expected to find his hands on panties, small white cotton little girl panties. He did. He wrapped his arms around her waist with his hands palms against her bare tummy. His hands were hot. So was her stomach.

She jumped,”Daddy?” Your hands are giving me goosebumps all over. Why?

“Just fastening your seat belt, baby” She felt him bring his two hands together interlocking his fingers over her tummy. She bit her lip, trembling as he touched her bare abdomen. She gently nosed up under the tanker and was rewarded with a solid push up from her dad. He heard her moan, just a little. He gently pressed his hips up rocking gently as she trembled. He could feel the heat of her through his thin cotton boxers. And, he could hear her breathing.

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